Sulphur Creek, circa 1910

Submitted by Howard E. Grider

Back row:
Jim Willard, I believe to be James Willyard, father of Norman (next row), born abt. 1869, married 12-30-1891, Anna Newkirk (front row), William Charles Galloway, born 1-23-1890, died 4-12-1974, son of Worley Livingston, Galloway and Arvilla Lane, married 1-1-1914 Carrie Edna Slaybaugh, William D. Barnett, born 7-1887, died 12-1964, son of John G. Barnett and Nancy Ann Landreth, Jim Moore, Charles Moore, born 1-6-1875, died 2-1971, married Alta Galloway

Row two:
Manual Brown, Norman Willyard, born 4-17-1893, died 11-1970, son of James Willyard and Anna Newkirk, married Mattie Fisher Morrison, Grover Seybold, James Brown

Row three:
Clint Lashbrooks, born 1888, Charles Kinsey, Daisy Walls, Zoe Walls, Alta Elizabeth Galloway, born 8-28-1896, died 1-1970, daughter of Worley Livingsto Galloway and Arvilla Lane, married 3-17-1915, Charles Moore (back row), Emma Walls, Lelah E. Galloway, born abt. 1888, daughter of Hiram Riggs Galloway and Louisa Tenie Andrew, Myrtle Brown

Front row:
Blanche Walls, Alice May Galloway, born 8-17-1891, died 7-16-1980, daughter of Worley
Livingston Galloway and Arvilla Lane, married 9-21-1911, Ross Jones Morrison, Anna Willard, I believe to have been, maiden name Anna Newkirk, Minnie Brown, Unknown