Will Book 2 of Orange County, Indiana

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NOTES: The format of these entries is Name of decedent, date will written, date will entered into probate, heirs, executor. These records were copied from the DAR records, as they were written. I have left punctuation intact.

ATKINSON, Hugh; 15 Jan 1861; 21 Feb 1861; Heirs: wife Annah (or Annat); James ATKINSON; son Hugh; stepsons Alfred and Danie GOBBLE; son and daughter Abner and Hannah ATKINSON. Executor: Absalom GOBBLE.

BAKER, Frederick; 15 Feb 1854; 20 Feb 1855; Heirs: daughters Sarah GIFFORD, Mary SHIPP; children of daughter Elizabeth BAKER, deceased; grand-daughter Nancy FITZGERALD; sons John BAKER, William BAKER. Jefferson BAKER mentioned as husband of Margaret, daughter of Frederick and guardian of her children by first marriage (SHIPP). Executor: not mentioned.

BAKER, John; 14 Jul 1856; 23 Oct 1856; Heirs: wife Anna; sons Samuel P., William G., John N., James J., Frederick, Jesse L.; daughters Nancy Jane BURTON, Mary Ann BLACKWELL. Executor: not named.

BARKER, Mary E., an heir of James LINDSEY; 14 Aug 1869; 13 Sep 1869; Heir: mother Charlotte LINDSEY. Executor: George H. LINDSEY.

BESWICK, Robert H.; 7 Oct 1872; 2 Nov 1872; Heirs: children Eliza J. OWENS, Harriett E. BESWICK, James W., Henry H., Miranda A. BESWICK, Emily E. BESWICK, Richard T., Edmund H. Executor: W.W. CHISHAM.

BOON, John; 12 Feb 1872; 22 Mar 1872; Heirs: wife Katharine; children Eliza Jane PORTER, William, Isiae N., Julia Ann ABEL, Lavina E. PARRISH; grandson Henry BOON.

BOSLEY, James W.; 21 Jul 1870; 17 Nov 1870; Heirs: wife Annie; children Harriett BOSLEY, Jane BOSLEY, John E., Marion, William T.S. BOSLEY. Executor: brother Marcus D.L. BOSLEY.

BRAXTAN, Thomas; 2 Sep 1859; 9 Dec 1865; Heirs: sons Jonathan, Hiram, William, John L.; daughter Margery MILLIKEN; family Bible to John L. Executors: son William and John L.

BRIDGEWATER, Isaac; 30 Dec 1870; 27 Feb 1874; Heirs: children William, Levi, Louisa WALLACE, Elias, Fielding, Catharine WAMSLEY, Nancy ROACH, David, James; heirs of Rhoda ROACH, deceased; heirs of Thomas BRIDGEWATER. Executors: sons Levi and William.

BROTHERS, William, of Orleans Township; 25 Feb 1863; 11 May 1863; Heirs: daughter Nancy McCART and her heirs; my sons William, George Washington, John W.; Lucinda McCULLOUGH. Executor: my kinsman, W. W. CHISHAM.

BRUBECK, John; 18 Mar 1869; 9 Jun 1869; Heirs: Adeline; children not named; sister Amanda Jane BRUBECK. Executor: wife.

BURTT, Evalina; 19 Jan 1867; 28 Feb 1867; Heirs: sister Rachel BURTT; nephew Joab BURTT; my esteemed friend William A. BOWLES. Executor: Wm. A. BOWLES.

BURTT, Rachel; 17 Sep 1852; 21 Oct 1852; Heirs: daughter Eveline BURTT; Merab BURTT, a legal heir; grand-daughter Rachel Ann PETERS. Executrix: Eveline BURTT.

CAMPBELL, Catherine; 1 Aug 1846; 3 Oct 1853; Heirs: sons Adlai, Maxwell, James P. Executors: sons Maxwell and James P.

CAMPBELL, John H.; 16 Mar 1872; 4 Aug 1873; Heirs: children of my daughter Emily--Eddie and Emma BRAXTON; my daughters Polly Ann SIMPSON and Eliza J. MOXLEY. Executor: not named.

CAMPBELL, Samuel; 7 Jul 1853; 20 Aug 1853; Heirs: wife Fanny; daughters Elizabeth, Mary Jane, Ann FIELDS, Susann WARREN; sons Robert, John, William, David. Executor: son William C. CAMPBELL.

CARR, Martha; 21 Aug 1862; 29 Apr 1872; Heirs: James and Pleasant GRIGGS; Minor GRIGGS; Sarah GOLLIHER; Martha E. HAYDEN, child of my daughter Jane HAYDEN; Susan MAY, my daughter, now married to John W. MAY. Executor: John W. MAY.

CHATHAM, William B.; 17 Jan 1851; 11 Jun 1855; Heir: father Reuben CHATHAM. Executor: William CHISM.

CHILDERS, James; 28 Feb 1861; 7 Mar 1866; Heirs: wife Celia; sons John and Henry; grand-daughter Mary J. RARIDEN. Executors: sons John and Henry.

CHISM, Benjamin; 30 Sep 1855; 1 Nov 1858; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; Jane MAGNER; heirs of Urial CHISM, Nancy NICKOLDS, and Francis BROTHERS. Executor: my son, William W. CHISM.

CLARK, Alexander; 20 Jul 1853; 8 Aug 1853; Heirs: daughters Catherine and Deborah CLARK, Elenor, wife of Nathan HILL; sons Jonathan, William, Samuel. Executors: son William and Nathan HILL.

CLARKE, William; 15 Mar 1865; 6 Aug 1866; Heirs: wife Hannah; children (not named). Executor: Daniel CLOUD.

CLOUD, Daniel; 14 Jun 1871; 10 Oct 1874; Heirs: son William; daughter Martha FARLOW; grandson Lindley JONES. Executor: son William.

COLCLASURE, Washington, of Southeast Township; 13 Oct 1869; 1 Nov 1869; Heir: wife. Executor: Robert DOAK.

COLLINS, James; 4 Feb 1853; 11 Feb 1853; Heirs: wife Susan; daughters Lavisa DISHON, Polly LANE, Betsy LANE. Executor: John S. SPRINGER.

DANNER, Joseph; 28 Nov 1853; 3 Mar 1855; Heirs: children Samira DANNER, James DANNER. Executor: not mentioned.

DAVIS, John; 21 Aug 1856; 6 Oct 1856; Heir: Rachel M. DOOLEY of Orange County, Ind. Executor: Thomas HUNT.

DISHON, James; 15 Oct 1862; 1 Nov 1862; Heirs: daughter Hannah, wife of Lewis HIGHLAND; sons John M., Oliver, James. To Ruth DISHON, certain articles, including "family Bible and the CASSELL Bible." Deceased wife mentioned. Executor: Jonathan McVEY.

DIXON, John; 19 Mar 1868; 19 Apr 1868; Heirs: nephew Jesse TOWELL; Solomon D. DIXON, son of my nephew Silas DIXON. Executor: Jesse TOWELL.

DIXON, Silas; 10 Sep 1852; 15 Nov 1852; Heirs: wife Mary; children Lindley Murray, Jonathan, Sarah Deborah, Nathan, Martha, Ruth Ellen. Executors: son Nathan and Levi WOODY.

DIXON, Silas; 21 Feb 1857; 27 Mar 1857; Heirs: wife Sarah; brothers and sisters Thomas DIXON, Lydia ATKINSON, Anna DIXON, Ruth WHITE; Deborah DIXON, Silas DIXON, Bedford and John DIXON, heirs of John DIXON, deceased; reference made to an unborn child. Executor: William COX.

DOUGHERTY, Mahala E. of Orleans; 11 Sep 1871; 29 Sep 1871; Heir: husband John W. DOUGHERTY. Executor: husband.

DOUGHERTY, William R.; 4 Oct 1852; 27 Nov 1852; Heirs: sisters Martha K. and Maria S. DOUGHERTY. Executor: father P. DOUGHERTY.

DUNCAN, John; 8 Feb 1859; 7 Jul 1859; Heirs: wife Maryan; William H. ABLE, Pressley J. ELMOORE, both under 21; requests to be buried at Union Meeting House, "stones of form and size of my fathers to be put at my grave." Executor: William GILLIM.

ELLIS, Daniel; 10 Feb 1847; 18 Aug 1854; Heirs: wife Sally; sons John William ELLIS, William Berry ELLIS; wife's daughter Mary Jane BROWN. Executor: John HOLLOWELL.

ELROD, Jacob; 21 Jun 1855; 18 Sep 1855; Heirs: wife Nancy; sons Thomas and Newton Cyrus ELROD; Sarah D. ALLEGER; Elizabeth NOBLITT; Caroline A. FOX; Thomas J. BALEY; daughter Mary Ann HOBBS and her heirs. Executors: Thomas ELROD and Thomas J. BALEY.

ELROD, John; 19 Oct 1859; 2 Nov 1859; Heirs: wife Nancy; sons John Oliver, Jacob Alves, Nichosan, Benton C., Anderson M., Edward R.; daughters Nancy Elmyra ELROD, Lydia HUDELSON, Hester A. RIGGS; grandson Leroy CHAMBERS. Executors: Benton C. and Anderson M. ELROD.

ELROD, Samuel A.; 14 Oct 1872; 18 Nov 1872; Heirs: wife Emma; son Harry Virgil ELROD. Executrix: my wife.

FAUCETT, George; 22 May 1858; 13 Jun 1864; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; sons Abel J., (Levi H. handwritten onto page); daughters Fanny PATTON, Caroline E. CHARLES, Jane CAMPBELL, Huldah HILL, Ann DWYER, Dorothy LINDLEY, Lydia MILLIS, Mariah HUDELSON, and her daughter Elizabeth RHODES; heirs of Zephaniah FAUCETT. Executors: Levi H. FAUCETT and William CHARLES.

FIELDS, Margaret; 29 Aug 1866; 25 Mar 1867; Heirs: mother Rachel LINDSEY; daughter Nancy; grandchildren Francis Marion MATHERS, Margaret R. MATHERS; Henry C., Jeremiah W., Nancy E. TRUEBLOOD; Rachel C., Joseph F., and Caroline LINDSEY. Executor: Theodore STACKHOUSE.

FINLEY, William A.; 18 May 1870; 5 Jul 1870; Heirs: wife Caroline; daughter Lydia FINLEY. Executrix: wife.

FITCH, Elizabeth; 15 May 1871; 26 Jun 1871; Heirs: Leanor E. Ray and Nancy C. JONES; sons, James M. FITCH, George S. and heirs, Thomas E. and heirs, William B. and heirs; grandchildren Sary F. & Susan E. WILLIAMS. Executor: not named.

FOSTER, John P. of Paoli; 2 Apr 1868; 10 Apr 1868; Heirs: wife Elvira E., and children, not named. Executrix: Elvira E. FOSTER.

FRAZER, John; 23 May 1867; 4 Jun 1872; Heirs: daughter Mary A. DOUGHERTY; wife Nancy G. FRAZER. Executrix: my wife.

FRIED (FREED), John; 31 Aug 1847; 4 Oct 1858; Heirs: wife Catharine; sons John, Jacob, Joseph, Jonah, James, Jackson; daughters Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Catharine, Nancy. Land in Washington County mentioned. Executors: sons-in-law William L. POUND and Alexander SMITH, my son John, and William KRUTSINGER.

FROST, Simeon; 27 Sep 1867; 14 Oct 1872; Heirs: son James A. FROST; daughter Martha FREEMAN and her children, Mary M. FREEMAN, Simeon, Jane TARR, Elizabeth SCOTT, James V., John, Francis, Edmind, William & Washington; the children of my daughter Jane FREEMAN, deceased, Mary E. FREEMAN, Martha J. FREEMAN, John F., Joseph, James, Louisa & Simeon; the children of my son James A. FROST, Simeon L., Elizabeth L. FROST, James A. Jr., John M., and Henrietta C. FROST; my grandchildren, the heirs of Permelia BUSICK, Elizabeth J. MENAUGH, Mahulda MORGAN, John W., and Samuel BUSICK; my grand-daughter Sarah J. SPEAR, daughter of Mary M. SPEAR, deceased. Executor: my friend Wm. W. CHISHAM.

GARDNER, George; 28 Sep 1872; 13 Mar 1874; wife Prudence; children Julia Ann, Margaret Lavina, Cornelius, Prudence Saforah, wife of William H. MARTIN, Mary Matilda, Louisa Catharine, Emily, wife of Albert LANE of Washington Co. Executor: William M. GREENSLADE of Livonia, Washington Co.

GIFFORD, John S.; 6 Apr 1864; 9 Apr 1864; Heirs: wife Ruth Ann; brothers Levi, Benton and Josephus GIFFORD. No Executor named.

GIFFORD, Josephus; 9 Sep 1855; 25 Sep 1855; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; children not named. Executor: not named.

GOBBLE, Absolem; 12 Mar 1866; 4 Apr 1866; Heirs: wife Juliann; son, Jacob Osten GOBBLE. Executor: Alexander GOBBLE.

GRIGGS, Shadrach; 10 May 1856; 3 Jun 1856; Heirs: wife and children, not named. Executor: Peter MONICAL.

HALL, Lilly; 4 Nov 1872; 17 Dec 1872; Heirs: daughter Elizabeth Jane THOMAS; heirs of deceased daughter Nancy STOUT, William STOUT, Celia HALL, Malindy JONES, John STOUT, Amos STOUT, Ellen Jane STOUT, Clara STOUT; children of deceased daughter Celia HOLLOWELL, Amos, Nathan H., James S., & Hulda Jane HOLLOWELL. Executor: my step son, John E. HALL. (Late husband, Richard HALL mentioned.)

HALL, Richard; 4 Jan 1871; 11 Oct 1871; Heirs: wife Lilly; sons John E., William S., Joseph, Willis; daughters Eliza E. BOYD, Sarah KENNOYER, Anna BOSLEY; grandson John BOSLEY. Executor: son John E. HALL.

HALLER, Isaac; 13 Aug 1850; 16 Feb 1864; wife Hannah, Exec.

HAMPTON, Eliza; 9 Aug 1872; 9 Oct 1872; Heirs: daughter Amanda STRANGE; other heirs (all PERIGOs) Sarah Elizabeth, William L., Mary Katharine, Robert, Andrew, Daniel Newton. Executor: William F. BURGESS.

HAMPTON, Jesse; 14 Mar 1858; 15 Nov 1863; Heirs: wife Katharine; sisters, Polly HAMPTON, Eliza PERIGO; brother John and brother William's son Jesse; Joshua and Rachel REED; heirs of Fleming and Eliza PERIGO, viz: Amanda, Sarah, Mary, Eliza, Daniel, Robert. Executor: my dear friend Isaac S. POTTER.

HANCOCK, Martin; 2 Feb 1863; 24 Mar 1863; Heir: wife Margaret.

HAWKINS, Jeremiah; 20 Sep 1858; 24 Dec 1867; Heirs: Lucy CLARK and her two sons, Henry and Frederick CLARK. No executor named.

HAZLEWOOD, Reuben, of Valeene; 19 Nov 1857; 4 Dec 1857; Heir: wife Amelia. Sons John Robison and Lee HAZLEWOOD to be executors.

HENDERSON, James; 27 Mar 1858; 16 Apr 1858; Heirs: wife Sarah; daughters Eliza Ann HENDERSON, Sophia NUGENT; sons John, William, Henry Harrison, Lorenzo Dow; grand-daughter Elzora STINE. Executor: son John.

HENDERSON, William; 8 Jun 1870; 8 Apr 1871; Heirs: wife Nancy; children Mary J. IRELAND, James, Mahala C. VANMETRE. Executor: George VANMETRE.

HILL, Christopher Sr.; 26th day, 1st month, 1869; 24 Feb 1869; Heirs: sons Nathan and Christopher; wife Mourning; other children, and their heirs, not named. Executor: son Jesse Hill.

HILL, Jesse; 2 Jan 1858; 17 May 1858; Heirs: wife Lydia Ann; sons John Wesley, (an heir to the estate of Edward MILLIS) Enoch, James A. Executor: Joseph COX.

HOGGATT, Wilford of Paoli; 19 Mar 1864; 2 Feb 1867; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; sons Wilford, John R., William M.; daughters Sarepta A. HARVEY, Henrietta DERMINT. Executors: son William, friend Asa M. BLACK.

HOLLOWELL, Elizabeth; 14 Jun 1841; 27 Jun 1857; Heirs: daughters Sarah HOLLOWELL and Polly CLENDENNIN; Joseph CLENDENNIN, husband of Polly, "who has been to North Carolina to collect money for me;" sons James, John, Jesse W. Executor: son John HOLLOWELL.

HOLLOWELL, Elizabeth; 21 Feb 1864; 23 Apr 1864; Heirs: daughters Mary, Sarah, Nancy; John H. CLARK; sons William and Henry. Executor: Solomon LINDLEY.

HOLLOWELL, Robert; 17 Mar 1864; 15 May 1865; Heirs: son Smithson; daughter Abby MUSGRAVE; grand-daughter Margaret HALL; Lindley HOLLOWELL; Nathan HOLLOWELL's heirs; William HOLLOWELL's heirs; heirs of Michel LINDLEY and Peggy LINDLEY. Executors: John B. HALL and Smithson HOLLOWELL.

HON, George H., of Orleans; 17 Jan 1874; 26 Jan 1874; Heirs: wife Adaline; nephews Ulrich HON Jr., Benton J. HON. Executor: Joel A. NICOLS.

HUDELSON, David; 6 Jun 1870; 1 Jun 1871; Heirs: wife Jane L; Mary Catherine HUDELSON, daughter of Sarah HUDELSON; son William HUDELSON; daughter Nancy ELLISON; Thomas D. HUDELSON; daughter of Samuel HUDELSON; children of James HUDELSON, deceased; children of Robert HUDELSON, deceased; Eliza QUAKINBUSH, wife of Cyrus QUAKINBUSH; children of Martin L. HUDELSON; Archibald, son of John HUDELSON; Sarah, Catherine, and Cyrus HUDELSON. Executor: grandson John A. HUDELSON.

JOHNSON, Joseph; 15 Nov 1849; 1 Dec 1855; Heirs: daughters Rachel HOGGATT, Rebecca J. MASON, Sarah J. THROOP; sons Benjamin, William, David; grand-daughters Mary HOGGATT, Sarah Jane MURPHY. Executors: William JOHNSON and John L. THROOP.

JONES, Druzilla; 11 Oct 1864; 21 Nov 1864; Heirs: William Bayless CORNWELL, Sarah Jane CORNWELL; property from estate of John JONES to Margaret CORNWELL and her heirs; desires to be buried at Sinking Spring grave yard near her father. Executive: brother-in-law William B. CORNWELL.

KEMBLEY, Isaac; 10 Feb 1855; 10 Sep 1858; Heirs: sons John F., Lafayette, Isaac G., Perry D., and their heirs; daugther Ann TATE and her heirs; children of my daughter America SEARS. Executor: son John KEMBLEY.

KINKAID, Alexander; 15 Jun 1868; 29 Jun 1868; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; sons Andrew and Henry Alexander; daughters Cordelia POE, Mary PADGETT, Francis EDWARDS. Other heirs have already received their portion. Executor: not named.

LASWELL, Jesse; 28 May 1853; 30 Jul 1853; Heirs: wife Fanny; son Elijah; daughter Eunice. Executors: Joel RIGGS, William JENNINGS.

LEE, Columbia; 4 Apr 1870; 3 Jan 1872; Heir: wife Matilda Ellen. Executor: wife Matilda Ellen.

LEE, Jonathan; 31 Jul 1852; 12 May 1853; Heirs: wife and children, not named. Executor: John BAKER.

LINDLEY, David; 15 Feb 1851; 1 Sep 1854; Heirs: children Sarah, Mary, Margery, David, Hannah, Samuel. Executors: son Samuel and Henry HOLMES.

LINDLEY, David J.; 12 Sep 1855; 3 Oct 1855; Heirs: wife Ruth; daughters Sarah Jane and Julia Ann LINDLEY; sons Oliver, Ira, William Riley, Samuel Newton; grand-daughter Hester Ann McPHERSON. Executrix: wife Ruth LINDLEY.

LINDLEY, Hester Ellen; 16 Jan 1861; 2 Feb 1866; Heirs: children Mary E. LINDLEY, Charles J., Amanda Ellis LINDLEY; half brothers and sisters, husband (not named). Executor: John A. HUDELSON, also to be guardian of the children.

LINDLEY, Owen; 26 May 1871; 19 Aug 1871; Heirs: wife Mary; children Henry, Joseph, William, James, Amy TRUEBLOOD, Deborah, wife of Jonathan TARR. Father William LINDLEY deceased and brother Jonathan mentioned. Executors: James and William.

LINDLEY, Thomas; 11 Apr 1858; 8 Oct 1862; Heirs: daughters Elizabeth STOUT, Abigail LINDLEY, Sarah LINDLEY; sons Eli, Charles, Enoch, Nathan. Executor: son Eli.

MAGNER, Edward; 25 Feb 1864; 1 Nov 1865; Heirs: wife Jane; sons Lanville M., William Henry, James; grandchildren Archibald HUDELSON, Emily TAGGART, William B. TAGGART. Executors: sons William and James.

MAGNER, William; not dated; 1 Feb 1856; Heirs: sons William H., John A.; daughter-in-law Jane, widow of Josiah MAGNER; Mary E. TAGGART; Hannah WILSON; Joseph HICKMAN. Family grave yard to be preserved forever, in NW quarter of Sec. 5, T2N, R1E (Orleans Township). Executors: Samuel H. GLENN, Hamilton TAGGART.

MARIS, Jonathan; 25th day, 4th month, 1864; 30 Jul 1868; Heirs: adopted daughter Elizabeth Mahala PICKETT; heirs of my deceased wife Sarah MARIS, namely, the heirs of James and John HOLLOWELL, both deceased, these being Mary CLENDENIN and Jose Woodard HOLLOWELL; my aged father William MARIS. Requests to be buried in Friends grave yard at Lick Creek. Executor: Samuel T. LINDLEY.

MARLETT, Joseph; 19 Jul 1860; 6 Aug 1860; Heirs: wife Sidney; sons George, Merida E., Chesley, Isaac, William; daughter Mary Ann DISHON; grandchild Francis Marion WEEKS; Nancy TRUEBLOOD, wife of William; Elizabeth, wife of Irwin POLK; heirs of Minerva Jane LAMBDIN. Executor: my friend and neighbor, Isaiah McBRIDE.

MARLETT, Nancy; 11 May 1872; 29 Mar 1873; Heirs: daughters Elizabeth GILLIATT, and Sarah A. LOVE, wife of James; son Jordan C. MARLETT; daughter Adaline GILLIATT, wife of John; son James N. MARLETT; the children of my deceased sons, John C., George B., and Green MARLETT; children of my deceased daughter Nancy REILY. Executor: Christopher COX.

MARTIN, Roger, of Lawrence Co., Ind.; 10 Oct 1871; 29 Jan 1873; Heirs: wife Martha E. MARTIN, living in Salem, Ind.; older children mentioned, not named; children John B., Lewis, Edwin, Robert S., Jennie L.

MAXEDON, Clary; 18 Aug 1869; 18 Jan 1870; Heirs: sons Thomas and Woody E., daughter Laura M. MAXEDON. Executor: John H. BUCHANAN.

MAY, William; 25 Feb 1860; 14 Apr 1860; Heir: son Laban MAY. Executor: not named.

McCOY, George; 22 Mar 1860; 3 Jan 1861; Heirs: wife Lida; sons Jackson, George, Riley, Allen, Henry; daughters Susannah BROOKS, Margaret WARREN; heirs of my daughter Mariah BROOKS; grandson William McCOY, son of Patterson.

McINTOSH, James; 8 Dec 1865; 7 Mar 1866; Heirs: wife Winifred; youngest son Andrew. Executor: son Samuel.

McLANE, Robert; 15 Nov 1851; 31 May 1864; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; sons Isaiah, William, John; daughters Eliza McLANE, Margaretta BAKER, Sary Ann MOODY, Emily CHISSOM. Executors: sons William and John.

McPHERSON, Duncan; 4 Jun 1869; 14 Aug 1869; Heirs: wife Mary; Elizabeth TAYLOR, Mary Ann MAGNER, Sarah Etta CLAXTON, William A. CLAXTON, father of Sarah, who is under 21 years of age; my sister Sarah HUDSON. Executor: William W. CHISAM.

MILLIS, Edward; 11 Jun 1850; 22 May 1857; Heirs: wife Hester Ann; Lydia HILL, Nancy ELROD, Kiziah MARIS, and their children; Nichosan MILLIS; the heirs of Enoch MILLIS; heirs of Elizabeth SPOONER; heirs of Hester Ann BUSICK; heirs of Mary CROW, deceased. Executors: my son-in-law John ELROD and my friend John BAKER of Paoli.

MILLIS, Nichosan; 22 Mar 1870; 23 Apr 1870; Heirs: wife Rebecca; sons James F., Enoch, Charles D., John; daughters Kaziah M. CAMPBELL and her sons, Arthur J. and Robert M., daughter Sarah Jane HOLLOWELL. Executors: wife and son James L.

MONTGOMERY, Charles B.; 15 Apr 1874; 2 Sep 1874; Heir: wife Ruth. Executrix: wife Ruth.

MURPHY, Daniel; 16 Jul 1863; 18 Aug 1863; Heirs: wife Mary; son Aaron, James N. MURPHY, Daniel M. MURPHY, Madalean N. GILMORE, Rebecca A. WELLMAN, Nancy J. MURPHY, Mary O. MATTOX, Rachel E. WELLMAN; heirs of Sarah V. McPHEETERS, deceased; heirs of George H. MURPHY, deceased. Executor: my son-in-law Ephraim GILMORE.

NEWTON, George W.; 17 Jul 1861; 11 Apr 1862; Heir: brother Christopher. Executor: brother.

NICHOLS, Jacob M.; 23 Oct 1866; 8 Feb 1868; Heirs: children, Margaret GRIGGS, Benjamin F. NICHOLS, Nancy J. PIPHER; grandchildren Mary HENRY, Thomas HENRY, Adeline and Margaret HENRY and Elizabeth R. HILL. Executor: Theodore STACKHOUSE.

NUGENT, James; 31 Aug 1867; 24 Jan 1868; Heirs: wife Sophia; my wife's brother & sisters; Elzora STINE, my wife's niece; my brothers and sisters, Thadeus, George, Charles, Edward and Frances SUTHERLIN. Executor: wife's brother John HENDERSON.

O'BLENIS, Elizabeth, widow and heir of Daniel O'BLENIS; 20 Sep 1859; 28 Oct 1859; Heir: Maria S. O'BLENIS. Executor: Jonathan PAYNE.

OSBORN, Martha; 29 Sep 1862; 14 Aug 1869; Heirs: daughters Mary WILSON, Elizabeth HILL, Achsa HADLEY. Executor: sone Jesse OSBORN.

PARK, George of Orleans; 27 Jun 1865; 28 Feb 1872; Heirs: wife Margaret, children.

PARKS, Nancy; 25 May 1855; 8 Apr 1858; Heirs: son Robert PARKS; daughters Minerva GRIMES and Maria McDONALD. Executor: son Robert.

PICKETT (PIGGOTT), Nancy; 25 Aug 1852; 4 Oct 1852; Heirs: mother; stepdaughter Nancy Ann; daughters Mahala and Sarah Jane; son Cyrus. Executor: Jonathan BRAXTAN.

PINNICK, John; 4 Feb 1862; 15 Mar 1862; Heirs: wife Sarah G. PINNICK; grandchildren, relicts of Charles and Nancy TISHEMAKER, viz: Charles T., Sarah J., Grace, A.P. TISHEMAKER. Executrix: wife.

PIRTLE, Jesse; 7 Dec 1855; 15 Jan 1856; Heirs: sons Bazzaleel, David, John; daughters Charlotte MOON, Sarah MOON, Martha MOON, Margaret WELLS, Elizabeth BUSICK; the heirs of Nelson PIRTLE. Executor: Samuel STALCUP.

PRITCHARD, Benjamin; 10th day, 4th month, 1856; 2 May 1856; Heirs: wife Sarah; children Martha Jane, Enoch, Charles, Ann, Milea, Hannah. Mother-in-law Martha THOMPSON mentioned. Executor: Levi WOODY.

PURKHISER, John; 14 Jun 1859; 1 Aug 1872; Heirs: daughter Barbary PURKHISER; son James Franklin PURKHISER.

RIBLIN, Catharine; 14 Oct 1846; 13 Jun 1857; Heirs: William MATHERS, son of James and Rachel; Martin and John MATHERS; my daughter Rachel MATHERS; "money in KY due me in Hiram NORTON's hands." Executor: Moses MATHERS.

RICHARDSON, John; 4 May 1867; 14 Jun 1867; Heirs: wife Mary; children Martha Jane, Betsy Jane DURNAL, Sally Ann SHELTON, Tursey Jane RICHARDSON. Executor: son Daniel W. RICHARDSON.

ROACH, Thomas R.; 9 May 1866; 17 May 1866; Heirs: Louisa Ellen HARRISON; my children Alexis H., Joseph J., Milly E. BRIDGEWATER, William R., Hiram, Ruth C. THOMPSON. Executors: son William R. ROACH and son-in-law William BRIDGEWATER.

ROBERTS, Benjamin; 11 May 1853; 11 Sep 1853; Heirs: wife; daughter Irena ADAMS; son Ishmael. Executor Henry HOLMES.

ROBERTSON, James W.; 17 Jan 1854; 28 Aug 1856; wife Margaret, exec.

SCOTT, Isaac; 30 Jan 1857; 4 Mar 1857; Heirs: wife Ruth; sons Lorenzo D., John D., Truston K., Thurston D., Newton P.; daughter Belinda, wife of Osmond LOMAX; heirs of Arthur SCOTT, deceased; Asa M. BLACK to be guardian of 4 minor children. Executors: Asa BLACK and James H. SHERROD.

SEYBOLD, Joseph M.; 26 Feb 1860; 2 Apr 1860; Heirs: wife not named; sons Hemenius, Joseph Sirus; the three girls Elenor WAYNICK, Luzena APPPLE, Sarah Ann WAYNICK. Executors: my sons.

SHAW, John, of Paoli; 18 Feb 1864; 18 Feb 1865; Heirs: Francis M. SHAW; daughters Caroline Matilda and Mary Elizabeth SHAW; grandchildren Sarah Emma and Mary Louisa SHAW. Executor: son Francis.

SHIVELY, Philip of New Prospect, Orange County; 30 Mar 1860; 27 Aug 1872; Heirs: wife Penelope; children James B., Mary PICKET, Susannah SPEER, Jacob, Elizabeth LANE, William P., Angeline SHIVELY, Michael M., Marthy SHIVELY. Executors: Michael and William P. SHIVELY.

SMITH, Elizabeth; 19 Sep 1864; 1 Nov 1871; Heirs: Elizabeth Manley WOLFINGTON; Jacob BIXLER, Levi BIXLER, Finley BIXLER; Rebecca CADLE, wife of William CADLE and sister of Finley BIXLER. Executor: Asa M. BLACK.

SMITH, Nicholas; not dated; 8 Aug 1855; Heirs: wife Catherine; sons Benjamin R., Nicholas S. Executor: son Daniel.

SPAULDING, Nelson; 16 Apr 1872; 17 Jan 1873; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; daughter Charlotta, wife of William WEAVER; son Richard A. SPAULDING; Telitha MOORE, widow of John MOORE, Lucinda BAXTER, Lucinda WEBB, Louisa BAXTER, Clorinda MOORE, widow of Edward MOORE, my children and grandchildren. Executor: Richard A. SPAULDING.

STACKHOUSE, William; 30 Jun 1868; 4 Sep 1872; Heirs: wife; children Theadore, Sanford, William, Wallace, Alfred, Maria DAVIS, George, Henry, Hugh, Mary J. GREEN. Executor: son Theadore.

STAFFINGER, Peter; 9 Apr 1860; 6 Apr 1868; Heirs: daughters Lavina BOLER and Illana STAFFINGER; Christian and Christiana STAFFINGER; my youngest brother, Henry STAFFINGER. Executor: Dr. Lee HAZELWOOD.

STALCUP, Samuel; 28 Jul 1862; 16 Aug 1862; Heirs: wife Elizabeth; youngest son Samuel R.; four daughters and other two sons. Son-in-law James MURPHY.

STANDEFORD, William; 9 Feb 1865; Nov 1865; Heirs: wife Nancy; children Merritan STANDIFORD, Emily DENNY, Lucy Ann OWEN, Casander HUBBARD, America STANDEFORD, Amanda Melvin STANDEFORD, Lydia NICHOLS; heirs of son Vincent; heirs of my daughter Betty WALKER. Executor: wife Nancy STANDEFORD.

STEWART, William; not dated; 2 Jun 1855; Heirs: wife; sons John and Hugh; daughter Mary, wife of John CRITCHFIELD, children of my present wife; and her daughter, Mary Jane HUTCHINSON. Executor: Arthur J. SIMPSON.

STOUT, John; 12th day, 4th month 1865; 14 Apr 1866; Heirs: Iram, Sylvanus, Silas, William, John, Lafayette; Hannah and her heirs; grand-daughter Helen Ellen LINDLEY. Executors: sons Silas and John.

TATE, Zachariah; 8 Sep 1868; 18 Jan 1869; Heirs: daughter Dovey M. WIBLE and her heirs. Executor: not named.

TEGARDEN, Columbia of Northeast Township; 15 Sep 1874; 27 Sep 1874; Heirs: wife; sons William, Samuel M., John A.; daughters Lydia E. TEGARDEN, and Martha J., Polly A. MURRAY and Sarah M. FIELDS. Executors: son George W. TEGARDEN and Jonah G. REED.

TEGARDEN, John; 23 Oct 1865; 21 Nov 1865; Heirs: wife; heirs of eldest son Andrew; children Mary Ann BROOKS, Sarah FERGUSON, Elizabeth FINDLEY, Samuel (?) TEGARDEN, James H., John E., Lucinda T., Bazzle K., Elias S. Executor: son Samuel.

THOMAS, Stephen; 1st day, 5th month, 1859; 3 Sep 1859; Heirs: wife Lilly; daughters Nancy STOUT, Elizabeth Jane THOMAS; heirs of my deceased daughter Celia HOLLOWELL. Executor: son-in-law Iram STOUT.

THOMPSON, Enoch; 10th month, 26th day, 1850; 28 Jun 1855; Heirs: wife Martha; children Owen, David, Jonathan, Aaron, Jesse, Sarah PRITCHARD, Hannah PRITCHARD, Anna Jane DIXON, Lydia COX, William E. THOMPSON. Executors: David THOMPSON, Benj. Morris PRITCHARD.

THOMPSON, Owen; 8 May 1866; 10 Feb 1868; Heirs: five children now at home, Malinda, William, Edwin, Samuel, Hannah; other children Martha Ann HOLADAY, Mary Jane LINDLEY.

TOWELL, John Sr.; 29 Mar 1858; 15 Feb 1864; Heirs: daughters Sally THOMPSON and Mary LINDLEY and their heirs; daughters Dinah LINDLEY, Rachel THOMPSON, Elizabeth McCOY; heirs of daughter Hannah MARIS, deceased; grandchildren Jesse TOWELL, John W. TOWELL Jr., Parthena JONES; sons George and Isaac; Executor: Joseph COX. Codicil dated 4 Nov 1861 names as executor James L. THOMPSON of Washington County, Ind.

TRUEBLOOD, William; 9th month, 1st day, 1873; 5 Nov 1873; Heirs: wife Margaret; daughters Elizabeth TRUEBLOOD, Hannah COX, Eliza J. LINDLEY, Caroline JONES. Executor: Samuel T. LINDLEY.

UNDERWOOD, Alfred; will made at French Lick Springs; 11 May 1872; 7 Dec 1872; Heir: wife Sarah Jane.

VANCE, Andrew C.; 8 Nov 1871; 1 Dec 1871; Heirs: Virgil PURKHISER, Dorcas Amelia VANCE, Hester Etta VANCE, George V. NOBLITT. Executor: John T. NOBLITT.

WALLACE, Alexander, of Paoli; 12 Apr 1863; 1 Dec 1863; Heirs: daughters Mary Ann WALLACE, Margaret and Dorinda; Louise Jane BLACKBURN; sons James and Alexander; grand-daughter Caroline WALLACE now living with me; Margaret WALLACE trustee for Caroline; Heirs of Jonah GLOVER, to-wit: Addison C. and Benj. F. GLOVER, Priscilla CHAMBERLAIN, Sarah Jane NEWBY; John and William WALLACE, Eliza C. POTTER, Campbell WALLACE. Executor: son William.

WAY, Anthony; 10 Feb 1854; 12 Oct 1854; Heirs: sons Benjamin and William; daughters Amy SHIRER, Phebe TOLIVER, Mary STEPHENS, Wilmer SANDERS. Executor: not named.

WELLMAN, John; 8 Mar 1870; 28 Mar 1870; Heir: daughter Kittie Ann WELLMAN. Executor: not named.

WELLS, William; 18 May 1874; 8 Jun 1874; Heirs: children Nathan T., John W. Eleanor B. WELLS & Dora. Executors: brother Nathan WELLS and my nephew Hiram E. WELLS.

WHEELER, Grafton; 17 Apr 1860; 27 Apr 1860; Heirs: half-brothers and sisters Nelson, Parkerson, Caleb, and Bazzle WHEELER, Amy LERUE, Miranda WHITAKER, Mary GORDAN, Eliza WHEELER, Cordilla CARTER. Executrix: Katherine HENRY.

WHITMIRE, Jacob F.; 12 Jan 1869; 14 Apr 1874; Heirs: son Isaiah; the "old folks"; daughter Mary MOWER; the children of Jacob WHITMIRE du Bordera BROWN; the children of my daughter Margaret RATHARMER du Catharine SHEAR, Elizabeth GIMBLIN, and Josiah WHITMIRE; and John KLAR and Catharine EGARTY, children of my present wife. Executor: son Josiah.

WIBLE, Hugh C.; 21 Mar 1863; 31 Oct 1863; Heirs: wife Dovey M. WIBLE. Executrix: wife.

WILLIAMS, John L.; 20 Jun 1870; 25 Jul 1874; Heirs: granddaughter Martha Williams TARR; grandson George W. WILLIAMS; son Daniel WILLIAMS; daughter Letitia FLICK; the 5 children of Polly Williams DAVIS--namely Elizabeth EMANSFIELD, Letitia KENDAL, Martha A. GRAW (or GAW), Jane M. DAVIS, Soloman DAVIS. Executor: son-in-law Thomas FLICK.

WILSON, Nathan; 13 Apr 1858; 10 Jul 1858; Heirs: daughter Beatrice WILSON; son Nathan. Executor: Isaac S. POTTER.

WINETEER, Nancy; 17 Nov 1860; 25 Jan 1864; Heir: son Thomas WINETEER. Executor: James S. RILEY.

WOLF, Henry; 17 Mar 1855; 2 Jul 1855; Heirs: sons Peter, Henry, George, Lewis; daughters Elton CORNWELL, Eliza TRINKLE, Lucinda BURGESS, Elizabeth MOULDER, Mahala YOUNG, Nancy LEWIS. Executors: William H. CORNWELL and Lewis H. MOULDER.

WOLF, John Sen.; 28 Jul 1858; 10 Sep 1858; Heirs: wife Sarah; sons James Harrison, William, Nathan, Peter, John C., Harvy; daughters Mary BLACKBURN, Dorinda ARTERBURN. Executor: William H. CORNWELL.

WOLFINGTON, McKinsey; 18 Oct 1856; 7 Nov 1856; Heirs: sister Jerusia WOLFINGTON; Nancy WOLFINGTON, daughter of Amesby WOLFINGTON; Jemima, daughter of Glatha WOLFINGTON. Executors: Edward MOORE Jr. and Valentine WOLFINGTON.

WOLFINGTON, Nancy, widow of Emsly WOLFINGTON; 30 Dec 1865; 19 Jan 1866; Heir: son Simpson WOLFINGTON. Executor: not named.

WOLFINGTON, Simpson; 12 May 1872; 3 Jun 1872; Heirs: sister Mahala WOLFINGTON; sisters and heirs of my deceased sister. Executor: Sammy T. LINDLEY.

WRIGHT, George W.; 3 Jan 1854; 15 Apr 1854; Heirs: sister Mary Jane TEGARDEN. Executor: uncle Aaron WRIGHT.

WRIGHT, Mary G.; 4 Aug 1870; 31 Oct 1870; Heirs: mother Eliza A. WRIGHT; brother John M. WRIGHT; sister dSarah J. ATKINSON (should be ATCHISON); reference to father, Warden H. WRIGHT, deceased. Executor: not named.

WRIGHT, William W.; 20 Oct 1864; 13 Apr 1866; Heirs: brother John M.; mother Eliza A. WRIGHT; sisters, Mary G. WRIGHT, Sarah A. ATCHISON and her husband John ATCHISON. Land which was father's--William H. WRIGHT. Executor: not named.

YATES, William; 9 Nov 1868; 7 Dec 1868; Heirs: wife Lucinda; children Wm. B. YATES, Asheley YATES, Nancy YATES, John, Mary TAYLOR, Henry, Phebe McPHERSON, Jane YATES; grandson Benjamin F. YATES. Executor: Stephen WELLS.