Group Photos

The photograph below was taken in the Fall of 1905 at Daugherty School in Northwest Township of Orange County, Indiana.  My grandfather, James Monroe Compton, was the Township Trustee and was anxious to start his daughter, Lottie, in school even though she had just turned five years old, so he asked Rufus Pinnick, the teacher to allow Lottie to attend.  The Compton family lived a short distance south of the school.  Elmer Compton 

Daugherty School

Far Left: Clarence Speece; Front row (l. to r.): Lottie Compton, Roy Compton, Cheerful Gardner, Homer Knight, Amza Compton, Byron Speece, Cleo McDonald, Anna McDonald.

Back Rows (l. to r.): Lee Anderson, Rufus Pinnick (teacher), Clinton McDonald, Monty Speece, Lula Trowbridge, Sally Robbins, Leslie McCracken, Alta McDonald, Charley Knight, Lowell Knight, Alice Speece.