Riley and Grace Fidler
Hackney Families - 1997

Submitted by
Nancy Todd Ludlow

1st Row - Clarice Vivian (Hall) Hackney1
2nd Row - Helen (Todd) Chastain2, Betty Todd2, Nancy (Todd) Ludlow2,
Delores (Hackney) Long3, Jackie (Hill) Hackney4
3rd Row - Charlotte (Hackney) Hawk5, Div & Donn Hackney6, Mary Johnson7

1)Wife of Bert Hackney
2)Children of Bert and Leafy (Hackney) Todd
3)Child of Bert Hackney
4)Wife of Donn Hackney
5)Child of John and Hazel (Kellams) Hackney
6)Children of Bert Hackney
7)Child of Lowell & Mary (Hackney) Johnson