Family Group Sheet of Elias Roberts

Submitted by Coy D. Robbins

HUSBAND: Elias Roberts
b. ca 1793 NC [1850], ca 1792 [1860], ca 1789 [Negro Reg.]
d. ca 1866, Orange Co., IN

WIFE: Nancy Archer
b. ca 1800 NC [1850], ca 1797 [1860], ca 1799 [Negro Reg.]
d. 1876, Orange Co., IN


1. Mary "Polly" Roberts

2. Candiss Roberts

3. Nancy Roberts

4. Lucinda Roberts

5. Zachariah Roberts

6. John Roberts

7. Angeline Roberts

8. Elizabeth "Eliza Jane" Roberts


1. Paul Heinegg, Free African Americans of North Carolina and Virginia (Baltimore, MD: Clearfield Co., 1994), p. 514: Elias was mentioned in his father's will of 1826, and in the 1829 estate papers in Chatham County, NC.

2. Census Information

3. "Certificate of Freedom" for Elias Roberts issued at Chatham County, NC on 10 Feb 1823 and recorded in Orange Co., IN on 23 Feb 1833. Identifies Elias' father as Ishmael Roberts, soldier in the Revolutionary War; same for Nancy's father, Thomas Archie. Persons of color with three daughters named: Mary, Candice and Nancy Roberts. Deed Book D, 432-433.

4. Elias Roberts and family members in Orange County, IN "Negro Register," and registered on 27 Aug 1853:

See Coy D. Robbins, Forgotten Hoosiers, p. 45.

5. Land Records, Orange Co., IN reveal 16 transactions by Elias Roberts between 1832-1869. See details in Robbins, Forgotten Hoosiers, pp. 192-3.

6. Elias Roberts died in 1866 while holding title to 304 acres of land in Orange Co. On July 31, 1866, Harrison Bobbitt took out letters of administration for the Estate of Elias Roberts. Notice filed on 29 Oct 1866 (Probate File R). Most of estate was settled by heirs on 10 Sep 1867 and 1 Feb 1868: Eli Roberts, Eliza Jane Roberts, Thomas and Sarah (wife) Thompson, Mathew Thomas, Nancy Roberts, Zachariah and Catherine (wife) Roberts residents of Howard Co., IN, Candis Thomas resident of Parke Co., IN, and John Roberts resident of Marion Co. IN. Estate of Elias Roberts disposed of land holdings in following deed records: 38 acres to Mathew Thomas Feb 1868 (Deed Book 25-114); 70 acres to David Lindley Feb 1868 (Deed Book 25-118); 82 acres to Nancy Roberts Apr 1868 (Deed Book 25-159); 35 acres to Eliza Jane Roberts Apr 1868 (Deed Book 25-161); 39 acres to Eli Roberts Dec 1868 (Deed Book 25-392).

Final report made in May 1869 (Probate Order Book 6-441) with distributions to Nancy Roberts, widow; to Sallie Thomas, Zachariah Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Eli Roberts, Candis Thomas, John Roberts; to William Thomas, Joice Thomas, Jerry Thomas, Mary Bond, Adaline Thomas, and John Thomas assumed to be suriving children of Mathew Tomas and Mary Roberts Thomas, the deceased daughter of Elias and Nancy Roberts. See details in Coy D. Robbins, Forgotten Hoosiers, pp. 192-194.