Great Grandsons Of Peter Briner
(b. 1750, d. 1823)
Civil War Records

Submitted by Clifton F. Briner

Briner Cpl., Andrew b. 1845 Jackson Co., INNov. 7, 186152nd Indiana InfantryE--
Briner, George Jacob b. 1832Orange Co., INFeb. 19, 186413th. Indiana CavalryFHuntsville, AL8/9/1864
Briner, Isaac P. b. 1843Orange Co., INSept. 18, 186138th. Indiana Infantry/131 Reg.IBacon Creek, KY11/20/1861
Briner, John Wesley b. 1843Orange Co., INSept. 18, 186138th. Indiana InfantryI--
Briner, Jonathan W. b. 1841Orange Co. INSept. 18, 186138th. Indiana InfantryIPerryville, KY10/8/1862
Briner, John b. 1843Lawrence Co., INJuly 14, 186216th Indiana InfantryDRichmond, KY8/30/1862
Briner, Joseph b. 1838Jackson Co., INSept. 24, 186425th Indiana InfantryG--
Briner, Peter b. 1838Jackson Co., INJune 7, 186114th Indiana InfantryBand--
Briner, William M. b. 1830Jackson Co., IN * 1/26/1865145th Indiana InfantryC--
Briner, William A. b. 1841Orange Co., IN * 8/17/186216th. Indiana InfantryDTennessee5/25/1863
Briner, William H. b. 1845Daviess Co., IN * 8/20/186265th Indiana InfantryI--
Briner, Edmund P. b. 18??Jackson Co., IN** 159th Indiana InfantryG--
Briner, Jesse b. 1842Jackson Co., IN*10/13/186425th Indiana InfantryG--
Briner, John H. b. 1835Jackson Co., OR** 2nd Oregon InfantryB--
Briner, John C. b. 1833Decatur Co., IA** 18th Iowa InfantryB--
Briner, William M. b. 1841Decatur Co., IA** 18th Iowa InfantryB--
Bryner, Andrew b. 1832Fayette Co., PASept. 30, 1864(Discharged Dec. 6, 1864/No Reg.)None--
Bryner, Allen b. 1829Fayette Co., PAJan. 29, 18622nd. PA Heavy Artillery/112th. Reg.K--
Bryner, Allen - ContinuedFayette Co., PAFeb. 23, 186414 th. PA Cavalry/159th. Reg.F--
Bryner, George W. b. 1846Kewanee, ILFeb. 2, 1864148th. ILL InfantryI--
Bryner, George Washington b. 1834Greene Co., PAOct. 27, 186218th PA Cavalry/163rd. Reg.A--
Bryner, James B. b. 1840Greene Co., PANov. 11, 186185th PA InfantryF--
Bryner, Joseph b. 1844Fayette Co., PASept. 21, 186488th. PA InfantryEBaltimore, MD2/17/1865
Bryner, Josiah b. 1823Fayette Co., PANov. 1, 18617th. PA Cavalry (died of small pox)LBardstown, KY2/27/1862
Bryner Cpl., Sylvester b. 1840Walnut, ILAug. 31, 186293rd. IL InfantryK--
Bryner, Thomas J. b. 1828Fayette Co., PANov. 22, 186214th. PA CavalryFWhite Sulphur Sprgs, VA12/30/1863
Bryner, William Alexander b. 1839Greene Co., PANov. 21, 186218th PA Cavalry/163 Reg.A--
Bryner, William Harrison b. 1825Fayette Co., PASept. 2, 18646th. PA Heavy ArtilleryE--
Bryner, William Thomas b. 1836Fayette Co., PAJune 28, 18613rd. Reg. ,W.Va. Volunteer InfantryH--
Bryner, William Thomas -ContinuedFayette Co., PAAug. 14, 186314th. PA Cavalry/159th. Reg.F--
Bryner, William W. b.1832Greene Co., PAAug. 20, 186214th. WV InfantryK--
* Date of Muster ** Based on Pension Records