Worrell Cemetery

Also known as Irwin Cemetery

From the Cemetery Records compiled by the Lost River Chapter DAR

Orleans Township. Section 10, T2N R1E. Abandoned.

This pioneer graveyard is covered with small trees, vines and shrubs, so that it is very difficult to find the stones, of which there are 29. Beside the 23 with inscriptions there are 4 with markers of field stone and 2 with initials R. M. and H. M. The earliest marked stones are those of Robert and Elizabeth Pickens Worrell, early settlers from Kentucky. Robert Worrell was a soldier of the War of 1812 and was a cripple from injuries suffered at the Battle of the River Raisin.

BAKER, Harriet, consort of Wm., and daut. of Willis and Jane COWHERD.
       d. 22 Nov 1848,age 40y/4m/10d.
BAKER, Harriet, daut. of Wm. & Harriet. d. 26 Dec 1848, age 8m/24d.
BAKER, Jesse F., son of W.G. & M. 24 May 1863-23 Mar 1865.
BAKER, Robert L., son of W.G. & M. d. 6 Oct 1857, age 2y/8m/16d.
BAKER, Eliza Ellen, daut. of Wm. & E. d. 30 Dec 1864, age 14y.
BAKER, Frederick, d. 20 Aug 1843, age 1y/6m/28d.
BAKER, John. b. 25 Apr 1795 (?), d. 3 Sep 1856.
BAKER, Catharine, daut. of J. & A. d. 3 Mar 1837, age 3y.
GIFFORD, W.W. (crudely cut--no dates).
GIFFORD, Levi. 25 Aug 1799-19 Dec 1865.
GIFFORD, Sarah (Baker), w. of Levi, d. 23 May 1855, age 55y/4 m/16d.
GIFFORD, Martha, daut. of L. & S. d. 8 Sep 1855, age 14y/3m/16d.
PICKENS, Levicia Ann. b. 14 Sep 1831, d. in 6th year of her age.
PICKENS, Anny. d. 13 Sep 1851, age 6y/10m/4d.
PICKENS, Evaleen, daut. of L. & M. d. 20 May 1856, age 16y/10m/29d.
TONGET, Merideth, who departed this life 7 Aug 1842, age 51y/10m/3d.
       (Pensioner of War of 1812.)
WORRELL, Robert, d. 25 Jun 1830. (Pensioner of War of 1812.)
WORRELL, Elizabeth, d. 19 Jul 1830. (Wife of Robert.)
WORRELL, John, son of R. & E. d. 3 Jul 1830.
WORRELL, Perry, son of R. & E. d. 17 Aug 1831.
WORRELL, America, daut. of R. & E. d. 23 Aug 1831.
WORRELL, Samuel, son of R. & E. d. 28 Aug 1846.
WORRELL, daut. of D. & P. d. 21 Dec 1844, age 1y/4m/27d.
       (daut. of David & Priscilla.)