Selected Records
from Probate Order Book A
1816 - 1829

Submitted by Linda Lockhart



8 Nov. 1823. LA to Samuel Chambers on estate of SARAH CHAMBERS Inventory produced with report of 9 Sep. 1824 as taken by Zachariah Lindly, Owen Lindly & Tran Morris and sworn before Ephrain Doan, JP and before Joseph Potts, JP on 11 Sep. 1824. Sale bill as sold 21 Nov. 1823. Buyers: Samuel Chambers, Owen and Dewitt Lindley; Tran Morris and included one note on Samuel Chambers dated 22 Mar. 1819.

18 Feb. 1828 adm. reports.


103 - 104 17 Jan. 1821, LA granted to Jaminah Tomlinson & John Bray on JOSEPH TOMLINSON estate. Inventory was returned by Jaminah on 12 Nov. 1821 as appraised by Edward & Richard Bray and sworn before Ephraim Doan, JP.


104 - 106

11 Oct. 1823 LA to Lewis Pitman on estate of MARK D. WOODS. Inventory returned with report of 9 Sep. 1824 as appraised by John Kellams, John Parks & Noah W. Constock, Daniel Travis & Ezekiel Turner. Sale bill dated 25 Oct. 1823. Buyers: Noah W. Constock, Johnson Hall, Josiah Hart, Daniel Helenstutter, Thomas Parks, Elijah Pearson, Lewis Pitman, Isaac Riley, William Riley, and John Seybold. Includes sale 20 Nov. 1823 in Lawrence Co., Illinois to: Thomas N. Anderson, George Clevenger, Thomas Clevenger, John Sumers, Hiram Ward, and Wm. Westrope. adm. reports amounts paid out to Andrew Carnes and David Phelps. All notes given in State of Illinois discharged in full and settlement made in all cases of demands against the estate.

11 Mar. 1825. adm. files inventory and reports.


106 - 107 21 July 1823. LA to Christena Alspaugh on estate of DAVID ALSPAUGH. On 9 Sep. 1824 adm. shows estate is insufficient inventory to be made and subpoena issued for the heirs to sell Real Estate. Inventory appraised 10 Sep. 1824 by Clutan Lynch and Daniel Cravenover and worn before Joel Vandeveer, JP, includes list of debts against the estate.




18 Aug. 1821, LA granted to Willian Case on JAMES JOHNSON estate. adm. reports 21 Oct. 1822 and 16 Apr. 1823 including monies paid to Willian Boyd, James Bund, David Johnson, Uriah Glover, Robert McClain, William Daugherty, Joshua Reed and to the Doctor, and payment to the land office.

3rd Monday in Feb. 1827. Adm. reports.

8 Dec. 1828 adm. reports and files inventory including taxes paid 1822 through 1828.


108 - 110

23 Nov. 1821 LA granted to Thomas Coffin on GEORGE MEACHAM estate. Inventory returned 12 May 1822 as appraised by Mark Trueblood, Abraham Holloday and Andrew Wilson and sworn before John Brown, JP. Buyers at sale: M. Meacham, Mary Meacham.

16 Feb. 1829 Adm. reports, Heirs are: John McVey, William Rhoads, Benjamin Johnson, Anderson and Mark J. Meacham.


110 30 Nov. 18, 1822. LA with will annexed granted to Thomas Copelin on estate of ANNE COPELIN. On 20 Oct. 1823 adm. reports moneys paid to William Hoggatt, Samuel Shelton and William Rhodes.


111 - 113






204 - 205

3 Nov. 1823 LA granted to Moses McCulloch on THOMAS WILLEY estate. 9 Sep. 1824 inventory is filed as taken 13 Nov. 1823 by William and John Smith and John Freed and sworn before Ephraim Doan, JP. Clement Lee was Clerk. Sale bill returned. Buyers: James Bateman, James Belsher, James Bunch, Charles Cary, Wm. Case, Eli Cross, Jacob Cutsinger, Jeremiah Elixson, George Featherkill, John & John Junr. Freed, Abraham, Isaac & Joseph Fulfer; Moses Harris, Daniel Hartman, John Henderson, William Ingram, Thomas Jelly, David Leatherman, David S. Lewis, Moses McCullough, Samuel Mahan, John Scott, Eben Siston, John A. Thomas, Thomas S. & William Smith, Edward Sparling, Wm. Stiers, George and James Taylor, Wm. Vest and Timothy Winters.

19 Feb. 1827 Moses McCullough adm. of THOMAS WILLOWBY estate reports.


113 - 114

255 - 256

10 Dec. 1822 LT granted to Eleazer and Hannah Lockhart on WILLIAM LOCKHART estate. Exts. report 21 Apr. 1823 including inventory appraised by Peter and Stephen Stalcup and Christian Bingaman on 23 Dec. 1822 sworn before Henry Hollowell, JP. Sale Bill, Buyers: Eleazer, Hannah, Henry and Samuel Lockhart; William Agan, Michael Hobson, Robert Martin, Joseph Nicholson, Benjamin and William Potter, John B. Raley, William Runels, Abraham and Frederick Sanger, Stephen Stalcup, James Underwood, Joseph Weathers and James S. Wilson. Report includes money received from Henry Hollowell, Alexander B. Brown, two notes from James Aydelott one for $75.00 each due 15 Dec. 1819 and one for $75.00 due 15 Dec. 1817, and receipt for note left in N.C.

11 Mar. 1825. Exts, report.


115 - 116 26 Jan. 1819 LT granted to Daniel Crownover and Abigail Brown on DAVID BROWN estate. Inventory taken 6 Mar. 1819 by Christain Bingamon, John Hollowell and Robert Breeze. Sale Bill Buyers: Christian Bingaman, John Breese, Archibald Boston, John Gresham, Daniel Handley, Jno. Hollowell, James Longest, Abner McDonald, Elijah Pierce, Philip C. Pierce, Samuel Stalcup and Isaac Wells. 23 Feb. 1824 ext. reports monies paid to Thomas Lindley, William Stuart, John Weathers, John Hollowell on proven accounts, and Henry Solomon as legacy and William Hoggatt.


116 - 117



21 Nov. 1822. LT to Joshua & Jane Freeman on estate of DANIEL FREEMAN 21 Apr. 1823 Joshua produced inventory as taken by Joel Lahen, Aran Manis and Thomas Maris 8 Nov. 1822. Sale bill sold 9 Nov. 1822, no buyers listed. (255)

11 Mar. 1825. Joshua Freeman one of the executors reports.

16 Feb. 1829. Joshua Freeman surviving ext. of this estate reports including legacy paid in full to Daniel Freeman and property kept by the widow. Joshua is also an heir.


118 - 120





2 Dec. 1823 LT to Ephraim Doan and Joseph Farlow on JOSEPH WELLS estate. 23 Feb. 1824 Doan returned inventory as appraised 12 Nov. 1823 by Jas. Athon, Jos. Hazelwood and T. Lindley and sworn before Ephraim Doan, JP on 12 Dec. 1823, also returned sale bill. Buyers: Isaac, Jesse, Jonathan, Levi T., Nathan, Peter and William Wells; John H. Davis, T. Brady, Jonathan Braxton, Wm. Connech, E. Doan, John Freeman, Jesse Gifford, Robert Holiday, John Hunter and T. Lindley.

15 Aug. 1825. estate charged with one note on Saml. Chambers and credit for monies paid to Nathan, Levi Wells ($111.75 each), Jonathan, Peter Wells ($35.58 each), (rest of monies paid are small amounts), Isaac and Zachariah Wells, Jesse Wells, Charity Freeman, William Rhoads, William A. Scribner, Joshua Hadley and William Hoggatt.


120 - 121






28 Nov. 1823. LT granted to Jonathan Lindley and Jonathan Newlin on WILLIAM NEWLIN estate. On 23rd day 1824 (Jan.) Lindley returned inventory as appraised by Owen Lindley and Aaron Maris on 6 Dec. 1823 and sworn before Ephraim Doan, JP., also returns sale bill. Buyers: Jonathan and Thomas Newlin, Moses Archer, Daniel Dayhuff, Joseph Depew, Ephraim Doan, Richard Edwards, Joshua Hadley, Joseph Hill, Leonard Hill, David, James, Jonathan, Peter, Thos. Sr., William Jr. and William Sr. Lindley and Peter Lindley, negro*, William Lynch, John Moore, Elbert Philips. Mentions the widow.

9 July 1827. Lindley as ext. reports including cash received from NC and including receipts of Hannah Newlin and Deborough Newlin, and taxes for 1823.


122 - 123

158 - 161

17 Dec. 1822 LT to John and Henry Hollowell on JESSE HOLLOWELL estate. 21 Apr. 1823. Exts. produce inventory and sale bill including inventory of the bequeathen property, certified by exts. 24 Apr. 1823. Sale Bill. Buyers: Christopher, Elizabeth and Jno. Hollowell; Jonathan Braxton, Thomas Clegg, Jonathan Cooper, John H. Davis, James Dickerson, Jacob Dishon, Jonathan Doan, John Gill, Samuel Glenn, Thomas Hougton, Wm. Lain, Jonathan Lindley, T. Lindley, Wm. Lynch, Jacob Lyon, John McCracken, Alexander Morris, James Morris, Wm. Morris, Isaac Pearson, Joseph H. Peck, Philip C. Pierce, John Pinnick, Joseph Potts, Milton Reynolds, Stephen Stalcup, John Throop and Stephen Wells.

3rd Monday in Feb. 1826. Exts. report includes monies received from William Zobniskey of Bono and John Davis of near Salem. Mentions THOMAS HOLLWELL estate, mentions title bond from Henry Stephen for 1/3 of a lot in Paoli bequeathed to Mary, daughter of the said deceased. Mentions notes on John H. Davis and Isaac Wells and a judgement against John Short. Notes on William Wells, James Dishon, and Thomas W. Stephens. Monies recieved of Nathaniel B. Wilson and Judgments against John Daugherty, Henry Daugherty, Jacob Moser, William Moore, Abraham Wolfington, Thomas Leonard, James Eastridge, John Shout, Joseph H. Peck and Jacob Dishon. Notes on George H. ??, Samuel Crain, Henry Stephens, Thomas Taylor at Carolina, John Hanly and Abraham Long, James Ready, John Dunbar, Thornton Brady, Whitter Young, John Patton, John Wolfington Receipts of Henry Stephens and J. R. Porter, of Thomas Braxton. One due bill on J. M. McLaughlin. Judgments on Jesse Hollwell as executor of John Faris, of Edward Jervis, of Sarah Spaulding and of Anthony Baldwin. Judgement on Joel Charles. Unsettled amount against William Hoggatt and against Henry Stephens. Report of monies paid out including taxes for 1823, to William Reynolds for valuing property, to Joshua Holada for digging grave, to William Rhodes for coffin, to Dr. Peleg R. Allen, for taxes for 1825


124 - 125 21 July 1823 LA with will annexed granted to Presley Allgood on estate of ROBERT CLARK, 20 Oct. 1823 adm. returns inventory and sale bill. Inventory appraised by James Smith, Allen Jones and Thomas Teague 5 Aug. 1823 and sworn to before Thomas Copelin, JP. Buyers: John F. Branham, Hiram Cooper, John Gresham, Jonathan Leathers, Robert Martin, George Peters and John Wilkins, included a list of property selected by the widow.


126 - 127

14 Apr. 1821. LT to William Riley on EDWARD RILEY estate. 21 Oct. 1822 ADM. returns inventory as appraised by John Andrews and William Carter on 19 Oct. 1822, and sale bill. Buyers: Elizabeth, Isaac, James, John and William Riley; Richard Gruer, Samuel Lowe, Lewis Pitman, James Totten, Johnson Wall (or Hall?), John Willon and John Wilson. 22 July 1823 adm. reports payments (of $1.00 each) to Josiah Hart, John Wilson, Isaac, John and James Riley and to James Riley as adm. of ABRAHAM RILEY estate.

16 Feb. 1829. Ext. reports.


128 Sep. 1820. LT granted to Elizabeth Buntner and Julia Ann Bruner on estate of JOHN BUNTNER Inventory includes land in Range 2 East, Township 3 North, NW Qtr. of Section 32. Inventory appraised by Martin Cutsinger, John Scott and Joshua Carter on 7 Mar. 1822 and sworn before E. S. Riley, JP.


129 29 Oct. 1822. LT granted to Polly Doak on estate of JOSEPH W. DOAK. 21 Apr. 1823 extx. produced inventory appraised 4 Jan. 1823 by Joshua Reed, Jacob Snyder and Robert Dougherty, sworn before William Case, JP including notes on William Ingram, John Cooper, William Hoggart, Thornton Brady, Zachariah McGill, James Pickens, and accounts against William Walker and Joshua Reed. (p.183). 21 Apr. 1823 extx. reports monies paid to William Hoggatt, Thomas F. Chapman, John Pinnick and to Abraham Bosley for taxes for 1821.


130 May 1820. LA to William Hoggatt on MALAN HOGGATT estate. 12 Nov. 1821 adm. reports, received from U.S. $46.66 for services as a private in the New Jersey army and reports monies paid including cash laid out for going to Madison to receive the army pay due and 4 days to Madison. 11 Mar. 1825 adm. allowed credit for $33.00 paid to Isaiah Hoggatt as security of said deceased.



11 Mar. 1825. Ephraim Doan ext. of JOHN HEMLOR estate to have credit of $238.39 for monies paid to William Hoggatt, John and James McPheeters, Thomas F. Chapman, Thomas Coffin and notes due to John Hunter, William A. Scribner, Duncan Darrach, John and Shadrick Maris, W. Spooner and W. Rhodes, Peleg R. Allen, Samuel Chambers, James Depew, T. F. Chapman and Tho. Coffin, Abraham Bosley and David Grady and for judgement to J. Summers.

15 Aug. 1825. Ext. received credit for $84.00 paid to Edman Newby.


131 - 132 11 Mar. 1825 Burton Southern, adm. returns ‘I certify I offered a quarter section of land for sale by an order of the circuit court which James Wilson bid off at $40, 12 month credit on which said tract had been paid $80, being the NE Qtr. 32, T 3, R 2 West belonging to the estate of GILES ALEGRER. 15 Aug. 1825 reports monies paid to John Kirk, Willoby Blake, James Vermillion, Stephen Elrod, John Stewart, John Tindle, James Banold, George Head, James Lewis, Ephraim Doan, Jehn Head, John Cook, David Bruner, William Hoggatt, Samuel Sheals, costs on a suit by William McClain, costs of Hedley suit and monies paid to Levi Stewart for going to Kentucky, certified by Joseph Potts, JP on 15 Aug. 1825. (157/158) Adm. reports he had sold the interest of the deceased in the East 1/2 SE Qtr. Township 3 North, Range 2 West, 80 acres to Joseph Redman and reports including money paid on a judgment in favor of John Tindell.



15 Aug. 1825. Levi Gifford ext. of NATHAN WELLS reports inc. monies paid to Saral Wells, John Freeman, James R. E. Goodlett, John Fulton, William Hoggatt, Charity Wells & cash lent to Nathan Wells in his lifetime paid to James Pearson.

19 Feb. 1827 Adm. reports. Mentions Nathan, Joseph and William Wells. Note dated Feb. 1829 said adm. paid John Fulton, one of the heirs.


134 - 136


15 Aug. 1825. Nancy Nichols extx. of NATHAN NICHOLS reports and files inventory as appraised by George Peters, Abraham Bosley and George McCoy. Nancy is extx. with Thomas Copeland and Smitson Hollowell.

19 Feb. 1827. Extx. of NATHAN reports. Name is given as NICHOLAS.

17 Feb. 1829 adm. reports. Name here is NICHOLS


136 - 137 15 Aug. 1825 Susannah Smith ext. of JACOB SMITH estate files inventory as appraised by Jasper Wilson, and Abraham and John Coleclasure.





251 - 252

15 Aug. 1825 James Roberts one of the adm. of JESSE ROBERTS estate reports, credits given and monies paid to Silas Roberts on 12 Nov. 1823, to James W. Crany on 13 Apr. 1824, to Lucy Roberts on 1 Dec. 1824.

10 July 1826 aDM. reports. Clement Lee is the other adm.

28 Apr. 1823. Both adms. report includes monies paid to: James W. Crawford as part of legacy, to Cornelius Roberts, to John Lee one of the legatees of estate. 20 Oct. 1833 adm. James Roberts reports including monies paid to Lucy Roberts and to the guardian for Thomas & Susannah Roberts.


138 - 142

11 Mar. 1825 Samuel Prevo adm. of SHUBAL GARDNER estate returns inventory as appraised by William and Thomas Lindley and Joshua Freeman 26 Oct. 1824 and sworn before J. Potts, JP. Sale bill. Buyers: Gabriel Baldwin (Balding), Hiram Braxton, James Clark, Jehabud Crain Henry Crumb, Daniel Dayhoof, Ephnaim Doan, Jacob Elrod, David Grady, John Gnissam, William Hoggart, Samuel Leggatt, Thomas Lindley, Z. Lindley, William 0. Lynch, Jurole Moulder, James Pearson, Samuel Prevo and Nathan Wells.

19 Feb. 1827. Adm. files vouchers for property sold 27 Nov. 1824, on interest up to 1st Sep. 1825, for keeping 3 horses for 4 weeks, etc. William Hoggatt swears to administrators statements on 20 Feb. 1827 before Thomas Vandeveer, Associate Judge.


142 - 145 15 Aug. 1825 William A. Scribner agent for Ann B. Allen, extx. of estate of PELEG R. ALLEN returned inv. as appraised by Thomas F. Chapman and Thomas Coffin and sworn before Joseph Potts, JP 25 May. 1825. Monies due estate from Z. Lindley, B. & F. Spooner, Thomas Nichols, James Wilson, Isaac Depew, William Case, D. Campbell, Ephraim Doan, J. T. Pennington and J. A. McWilliams, J.H. Peck, Jonathan Osborn, Samuel Freeman and Jonathan Lindley, Thomas U. Stephens and Joseph Athon, Francis A. McWilliams, James Clark, Jacob Shirley, Samuel Chambers, Jacob Mosier, John Braven and Ephraim Doan, two on Alfred Meachen and W. D. Maxwell, Elijah Depew, Samuel French, H. Miley and Thos. Pirdle, Jonathan Lindley and William D. Lynch, Josiah Hazelwood, Reuben Stout, James Wilson, Willoughby Blake, John Scarlett, John Allen, Henry Daugherty, Wm. Jore, John and Edward Strange, Hiram Gross, Peter Piles, James and William Riley, Robert Brinton, Peter Burris and James F. Allen, Charles Dewey, Baniel Dayhuff, Joseph Potts and James Clark, Stephen B. Gardner, Wm. Fisher, John R. Porter, Adam Davis, and due to the late firm of Allen and Scribner 1/2 due the estate of Peleg R. Allen.








15 Aug. 1825. Ann Shields adm. of JAMES SHIELDS estate files inventory as appraised by Lewis Byram, Nathan Woods and Moses Mathers and sworn before Burton Southern, JP. 13 May 1825. Sale Bill. Buyers: Ann, Daniel, Henry, James, John and Samuel Shields; William Fisher, Moses Mathers and Nathan Wood.

19 Feb. 1827. Adm. reports inc. taxes paid since 1824. Mentions children and their schooling, mentions 6 trips to Paoli at $1.00 each.

8 Dec. 1828 ADM. reports including receipts of the heirs: Lydia Sheals, Daniel Shields, Henry Sheals, Wesley Skaggs, John Shields, B. Southern, James, Henry and Mary Shields, Elijah McGee and Samuel Glenn.


149 - 152



15 Aug. 1825 Henry Hollowell one of the adms. of DANIEL HANDLEY estate returns inventory as appraised by Robert Breeze and John Hollowell Senr. and sworn before Henry Hollowell, JP 26 Mar. 1825, including that taken by the widow Charity. Sale Bill. Buyers: Charity Handley, John Breeze, Robert Breeze, Alexander B. Brown, George W. Colclasure, John Cox, Barnet Davis, John H. Davis, Haden French, John Harden, Benjamin Hill, Henry Hollowell, Jonathan Hollowell, Westley Jenkins, Zebulon Lurad, Cletan Lynch, George Peters, William Reynolds, Isaac Rigney, Thomas Sanders, Charles Vandeveer, Joel Vandeveer, Isaac Wells and William M. White.

20 Feb. 1826. Henry Hollowell one of the adms. is given three
months to settle.

16 Feb. 1829. Charity Breeze one adm. of the estate reports.


153 - 156

301 - 302

8 Oct. 1825. LA to James Wilson on PERMINDA WILSON estate with sec. Samuel Cobb & Henry Daugherty. Inventory returned appraised by Jacob Shirley & Seth Sulbert, sworn before Burton Southern, JP. Sale bill returned. Buyers: James Wilson, William Abel, William Bateman, Solomon Bryant/Briant, John Childers, John & William Cook, Henry & John Daugherty, Peyton Douglass, John P. Davis, David & William McBroom, William Maxwell, Aron Pain, James Parks, Allen Pennington, John Phillips, Benjamin Pinkley William Reaves, John, John Sr., John Jr. & Samuel Scarlett; Daniel Shields, Jacob Shirley, Redman Sorrels and Edward Vickers.

14 July 1828. adm. reports including taxes paid for 1825 through 1827.

16 Feb. 1829 adm. reports.






3rd Monday of Feb. 1826. Samuel Cobb one of the adm. of SAMUEL WILSON estate reports monies paid inc. taxes for 1823 & 1824, to James Wilson for going to land office, two entries ‘Brown for coffin’ and to Dr. Allen and Thomas Coffin. Azor Charles is the other administrator.

same date. James Wilson is appointed guardian for Betsy and Lovina, infant heirs of the deceased with Burton Southerlan and Samuel Cobb as sec.

19 Feb. 1827. Adm. files receipts of James Wilson.

17 Feb. 1827 adm. reports inc. money paid to James Wilson as guardian of the heirs.

16 Feb. 1829. Adm. reports inc. schooling for two of the heirs.


157 Joseph Farlow and Ruth Dixon, executors of the estate of JOHN DIXON report including monies paid to Gideon Bundy for making a coffin, to Joshua Hadley for digging the grave, for taxes of 1823 & 1824 and for $1.00 each to Jacob & Rachel Hobsen, William & Ruth Done, Evan Hiet and Amy Hiet, and Elizabeth Marshall.


161 - 169


3rd Monday of Feb. 1826. Anderson Meacham adm. of ISAAC D. MEACHAM estate produces inventory appraised by William D. Lynch, Thomas Coffin, and Aron Maris. Inventory of cash notes and book accounts on: William Braxton, Joseph Clendenin, Jesse Hollady, Samuel Holaday, Jonathan Jones, James Kellums, William Lee, William Lynch, Anderson Meacham, James Pearson and Nathaniel Wilson.Sale bill. Buyers: Anderson, Andrew and Hark Meacham; Joseph Allison, Jonathan Braxton, Thomas Coffin, Joseph Clendenin, John H. Davis, Daniel Dayhuff, Silas Dixon, Ephraim Doan, John Gill, Joshua Hadley, Samuel Holaday, Jonathan Lindley, Zachariah Lindley, George Lynch, William D. Lynch, John McVey, Zachariah Moreman, Eleazor Pearce, Joseph Potts, William Rhodes, William A. Scribner, Luke Simpson, Calvin F. Spooner and Aaron Vandeveer.

17 Feb. 1829. adm. reports including monies paid, $13.20 each to William Rhodes, Hark Meacham, Benjamin Johnson and John McVey.


169 3rd. Monday Feb. 1826. Elizabeth Burger extx. of estate of MICHAL BURGER is given credit for monies paid to William Lindley on a note issued by said deceased in his lifetime. (253/254) 11 Mar. 1825. Extx. reports including $197.37 1/2 paid to Hannah Dishon $100.00 paid to Samuel Yakely and monies paid to him for going to Tennessee for money, $160.00 paid Evan James for keeping the deceased.



3rd Monday Feb. 1826. Zachaniah Lindley, adm. of estate of SAMUEL FULTON reports. Mentions Adam Fulton a legatee.

8 July 1827 adm. reports. The surviving heirs are Adam and Samuel Fulton.


170 3rd Monday in Feb. 1826. Ephrain Doan adm. of SAMUEL YAKELEY estate reports.


171 - 174 10 July 1826. Andrew Wilson & Edward Millis adm. of estate of BENJAMIN FIELDS produced inv. as app. by Jacob Shirley, Roger McKnight & Benjamin Elrod. Sale Bill. Buyers: The widow, Gabriel Busick, Amon Chemness, John and Lemuel Coulter, Benjamin, Stephen and Robert Elrod; William Freeman, Brice Garther, John W. Hadin, William Hoggatt, Levi Johnson, Samuel Jones, William Lee, Samuel Liggett, Thomas Lindly, Samuel McGee, John McLin, Roger, and Thomas McKnight, Samuel Hillikan, Hoses Parks, John Reeves, Jacob Shirley, John Taylor, John and Thomas Vandeveer, Peter Wells, Andrew, John, Joseph and Nathaniel Wilson. Inventory of notes on John Brown, Levi Johnson, Elijah Dedman, Thos. W. Stephens and rents received of farm Adm. reports monies paid out.


174 - 176 15 Aug. 1825. Peter Stallcup and Mary Agan, adms. of estate of WILLIAM AGAN return inventory as appraised 7 Oct. 1824 by William Henry and Peter Stalcup. Sale Bill. Buyers: Mary Agan, Jesse Barnett, John Bingaman, Samuel Chambers, William Goodman and Benjamin Ratcliff. Sworn to before Henry Hollowell, JP. Mary allowed her $100.00 out of estate as the widow.


177 16 Feb. 1829 Andrew Wilson adm. of GEORGE R. BROOKS estate files inventory as appraised 29 Sep. 1828 by David Heddleson and Nicholas Springer and sworn before John Potts, MP. Sale Bill. Buyers: the widow, James Collins, John Daugherty, Ephraim Doan, Jonah Gifford, William Hoggatt, Robert Holladay, Joseph Peck, John Pervin, Nathan Pinnick, Nicholas Springer, Miles Wassan, William Wells and Andrew Wilson.


177 - 178 15 Aug. 1825 Jacob Moulder, ext. of estate of PETER BRINER returns inventory which includes money received from Pennsylvania by George Bryner. Adm. reports monies paid to George Briner, to Catherine Walker, to Nathaniel Robbins, to Peter Bryner Junr., to Catherine Bryner (p.178) and mentions Andrew and John Bryner .

10 July 1826 reports dated 24 Dec. 1825, Nathaniel Robbins receipt for his share of the estate, says Peter was his father—in—law, dated 5 July 1826 receipt of Catherine Walker says Peter was her father.


178 - 185

186 - 187


2 Feb. 1825. Burton Southern, one of the adms. of JOHN KIRK estate returns inventory including notes on: John Been, James Bennett, William Blair, James Brown, Nicholas Bruner, Michael Chase, James Cheek, John Conell (Cornell), Hen Daugherty, Ingram Davis, James Everys, Robert Fall, David Fisher, John Fisher, Richard James, James Jervis, David Jurden, Samuel Liggetts order to Levi Steward, William Mattox, Lewis Morris, Ralston, John Robins, Frederick Rumbles, Daniel Shasteen, Jacob Sholts, John Teary, John Tomlinson, James Voiles, Abraham Voris, David Wells and Harley Wood. Mentions Shirley’s Mill. Inventory appraised 30 Nov. 1824. Susannah Kirk, the widow is the other administrator. Sale Bill dated 3 Dec. 1824. Buyers: Richard and Richard M. Kirk, Andrew Arnold, William Bateman, James Blackwell, John Brown, John Bryant, Solomon Bryant, Adam Bruner, Charles Bruner, Joseph Bruner, Thomas Bunk (Bank), John Burton, Michael Chace, Samuel Chambers, Aaron Chamness, Robert Crow, John Daugherty, Andrew Demoss, Stephen Elrod, George H. French, Samuel French, John Gerking, John Gohiry, George Haggies, George W. Haggies, George Head, John Head, Richard Jarvis, Zachariah Lindley, William McBroom, Robert McCrackin, William McGahan, John Maddox, John Magner, John May, Abraham Merruler, John Montgomery, Solomon Moyers, James Parks, Moses Parks, James Pearson, Reuben Pearson, John Peckingpaw, Allen Pennington, George Phillips, William Phillips, George Pinkley, George Prear, Henry B. Prentis, John Reaves, Aaron Roberts, Aaron Robins, Reuben Rowerk, Samuel Scarlett, Charles Shirley, Jacob Shirley, Frederick Shoults, Allen Smith, Burton Southern, Gasaway Talbert, George Talbert, George Tindle, Anthony Way, Isaac Webster and James Wilson.

10 July 1826 & 19 Feb. 1827. Adm. reports. Mentions Susannah Kirk the widow.

18 Feb. 1828 Adms. report. Hiram, infant heir chose Solomon Bryant as his guardian with sec. Samuel Chambers, Zachariah Lindley and Josiah Hazelwood.

17 Feb. 1829 adms. report. Mentions Daniel Kirk, Solomon Bryant is guardian of Hiram Kirk, monies paid to Richard M. Kirk.



20 Feb. 1826. Sally and Martin minor children of ELIZABETH SMITH deceased and James Smith, her husband, and heirs at law of said Elizabeth Smith, over the age of 14, made choice of their father James Smith as guardian. He is also appointed guardian of Hannah and Anna, two other minor children of said James and Elizabeth Smith, with Abraham Coleclasure and John Wolf as security.

16 Feb. 1829 James Smith the gdn. of Sally, Anna and Martin Smith, heirs of WILLIAM C. SMITH deceased, reports. Mentions Hannah Smith.


187 - 190 10 July 1826 Ann Darrach one of the ext. of the estate of DANIEL DARROCH files inventory and sale bill. Inventory taken 5 July 1826 by John M. Benton, John Towel and Joseph Cox. Sale bill. Buyers: Jno. Allison, A. J. Athon, John H. Benton, Jonathan Braxton, Benjamin Busick, Joseph Cox, D. Darroch, J. Dishon, E. Done, J. Madly, J. Holoda, Robert Holoday, Jonathan Lindley, Thomas Lindley, William Lindley, Aaron Manis, Z. Moreman, William Rhodes, John Scandland and John Towel.


200 - 203 6 Jan. 1824. LA granted to Samuel Martin and Presley Allgood on ROBERT MARTIN estate. Adm. files inventory as appraised 10 Jan. 1825 by Allen Jones, Presley Allgood and James Corry including cash debts owing estate from: Samuel Martin, George Miller, Sidney Redfield and Peter Wolf, Sale bill dated 21 July 1825. Buyers: Samuel Martin, Isaac Coplin, John and Thomas Copeland, Charles Coulter, Henry Elliott, Zemri Elliott, George S. Frabue, James Galloway, John Gresham, George Hammer, George Hanson, Uriah Ingram, Nathan Jackson, John Kay, Jonathan Leathers, Zachariah Lindley, George McCoy, Alexander McFeaters, James Murphy, Richard Richardson, Terice Scrutchfield, James Smith, Frederick Trinkle, Jacob Trinkle, Joel Vandeveer and John Wolf.


204 19 Feb. 1827 Thomas Coffin the surviving adm. of ENOCH BLANCHARD estate is permitted to file an account proved by him of heirs in relation to said adm. further responsability as the adm.


205 - 208



19 Feb. 1827. Joel Vandeveer adm. of CATHERINE WARDEN estate reports and files sale bill as sold 21 Oct. 1827. Buyers: Alfred J. Athon, Abraham, Benjamin and Nathan Bosley; John Chinnowith, Washington Colcasure, Thomas Copeland, Larkin and Luke Davis, Solomon Dixon, Richard Edwards, Zemri Elliott, Aaron Grigsby, Richard Henderson, Leonard Hill, William Hoggatt, Frederick Longer, George McCoy, James McGrew, Miller and Samuel Martin, Alexander May, Martin Miller, Thomas Moore, Ascim & Matthew G. Morris, Peter Payton, David Patten, John Reynolds, Richard Richardson, Terri Scrutchfield, John Strawther, Charles, George, Joel & John Vandeveer; Jasper and William Wilson.

9 July 1827. Adm. reports. Here the name is given CATHERINE WARREN.

11 Feb. 1828 adm. files sale bill — a filly and a mare sold to Richard Edwards. Here the name is again WARDEN.

17 Feb. 1829. Adm. reports.


208 - 211

19 Feb. 1827. Sale bill of JESPER WILSON estate filed by the adm. William and Jesper Wilson. Also inventory as appraised by Francis May & Henry Stallcup 15 July 1826. Sale bill dated 24 Aug. 1826. Buyers: James, Jane, Jesper and William Wilson; Abraham Bosley, Joseph Chennoworth, Isaac Copeland, Ichabod 6. Crane, John Derremire, Zemri Elliott, Smitzen Hollowell, Clayton Lynch, Alexandria May, John Monroe, Ira Richardson, William White, Peter Wolf & John Wood.

9 July 1827. Adms. report including taxes paid for 1826.


209 12 Feb. 1827. Abraham Osborn is guardian of Jonathan Frazer and files receipts of said Jonathan dated 4th day of 8th month 1824 in full 'of my father’s MATTHEW FRAZOR’s estate'. Also signed by Abigail Osborn.


210 19 Feb. 1827. Joel Charles adm. of estate of ROBBART BROWN reports. 1/3rd part of estate is to be setoff to Sarah Charles, late widow of said Robbart Brown and the other 2/3rds to be divided between Brown’s other heirs.