Harrison Family Cemetery

Submitted by Phyllis Hill

NOTE: The Harrison Family Cemetery does not appear in the DAR Cemetery Records. I am very grateful to her for informing me of its existence and submitting the information below:

French Lick Township

This was copied by Mrs. Paulien Clapp, 7351 Oak Hill Road, Evansville, IN and sent to me [Phyllis Hill] by the Indiana Historical Society in response to a query I had sent to the Hoosier Genealogist, letter dated May 18, 1965:

"The cemetery is located a short distance east of the French Lick Municipal Airport road on a high wooded hill north of the Southern Railroad tracks in Orange County. The stones were those of:

George, son of Christopher and Mary Harrison
Elizabeth & Kathryn, daughters of Jasper and Nancy Harrison
There are no dates for the above.

Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Harrison, 1793-1875 (perhaps she is mother of Christopher)

You may know about this cemetery, but if not we are sure you will be interested."

I did not know about the cemetery, but when I went back to Orange County a few years later my cousin Louis Breeden took me to see it. It is on property owned by a Burton family. Later I visited Mr. Bertie Burton in a rest home and he told me Thomas Brewer and his son Bryan took cement and water to the hill and made and engraved the stones. There were signs of other graves there but no way to identify them.