Wininger Family Reunion

circa 1902

Submitted by Marvin Beatty

1. James K. Wininger, 2. Elizabeth Ellen Wininger, 3. George Washington Wininger, Sr.
4. Lewis M. Wininger, 5. Nelson Wininger, 6. John Frank Wininger, 7. Marion Emmons
8. Malinda R. Wininger Lewis, 9. Cynthia Wininger Self, 10. Sarah Wininger Huston
11. Vester Archer, 12. Lindia Freeman, 13. Hattie Freeman, 14. ?, 15. George K. Wininger
16. Liza Wininger, 17. Margaret Nug. Wininger, 18. George Self, 19. Mary E. Hopper Wininger
20. Elijah P. Wininger, 21. Sadie Wininger, x, Rev. George W. Wininger, Jr., x,
Mrs. George W. (Salendia) Wininger Jr. and Harley Wininger.
Andrew J. Vowell and Bessie Wininger Vowell.

The following information was contributed today by, Lori.

It's already on the site but I was at the library today going through Newspapers and came across the same picture in a area of the paper called Yesteryear.

This picture had been provided to the paper by a gentleman by the name of Pete Wininger.

According to Mr. Wininger the picture was taken in 1899

and the following People are in the picture (They didn't try to indicate who was who):

James K. Wininger and Elizabeth Ellen Wininger George Washington Wininger: brother of Ellen Lewis Wininger- Brother of Ellen Nelson Wininger- son of George W. Wininger John Frank Wininger- son of James and Ellen Marion Emmons- son of James's sister Mary Ann Wininger Emmons Malinda R. Wininger Lewis- Daughter of James and Ellen Cynthia Wininger Self- daughter of James and Ellen Sarah Wininger Hueston- daughter of James and Ellen Vester (Sylvester) Archer- h/o of Grand-daughter Lucena Wininger (Mr. Wininger said Son In Law but Lucena was their grand-daughter). Lendise Freeman (?) Hattie Freeman- granddaughter George A. (Mr. Wininger said George K. but his middle name was Alexander and this is a common mistake made in the family) Wininger- son of James and Ellen Liza Lewis Wininger- wife of George A. and sister to Malinda R.'s husband. Margaret Nugent Wininger- wife of Elijah P. Wininger Sadie Wininger- wife of George W. Wininger George W. Wininger , Jr. son of George and Sadie Salinda Breeden Wininger wife of George W. Wininger, Jr. Andrew Vowell Dessie Wininger