Orange County Indiana
Lee School
Courtesy of Fay Wright Denzler and Iris Wright Jones
Daughters of Wynema and Earl Wright

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Lee school was built on one acre of land costing $20.00 in 1881. It was named after four Lee brothers who lived in the area, one of whom was the grandfather of Nettie Brumfield. The picture of Lee School when it was a public school is slightly different from the building during my years there (1944-1951). There was no building in front; the water pump was in that location; nor were there over-hangs above the entrances, to the best of my memory. In 1963 the school closed. 7th and 8th graders were sent to Mitchell and the lower grades were bused to Lawrenceport. In 1965 the building was sold at auction to Ray and Beatrice Milligan for $400.00. They removed the bell steeple and later turned the buildings into a dance hall. Now the buildings and land seem to be used for storage of farm equipment. Only the rear of the building with the coal shed resembles the Lee School of my youth. Reunions for former students, teachers and other associated with Lee School are held biannually at Fishing Creek Chapel. Michelle Porter, a former student, has comprised a book about Lee School and would be happy to have additional pictures and information....Fay Wright Denzler