Jonathan Doan, Thomas Braxtan, George Wolfington, Ephraim Doan, Martin Willard, Jamas Sutton, John Brown, William Dicks, Paton Wilson, Jesse Martin, William Killams, John Maris, Thomas Atkinson, Aaron Maris, Daniel Dawson, James Atkinson, Absalom Davis, Thomas Maris, William Lindley, Sr., James McVey, James O’Cannon, Jonathan Jones, Gilbert Kiliams, Simon Reubottom, Isaac Wells, Owen Lindley, Sr. Owen Lindley, Jr., Thomas Lindley, Sr., Barnabas McFall, Willoughby Blake, Joseph Wells, David Henderson, Benjamin Freeman, Robert Holaday, Levi Johnson, Thomas Maxedon, Thomas Reubottom, George Sutherland, Abraham Holaday, Thomas Inman, Henry Sanders, Robert Atkinson, Ezekiel Henderson. Moses Speer, Edward Bryant, John Owen, Joseph Pearson, Abner Lamb, Peter Quackenbush, Levi Gifford, Jesse Dobbs, John Dougherty, James Lindley, Jr., Jesse Fulton, Alexander Clark, Samuel Lindley, Jesse Gifford, Henry Holaday, William McVey, William Crow, Abraham Bosley, Jonathan Lindley, Jr., Clayton Lynch, Thomas Lindley, Jr., Jesse Fulton, Jr., John Dunbar, John Dougherty, Jr., Evan Jones, William Trueblood, Jonathan Newland, William Crawford, Daniel Willard, James Crow, Thomas Lindley, Evan Hyatt, Jacob Holaday, William Lindley, Jr., Samuel Holaday, Joseph McGrue, Gabriel Freeman, Benjamin Turley, Zachariah Lindley, Daniel Freeman, Sr., William Freeman, Eli Newland, Thomas Lindley, Joseph Reubottom, William Lindley, Stephen Thomas, John Pike, James Pearson, Jacob Lane, Robert Vest, John Campbell, Joshua Freeman, William Woodrum, William Milliken, John Pickard, Ephraim Owen, George Duncan, Joseph Willard, John Doan, Jesse Wells, John Hill, James Lindley, James Henderson, Nathan Wells, Warner Davis, William Matthews, James Jones, John Crow, Simon Dixon, Abraham Borland, Hugh Holmes, John Scott, Alexander Kearby, Joseph Scott, Silas Dixon, George Monarch, Henry Pickard, David Doan, Joshua Burnham, Jesse Holowell, Robert McCracken, William Bales, Joseph Farlow, Nathaniel Newland, Stephen Stations, George McCoy, John Moon, William Holaday, Henry Wolf, Evan Owen, Nathaniel Vest, Jonathan Lindley, Sr., Thomas Clark, Thomas Starks, John Faris, Richard Wall, Henry Dougherty, James Wolfington, Joel Charles, Thomas Wood, Joshua Hadley, Benjamin Leach, John Hadley, Joseph Cox, Edward Kearby, Duncan Darrock, Zachanias Wells, Abraham Elliott, Ebenezer Doan, Jacob Moulder, Samuel Chambers, John McCracken, Edward Moore, Nicholson Millis, Ransom Davis, Daniel Robbins, John McVey, John G. Clendenin, William Wells, Robert Holaday, James Wilson, John Williams, Joseph Wicks, James Eastridge, Michael Hepron, John Hunter, Jonathan Lomax, John Lynch, Zacharias Dix, Thomas Lynch. Stephen McPherson, Jacob Condrey. Joseph Channings, Daniel Darrock, Henry Towel, Jesse Davis, John Fulton, Moses Alderson and John Pinnick: total. 182. Abraham Elliott, Inspector; Ebenezer Doan, Jacob Moulder and John Lynch. Judges; Thomas Lynch and S. McPherson. Clerks. One hundred and twenty-eight votes were polled for Jonathan Lindley for Representative, and fifty-three for John Pinnick and one for Benjamin Blackwell. Neither of these candidates was elected.


It is not definitely known who was the first permanent settler in the present township of Paoli. The earliest residents are gone, leaving no record of their settlement, not even tradition, touching this question, the only light on the subject being the information furnished by the entries of land, as shown by the "Tract Book". Jesse Hollowell made the first entry on Section 11, Township 1 north, Range 1 West, on the 26th of September. 1810, but, so far as can be learned, he did not reside there. The second entry was by Thomas Atkisson, on Section 13, same township and range February 13, 1811. This man moved upon this land, built a log cabin, and, so far as known, was one of the first, if not the first, settlers of Paoli Township. These entries were two or three miles east, southwest of Paoli. Jonathan Lindley bought on Section 8, Township 1 north, Range 1 east, in March 1811, and settled there the same year, likely in the fall, and he thus became one of the very first settlers of the township. Solomon and William Cox both bought land on Section 18, Township 1 north. Range I east, in May, 1811, and both settled there soon afterward with their families. This was about two and a half miles west of southeast of Paoli, Thomas Hopper and Thomas Farlow, both located in the township in 1811, the former on Section 1, just south of Paoli, and the latter on Section 14, two miles and a half southwest of Paoli. Owen Lindley, later in the year, located on Section 17, about a mile east of the Coxes. It is quite likely that several other families squatted in the township daring the year 1811, and the following year bought their lands, The families settling in the township in 1812, were those of Theodore Braxtan, William Lindley, William Holaday, John Dougherty, Charles Bailey, Joseph Farlow, Thomas Lindley, David Darrock, Thomas Braxtan, Samuel Lindley, Robert Holaday and Adam Davis. After 1812 the settlement, for a time, was quite rapid, the families being mainly of the Quaker sect, good, sober, industrious Christians, who come almost wholly from North Carolina, and from Orange County, of that State.