Orange Peelings
Index of Articles
1983 - 1998

The Orange County Genealogical Society has past issues of the "Orange Peelings", their quarterly publication for sale at $2.50 per issue, except for the December issue, which is much larger. The December issue is priced at $4.00.

In order to aid in selecting the issue you may which to purchase, I have prepared the following index of articles with the volume, issue and year they were published in. I am in the second year of my membership and am extremely pleased with this publication, which is included in the Society's membership fee.

This is NOT a soliciation for membership in the society. I am providing this information because I believe that this is an extremely important county resource. Any of these back issues may be purchased at:

Orange County Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 344
Paoli, IN 47454

Record TypeArticleVolumeIssueMonthYear
BiographyAncestor Charts of 3rd Graders22Apr1984
BiographyPioneer People in Orleans31Jan1985
BiographyRural Property Owners, 186934Oct1985
BiographyRegister of Negroes and Mulattoes, 1853-186142Apr1986
BiographyRegister of Negroes and Mulattoes, 1853-186141Jan1986
BiographyRegister of Negroes & Mulattoes43Jul1986
CemeteriesHunt Cemetery, Greenfield Twp.12Apr1983
CemeteriesProspect Cemetery, French Lick Twp.12Apr1983
CemeteriesWorrell Cemetery, Orleans Twp.12Apr1983
CemeteriesCemetery in Stamperscreek Twp.11Jan1983
CemeteriesWible Family Cemetery11Jan1983
CemeteriesFisher-Lock Cemetery, Orleans Twp.13Jul1983
CemeteriesMt. Horeb Cemetery, Orleans Twp.13Jul1983
CemeteriesPainter's Creek Cemetery, Jackson Twp.13Jul1983
CemeteriesCampbell Family Cemetery, Orleans Twp.14Oct1983
CemeteriesGraves at Scarlett's Chapel, Northwest Twp.14Oct1983
CemeteriesMoore's Ridge, French Lick Twp.14Oct1983
CemeteriesBluff Spring Cemetery22Apr1984
CemeteriesMoores Ridge Cemetery22Apr1984
CemeteriesCrandall Cemetery21Jan1984
CemeteriesMoores Ridge Cemetery21Jan1984
CemeteriesBluff Springs Cemetery23Jul1984
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery23Jul1984
CemeteriesMoores Ridge Cemetery23Jul1984
CemeteriesBluff Springs Cemetery24Oct1984
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery24Oct1984
CemeteriesMoores Ridge Cemetery24Oct1984
CemeteriesShoaf Family Cemetery24Oct1984
CemeteriesBluff Springs Cemetery32Apr1985
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery32Apr1985
CemeteriesSpringer Cemetery, French Lick Twp.32Apr1985
CemeteriesBluff Springs Cemetery31Jan1985
CemeteriesCritchfield Family Cemetery, Greenfield Twp.31Jan1985
CemeteriesHillsboro Cemetery, Jackson Twp.31Jan1985
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery31Jan1985
CemeteriesJohnson Family Cemetery33Jul1985
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery33Jul1985
CemeteriesMiller Cemetery33Jul1985
CemeteriesNewton Stewart Cemetery33Jul1985
CemeteriesCopeland Cemetery34Oct1985
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery34Oct1985
CemeteriesHungate Cemetery42Apr1986
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery42Apr1986
CemeteriesPinnick Family Cemetery42Apr1986
CemeteriesRadcliff Cemetery42Apr1986
CemeteriesAfrica or Little Africa Cemetery41Jan1986
CemeteriesBowles Cemetery41Jan1986
CemeteriesCopeland Cemetery41Jan1986
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery41Jan1986
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery43Jul1986
CemeteriesNewberry Cemetery43Jul1986
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery, S-T52Apr1987
CemeteriesNewberry Cemetery, L-M52Apr1987
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery51Jan1987
CemeteriesNewberry Cemetery51Jan1987
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery53Jul1987
CemeteriesNewberry Cemetery53Jul1987
CemeteriesLiberty Cemetery Records61Jan1988
CemeteriesVest Grave Cemetery Records61Jan1988
CemeteriesOld Town Cemetery, Paoli63Jul1988
CemeteriesOld Town Cemetery, Paoli62Apr1988
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery72Apr1989
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery, C-D71Jan1989
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery, H73Jul1989
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery, K-L82Apr1990
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery, H-K81Jan1990
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery, L-M83Jul1990
CemeteriesElon Cemetery92Apr1991
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery92Apr1991
CemeteriesElon Cemetery93Jul1991
CemeteriesPaoli-Old Town Cemetery93Jul1991
CemeteriesElon Cemetery   1991
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery   1991
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery102Apr1992
CemeteriesSulphur Creek Church Cemetery102Apr1992
CemeteriesEdwards Family Cemetery101Jan1992
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town and Cemetery101Jan1992
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery103Jul1992
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery103Jul1992
CemeteriesSulphur Creek Cemetery103Jul1992
CemeteriesCemetery, U.B. Church (Sel.)112Apr1993
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, Orleans (Sel.)112Apr1993
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemtery (Sel.)112Apr1993
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, Orleans111Jan1993
CemeteriesPaoli Old Town Cemetery111Jan1993
CemeteriesSulpher Creek Cemetery111Jan1993
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery113Jul1993
CemeteriesPaoli's I.O.O.F.Cemetery113Jul1993
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, C-F122Apr1994
CemeteriesPaoli, I.O.O.F. Cemetery, C-D122Apr1994
CemeteriesCemetery of I.O.O.F., B-C121Jan1994
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, C121Jan1994
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, Orleans123Jul1994
CemeteriesIoof Cemetery, Paoli123Jul1994
CemeteriesGreen Hill Cemetery, Orleans, K-L142Apr1996
CemeteriesIoof Cemetery, Paoli, N-S142Apr1996
CemeteriesIoof Cemetery, Paoli141Jan1996
CemeteriesOrleans Greenhill Cemetery, L-M143Jul1996
CemeteriesPaoli Ioof Cemetery, S-T143Jul1996
CemeteriesGreenhill Cemetery Burials152Apr1997
CemeteriesScott Graveyard Burials152Apr1997
CemeteriesGreenhill Cemetery Burials, Ma-Mo151Jan1997
CemeteriesI.O.O.F. Cemetery Burials, Th-Wo151Jan1997
CemeteriesGreenhill Cemetery153Jul1997
CemeteriesScott Graveyard153Jul1997
CemeteriesProvidence Cemetery163Jul1998
CemeteriesGreenhill Cemetery161Jan1998
CemeteriesLynch Grace161Jan1998
CemeteriesScott Cemetery161Jan1998
ChurchFriend's Marriage Records42Apr1986
ChurchFriend's Marriage Records, 1813-185243Jul1986
ChurchFriends Marriage, Lick Creek Mm, 1813-5252Apr1987
ChurchFriends Marriages, 1840-4453Jul1987
ChurchCane Creek Church, History102Apr1992
ChurchCane Creek Christian Church, History101Jan1992
ChurchCane Creek Church History103Jul1992
ChurchCane Creek Church History (Sel.)112Apr1993
ChurchUnion E.U.B. Church History112Apr1993
ChurchCane Creek Church111Jan1993
ChurchFaucett's Chapel History, M.E. Church, Brief113Jul1993
ChurchOld Union History, Brief113Jul1993
ChurchChurch Deed Transactions142Apr1996
ChurchChurch Deed Transactions141Jan1996
ChurchLiberty Church History152Apr1997
ChurchLiberty Church Hist., Orleans151Jan1997
ChurchLiberty Church of Christ153Jul1997
ChurchLiberty Church of Christ, 1865163Jul1998
ChurchLiberty Church of Christ161Jan1998
CourtRegister of Negroes & Mulattoes, 185352Apr1987
CourtFreedom Papers51Jan1987
CourtRegister of Negroes and Mulattoes, 185353Jul1987
DeedsConveyances, 1822-23163Jul1998
DirectoriesRural Property Owners, 186941Jan1986
HistoryWilliamsburg, Historical Note About21Jan1984
HistoryCourt House, History112Apr1993
Land RecordsEarly Land Entries Prior to 182012Apr1983
Land RecordsGreenfield Twp. Land Entries11Jan1983
Land RecordsJackson Twp. Land Entries11Jan1983
Land RecordsNorthwest Twp. Land Entries11Jan1983
Land RecordsStamperscreek Twp. Land Entries11Jan1983
Land RecordsRural Property Owners, Stampers Creek Twp.22Apr1984
Land RecordsLand Owners, Jackson Twp.21Jan1984
Land RecordsLand Owners, French Lick Twp.23Jul1984
Land RecordsLand Owners, Orangeville Twp.24Oct1984
Land RecordsRural Property Owners42Apr1986
MapsMap of 187333Jul1985
MapsMap of Orange County43Jul1986
MapsMap of Orange County, 187351Jan1987
MapsGeneral Highway Map, Ca.196082Apr1990
MapsOrange County Map113Jul1993
MapsTownship Map122Apr1994
MapsOrange County Townships121Jan1994
MilitaryVolunteer Enlistment, Civil War42Apr1986
MilitaryCivil War Diary of Local Soldier94Oct1991
MilitaryCivil War Diary of Samuel Mathers111Jan1993
ObituariesObituaries from the True American, 1839-184113Jul1983
ObituariesObituaries from the Paoli News, 1916-191732Apr1985
ObituariesObituaries of Society Members, 1994124Oct1994
OtherRural Property Owners, Paoli Twp., 186912Apr1983
OtherHappenings of Residents from the Republican, 188513Jul1983
OtherRural Property Owners, Greenfield Twp., 186913Jul1983
OtherRural Property Owners, Southeast Twp.14Oct1983
OtherNaming of County22Apr1984
OtherGenealogical Material, Paoli Public Library23Jul1984
OtherOllie Moad Weeks Scrapbook41Jan1986
OtherLife Magazine Articles on Paoli, 194744Oct1986
OtherRhodes Brothers Mail and Hack Line, Picture63Jul1988
OtherArlington Hotel Photo92Apr1991
OtherCelebration, 4th of Jul, 1839102Apr1992
OtherPostmasters, Youngs Creek, Indiana103Jul1992
OtherPaoli Republican Excerpts, 1889152Apr1997
OtherNewspaper Excerpts, 1894-97 (Sel.)153Jul1997
OtherNews Items, 1931163Jul1998
Probate RecordsWill Record Abstracts, 1852-5471Jan1989
Probate RecordsProbate Record, 1872112Apr1993
Probate RecordsProbate Records, 1882-84142Apr1996
Probate RecordsProbate Records, 1881141Jan1996
Probate RecordsProbate Records, 1884-86143 1996
Probate RecordsProbate Records, 1880s (Sel.)151Jan1997
SchoolHindostan School Photo, N. West Twp., Ca.1910   1991
SchoolSchools of Greenfield Twp., List103Jul1992
TaxPaoli Twp. Tax List, 184143Jul1986
TaxTax List, Paoli Twp., 184152Apr1987
TaxTax List, Paoli Twp., 184151Jan1987
TaxTax List, Nebraska Twp. & Paoli Twp., 184153Jul1987
TaxTax List, Northeast Twp., 184161Jan1988
TaxTax List North East, 184163Jul1988
TaxTax List, 1841, North East Twp.62Apr1988
TaxTax List, 1841, Orleans Twp., F-M72Apr1989
TaxTax List, 1841, Orleans Twp., A-F71Jan1989
TaxTax List, 1841, Orleans Twp.73Jul1989
TaxTax Records, 1841, North West Twp.82Apr1990
TaxTax List, 1841, Orleans & Northwest Twp.81Jan1990
TaxTax Record, 1841, North East Township83 1990
TaxTax List, 1841, S.W. Twp. No. 592Apr1991
TaxTax List, 1841, S.W. Township93Jul1991
TaxTax Record, 1845, South West Twp.   1991
TaxTax List, 1843, Jackson Twp.102Apr1992
TaxTax List, 1841101Jan1992
TaxTax List, 1841, Jackson Twp.103Jul1992
TaxTax List, 1842, Greenfield Twp.103Jul1992
TaxTax List, Greenfield, S-Y and Southeast, A-B112Apr1993
TaxTax List, 1842, Greenfield Twp.111Jan1993
TaxTax List, 1843, S.E Twp. (Sel.)113Jul1993
TaxTax List, 1843, South East Twp.122Apr1994
TaxTax List Index, 1843, Southeast Twp., L-S121Jan1994
Vital RecordsFirst Marriage Records, 181612Apr1983
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 181713Jul1983
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1817-181814Oct1983
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1819-2022Apr1984
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1819-2022Apr1984
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1818-1921Jan1984
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1819-2123Jul1984
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1821-2224Oct1984
Vital RecordsEarly Marriage Records, 1822-182432Apr1985
Vital RecordsEarly Marriage Records, 1819-182431Jan1985
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1824-182533Jul1985
Vital RecordsEarly Marriage Records, 1825-182634Oct1985
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1820-182741Jan1986
Vital RecordsFriends Marriages, Lick Creek Meeting, 1813-5251Jan1987
Vital RecordsMarriage Record, 182672Apr1989
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 182671Jan1989
Vital RecordsMarriage Record, 1826-2773Jul1989
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1827-2882Apr1990
Vital RecordsMarriage Record, 182781Jan1990
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 182783Jul1990
Vital RecordsMarriage Record, 182892Apr1991
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 182893Jul1991
Vital RecordsMarriage Record, 1827-28   1991
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1828-29102Apr1992
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1828101Jan1992
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1829103Jul1992
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1829, (Sel.)112Apr1993
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1820s111Jan1993
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1829113Jul1993
Vital RecordsMarriage Recs., 1829-30122Apr1994
Vital RecordsMarriage Recs., 1829-30122Apr1994
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1829121Jan1994
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1830123Jul1994
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831142Apr1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831142Apr1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831141Jan1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831141Jan1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831143Jul1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831143Jul1996
Vital RecordsMarriage Records152Apr1997
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1831 (Sel.)151Jan1997
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831-32 (Sel.)153Jul1997
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1831-32 (Sel.)153Jul1997
Vital RecordsMarriages, 1832163Jul1998
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1832 (Sel.)161Jan1998
Vital RecordsMarriage Records, 1832 (Sel.)161Jan1998
VoterVoters, District 1, 184292Apr1991
WillsWills, 1821-2522Apr1984
WillsWill Book L, 1816-1821Jan1984
WillsWill Book 1, 1823-2723Jul1984
WillsWill Book 1, 1828-3224Oct1984
WillsWill Records, Book 1, 1837-184032Apr1985
WillsWill Records, 1834-183731Jan1985
WillsWills Records #1, 1845-184733Jul1985
WillsWill Record, Book 134Oct1985
WillsWill Records, 1851-185241Jan1986
WillsWill Abstracts, 1854-5572Apr1989
WillsWill Abstracts, 1855-5673Jul1989
WillsWill Record II, 1858-6082Apr1990
WillsWill Record Book 2 Abstracts, 1857-5881Jan1990
WillsWill Records 2, 1860-6383Jul1990
WillsWill Record, 1864-6592Apr1991
WillsWill Records, 1865-6793Jul1991
WillsWill Record #2, 1868-69102Apr1992
WillsWill Record, 1866-68101Jan1992
WillsWill Record #2, 1869-71103Jul1992
WillsWill Record 2, 1871-72111Jan1993
WillsWill Record, 1870-74113Jul1993
WillsWill Records, 1875122Apr1994
WillsWills Probated, 1874 Excerpts121Jan1994
WillsWill Records, 1875123Jul1994
WillsWill Book #3153Jul1997
WillsWill Abstracts, 1897163Jul1998
WillsWill Records, 1895-96 (Sel.)161Jan1998