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PINNICK  family,  all the data from Billy & Roxie Pinnick's book, and more
Courtesy of  Ned Benson 4th great-grandson of James "Grandsire" Pinnick

Ned Benson has made available all the genealogical data from Bill & Roxie Pinnick's "Big White Pinnick Book", in addition to much other Pinnick data, in this searchable site. Neither the narratives or family stories nor dates of the living are included. The "Big White Pinnick Book" is now out of print, but Ned has created  a new, expanded edition in pdf format which will be made available in digital form through the Family History Library.

The following is from Ned Benson, August , 2010

"I am a 4th great-grandson of James "Grandsire" Pinnick. Malinda Frances Pinnick Dame Benson was my great-great-grandmother.

I have finished crunching into a computer genealogy program all the data in Billy and Roxie Pinnick's "big Pinnick book" titled "Genealogy and
Hiustory of James 'Grandsire' Pinnick 1747-1831 and Allied Families," plus a great deal more information I have gathered on the 'Net over the
past 15 years.

In September 2010 the revised and updated "big Pinnick book" will be available on CDROM only in Adobe .pdf format. It will have 800+ pages
with 200+ pictures and graphics, and will include indices of names and pictures.

If you want your own copy of the CDROM, I will send them out to Pinnick kin for $10.00 per disc including postage. Write me at with your name and address. You can reimburse me after you receive the CDROM - cash, check or PayPal to "theologian2".

I am also sending the CDROM to the Family History Library which will make it available online.

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