John W. Briner Family
April 5, 1900

Submitted by Clifton F. Briner

April 5, 1900, Photograph of the family of John W. Briner. The photograph was used in the Spring Valley Herald (French Lick) newspaper. The caption shows people from the Briner, Breeden, Walls and Ziegler families. John W's home is in the background. James W. Briner (b. 1826) and Lemanda Harris Briner (b. 1829) are sitting on the front porch of the home in the background.

Back Row (right to left): Cellia Walls and baby Cole Walls, ? Briner, Rilla Briner, Elza Breeden, William Ziegler and baby Carl Ziegler, Eleanor Briner, John W. Briner, Tompie Briner, Ella Briner, Walter Briner, Noble Briner and Fred Briner.

Front Row (right to left):Gordon Walls, Stanley Walls, Leslie Walls, Harry Briner and Irene Ziegler.

Seated in the background are Jim and Manda Briner.