School #13
Second Grade Class of 1923

Submitted by Howard Grider

French Lick Township

School 13 was between Sulphur Creek Church and Moores Ridge Church, but closer to Moores Ridge, maybe 1 mile, about 4-5 mile outside French Lick city limits.

Front row: Guy Lambkin, Herbert Bledsoe, Nellie Greenhoe, Carol Smith, Dorothy Lambkin, Pauline Crowe, Geneveive Kinsey, Delphine Bledsoe.

Middle row: Catherine Smith, Marie McCarty, Mary Simmons, Lee Stultz, Stanly Seybold, Lynn Crowe, James Mosson, Harold Kinsey.

Back row: Dorothy Stultz, Minnie Mosson, Unknown, ? Seybold, Mary Crowe, Fred ?, Teacher Chlois Cogswell, Lee McCarty, Alma Enlowe, Clarence Crowe, ? Crowe, Blanche Mosson.