Patoka Memorial Cemetery
Orange County, Indiana

Compiled by
Mary Jane (Hobson) Deel
August 1983

 Transcribed to computer by
Mary Jane (Hobson) Deel
September, 2004


The following information was compiled from the work sheets of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
In order to make the information available to others who might seek it, I have endeavored to include all of the information I was provided with. I have attempted to copy spelling and dates as listed and apologize for any typographical errors.
For the information of anyone not familiar with the Patoka Memorial Cemetery, it is just off of State Highway 145 in Orange County, in the vicinity of Painter Creek Boat Ramp. It sits on the hill above the lake and provides a beautiful view of Southern Indiana scenery. 
A perpetual care fund was set up for the upkeep of the cemetery, so it is well taken care of. Several lots are available for future burials.
I undertook this indexing because of my ancestors whose remains were relocated during this project. This listing is dedicated to their memory.
My heartfelt thanks go to Mr. Roger Williams, Director of Relocations, United States Army Corps of Engineers. Without his assistance this index would not have been possible, for it contains information that is not available elsewhere.

Mary Jane (Hobson) Deel
French Lick Indiana

This map shows the approximate original location of the cemeteries that were within the construction area of Patoka Lake. Although a few of the cemeteries were located in Crawford and Dubois Counties, the majority were located in Orange County. Twenty-six cemeteries were relocated to Patoka Memorial Cemetery in 1976 and 1977. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers supervised the disinterment and re-interment of the remains located within the cemeteries.

Public notice was given of the impending relocations, with an extensive effort made to locate any next-of-kin. The Corps of Engineers worked closely with those relatives who were located and notified each of the scheduled relocation date of their family members. The next-of-kin were given the opportunity to be present during the relocation process.

A religious leader was in attendance during the relocations and the services of local morticians were utilized in transferring the remains. *

All cemeteries were carefully examined to ensure that all remains were transferred. In many cases, the grave sites of the early settlers of the area revealed nothing more than darkened earth where the burial had been. When this is what was found, the soil was carefully removed and placed into a burial container. If a site contained a marker of any kind, with or without an inscription, it was transferred with the remains. All sites thought to be a burial site were given a number and each was thoroughly examined. If a burial site contained no marker or a marker with no information, and that site was not claimed by a next-of-kin, it was listed as "unknown". If no evidence of remains were located at a numbered site, that site number was marked as "deleted".

* Information received from a mortician who assisted during the transfers.

Listed on Listed as Cemetery Name County Township

Page # Cemetery # of Origin of Origin

1 Morris M. Hubbs Cemetery Hall Dubois / Not found

1a Ralph Kalb Cemetery Hall Dubois

2 Kesterson Cemetery Hall Dubois

3 Ellsworth Cemetery Hall Dubois

4 Roberts M.E. Church Cemetery Hall Dubois

4a George T. Zehr Cemetery Patoka Crawford

5 Dewitt Cemetery Patoka Crawford

6 Atkins / Steward Cemetery Hall Dubois

7 Morgenroth Cemetery Jackson Orange

8 Carroll Cemetery Jackson Orange

9 Sinclair Cemetery Patoka Crawford

10 Error  

11 Hillsboro Cemetery Jackson Orange

12 Jewel Jackson Cemetery Jackson Orange

13 Elon Cemetery Jackson Orange

14 Thompson Cemetery Jackson Orange

15 Cox Cemetery Jackson Orange

16 Rachel Irene Parks / Elijah Hawhee 
    Jackson Orange

17 Swift Family Cemetery Jackson Orange

18 Frost and North Cemetery Jackson Orange

19 Gilliatt Cemetery Jackson Orange

20 Newton Stewart Cemetery Jackson Orange

21 Smith Cemetery Crawford Paotka

22 Fleming Cemetery Patoka Crawford

23 Mt. Eden Cemetery (Relocation Delayed)

24 Knight Cemetery  Orange Greenfield

25  McDonald Cemetery Orange Greenfield