Marriage Record Index 1826-1946
Orange County, Indiana
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Transcriber Comments and Disclaimer

 This is a transcription of the Orange County marriage indexes, not the original marriage records. It covers the years 1826 through 1946. There are Orange County marriage records that date before 1826, but they are not included in this transcription. They can be found in the Indiana State Library's database of "marriages before 1850, which is available on their web site."

Please be aware that I have taken a few liberties with this transcription, mostly with my family lines and related lines I have researched. I made a few corrections to name spellings, dates, and book/page numbers. I also added parents names to some older records that did not originally contain the information.

The County Clerk's Office compiled indexes from the original marriage records. In the 1930's the Works Progress Administration (WPA) compiled indexes for marriages dated 1882 to 1920. This transcription includes both indexes, so most marriages from 1882 to 1920 will have two entries, each with their own book and page number. The county books begin with the letter "C"" and the WPA books begin with the letter "H".

The original indexes contain many errors, most of which have undoubtedly found their way into the transcription. The most common are as follows: Name Spelling: Sometimes the groom's entry and the bride's entry spell one or both of the names differently. Sometimes the WPA index spells a name differently than the county index. Marriage Date: Sometimes the WPA index and the county index contain different dates, or dates may be partially or completely missing. Book/Page: Sometimes the groom's entry and the bride's entry contain different book and/or page numbers, or information may be partially or completely missing.

Missing Records: In a few instances, there is a goom's entry in the index, but no corresponding bride's entry (or vice-versa). In addition to the original errors, there are undoubtedly transcription errors. Please be aware that this transcription has not been proof-read and comes with no guarantee of completeness or accuracy. The most authoritative source is the original marriage record. Whenever possible, you should obtain a copy of the marriage record to make sure your data is accurate.

Robert E. Lane
 December 2008