Eleanor Daugherty Briner
Birthday Party
circa 1900

Submitted by Clifton F. Briner

This was a birthday party for Eleanor Daugherty Briner taken in about 1900. John W. Briner and Eleanor are standing side-by-side on the left side of the photograph. John has the long beard. Next to Eleanor is Celia Briner Walls, Nathan Fred Briner is on his tricycle at the lower left corner of the photograph. Tompie Briner is standing directly behind John W. Everyone in the picture is a Briner or a Briner Spouse. On the left side of the photograph is Aunt Mandie Briner and her three daughters. John W. Briner is a veteran of the Civil War. He was in the 38th Indiana Infantry, Company I. In the front row of the photograph are some of the oldest settlers of Orange County; they are brothers and sisters from left to right: Joshua Briner (b. 1816 KY), Ann Barbara Briner Gillum (b. 1815 PA), Catherine Briner Gillum (b. 1827 IN), and James Briner (b. 1826 IN). The lady standing the farthest to the right side of the photograph is Laura Jane Briner Foote, daughter of Aunt Mandie Briner. The entire group is standing in front of John W's. front porch at Briner Springs.