Picture left to right, front row: Girl standing is DELTA JANE SPARKS b.4/5/1890 Dubois Co. Ind. d.3/24/1909 Orange Co. Ind. married 12/28/1906 Amos Morton Baxter, infant is ERMAL SPARKS b.4/25/1892 d.10/19/1969 Orange Co. Ind. married 6/12/1915 Henry Omer Moore, second row is Alta Simmons, EDGAR DIEL SPARKS b. 10/16/1853 Orange Co. Ind. D.7/4/1929 Orange Co. Ind. married3/14/1889 Clarissa Campbell Gass, AZOR SPARKS, CLARISSA CAMPBELL GASS SPARKS b.3/28/1867 Dubois Co. Ind. d.9/30/1951 Orange Co. Ind., WALTER SPARKS.

Azor and Walter are children of Edgar Sparks and Ruth Trublood, Alta Simmons is daughter of James Simmons and Clarissa Gass, Delta and Ermal are daughters of Edgar and Clarissa Sparks.

Other children of Edgar Sparks and Clarrisa are:

IMOGENE SPARKS b.12/3/1895 d. 9/29/1896.

LILLIAN MAE SPARKS b.7/10/1897 Orange Co. Ind. d. 11/28/1979 Bloomington, Ind. married 7/1/1917 William Levi Love.

RUTH SPARKS b.5/17/1902 West Baden, Ind. d.1/7/1999 Winchester, TN. married 7/14/1921 Leo Lawrence Eisele

ELWOOD SPARKS b.6/6/1905 Orange Co. Ind.d.4/21/1989 Vincennes, Ind. married 9/23/1941 Mary Zoe McKeighen.