Contriburted by, Lori Stephenson


Issac Wininger Born North Carolina April 1882 Burial Paoli


Cora Giles died July 23, 1883 CoD Cholera Parents: Volney Giles and E. Wininger


Elizabeth Dixon Moore died 3-2-1884 born TN CoD Pneumonia D/o Simon Dixon


John Wininger died 7-19-1886 cause of Death Typhoid son of Henry Wininger
John Moore Died April 1, 1886 CoD Epithelioma Mother's maiden Name: Reed


Rosey Crowder D/O Ritter Crowder and Lydia Moore died June 8, 1894


? Qualkinbush 'died 9-8-1895 CoD Pestussis/Cholera s/o William and Sarah Lewis Qualkinbush


?Wininger s/o William and _ Lashbrook Wininger died 12-21-1896 age 6


Martha Moore age 3 died 8-8-1897 d/o B.Moore and _ Kirby
? Campbell d/o William Campbell died July 15-1897 CoD Flux
?Dillinger died March 20, 1897 s/o Alph and _ Wininger


?Anderson d/o John and Emma Pipher Anderson died 4-3-1899
Sarah Dillinger died 6-4-1899 D/o Sylvester and Mary Wininger Dillinger CoD Asthma


Zoro Winegar died 4-18-1900 CoD Catarrhal Fever d/o William K. amd Mary Allen Winegar
Zada Wininger died 7-8-1900 age 3 years 3 days d/o George and Rhoda E. Wininger
George J. Ballard died 8-1-1900 s/o George and Elsie Condra Wininger age 1 year 6 months CoD Cholera
Jeane Bledsoe died 11-12-1900 age 6 months d/o Otto and _ Moore Bledsoe CoD Indegestion


Nora Emmons died 1-12-1901 age 1 year 11 months and 16 days d/o Ark and Etta Bledsoe Emmons CoD Blood Poisoning
William Davis Moore died 4-26-1901 s/o John and _ Davis Moore age 66
Sarah Qualkinbush died 5-26-1901 CoD Catarrah Fever age 50 2 months and 23 days d/o Thomas and Sarah Wininger Lewis
Charlotte Lewis died 9-23-1901 CoD Brain Fever age 25 d/o John and Malinda R. Wininger Lewis
Howard Qualkinbush died 10/12/1901 age 11 months s/o Albert and _ Hawhee Qualkinbush CoD Catarrhal Enteritis


Nordica Ballard h/o Mordica Ballard born 2-4-1821 died November 1902 Burial 11-10-1902 s/o William and Nancy Clem Ballard CoD Consumption


Malinda Wininger born 10-12-1856 d/o Alex and Malinda Wininger Wininger died 1903 CoD General Pirus Burial Mt Lebenon
Alva Wininger born 6-29-1903 s/o Andrew J. Wininger and Emilie Waggoner Wininger died Oct 1903 CoD Colic


Susan F. Wininger w/o Louis Wininger born 11-15-1835 D/o J.Phillips CoD Brights Disease Burial 2-29-1904
_ Emmons born and Died 5-20-1904 d/o Ark and Etta Bledsoe Emmons CoD Premature Burial Antioch
Orthel Nelson born Jan 1904 died Aug 1904 S/o Myron and Nanny Wininger Nelson CoD Cholera Buried Scarlett Ridge 8-17-1904
Alonzo Wininger born 7-20-1881 died 10-1904 S/o George and Rhoda Roach Wininger CoD Phthisis Pulmonolis Burial Abbydale
Earl Campbell born April 25-1904 died 9-4-1904 s/o Manford and Belle Ballard Campbell CoD Enteritis Burial Mt Lebenon
Malinda Wininger born 1814 Tenn age 90 died 12-22-1904 Mother Mary Potter (Should be Engleman) Father William Wininger Burial Scarlett


Albert Milliard Qualkinbush (Willard Is the correct middle name) born 8-5-1866 died 11-23-1907 s/o Albert and Eliza Stanfield Qualkinbush H/o Malissa Waggoner burial Moores Ridge


Floyd Moore born 1-12-1908 died 5-1-1908 s/o Ed and America Hopper Moore CoD Entero Colitis Burial Anderson
Clyde Emmons born 5-20-1904 died 4-14-1908 s/o Lee and Mary Charnes Emmons CoD Scrofulo Burial Anderson
Frank Wininger born 10-15-1885 died 5-29-1908 s/o George and Rhoda Roach Wininger CoD Pulmonary TB Burial Mt Lebenon
Elmey Nelson born 6-5-1908 died 6-15-1908 d/o Marion(Myron) and Nancy (Nanny) Wininger Nelson CoD Pnuemonia Burial Mt Lebenon
Vinnie Moore born 6-5-1908 died 8-9-1908 d/o Arthur and Nora Walls Moore CoD Gangrene Burial Ames Chapel
Ora M. Anderson born 5-27-1896 died 9-7-1908 d/o John and Emma Pipher Anderson CoD Typhoid Burial Ames Chapel
Mabel Qualkinbush born 7-13-1908 died 12-14-1908 d/o William and Ida McFarland Qualkinbush (Oda) CoD Cerebral Meningitis Burial Sulphur Creek
Catherine Morgan born 8-27-1852 died 12-15-1908 W/O James Morgan d/o John and Mary Wininger Conrad CoD Pneumonia Burial Mt Lebenon


Charles W.Charnes born 12-4-1872 died 1-26-1909 s/o Leonard and Julia Wininger Charnes CoD Suicide- Gunshot Burial Scarlett Ridge
? Briner born and Died 9-21-1909 d/o Noble and Hulda Wininger Briner CoD Stillborn Burial Briner Cemetery
Thomas Henry McCarty born 3-14-1907 died 11-8-1909 s/o Thomas and Alta Hawke McCarty CoD Diptheria
Thomas Giles born 8-7-1891 died 11-5-1909 H/o Cora s/o Volney and Eliza Wininger Giles CoD Tonsilitis Burial Baptist


Roxy Wininger born 5-3-1898 3-19-1911 D/o Nelson and Sarah E. Hankins Wininger CoD Pneumonia burial Mt Lebenon
William S. Wininger born 10-30-1828 died 5-3-1911 H/o Mary M. s/oJohn A. CoD Inanition/Unable to eat Secondary Senility Burial Cuzco
Phillip Wininger born 7-21-1858 died 11-8-1911 H/o Eunice S/o John H. amd Susan Conrad Wininger CoD Typhoid Burial Moores Ridge
Delbert Wininger bron 7-11-1886 died 12-5-1911 s/o Phillip and Eunice Stewart Wininger CoD Typhoid Burial Moores Ridge
Andrew Wininger born 9-2-1835 died 12-21-1911 h/o Hudran (?) J. Wininger (Should be Susannah) s/o John Wininger CoD Chronic Nephritis Burial Old Baptist


William A. J. Hopper born 12-25-1911 died 5-29-1912 s/o B.A. and Mary Dorsett Hopper CoD Gastro Enteritis Burial Anderson
Anna Belle Stanfield born 9-11-1889 died 5-31-1912 d/o John H. and Malinda Wininger Stanfield CoD Heart Disease Burial Scarlett Ridge
_ Campbell s/o William and Liza Moore Campbell born 8-19-1912 died 8-21-1912 CoD Menengitis related to birth Burial Mt Lebenon
Everett Moore born 8-26-1912 died 8-26-1912 s/o Brown and Nora Clark Moore CoD Stillborn Burial Mt Lebenon
_ Dent s/o Charles and Sadie Wininger Dent born 10-27-1912 died 10-29-1912 CoD Premature Burial Mt Lebenon


Lewis Wininger born 10-29-1831 died 4-16-1913 s/o Alex and Mary Walters Wininger CoD Nephritis Burial Mt Lebenon
Cynthia Ann Dorsett born 9-9-1858 died 3-26-1913 w/o J. H.Dorsett d/o David and Mary Ann Wininger Emmons CoD TB Burial Emmons Ridge


Lillian Qualkinbush bron 2-6-1914 died 3-2-1914 d/o William and Sarah Dorsett Wininger CoD Bronchitis and Heart Disease Burial Emmons Ridge
Lesta May Albright born 8-3-1-1913 died 4-10-1914 d/o Henry and Ida Lewis Albright CoD Bronchitis and whooping Cough Burial Emmons Ridge


Anna J. Walls born 6-24-1893 died 9-1-1915 w/o Charles S. Walls d/o John Wininger and Mary Smith CoD Puerpural Septicemia/ Dead and Macerahal Fetus Burial Mt Lebenon
Dora Cornwall born 7-28-1888 died 5-28-1915 d/o Jacob and Sarah Nelson Emmons w/o Charles Cornwall CoD TB Burial Scarlett Ridge


Lucy E. Barkley born July 9, 1884 died Jan 23, 1916 w/o Albert Barkley d/o Phillip and Eunice Stewart Wininger CoD TB Burial Moores Ridge
Walter R. Wininger born 2-13-1888 died 2-6-1916 s/o John C. and Cynthia Hopper Wininger CoD TB Burial Spice Valley
Delpha Ann McCarty born 12-16-1843 died 4-16-1916 w/o John McCarty d/o Thomas and Mary Ann Wininger Lewis CoD Heart Disease burial Wininger
Roscoe Wininger born 3-27-1900 died 5-24-1916 s/o Charles M. and _ Condra Wininger CoD TB burial Mt Lebenon
Edward Wininger age about 40 died 8-9-1916 h/o Florence s/o George and _ Roach CoD TB Burial Asylum Cemetery
Delpah May Briner born 1-12-1915 died 8-31-1916 D/o Noble and Hulda Wininger Briner CoD Gastroenteritis Burial Sulphur Creek


William Campbell born 7-4-1839 died 2-25-1917 s/o _Campbell and Elizabeth Wood CoD Organic Heart Disease Burial Mt Lebenon
Temperance Pinnick born 2-12-1860 died 4-8-1917 w/o Singleton Pinnick d/o Davis and Sarah Shields Emmons CoD Brights Disease Burial Antioch
Minnie Jane Wininger born 4-19-1892 died 6-2-1917 d/o Henry and Josie Roberts Wininger CoD TB Burial Mt Lebenon
Wiley Reed McCarty born 1-17-1898 died 9-26-1917 CoD TB Burial Ames
Rhoda Wininger born 5-7-1844 died 11-15-1917 w/o Clint CoD Paralysis Burial Moores Ridge
May Lewis born 5-21-1916 died 12-16-1917 d/o Frank and Pearl Nelson Lewis CoD Acute Nephritis Burial Mt Lebenon