Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Gardner

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Galloway Reunion 1926 - 1927
L to R – Back – 2nd from left Samuel Galloway; 4th, Henry Wolfe; 2nd from right, Charles Galloway
3rd Row – far left, Volney Galloway; 2nd, James Galloway; 3rd, Benjamin Galloway; 8th,  Arthur Wilson; 9th Alice Galloway Wilson;  11th from right, Dora Wolfe Coulter (behind baby); 10th in coat and tie behind Dora, Ross Coulter; 8th from right behind Laura Galloway, Andrew Bell; far right, Emma Galloway Bell
2nd seated row – far left, John Henry Galloway; 4th left, Elizabeth Galloway Wolfe; 5th from right, Sarah Burgess Galloway; Mary Trinkle Galloway holding grandson Clifford Hardman; 5th from right, Sarah Wolfe Galloway; 4th Laura Wright Galloway; 3rd, Sarah Wolfe Galloway