Old Baptist Cemetery
Lat 38 33' 20.85 N  Long 86 35' .02" W

From a description of the cemetery by A. J. Rhodes, 1910
"Located northeast of French Lick on the old Paoli - Hayesville Road. A meeting house of Regular Baptists once stood near the cemetery, and was sometimes called Pinnick's meeting house. All trace of it is long since gone. Two of the well known local preachers were Thomas Winters and Nathan Pinnick. The labors of these two faithful members terminated many years ago. Their mortal remains were carried with loving hands and laid to rest in the little cemetery at the Old Baptist Meeting House."

This still active pioneer cemetery was photographed October 29, 2010.. There are many unmarked graves and many markers are broken into fragments. The original DAR transcription from the 1940's has been used for reference to verify identification and to provide a more complete listing.  The earliest identifiable burial here is Martha Hawkins, December 1841

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Last NameFirst NameBornDiedOtherPhoto
BowlesEliza Jane7/11/1857Adopted Dau of E.J. Bowles
BrinerIsaac3/11/1865 Age 61y 2m 23d
BrinerGeorge J. 10/12/1865Don of G.A. & L. Age 1y 1m 6d
Briner William9/3/1871Age 33 years
BrownKenneth Lee4/22/11951
BrownWilla Faye4/15/1955
BrownKenneth "Stovepipe"1927
BrownWilma Jean1935
BrownRick L.10/23/19553/13/2006Father and Daughter
RachelRachel R.12/5/1975Father and Daughter
CobbJohn P.6/18/18283/15/1900
CobbMary E.9/9/18273/12/1909
CobbJames E.12/15/18507/26/1851
CobbGreen F.1/30/188128y 6m 25d
CobbMaudie9/16/18799/16/1879Dau of A.C. & M.E.
ComptonHoward W.7/16/192211/27/1983Married 5/11/1946
ComptonVirginia H.8/2/19215/12/2009Married 5/11/1946
CroningerJames Frederick8/24/19356/27/2008Married 8/3/1963
CroningerNina Coleen4/12/1934Married 8/3/1963
DaughertyHarriet9/13/18492/28/1867Wife of Andrew J.
Davis Samuel6/16/181812/30/1977
DavisJohn L.3/27/18523/30/1856Son of S.A. & L.A.
DavisElizaMay 1857May 1857Dau of S.A. & L.A.No Photo
DickeyFlora6/20/188026y 9m 11d
DickensShadrack9/8/185970y Elder of the Regular Baptist Church
DishonCatherine5/1/1857Wife of Jacob 85y 1m 11d
EvansJosiah11/21/193680y 5m 20dNo Photo
FisherNancy Emily3/18/18568/7/1920
FisherInfant  7/14/1875Son of E. & N.E.
FootElizabeth 7/8/1865Wife of Philip 77y 7m 13d
FootWilliam12/13/187754y 8m 21d
FootePhilip12/20/1872Son of W. & A. 22y 7m 20d
FootJohn W.11/19/18532/20/1860Son of William & Adeline
FootElijah S.5/9/18614/24/1863Son of W. & A.
FootSarah9/18/1872Dau of W. & A. 20y 8m 6d
GilesJames W.11/16/18451/27/1916No Photo
Giles William T.1/xx/1854Son of R. & P. 5y 11d
GilesJordon7/21/1864Son of R. & P. 12y 2m
GilesCora A.7/23/1883Dau of V. & E.E. 2y 8m 3d
GilesJordon T.8/7/189111/5/1909
GilesGertrude6/1/1920Wife of J.M.
GilesEliza A.7/20/1858
GilesJoseph A.18531938
GilesMary E.18551908
GilesSamuel M.6/16/1878Son of Joseph & Mary 9m 24dNo Photo
GilliattWilliam H.2/16/187510m 24dNo Photo
GilliattNathan P.11/19/18404/24/1920CO A 49th Ind Infantry
GravesLois Mae19101990
GravesWilliam E.1/27/190311/27/1963
Graves Lois M.9/6/19107/7/1990
HallWilliam9/17/186350y 4m 5d
HawkinsMartha12/11/1841Dau of James & America 10y 4m 14d
Henson Lucy E.4/17/1873Dau of W.W. & R.E. 2y 2m 13d
HensonGeorge M.9/21/1879Son of W.W. & R.E 1y 6n 21
HensonLettie J.2/21/1883Dau of W.W. & R.E 5m
HinsmanWilliam R.1/10/18942/9/1951PVT BASE HOSP 113 WW I
HootenAndrew W.3/5/1863Son of J.W. & M.E. 5y 4m 7d
JohnsonElizabeth10/7/1829Oct 1844Wife of Nelson Age 15y
JohnsonBobbie M.5/22/19323m 15dNo Photo
LamdinDavid6/18/186965y 6m 16d
LamdinRosana12/9/1865Wife of David  63y 3m 9d
LamdinIsaiah3/11/1854Son of D. & R. 18y 2m 19d
LamdinDaniel S.1/18/18352/3/1862Son of D. & R. Civis War Soldier. Died Camp Wickliffe, Kentucky
LamdinRobert N.6/1/187948y 9m 27d
LamdinLucinda9/14/1893Wife of Robert  64y 6m 10d
LamdinJames A.9/17/1855Son of R. & L.  3m 13d
LamdinJames M.1/28/1859Son of R. & L.  2m 7dNo Photo
LamdinNathan R.6/10/1863Son of R. & L. 9m 19d
LamdinLewis F.9/27/18689m 28d
LamdinMorton A.6/21/1867Son of R. & L. 7y 5m 8d
LamdinRobert N. 4/22/1890Son of R. & L 20y 2m 3d
LamdinWilliam T.9/24/1892Son of R. & L 28y 5m 11d
LamdinLucinda2/11/1854Dau of D. & R.20y 1m 27d
LaneJames M.2/2/185912/18/1932
Lane Nancy A.3/13/18559/6/1923
LoveMary C.5/16/183612/15/1919Wife of William
LynchEliza J.12/19/18565/12/1913
LynchInfantsSons of Z. A. & E.
LynchLucinda11/12/1851Dau of George & Genetta Age 17 y
McCrackenCharlotte E.8/18/1854Wife of William 30y 3m 6d
McCrackenWilliam3/9/187457y 10m 17d
McCrackenJames10/24/185588y 1m
McCrackenBetsey PinnickKentucky189XWife of James. No stoneNo Photo
McCrackenHannah M.8/8/180610/3/1849
MorrisMorgan3/31/18165/1/1856Dates from DAR records
MorrisBarbara4/12/1850Dau of M. & L.A.  3y 9m 22d
NewkirkSarah6/7/18371/27/1905Wife of O.P.
NewkirkJimmie4/6/1876Son of O.P.  9y 1m 22d
ParianSarah A.10/21/18579/28/1859Dau of J. & M.A.
ParianNancy A.10/21/185710/1/1859Dau of Joel & M.A.
PerrineMelissa Ann9/18/183311/18/1857Wife of Joel
PhillipsMillia Ann2/20/18337/17/1854
PhillipsMary Elizabeth6/20/18537/16/1854Dau of Henry & Millie Ann
PhippsIsaiah B.9/23/1855Son of Isaiah & M.G.  3y 6m 7d
PiersonJacob7/1/186149y 2m 16d
PiersonJohn A.11/7/186227yb 11m 16d
PiersonMary F.3/26/1863Dau of J. & F. 15y 6d
PiersonA. N.12/15/1863Son of J. & F. 22y 11m 2d CO I 38 Reg't Ind Vol.
PinnickKentucky John3/6/187389 y 10m 12d. Born in Kentucky and called Kentucky John to distinguish from other John's.
PinnickJane12/7/180810/11/1896Wife of Kentucky John
PinnickJohn A. J.2/11/183510/11/1863Killed Collierville Tennessee, Civil War
PinnickMary Ann9/19/18296/26/1868Wife of Elijah T. 
PinnickElijah T.3/9/189777y 1m 6d  Mexican War CO B; Civil War 2nd Lt CO G. 49th Reg Ind. Vol Inf
PinnickInfant 12/29/1848Son of E.T. & M. AnnNo Photo
PinnickDruzilla8/25/18553y 7m 29d Dau of E.T. & M.A.No Photo
PinnickJames9/1/1858Son of E.T. & M.A. b7yn10m 28d
PinnickMalany J.10/15/18644/12/1865Dau of E.T. & M.A. No Photo
PinnickElijah1/30/187472y 10m
PinnickSingleton2/19/1844Son of Elijah & Lucinda 5y 10m 3d
PinnickSingleton F.18471918
PinnickWm H.3/27/183612/26/1859
PinnickWm H8/21/18591/22/1860Son of J. & H.A.
PinnickJohn T. C.10/12/18612/4/1865Son of J. & H.A.
PinnickGrant S.11/19/18698/23/1870Son of J. & H.A.
PinnickFranklin F. 2/26/1848Son of N. & A. 22y 2m
PinnickNathan1/16/1858Baptist Minister 66y 7m 2d
PinnickAnn2/10/1876Wife of N.  84y 11m 16d
PinnickRachel6/18/187110/15/1873Dau of E.T. & D.
PinnickRebecca4/30/1891Dau of E.T. & D. 18y 12d
PinnickThomas I.D.8/21/18288/11/1914
PinnickElizabeth12/12/18293/3/1880Wife of Thomas I.D.
PinnickElizabeth8/2/188611/20/1869Dau of T.I.D. & Elizabeth
PinnickJames9/11/186166y 6m 29d
PinnickSarah G.3/13/1863Wife of John 69y 6m 25d
PinnickSarah E.9/28/1864Dau of I.F. & N.J. 3y 7m 19d
PinnickMary E. M.10/5/1861Dau of I.F. & N.J. 5y 11m 25d
PinnickJames A.4/15/1865Son of I.F. & N.J. 7m 8d
PinnickSarah10/11/182310/20/1854Dau of J. & S.G.
PinnickJohn D,Esqr4/29/18209/4/1851Son of Col John & Sally (Sarah) G. Consort of Emmily
PinnickJohn D.12/2/18508/17/1922
PinnickSarah Elizabeth12/12/184710/15/1848Dau of John D. & Elizabeth
PinnickNathan F,9/27/18163/3/1844Son of S. & J. Consort of Mary
PurkhiserJames F.11/10/18426/14/1876
PurkhiserElizabeth8/30/18023/29/1853Wife of John
RussellWilliam Henry2/25/191873y 7m 22d
RussellSarah1/8/1879Wife of W.H.  38y 11m 11d
RussellCora Alice1/18/1879Dau of W.H. & S
ScottElizabeth (Pinnick)10/15/1855Wife of C. Scott 66y 11m
Smith NicholasNo stoneNo Photo
SmithCatherine UnderwoodWife of Nicholas No stoneNo Photo
SmithPolly12/5/1856Wife of Dr. D.M. 35y 16d
SmithMartin D.10/2/1855Son of D.M. & P.  1y 6m 19d
SmithEgan H.11/25/18563/1/1936
WallsRobert D.2/18/18306/15/1889
WallsAddie May10/10/1889Dau of R.D. & E. 11y 11m 16d
WallsEmeline9/2/18609/27/1861Dau of R.D. & S.E.
WallsSarah E.9/11/1865Wife of R.D. 27y 4m 18d
WallsMary E.8/25/18649/13/1865Dau of R.D. & S.E.
WallsHarry B.18941939
WallsAndrew J.9/21/193472y 1m 29dNo Photo
WallsEmma J.7/24/193664y 6m 2dNo Photo
WigginsSarah J.6/24/1858Dau of A.S. & G.  26y 5m 16d
WilsonMartisha9/14/18816/13/1913Wife of S.
WiningerCharles2/17/193675y 3m 29dNo Photo
WiningerAndrew C.7/29/19277m 24d
WiningerHarvey T.18921946
WiningerLucy OpalDec 1929
WiningerHerbert Alonzo7/10/1935
WineingerSusannah11/22/18631/3/1916Wife of Andrew
WineingerAndrew J.9/2/183512/21/1911CO D 27th Reg't Ind Vol
WintersThomasBaptist Minister (No stone)No Photo
WoflingtonRebecca C.10/6/18359/13/1888Wife of Volaney
WoflingtonLeonidas10/11/18717/11/1875Son of V. & R.C.No Photo
WolfingtonClapha1/8/18179/8/1893Wife of William Wolfngton
WolfingtonJerusha9/25/188175y 10m 19d