Land Patents / Warrants
1877 Orange County Map

From The Land Records Of The General Land Office
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Early land owners include pioneers Jonathan Lindley 1812; James Maxwell 1810; Thomas Hopper 1811;
David Findley 1812. Uriah Glover 1812. In all, the General Land Office would issue over 150 land patents in Orange County before Indiana achieved statehood in 1816.
Land Patents By Township
French Lick TwpGreenfield TwpJackson TwpNortheast TwpNorthwest Twp
Orangeville TwpOrleans TwpPaoli TwpSoutheast TwpStampers Creek Twp

Land Patents All Townships By Name

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M - NO - PQ - RS - TU - VW-Y

Surname Index to Mapped Sections of Six Townships
Does not include French Lick, Greenfield, Paoli or Orleans townships