John Dee Briner

Submitted by Clifton F. Briner

John Dee Briner was born in the French Lick, Indiana area on September 18, 1847. His Parents were Henry (b. 1821) and Martha Briner (b. 1828), both natives of the Paoli, Indiana area. John Dee resembles his uncle Joshua Briner (b. 1816 KY) a little bit. In the late 1850s all the Briner families, except for Joshua Briner, moved directly east from Orange County to the Wabash River area in search of better farm land. Henry, Martha and John Dee lived the remainder of their lives as a farm folks near the Wabash River.

The families of Henry's brother, John, lived just across the river in Hazleton, IN, the families of his brother, George W. Briner, lived in Decker, IN, and the families of his brother, James W. Briner, lived in Wabash County, IL. In later years after loosing his wife, James W. Briner moved back to French Lick and married Lemanda Briner, the widow of the Civil War casualty, George Jacob Briner. On many occasions these families helped and loved each during their lives.