Submitted by Linda Lockhart

Many Quakers from North Carolina were Orange County Pioneers. In 1809 Jonathan Lindley visited Indiana Territory with a land—seeking party, and purchased land in what is now Vigo Co. In 1811, under his leadership, a party of thirty or more left North Carolina, and arrived in Indiana Territory, where they stopped at the stockade at Half Moon Spring, near Lick Creek, in what is now Orange Co. It seemed inadvisable, due to unsettled conditions, to push on to the Wabash Country, as had been planned, so they remained at the Lick Creek settlement.

In 1813, Lick Creek Monthly Meeting of Friends was set up by West Branch Quarterly Meeting of Ohio. It grew rapidly. Members were admitted to the meeting from meetings in North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Ohio. The minutes have been carefully kept, and the early ones have been typed and bound. Fifty—Seven marriages took place from 1813 through the above marriage records, the end of 1835. Some were married at Newberry Meeting, and a few in other meetings. None of these marriages are recorded with the county marriage records. A complete copy of these marriage records has been contributed by Mrs. Myrtle Marts Mavity to the D.A.R. Library.

ATKINSON, James son of John and Mary of Chatham Co., NC toRachel Thomas26 Jan, 1816
ATKINSON, John son of Thomas & Margaret of Orange Co. toMilly Dawson3 Feb., 1819
ATKINSON, Ruth dau. of Thomas & Margaret of Orange Co. toDavid Doan 
BOND, John of Washington Co., son of William (dec’d) & Abigail of Perquimans Co. NC, toRebecca Holiday15 Oct., 1817
BRAXTON, Jonathan son of Thomas& Hannah toMary Henley4 Feb., 1818
BUNDY, Lydia dau. of Gideon & Rachel (dec’d) toLewis Thomas 
CARTER, Jonathan, son of John of this county & Ruth (dec’d) toMary Hollowell22 Dec., 1830
CHAMBERS, Mary dau. of Samuel (dec’d) & Sarah toAaron Maris 
CLARK, Alexander son of William & Elenor toQueen Ester Lindley5 Dec., 818
CLOUD, John of Lawrence Co., son of Daniel (dec’d) & Ann of Orange Co. N.C. toPriscilla Thompson2 May, 1821
CROW, James son of Reuben & Abigail toMary Lindley29 Oct., 1817
CROW, Reuben of Jackson Co., IL. toElizabeth Duncan1 Dec., 1819
  at Lick Creek
DAWSON, Milly dau. of Daniel & Ann of Orange Co. toJohn Atkinson 
DICKS, Mary dau. of Nathan & Mary of Washington Co. toEphraim Doan 
DIX, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter Dix and Mary (dec’d). of Wayne Co., IN. toAbram Holiday 
DIX, William, son of Peter of Wayne Co. & Mary (dec’d) toHannah Ruebottom29 Jan., 1817
DIXON, Silas son of Nathan & Sarah of Chatham Co. NC toMary Lindley1 May, 1816
DOAN, David son of Jonathan & Rachel of Orange Co. toRuth Atkinson2 June, 1819
DOAN Ephraim, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth (dec’d). of Knox Co. toMary Dicks3 Aug. 1815
DOAN, Sarah dau. of Jonathan & Rachel toJoseph Trueblood 
DRAPER, Peter of Harrison Co. son of Thomas & Lidia of same place, toMary Saint1 Dec. 1813
 at Blue River Meeting House 
DUNCAN, Elizabeth of Lawrence Co., toReuben Crow 
DURHAM, Thomas son of Wm. & JaneMary Lindley31 Oct. 1821
ELLIS, Jesse, son of Daniel of Orange Co. & Abigail (dec’d) toRachel Frazier24 Oct. 1833
ELLIS, Levi of Newberry Meeting,son of Daniel & Abigial (dec’d).,toSarah Frazier22 July 1830
FARLOW, Deborah dau. of Joseph & Ruth toJames JonesJames Jones
FARLOW, Mary dau. of Joseph & Ruth toAaron Maris 
FRAZIER, Jonathan son of Matthew & Mary toAggy Moorman23 Oct. 1828
  at Beech Grove Meeting
FRAZIER, Rachel, dau. of Matthew (dec’d) & Mary of this county toJesse Ellis 
FRAZIER, Robert son of Matthew & Mary toMary Hodson24 Nov. 1831
  at Newberry Meeting
FRAZIER, Sarah dau. of Matthew (dec’d) of NC & his wife Mary to Levi Ellis  
GUIER, Aaron son of John and Abigail toElizabeth Willard11 June 1817
GUYER, Sarah dau. of John (dec’d) & Abigail Guyer toExum Spivey 
HADLEY, Jane dau. of Joshua & Catherine of Orange Co. toHenry Thornton 
HADLEY, Jonathan son of Joshua & Catharine of this Co. toRebecca White23 July 1834
HADLEY, William of Clinton Co., Ohio, son of John & Lydia Hadley of same place toSarah Lindley6 June 1814
HENLEY, Mary dau. of Henry (dec’d) & Martha toJonathan Braxton 
HILL, Christopher of Knox Co., son of Jesse & Mary Hill of Randolph Co. NC toMourning Trueblood1 Dec. 1813
 at Lick Creek Meeting House in Harrison Co. 
HILL, Elizabeth dau. of Christopher & Mourning ( all of Orange County), toJesse Osborn 
HODSON, Mary dau. of Joseph & Ann of Hendricks Co. toRobert Frazier. 
HOGGATT, Jacob son of Mahlon & Sarah of NC toMary Maris10 Oct. 1825
HOGGATT, Robert of Honeycreek Township, Vigo Co., to son of Moses & Deborah of Vigo Co.Mary Johnson30 Apr. 1823
HOLIDAY, Abram son of William & Jane of Orange Co. toElizabeth Dix4 Sep. 1816
  at Lick Creek
HOLLIDAY, Jesse son of Robert & Edith of Orange Co. toAbigail Osborn22 Sep. 1825
  at Newberry Meeting
HOLIDAY, Rebecca dau. of Robert (dec'd) and Hannah of Orange Co. toJohn Bond 
HOLIDAY, Robert son of Robert and Hannah toMargaret Willard10 Sep. 1817
HOLLOWELL, Mary, widow of William Hollowell, dau. of Owen & Grace Lindley toJonathan Carter 
HOLLOWELL, Michel dau. of Robert & Elizabeth of Washington Co. toWilliam Lindley 
HOLLOWELL, Peggy dau. of Robert & Elizabeth toThomas Lindley 
HOLLOWELL, William, son of Robert & Elizabeth of Washington Co. toMary Lindley26 Feb. 1823
JOHNSON, Mary dau. of Joseph & Sarah of Orange Co. toRobert Hoggatt 
JOHNSON, Ruth dau. of Joseph & Sarah of Orange Co. toEdmund Newby 
JONES, Eleanor dau. of Lewis & Eleanor of Monroe Co. toJames Morrison 
JONES, Jutes son of Evan & Sarah of Orange Co. toDeborah Farlow8 Oct. 1817
JONES, Jonathan, son of Samuel & Mary of Miami Co., Ohio toDeborah Lindley31 Aug. 1814
LINDLEY, Amy (widow of Thomas Lindley), dau. of John & Mary Thompson of NC. ToJoshua Moore 
LINDLEY, Deborah, dau. of Jonathan Lindley and Deborah, (dec’d). toJonathan Jones 
LINDLEY, John son of Thomas (dec’d) & Amy toAnn Maris2 Sep. 1830
  at Lick Creek
LINDLEY, Mary dau. of David & Hannah toJames Crow 
LINDLEY, Mary dau. of Owen & Grace of Orange Co, toWilliam Hollowell 
LINDLEY, Mary (widow of William Hollowell), dau. of Owen & Grace Lindley toJonathan Carter 
LINDLEY, Mary dau. of Thomas (dec’d) & Amy (Moore) toAbram White 
LINDLEY, Mary dau. of Thomas & Jane of Orange Co. toThomas Durham 
LINDLEY, Mary dau. of Jonathan and Sarah (dec’d). toSilas Dixon 
LINDLEY, Queen Ester dau. of Jonathan & Debory (dec’d) toAlexander Clark 
LINDLEY, Sarah of Washington Co., dau. of Jonathan Lindley and Deborah (dec’d) toWilliam Hadley 
LINDLEY, Thomas son of Owen Lindley & Sarah (dec’d)., of Orange Co. toPeggy Hollowell1 Apr. 1818
LINDLEY, William of Washington Co., son of Jonathan Lindley & Deborah (dec’d). toMichel Hollowell30 Mar. 1814
  at Lick Creek
LOUDER, Catharine dau. of Caleb Lowder of Lawrence Co. & Ann (dec’d) toWilliam Maris 
McCOY, John, son of Willis (dec’d) & Anna of Washington Co. toElizabeth Towell22 May 1833
MARIS, Aaron son of George & Eleanor both (dec’d) toMary Chambers5 May 1819
MARIS, Aaron son of Thomas & Jane toMary Farlow31 Oct. 1833
MARIS, Ann dau. of Thomas & Jane toJohn Lindley 
MARIS, George son of Aaron & Sarah toHannah Towell14 Oct. 1818
MARIS, Mary dau. of Thomas & Jane of Orange Co. toJacob Hoggatt 
MARIS, Sarah dau. of Thomas & Jane of Orange Co. toJosiah Trueblood 
MARIS, William son of Aaron & Sarah of Orange Co. toCatharine Lowder5 Sep. 1821
MOORE, Joshua of Jackson Co., son of Joshua & Hannah, both (dec’d) of Perquinans,NC, toAmy Lindley22 Apr. 1830
  At Newberry Meeting
MOORMAN, Aggy dau. of Edward (dec’d) & Mary toJonathan Frazier 
MOORMAN, Mary, widow of Edward Moornan, dau. of Lewis and Agnes Thomas toWilliam Trueblood 
MORRISON, James of Parke Co., son of Wm. & Mary laid their intentions at Lick Creek, md. at Indian Creek Meeting in Lawrence Co. toEleanor Jones19 Nov. 1834
MOTE, Jeremiah Jr. son of Jeremiah & Mary toRebecca Pickhard5 Nov. 1817
NEWBY, Edmund, son of Robert, late of Perquinans Co., NC (dec’d) & Mary his wife toRuth Johnson13 Oct. 1822
OSBORN, Abigail dau. of Abraham & Martha of Orange Co. toJesse Holliday 
OSBORN, Jesse son of Abraham & Martha toElizabeth Hill26 Nov. 1835
OSBORN, Mary, dau. of Abraham & Martha toJohn Wilson 
PICKHARD, Rebecca dau. of James dec’d & Catharine of Orange Co. toJeremiah Mote Jr. 
PRITCHARD, Benjamin Morris son of Benjamin & Milea toSarah Thompson25 Sep. 1833
RUEBOTTOM, Hannah dau. of Simon & Elizabeth of Wayne Co. toWilliam Dix 
SAINT, Mary dau. of Daniel & Margaret of Perquinans in N.C. toPeter Draper 
SAINT, Thomas of Washington Co. son of Daniel & Margaret of Perquinans Co, NC at Blue River Meeting House toMargaret Trueblood3 Mar. 1814
SPIVEY, Exum son of John (dec’d) & Abigail toSarah Guyer7 Sep. 1814
  at Lick Creek
THOMAS, Lewis son of Lewis & Agnes toLydia Bundy27 Jan. 1823
THOMAS, Mary (widow of Edward Moorman), dau. of Lewis and Agnes Thomas toWilliam Trueblood 
THOMAS, Rachel dau. of Lewis and Agnes of Orange Co. toJames Atkinson 
THOMPSON, Amy, widow of Thomas Lindley, dau. of John & Mary Thompson of NC toJoshua Moore 
THOMPSON, Owen son of Enoch & Martha of Orange Co. toRachel Towell20 Mar. 1833
THOMPSON, Priscilla of Orange Co., IN.,dau. of John & Mary of Orange Co. NC toJohn Cloud 
THOMPSON, Sarah dau. of Enoch & Martha, dau. of John & Mary of Orange Co. NC toBenjamin Morris Pritchard 
THORNTON, Henry of Washington Co., dau. of John & Mary of Orange Co. NC toJane Hadley23 Sep. 1829
  at Lick Creek
TOWELL, Elizabeth dau. of John & Martha (dec’d) toJohn McCoy 
TOWELL, Hannah dau. of John & Martha (dec’d). toGeorge Maris 
TOWELL, Rachel dau. of John of Orange Co. & Martha (dec’d). toOwen Thompson 
TRUEBLOOD, Joseph son of William & Margaret (dec’d) toSarah Doan 3 Jan. 1821
TRUEBLOOD, Josiah son of Wm. & Margaret (dec’d) toSarah Maris 9 Jan. 1820
TRUEBLOOD, Margaret, dau. of Joseph & Margaret of Washington Co. toThomas Saint 
TRUEBLOOD, Miriam dau. of Wm. & Margaret toCornelius White 
TRUEBLOOD, Mourning dau. of William & Elizabeth Trueblood (dec’d). ToChristopher Hill 
TRUEBLOOD, Nathan of Blue River Washington Co., son of Abel & Mary of same toPenelope White24 Dec. 1828
  at Poplar Grove in Washington Co.
  declared their intentions at Lick Creek.
TRUEBLOOD, William of Orange Co. toMary (Thomas) Moornan4 June 1817
WHITE, Abram son of Robert & Charlotte both dec’d of Perquinans Co. NC toMary Lindley9 Sep. 1830
  at Newberry Meeting
WHITE, Cornelius son of Jesse & Mary toMiriam Trueblood20 Nov. 1828
WHITE, Penelope dau. of Caleb & Parthena of Blue River, Washington Co. toNathan Trueblood 
WHITE, Rebecca dau. of Josiah & Elizabeth both dec’d. toJonathan Hadley 
WILLARD, Elizabeth dau. of Daniel & Sarah toAaron Guier (Guyer) 
WILLARD, Margaret dau. of Martin & Rachel of Orange Co. toRobert Holliday 
WILSON, John of Newberry, son of Samuel (dec’d) & Christien his wife of NC, toMary Osborn22 Jan. 1829
  at Newberry Meeting