Gilliatt Family Cemetery

Section 26 - T1S R2W East Of Newton-Stewart Relocatied To Patoka Memorial Garden

PATOKA MEMORIAL CEMETERY; This cemetery is located about 9 miles from French Lick, Indiana, off Highway 145, next to Patoka Lake. When the reservoir was created, all known graves and burials that would be covered by the water, were exhumed and reinterred in a single location. The Gilliatt section is comprised of lots 1261 to 1291. Each lot is marked (either by a number or a stone marker), and all stones that were transferred to this site have been recorded . Information in parenthesis was added by this transcriber. DeAnne Gilliat Hays

(The original Gilliatt Cemetery was located in Jackson Township, east of Newton-Stewart. It was partly on the Crawford County line, at the edge of Orange County. It was located beside an abandoned church known as Wesley Chapel Methodist Church. That cemetery and church were on the land of the William B. Brubeck farm, owned later on by Harvey Gilliatt, and near where his first children were raised. Burials were stopped on this plot due to the marshiness of the land. The last person probably buried there was Harvey himself, in about 1900. He was the 5th child of John Gilliatt and Eve Joseph; he was the brother of John Henry Gilliatt. ---------- as written by Elvira Flick Burton in 1949 to her grand-nephew, Paul T. Gilliatt)

Plot 1261 John (John Henry Gilliatt)
July 28-1812
Oct 5- 1878
aged 66 yrs 2 mo 7 das

Plot 1262 Elizabeth (nee Winetear)
wife of John Gilliat
born July 13-1819
died Oct 11-1868

Plot 1263 Worthington
son of John Gilliat
died Aug 14-1851
aged 6 ys 7 ms 22 da

Plot 1264 Nancy A
daut of John H. Gilliat
died Sep 18-1850

Plot 1265 Letty E.
daut of J & A Gilliatt
died Aug 6-1872
age 2 yrs 11 das (b. 26 July 1870)

Plot 1266 Leroy
son of H & M Gilliatt (Harvey and
Margaret Leech)
died Oct 23-1852
age 1 yr 8 mo 24 das (b. 29 Jan 1851)

Plot 1267 Luran
daut of l & A Kendall (Adeline Marlett & 1st husband Isaiah)
died June 15-1880
age 8 mo 17 das (b. 29 Sept 1879)

Plot 1268 Isabella
died May 13, 1857
age 8 yrs 3 mo 16 das (b. 27 Jan 1849)

Plot 1269 Leroy
died May 13, 1857
age 3 yrs 2 mo 15 das (b. 27 Jan 1849)
The two stones are right next to one another and also have this inscription:
children of A & E Gilliatt (Albert, son of John Gilliatt Sr. and Elizabeth Leech)

Plot 1270 rough slab stone with initials LG

Plot 1271 rough slab stone with initials HG

Plot 1272 John A. Brubeck
Nov 21-1838
Apr 21- 1869
His happy soul has winged its way
To one pure bright eternal day

Plot 1273 Adaline
wife of Isaiah Kendall
died Feb 21-1889
age 46 yrs 1 mo 15 das (b. 6 Jan 1843)
(nee Marlett; also married to John A. Brubeck and John Henry Gilliatt)

Plot 1274 In memory of Rebecca Eastridge (rough stone)
(Sarah E. Gilliatt, daughter of Harvey J. Gilliatt was married to Isaac Eastridge.)

Plot 1275 Pelec Giford (name hard to read)
died Aug 29-1803

Plot 1276 Jacob Brubeck
born March 17 1818 (do not know if the year goes with the month & day)

Plot 1277 marker #1366
Plot 1278 marker #1390
Plot 1279 marker #1362
Plot 1280 marker #1361
Plot 1281 marker #1350
Plot 1282 marker #1351
Plot 1283 marker #1353
Plot 1284 marker #1354
Plot 1285 marker #1373
Plot 1286 marker #1374
Plot 1287 marker #1385
Plot 1288 marker #1384

Plot 1289 John Gilliat
died June 12-1864
age 79 yrs 7 mo 25 das (b. 18 Oct 1784)

Plot 1290 Eve
wife of John Gilliatt Sen
died Sept 22-1857
age 72 ys 14 days (b. 8 Sept 1785)
Remember friends as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me

Plot 1291 Margaret Leech
wife of Harvey Jackson Gilliat
died June 18-1864
age 47 yrs 8 mo

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