The Grider Family

Submitted by Howard E. Grider

" How I came upon this photo is a story I thought you might be interested in. Earlier in the year I had submitted the Civil War Widows pension application of Emily Scofield Grider. Not to long after that, a lady from Texas e-mailed me asking about the Scofields. I knew their wasn't any connection because Emily's brother Alexander moved to California and never married. Her other brother died in 1894 and was buried in Moores Ridge Cemetery (or so said the DAR). As it turned out, it was his wife buried there and he had 6 children To shorten up the story, one thing led to another and on 7-11-98, Jan and I went to a Schofield (they added a h) reunion in Bedford. These were the descendents of William Scofield and Mary Francis Willyard. (William had moved in with his sister Emily when he was 11 and moved to Orange County with them in 1882.) We went to the reunion not knowing anyone. After we were there a short while a lady came up to me and ask if I was a Grider. She showed me a picture and said it had Griders written on the back but they didn't know any Griders. I took a look and recognized my Great Grandmother Emily, having seen a picture of her once. I got out my genealogy sheet and began matching up the names and dates. My Grandfather Edd was 17 at that time. Every thing matched. She insisted that I take the picture to keep and to send her a copy with everyone identified. What a wonderful gift.

William had kept a picture of his sisters family and in a way his family. The picture passed down several generations until no one knew who they were. The picture was in bad shape, aged and marked, but was one of the most beautiful I had ever saw. I have spent several weeks working on it and have reached the point that I feel I can do no better. This shows the power of the Web in general and Orange County GenWeb in particular."

Howard E. Grider

Lillian Belle - Emily (Scofield) - George - Mary Susan - Israel Grider - Eva - Florence -

Eddie Martin - Unknown - Stella

Lillian Belle, born 1-3-1882, died 10-19-1967, buried Ames Chapel, married 8-25-1901 Robert Harvey Allen, son of John Allen and Rhoda Jane Cutsinger.

Emily (Scofield), daughter of John E. Scofield and Rachael Jane Tade, born 10-18-1854, died 3-10-1909, buried Moores Ridge, married Israel Grider 1-12-1870.

George (on Emily's lap), born 12-28-1889, died 1963, married 3-20-1909 Majora Pearl Marshall, daughter of Enoch Marshall and Lucy Brown.

Mary Susan, born 3-16-1872, died 9-2-1924, married 10-1-1891 Henry Arcus Newlin, son of David Newlin and Sarah Smith.

Israel Grider, born 7-10-1822, died 7-28-1903, son of Martin Grider and Udocia Winfrey, buried Moores Ridge.

Eva, born 3-3-1880, died 1966, buried Moores Ridge, married 1-24-1899, James M. Lindsey, son of L. D. Lindsey and Unknown Kimmel.

Florence, born 1875, married 1-27-1897, Joseph T. Parks, son of John W. Parks and Mary E. Beatty.

Eddie Martin, born 12-19-1873, died 1-3-1963, buried Moores Ridge, married 7-4-1895, Rosa Kellams, daughter of William S. Kellams and Martha Galloway.

Unknown, born about 1888, died young.

Stella, born 2-10-1884, died 1960, buried Moores Ridge, married 2-26-1904, Ricely B. Willard, son of John Willyard and Louisa Davis.