Early Wills of Orange County, Indiana

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NOTES: The format of these entries is Name of decedent, date will written, date will entered into probate, heirs, executor. These records were copied from the DAR records, as they were written. I have left punctuation intact.

ALLEN, Dr. Peleg R.; 16 Apr 1825; 25 May 1825; Heirs: Wife Ann B. ALLEN; three sons of deceased brother John; five sons of sister Hannah SPOONER; estate of Timothy LEONARD mentioned; brother-in-law Frederick B. LEONARD; several societies/churches mentioned. Exec: "In case of my wife's death before my own": Dr. Burr BRADLEY, Dr. William SCRIBNER, Frederick B. LEONARD, John B. CHIPMAN, Dr. Elisah SHELTON, Gershom CLARK, Philander CHASE. No witnesses given.

ATKINSON, Thomas; 2 Nov 1840; 20 Apr 1844; Heirs: Children Thomas, Robert, Arthur, Henry, Ann, Margaret, Ruth, and Mary. Exec: sons John and Arthur; witnesses not given.

BAKER, James; 1 Jun 1816; 20 Jun 1816; Heirs: wife Polly; children John, James, Jinny. Exec: Hugh HOLMES of Orange County and Larkin DAVIS of Jessamine County, KY. Witnesses: Richard L. KIRBY, John SCOTT, Nancy KIRBY.

BLACKBURN, Joseph, late of Bedford Co., PA; 22 Jul 1828; 25 Sep 1828; Brother-in-law Joseph POTTS of Paoli to hold estate for infant daughter Jane Eliza BLACKBURN. In case of Jane's death before maturity, estate goes to brother Lewis of Ohio; brothers Samuel, John, Josiah, sister Esther, brother-in-law John POTTS, sister-in-law Elizabeth FOU formerly POTTS, Mary BELEK formerly POTTS, nephew Josiah PENROSE (infant son of William PENROSE), all of Bedford Co., PA; said Joseph POTTS, sister-in-law Sarah, now of Paoli; and sister Margaret BLACKBURN of Bedford Co., PA. Exec: not named. Witnesses: Daniel DAYHUFF, Z. LINDLEY, Ephraim DOAN, C.F. SPOONER.

BOND, Reuben; 25 Jun 1834; 4 Aug 1834; Wife Penelope; children Martha, Jane, John, Martha Anelya, Mary Ann, Henrietta. Exec: Ezer CLEVELAND. A will made in SC is revoked. Reuben BOND is said to have been a well-respected colored man of Northwest Township. Witness: not given.

BOSWELL, Ichabod; 21 Aug 1840; 11 Sep 1840; Heirs: wife, others not named. Exec: "my worthy son Samuel HOLADAY". Witnesses: not given.

BRINER, Peter; 23 Jan 1823; 21 Apr 1823; Wife Catherine; children Elizabeth ROBBINS, Catherine WALKER, Mary COOK, John Andrew, George, Peter. Exec and witness not given. {NOTE: Clifton Briner states that John (b. 1772) and Andrew (b. 1777) are two separate brothers. --VLH]

BROUEN, David; 4 Jul 1818; 26 Jan 1819; Heirs: wife Abigail; children David, James, Mary, Wilson, Janie, Betsy. Exec and witnesses not given.

BURGAR, Michael; 24 Jan 1818; date of probate not given; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; children John, James, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah, Daniel. Exec: wife Elizabeth and son John; witnesses: Evan JONES and Thomas ATKINSON.

BURTNER, John; 20 Apr 1820; 6 Sep 1820; Heirs and execs: wife Elizabeth and her mother Juliann BURTNER. Witnesses not given.

BUSICK, Benjamin; 18 Apr 1844; 11 Dec 1844; Heirs: wife Eliza, her heirs and assigns forever. Exec and witness not given.

BYRAM, Lewis; 25 Apr 1834; 11 Aug 1834; Heir: wife Elizabeth; Exec not given. Witnesses John PROSSES, Hiram KIRK, and Alfred BRUNER.

CAMPBELL, Robert; 19 Feb 1845; 27 May 1845; Heirs: sons Robert A.M. CAMPBELL, a minor, John H., Samuel, David M., daughter Nan TAYLOR, heirs of "my daughters who are dead". Exec and witnesses not given.

CARR, Elizabeth; 2 Sep 1835; 22 Sep 1835; Sister Margaret MITCHELL and nieces Emily CARR, Mary CARR, Susan MITCHELL, and Elizabeth CAMPBELL; nephews Elzey MITCHELL, David CAMPBELL (son of Samuel CAMPBELL), and Michael LINDSAY; brothers Thomas G. and James CARR; sister Polly LINDSAY and Sina CAMPBELL. Exec Samuel CAMPBELL and John HOSTUTTER. Witness not given.

CARR, Michael; 23 Dec 1826; 19 Feb 1872; Daughter Betsy CARR; Michael LINDSAY, Thomas G. CARR, Polly LINDSAY, James CARR, Samuel CAMPBELL, Margaret MITCHELL; heirs of William CARR (Amanda, Polly, Emily); Exec Betsy CARR?. Witness not given.

CARTER, Shadrach Blunt Anderson; 5 Mar 1835; 7 Apr 1835; Wife Margaret; children Elizabeth Kene VONTRESS (later CONDER), Catherine CARPENTER, Maria Jane, B.A. Shadrach, Ann Eliza, Margaret, Theophilus, John Conder CARPENTER, Harriet Frances, and Henry Carpenter CARTER. Exec and witness not given.

CHANDLER, William; 23 Apr 1837; 8 May 1837; Children Elizabeth (eldest daughter), Robin, Catherine, Sarah, Isaac, Rachel, and William; Wife Mary; Ambers GOFF and rest of wife's children. Execs: wife Mary and Joel VANDEVEER. Witness not given.

CHASTAIN,William; undated; 11 Dec 1847; Heirs: Wife (not named); sons James M., William, and Isaac. Exec and witness: not given.

CLARK, Robert; 1 Jul 1823; 23 Aug 1823 Wife Alley CLARK; Presley ALLGOOD, Jesse HUTCHINS, Benjamin MELONE, Elizabeth ALLGOOD, Lydia HUTCHINS; grandchildren mentioned (children of Presley ALLGOOD and of Jesse HUTCHINS). Exec: not given. Witnesses: James CURRY, Thomas COPELIN.

CLIFTON, William; 30 Mar 1831; 31 May 1831; Wife Jenny; children mentioned but not named. Exec: Wife and Calramdor REUBISON. Witness: not given.

CLOUD, John; 5 Aug 1842; 26 Sep 1842; Wife Hannah; after Hannah's death, property to be sold and funds go to Lick Creek Monthly Meeting of Friends. Exec: Silas DIXON and Levi WOODY. Witness: Aaron ANDREW and Thomas NEWLIN.

COOK, Jacob; 11 Aug 1847; 30 Sep 1847; Wife Catharine; sons Absolem, Abraham, Valentine; daughters Elizabeth SMITH and Polly UNDERWOOD; minor heirs of Absolem McCABE (deceased); grandson David R. BLEDSOE. Exec and witness: not given.

COPELIN, Ann; 10 Aug 1821; 30 Nov 1822; Widow of Jacob; son Thomas. Exec: not given. Witness: J. MOSER, James CLEMENTS.

CORNWELL, Peter; 26 Sep 1842; 19 Oct 1842; Wife Elizabeth; children Simon A., Nancy, William, and Elizabeth. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

COSGROVE, Patrick; 15 Mar 1849; 14 Aug 1849; Wife Charity; two sons, John and James. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

COX, Joseph; 17 Nov 1818; 18 Feb 1831; Wife Mary; children mentioned but not named. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

CUNNINGHAM, William; 14 Jul 1833; 6 Oct 1839; Wife Deborah; daughters Elizabeth BUCKHANAN, Anna CUNNINGHAM; son-in-law John BUCKHANAN, and his son William. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

CUTSINGER, Martin; 12 Dec 1831; 21 May 1832; No wife mentioned; children: Jacob, Catherine FREIT, Elizabeth FREIT, Michael, Polly SPARLING, Margaret GAMMON, William, Sally CUTSINGER, Martin. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

DARROCH, Daniel; 29 Nov 1825; 22 Dec 1825; Wife Nancy; brother Duncan. Exec: not given. Witness: John MARIS, Abraham HOLLIDAY

DAVIS, Mary; 2 Sep 1823; 5 Aug 1825; Grandchildren Jonathan, Joseph, Mary, Martha WOODARD, Margaret BOUGE?; daughter Elizabeth HOLLOWEL. Exec: not given. Witness: Alexander MORRIS, Washington MORRIS, James HOLLOWELL

DENNY, Simon; 23 Sep 1837; 19 Jul 1842; Sons Samuel and Davis. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

DIXON, John; 9 Sep 1823; 30 Jan 1824; Wife Ruth; children Elizabeth MARSHALL, Rebecca TOWELL, Simon DIXON, Rachel HOBSON, Ruth DOAN, John, Solomon, Zacharias, Thomas Elwood, and Levina DIXON; Amy HIATT. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

DOAK, Joseph W.; 5 Jul 1820; 29 Oct 1822; Wife Polly; children not named. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

DUNCAN, George; 9 Dec 1838; 21 Feb 1839; Wife Patsy D. DUNCAN; lawful heirs of daughter Emily B. RILEY; "my body to be buried at discretion of Alexander WALLACE and Patsy D. DUNCAN." *Buried at Stampers Creek Cemetery. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

DUNCAN, George Sr.; 26 Jun 1832; 23 Mar 1839; Wife Elizabeth; children Luvina VEST, Sarah KEARBY, Jane BOON, Polly HOLMESs, Fleming A. DUNCAN, and George DUNCAN. Exec: not given. Witness: Alexander WALLACE, Linzey DUNCAN

ELLEXSON, Jeremiah; 26 Dec 1837; 12 Feb 1838; Wife Winifred; daughters Mary [ELLEXSON] NAIL of Washington Co., IN, Zilpha [ELLEXSON] ROGERS, Elizabeth, and Winifred; references to other children not mentioned by name. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

ELROD, Robert; 6 Jul 1828; 9 Sep 1828; Wife Elizabeth; children Noah, Sarah, Stephen, Benjamin, John, Robert, Elizabeth EVANS. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

ERTON, Peter; 21 Sep 1835; 28 Nov 1835; Son-in-law Thomas BEDSTER and his wife Matilda; Zachariah GREEN and wife; son Henry ERTON; son-in-law John TETER and his wife Nancy. Exec: not given. Witness: James WILSON, Azor WILSON

EVANS, Caleb; 20 Aug 1835; 22 Oct 1835; "I, Caleb EVANS a citizen of Chester County, PA..."; effects in the hands of John B. MOYER, innkeeper at Orleans, IN: horse, saddle, bridle, clothing, saddlebags, valise, $495 cash; mentions sisters Mary GIBBS, wife of William GIBBS, Ann MERRYDITH, wife of Richard MERRYDITH of West Caln Township, Chester County, PA, Leah PATTON, wife of T.H. PATTON of Salisbury Township, Lancaster County, PA; mentions also Caleb EVANS Jr., son of Joseph and Zilpha EVANS of Huntington County, PA. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

FARLOW, Joseph; 5 Jul 1845; 9 Aug 1845; Wife Ruth; daughter Deborah JONES; sons Jonathan and Nathan; son-in-law Archibald MOULDER and wife Hannah; daughter Mary's children Mary Ann and Thomas. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

FEATHERKILE, George; 1 Jan 1835; 19 Mar 1842; Wife Polly; children Anna JOHNSON, Polly TYLER, George FEATHERKILE, Adam FEATHERKILE. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

FINLEY, David; 25 Mar 1834; 26 Sep 1848; Wife Elizabeth; heirs of son Jefferson FINLEY: Josephine, Samuel, and Elizabeth. Exec: Cyrus FINLEY, Joseph MAXWELL . Witness: not given

FREEMAN, Benjamin; 17 Sep 1831; 2 Apr 1832; Wife Polly; sons Hilliman, Benjamin, George, John, William; heirs of daughter Sidney; sons of Gabriel FREEMAN, deceased--Benjamin and Edmund; heirs of daughter Sally, deceased, first wife of Levi JOHNSON. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

FREEMAN, Daniel; 6 Oct 1822; 22 Oct 1822; Wife Jane; sons Joshua and Daniel; daughters Rebecca McVEY and Fanny BRADFORD. Exec: not given. Witness: Joshua HADLEY, Aaron MARIS

FREEMAN, Jane; 26 Apr 1827; 23 Aug 1827; Daughters Fanny BRADFORD and Rebecca McVEY, granddaughter Sarilda FREEMAN, grandson Zeno Blanchard FREEMAN, sons John, Daniel, and Joshua, granddaughter Jane DOAN. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

GAWDY, William; 2 Sep 1816; probate not given; Catherine HAMILTON of Pittsburgh, PA; Sarah GAWDY a minor in care of Samuel COOPER of Chambersburg, PA. Exec: Thomas FULTON. Witness: Eleanor CHAMBERS, John McVEY, Thomas LINDLEY

GIFFORD, Levi; 5 Aug 1832; 15 Sep 1832; Wife Margaret; sons Peleg, Jesse, Levi; surviving children of Abagail and Daniel ELLIS. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

GILLUM, John; 3 Dec 1847; 15 Apr 1848; Wife Susannah; children Mahala, Areana, Cameliza, Leer (Leah?), Seth, Thomas, James, Osburn, William, and John Westly. Exec: not given. Witness: Thomas NEWLIN and Michael MAVITY

GLOVER, Stephen; 27 Oct 1826; 22 Nov 1827; Wife Sally, children Mariah, William, Robert, James, Huldah, Jane, Sarah, and Nathan. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

GWINN, Isom; 26 Oct 1830; 5 Jan 1831; Wife Mary; children mentioned but not named. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

HARDMAN, Daniel; 17 Jul 1851; 29 Sep 1851; Six oldest children Washington, Mary, Lumenious, Leonard, Abraham, and John; other sons David and Marion; wife Elizabeth; house and lots in town of Salem (property of Margaret HARDMAN, deceased); youngest children's names: David, Marion, Margaret, Peter, and Mary Evaline. Exec: Lumenious HARDMAN and son-in-law. Witness: not given

HARMON, Edwin; F. 5 Oct 1839; 11 Nov 1840; Mother and father; sisters Polina and Lavisa Merilla; brother William WATSON; Miss Betsey BREWER. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

HILL, Joseph; 21 Jun 1840; 3 Oct 1840; Legal heirs of daughter Elizabeth (late Elizabeth DIXON); son-in-law James HUSTON and Nancy his wife; son-in-law Busick SANFORD and wife Jane; son Josiah HILL; daughter Mary Ann HILL; wife Nancy HILL; second wife's children Franklin, Margaret Jane, William, Joseph, and Abigail. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

HOEMLER, John; 10 Mar 1823?; 21 Apr 1823 ;Wife Catherine; children not named; bounty land in Illinois mentioned. Exec: Ephriam DOAN and his wife. Witness: Joseph ATHON, William RHODES, Ebenezer DOAN

HOLLIDAY, Hannah; 12 Apr 1829; 17 Oct 1835; Son Henry; housekeeper, Jane HADLEY; residue of estate to be sold and divided agreeable to the will of her deceased husband. Exec: not given. Witness: John McDANIEL, Aaron ANDREW

HOLLIDAY, Robert ;13 Feb 1816; : 20 Nov 1816; Wife Hannah; children Abigail, Mary, Jacob, Henry, Robert, Deborah, Hannah, Rebecca, John. Exec: Sons Henry and Robert . Witness: not given

HOLLOWELL, Josse; 6 Dec 1820; 17 Dec 1822; Wife Elizabeth; children James, John, Mary, Sally; Jesse WOODARD. Exec: John HOLLOWELL and his son Henry (brother and nephew of deceased). Witness: not given

IRVINE, William; -- Sep 1846; 18 Oct 1850; Sons William W. and Jesse A.; daughters Sarah JETER, Anna BAKER, Eliza SPEAR, Martha McLANE; children of deceased daughter Lucinda TEGARDEN; "my unfortune daughter Jane IRVINE." Exec: not given. Witness: not given

JOHNSON, David; 21 Jun 1817; 18 Feb 1818; Wife Peggy; children Joseph, Jesse, Sarah, David, Lydia, Ephriam Wesley. Exec: not given. Witness: James GREGORY, Joseph ANDERSON, Beverly GREGORY

JOHNSON, Lancelot; 3 Sep 1836; 25 Sep 1836; Wife Nancy R. JOHNSON; children, not named. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

JONES, Evan; 29 Sep 1821; 22 Oct 1822; Wife Sarah; children John, David, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Evan, Lucinda, Isaac B., William. Exec: not given . Witness: not given

JONES, Samuel ;29 Mar 1831; 7 Jul 1831; Wife Amelia; sons Moses, David, Samuel; presumably daughters Elizabeth WOODWARD and Nancy BUSICK; Littleton WOODWARD and wife are mentioned as "living in my house". Exec: Thomas VANDEVEER. Witness: not given

LEONARD, Thomas; 4 Jan 1843; 18 Aug 1847; Wife (not named); Jonathan LEONARD, Isaac LEONARD, Jemima HARVERY, James LEONARD, Jane SEYBOLD, Rachel TAYLOR, Nancy SEYBOLD, Mary COMPTON, Baily LEONARD, Jeruel LEONARD, Jabez LEONARD, and Martha COX. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

LEWIS, John M.; 20 Apr 1837; 30 Apr 1852; Wife Elizabeth. Codicil dated 22 Mar 1852: to son Abraham J. LEWIS and his heirs, the share of real estate which would have descended to son George W. LEWIS and his heirs. . Exec: Son David S. LEWIS and wife; codicil dated 18 Jan 1843 names Joshua LEWIS co-executor with David. Witness: not given

LINDLEY, Jonathan; 22 Sep 1824; 22 Apr 1828; Wife Martha; children Gulielma, Jonathan, Catherine McVEY, Thomas, William, Sarah HADLEY, Deborah JONES, Hannah BRAXTON, Mary DIXON, Queen Esther LINDLEY, Elenor CHAMBERS, Rebecca HENLEY, Zacharias, Jonathan DIX, and sister, Deborah NEWLIN. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

LINDLEY, Martha; 30 Nov 1830; 27 Nov 1851; Daughter Gulielma "the watch which was left me by her father"; six children Hezekiah HENLEY, John HENLEY, Joseph HENLEY, Henry HENLEY, Mary (HENLEY) Braxton, Rebecca HENLEY. **NOTE: Martha HENLEY LINDLEY was the second wife of Jonathan LINDLEY. She was a widow, maiden name SAUNDERS. Gulielma was the only child of her second marriage. Exec: Sons Joseph and Henry HENLEY. Witness: Thomas NEWLIN and Owen THOMPSON

LINDLEY, Owen; 21 Jul 1828; Wife Grace; children James, Thomas, Aaron, Sarah McVEY, Martha THOMPSON, Polly HOLLOWELL, Queen Amy, Elizabeth, Elener, Grace, David, Owen, Chambers. Exec: not given. Witness: Thomas NEWLIN, Aaron ANDREW, Silas DIXON

LINDLEY, Thomas, son of Jonathan; 3 May 1828; 22 May 1828; Wife Amy; children William, Samuel, John, Mary, Thomas Elwood. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

LINDLEY, Thomas; 23 Nov 1835; 14 Dec 1835; Sons Rebuen and Thomas; daughters Jane GREEN, Sarah ANDREW, Mary NEWLIN, Hannah CLOUD, Eleanor LOVE. Exec: John CLOUD. Witness: David LINDLEY, Samuel LINDLEY

LINDLEY, William; 22 Dec 1835; 7 Mar 1837; Wife Annie; children Thomas Samuel, James, Owen, William, David, Jonathan, Sally Lee, Mary Lee, Annie HARNED, and Grace WILKINS LINDLEY; sons of Grace WILKINS John and William under 21. Exec: Sons Owen and William, grandson Thomas. Witness: not given

LINDSAY, Mary; 18 Jan 1836; 5 Mar 1836; Polly CASE; children James, Michael, Fulton; children of deceased daughter Eliza VONTRESS, to wit: Susan Lindsay VONTRESS, Samuel Tyler VONTRESS, Eliza Lindsay VONTRESS; Eliza CARR estate mentioned, as is estate of testator's father, Michael CARR. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

LOCKHART, William; 15 Nov 1822; 10 Dec 1822; Wife Hannah; daughter Peggy; heir of Rachel UNDERWOOD. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

LYNCH, Clayton; 10 Jan 1837; 6 Feb 1837; Wife Ann; children John, William, Pennelajane, James, Mary Elmira, Thomas H., Henry M., George Lynch. Exec: Samuel STALCUP. Witness: not given

MAGNER, Elizabeth Jane; 18 Jun 1852; 6 Sep 1852; Sisters Mary Ann MAGNER and Martha Sarah MAGNER; two brothers who are at home with "my mother": James H. and Orin M. MAGNER; brother John, "having left home, is not to receive any portion." Exec: not given. Witness: John BAKER and Sarah MAGNER.

McCLANE, William; 28 Jan 1852; 8 Mar 1852; Wife Caroline; daughters Marthy Ann, Mary Elizabeth, Rachel Catherine. Exec: Brother Samuel McCLANE . Witness: Levi GIFFORD, Sr. and Abraham WELLS

McCRACKEN, John; 14 Sep 1850; 29 May 1851; Wife Margaret; sons Ansil and Daniel; Azra COBB's heirs. Exec: not given. Witness: James CLARK and John P. DAVIS

McCRACKEN, Robert; 20 Sep 1834; 11 Nov 1834; Son Thomas, Eleanor McCREACKEN and other children: John, Peter, Robert, Lucy, Shade, Elizabeth STREET, Polly. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

McDONALD, William; 11 Apr 1851; 18 Jun 1851; Grandchildren William M. HOBSON, Rachel HOBSON, Hiram HOBSON. Exec: Eli ALLEN and Clement McDONALD. Witness: Jonathan PALMER and Harmon HOBSON

MERIAM, Eliza; 8 Jul 1847; 25 Sep 1847; Daughter Helen M. LEWIS and her children; late husband John MERIAM. Exec: John WISE. Witness: G.W. WISE and A.J. SIMPSON

MILLIS, Enoch; 29 Feb 1836; 14 May 1836; Wife Susannah; brother Nichosan; sons Edward and Jacob under 21 years of age; daughters Polly, Lydia Ann, Sarah Jane, Hester Ellen. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

MOORMAN, Zachariah; 9 Aug 1847; 25 Aug 1847; Wife Nancy; children (not named). Exec: not given. Witness: not given

MORRIS, Benjamin; 28 Oct 1818; 23 Nov 1818; Wife Jane; children William, Nancy, and infants. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

MOULDER, Jacob; 18 Oct 1845; 20 Mar 1846; Wife Elizabeth; daughter Susannah LINDLEY; sons John, William, Lewis, Archibald, and Oliver; daughters Sally, Lydia, and Mary Ann; children of Alexander MOULDER, Betsy Jane and Archibald O. MOULDER. Exec: not given . Witness: Thomas BRAXTON and Thomas NEWLIN

NICHOLS, Nathan ;16 Dec 1823; 7 Jul 1825; Wife Nancy; children Simeon, George, Silas, Nathan, Thomas, John, Jennie, Sally, Nancy, William J., Cyrus E., Hugh H., Martin M. Exec: Wife Nancy, Thomas COPELAND. Witness: not given

NOBLITT, Abraham; 26 Aug 1840; 21 Sep 1840; Wife Amelia; sons Vandeveer, William, and John T.; daughters Nancy LYNCH and Cynthia NOBLITT. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

OSBORN, Abraham; 23 May 1842; 18 Jul 1842; Wife Martha; sons Abraham K., William C., Jesse; daughters Abagail HOLADAY, Mary WILSON, Rebecca PHIPHER, Hannah MOORMAN, Elizabeth HILL, Achsah OSBORN, and Sarah Ann OSBORN. Exec: not given . Witness: Joseph HENLEY and Andrew WILSON

PEARCE, Philip Crafford; 9 Oct 1829; 10 Aug 1831; Wife Catherine; Berilla ELLIOTT; Absolem McCABE . Exec: not given. Witness: not given

PIGGOTT, Jacob Jackson; 7 Dec 1848; -- Dec 1848; Wife Nancy; four sons, three daughters (not named). Exec: Brother-in-law Elijah FRAZIER. Witness: not given

PORTER, James; 6 Feb 1847; 28 Feb 1848; Two eldest sons, Thomas B. and James S.; daughter Mary HIX; youngest son David. Exec: James P. CAMPBELL. Witness: not given

POUND, Joseph; 20 Nov 1849; 16 Apr 1850; Wife Hannah; children and their heirs (not named). Exec: Son-in-law. Witness: Alfred ELLIOT and Abraham TEGARDEN

RAYBURN, Cornelius 'Neely'; 26 Sep 1823; 11 Oct 1823; Wife Bethilda; children Andrew, James, Sarah. Exec: not given. Witness: Lewis BYRAM, Henry B. PRENTISS

RAYMOND, David; 20 Aug 1818 at Huntsville, Alabama; 16 Apr 1820 Wife deceased; father-in-law Timothy LEONARD, brothers Daniel and James RAYMOND, Mary W. G. HOWE (friend, of Bennington, Vermont), wife's brothers Frederick and Edward; Thomas PERKINS, Emily HODGES, Hester LANCING, Sarah HULL; sister Sarah and wife's sister Mary; sister Abigail and her children. Exec: not given . Witness: not given

REED, Jesse; 1 Oct 1851; 7 Jan 1852; Wife Elizabeth; children Henry, Jeremiah, George, William, Margaret. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

REED, Joshua; 24 Dec 1823; November term of court, 1838; Daughters Rachel PHILLIPPS, Martha MARTS, Mary MAHAN; "my body to be buried at discretion of Thomas PHILLIPS, Jacob MARTS, and Peter MAHAN." Exec: not given. Witness: Alexander WALLACE, Asa BURT, Edward KEARBY

RIBBLE, John; 2 Jun 1828; 17 Jan 1829; Wife Margaret; children John Strite, Lorran, Barbary, Catherine, Susan, Sarah Ruth. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

RILEY, Edward; 9 Aug 1819; 14 Apr 1820; Wife Elizabeth; son Edward; other legatees: Mary HOGG; Elener WILSON; Abraham, John, James, Thomas, William, Isaac, and Jacob RILEY, Elizabeth ROADS, Sally HART. Exec: not given. Witness: Isaac and James RILEY

ROBERTS, Andrew; 16 Jun 1851; 25 Aug 1851; Wife Nancy; sons (not named). Exec: not given . Witness: Arthur J. SIMPSON and James C. HOLMES

ROSS, William; 28 Aug 1844; 11 Dec 1844; Polly, wife of John W. SEARS. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

SCOTT, Eliza; 6 Feb 1852; 8 Mar 1852; Mother-in-law Nancy SCOTT; children Emily, Martha Ann, William D., Samuel C., Margaret, Hannah C. HILL. Exec: Samuel McCLAIN. Witness: not given

SCOTT, William; 14 Dec 1841; 28 May 1847; Wife Nancy S. SCOTT; grandsons William A.D. SCOTT, and Samuel T. SCOTT; Martha Jane McPHEETERS and her heirs. Exec: not given. Witness: Simeon FROST and Mary FROST

SEARS, John Sr.; -- Apr 1840; 19 Jun 1841; Wife Polly; children Francis Asbury, Daniel Fletcher, Eliza Ann, Mary Jane, John, William, Franklin, Martha TALBOTT, Thomas Morris; children of a former marriage James B. SEARS and Elizabeth GUNTON. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

SELF, John; 15 Aug 1843; 12 Sep 1843; Wife and children (not named). Exec: not given. Witness: not given

SELF, Thomas; 19 Aug 1849; 12 Jan 1850; Son Thomas A. SELF; Hannah STOUT, an heir; heirs of Elizabeth FERGUSON: Joseph S. FERGUSON and John M. FERGUSON; other children: William A., Thomas, John, Phillip, George, James Alexander. Exec: Son James Alexander SELFand "my esteemed friend William HOLODAY". Witness: William PIERSON, John B. CARTWRIGHT

SEYBOLD, Jno.;10 Jun 1830; 1 Aug 1836; Wife Sarah. Exec: not given. Witness: John MOORE, Thomas MOORE, William LEONARD, Reuben MOORE

SHIRLEY, Henry; 22 Dec 1847; 4 Jan 1848; Wife Catherine; children George, Garrett, John, Westly, Susannah, Harriet, Margaret HERTSEL (formerly SHIRLEY); Henry BRASSIE, heir of Ann BRASSIE (formerly Ann SHIRLEY); "my scholarship in Indiana Asbury University." Exec: Andrew WILSON and George SHIRLEY. Witness: not given

SMITH, Humphrey; 25 Aug 1831; 19 Aug 1839 ;Wife Abigail; sons of wife, Caleb and Jarvis; son of testator, Allen SMITH; testator's daughter, Malissa SMITH. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

SMITH, Jacob; 13 Aug 1824; 10 Jun 1825; Wife Susannah; son Ambrose; daughters Polly, Eliza, Dilla, Lucy, Frances (daughters under 18). Exec: not given. Witness: John CHENOWETH, Aaron VANDEVEER

THOMAS, Lewis; 4 Feb 1824; 13 Apr 1826; Beloved wife (not named); children Ruth, Tilden, Lewis, Joseph, and Stephen; Charles BOUCHMAN, John BOUCHMAN, Burrell GRAHAM, Eli MORRIS, James ATKINSON, William TRUEBLOOD, Daniel LAMBDIN. Exec: Son Tilden, friend Shadrach DITTO. Witness: not given

THROOP, John; 28 Dec 1846; 8 Feb 1847; Children of daughter Jane MOORE: John S. and Rebecca Jane MOORE; Jane LEFLER, "my adopted granddaughter"; children Oliver M. THROOP, Jane MOORE, Sophia THROOP, John T. THROOP. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

THORNTON, Thomas Volney; 4 Dec 1848; 29 May 1849; Wife Clarinda C. THORNTON; brothers Joseph, George, and Jefferson C.; sisters Elizabeth M. THORNTON, Caroline T. WOOLFOLK, Harriet M. NORRIS; half-brother Henry P. THORNTON; Joseph, son of sister Caroline; nephew and namesake Thomas V. THORNTON, son of George. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

TOWELL, Jesse H.; 18 May 1849; 7 Aug 1849; Wife Elizabeth. Exec: not given. Witness: Thomas NEWLIN and John DIXON, son of Simon

TOWELL, Jesse Jr. ;31 Jul 1833; 9 Dec 1833; Wife; infant daughters Parthena and Mary Ann; wife's sister Margaret WHITE; son John H. TOWELL. Exec: John TOWELL, Sr., his father. Witness: not given

TOWELL, Jesse Sr.; 4 May 1834; 2 Jun 1834 ;Wife of son John and her many kindnesses; daughters Rebecca HADLEY, Mary PIGGOTT, Margaret HADLEY; children of Sarah HARVEY, deceased; son Daniel mentioned in an added note. Exec: Son John TOWELL. Witness: Thomas NEWLIN, Solomon COX

TRIMBLE, Jane; 21 Jun 1839; 11 Oct 1839; Daughters Mary, Margaret, and Elizabeth TRIMBLE, Sarah MARTIN, wife of Nathan; sons Thomas and George; late husband George TRIMBLE. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

TRIMBLE, Moses; 31 Jan 1848; 15 Jun 1850; James Jackson TRIMBLE, John Dixon TRIMBLE; Jane BELCHER's children; Isabell WOLFINGTON; Lucinda LEONARD, William TRIMBLE. Exec: William MARLEY and William LEONARD . Witness: not given

WARDEN, William; 4 May 1824; 19 Jun 1824; Wife Katherine; children not named; mention of lands in Kentucky. Exec: not given. Witness: Joel VANDEVEER, Mary CRUTCHFIELD

WEBB, Martin; 24 Nov 1828; probate date not given; Wife Martha; children Andrew, John, William, Nancy, Caty, and "one she is like for". Exec: not given. Witness: not given

WELLS, Joseph; 11 Sep 1823; 20 Oct 1823; Children Isaac, Zachariah, Charity FREEMAN, Nathan, Levi, Peter, Jonathan, Jesse. Exec: Ephriam DOAN, Joseph FARLOW. Witness: not given

WELLS, William; 16 Oct 1814; 16 Apr 1817; Wife Esther; children Joseph, Nathan, John, Esther, Sarah, Charity, Stephen, Susannah RAY, Elizabeth CAMERON, William. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

WHITE, Joseph; 8 Feb 1833; 13 May 1833; Wife Jane; eldest son; other legatees: Sarah WILLIAMS, the heirs to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, the heirs of Polly HINTON, Hannah STANDEFORD, Ephriam LINN, Jane WHITE, Amelia WHITE. Hannah STANDEFORD to have a certain tract of land during her life, and same then to go to her children: William, Wesley, John Robison, and Joseph Wright. Exec: not given . Witness: William CASE, Jane HUTCHISON

WILLIAM, John; 26 May 1849; 19 Jul 1849; Wife Rachel; sons Isaac, Robert, and John; grandson William Bloomer CARTER. Exec: not given. Witness: not given

WILLIAMS, Francis; 6 Jul 1846; 29 Feb 1848; Daughter Catherine BOYDEN; son William; children of deceased daughter Ann GHERKIN. Exec: William BOYDEN. Witness: not given

WILLSON, Absolem; 10 Apr 1835; Proved 5 May 1835; Daughters Priscilla and Elizabeth; children of daughter Fanny, deceased. Exec: not given. Witness: Isaac BRIDGEWATER, David T. WILSON, Jno. PROSSER

WILSON, Joseph 4 Feb 1824 Probated 13 Apr 1826 Wife Mary; sons Joseph, Andrew, Nathaniel; daughters Margaret FIELDS and Rachel FIELDS (Joseph was Rev. Soldier). Exec: not given. Witness: not given

WOOD, Francis; 11 Sep 1827; 6 Oct 1827; Sarah Ann PERROTT, daughter of Samuel PERROTT; should she not live to have an heir, property divided among Peter, John, Margaret, and Susan RAGLE and Samuel PERROTTs three children. Exec: not given . Witness: G. BERRY and James PERROT