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Travel Diary Of Lizzie May Davis

Both the transcription and index were shared by Jim Davis


This is a transcript of a diary that Lizzie Mae Davis wrote during a visit from Ottawa, Kansas to Bellmore, Indiana.  She departed on this trip May 10, 1894.  On the inside cover is listed 1. Sat—Uncle Qame (this doesn’t match anything that I know of), 2. Ditto marks under Sat and Uncle then Hobert, and then 3. Ditto marks under Sat  and no name, then $25, then Davis – Lizzie Mae, Matilda Jane. Elizabeth – Bitsy Bit.


The next page is headed May 10 – 1894, Lizzie Davis, (Ottawa, Kansas) and then Bellmore Ind.


Left Ottawa Thurs May 10 at 2:40 P.M. arrived in Kansas City at 5:05 – left K.C. at 8:25 – on the Chicago and Alton RR and arrived in St Louis at (about)7 AM.  Left St Louis at 8:10 – arrived in Terra Haute at 12:42 – Left Terra Haute at 4 and arrived in Rockville at 5:05 May 11th.


May 11 –1894

Arrived in Rockville at 5 o’clock and found Aunt Phebe and Uncle Ike, Uncle Sam and Liz. Branson there to meet ma.  I surprised them as they were not expecting me and Uncle Sam said he would be even with me before I went home.  Liz and Ma rode in the buggy and Uncle, Aunt, myself & trunk in the back. 

Grandma was at Uncles and after a jubilant time and good supper we retired.


Sat May 12.

I’m still bewildered.  North seems like West etc.  Cousin Linda and Ellis and their neighbors came before dinner.  Heard Ma was there before they arrived.  They praised my work of “art.”  I gave Linda one of the spools from silkirlle.  Aunt Cin came in the evening and afterwards she and Ollie took us to Uncle Willard Jerome’s.  We there saw Bert, lately married and Ed.  I was feeling very badly so didn’t sleep much until 1 o’clock.


Sun May 13.


Ed came to Uncles also his brother in law Mr Call and Mr Tom Mater.  Later Ollie came and I went to Otterbein with her.  Met Squire Crooks, Rose and Hamilton Jeffires, Bertha & Hamilin and several others.  Went back to Uncle Ikes for dinner.  Uncle Hob, Aunt Sarah, Laura, Bardie Uncle Willard Aunt Ellen, Will & Florence Smith Geo & Clo Branson were there for dinner.  Later Uncle Sam & Aunt Mary came and Lawrence Blake.  I wrote home and retired early.


Mon May 14


I did our washing in connection with Aunts and ironed before dinner.  It was looking like rain so after dinner while Uncle took us to Aunt Cin Hamiltons.  There met Dr Peare at supper, said he didn’t usually look so tough but he’d been faint.  Said he saw me four years ago at Pisga Church.  I helped Aunt with the dishes and talked to Uncle Sam a short time.


Tues May 15


Aunt Phebe came soon after breakfast and we went to Uncle Sam’s.  Looked like rain so Aunt went back home soon after dinner and Squire and I went to Yellow Springs got a lot of ferns and rocks and after our return I curled his hair and my own then we went to Bellmore.  I paid Dr Peare for Ma’s medicine.  He was trying to keep cool.  I think said he looked tougher than he did the night before that he had been working in the garden that day.

Squire plays the guitar real well had a fine time


Wed May 16


Aunt Mary & Uncle Sam bro’t us to Uncle Hobs but as they had taken their wool to Rockville.  Bardie came with us to Uncle Thomps.  Had a lively time as usual.  Mr Frank Thomas is working for Uncle Thomp and keeps company with Amy Blake.  Uncle Perry Wimmer, Bert and Uncle Thomp were grading the road or lane.


Thurs May 17


Uncle Thomp and Aunt Cin went to Uncle Hobs for dinner.  We girls did up the work.  Bardie & I sent a letter to Charlie.  Aunt & Uncle went home  we went to the barn.  Had some views from the hay mow window went to Sulpher Spring.  All thru Mr Harlens old house, and to Uncle Hob’s sugar camp.  Drove home the cows had supper and a heavy rain.


Fri May 18


Ma went to Aunt Lila’s, Aunt Mary & Sarah, Laura, Bardie and I went to Bridgeton.  Aunt got a new hat.  All took dinner with John Crooks.  Has just been married three weeks ago.  Went to Elmer Welch’s store.  Got weighed – 122 ½.  Had a little talk with John and some fun with Elmer.  I just had my thin Waisle on  & cape and nearly froze coming home.  We sang told stories etc to keep warm.  Composed a sequal to “the cat came back”  Went to Aunt Lila’s all night.  There was Mrs Holbert Davis.  She had girls of her own.  She had a niece from Kans.  Who would never play at home.  She tried every thing she knew to keep the girls away  Even took em down to Bridgeton and she told me for to stay.  But the girls came back.  The very same day the girls came back.  Tho’s they were all goners But the girls came back for they couldn’t stay away


Frost tonight.


Sat May 19 –


Bert bro’t us to Uncle Thomps in their new buggy.  After dinner I drove to Uncle Ike’s after our heavy dresses.  Ollie came back with me.  Mailed a letter to Emma, Willie & Nellie & Myra.  Rained nearly all day.  Uncle took us to Dunkard meeting at night.  The text “Come and follow Me.”  Very cold and raining.


Sun May 20


Rained nearly all day.  The dunkard preacher from Ladoga preached again in the morning and evening.  Saw lots of people at church.  Uncle Jim and Aunt India, Mary Ritchison Thurman and Husband and the minister came to dinner.  Hamlin was coming but had company.  Uncle Thomp and I went to meeting at night.  When O went in sat down with Ollie & Hamlin.  Lawrence & Mort were there.  Mary Crooks and Mr Rill.  The minister’s wife Mrs Birley invited me there all night.


May 21 – Monday


Cloudy and cold.  Washed in the forenoon and after dinner Bardie came after me.  Commenced piecing a “necktie quilt.”  L. B. & I all slept together and after a big romp we went to sleep.


Tues May 22


We got ready to go to Ida Mitchells but was too rainy so B. L and I went to Mary Blake’s.  Ma and Aunt Cin were there.  After dinner Aunt Mary gave me some scraps like her dresses.  Willie or Pete gave me his picture.  We came back to Uncle Thomps early so I could drive to Uncle Ike’s.  I stopped for Bertha J and as she was not ready I waited for her.  We then went to Uncle Ike’s.  Hamlin came later in the evening.  We sang, talked and had a very good time.  Had a little talk with him, said he answered my letter but I failed to receive it.  Bertha and I slept in the front room.


Wed May 23


Ollie, Bertha and I drove to Rockville today.  It rained a little on us.  Ollie got a new hat and dress.  I bo’t two crumb trays one for Aunt Phebe and one for Aunt Sarah, each 35 cts and two glass dishes 50 cts for Aunt Cin H & Lila an umbrella $2.  Canton flannel calico & oranges.  Waited at Uncle Ike’s awhile after our return then came on home.  Had a letter from Barbara all were well.


Thurs May 24


Aunt Cin and I went to Mary Thoronghiman’s & Ma to Aunt Lila’s. Had a fine time.  Mary gave me some boards from their house.  Some scraps and their pictures.  Ms Thoroughiman hid Mary’s Mother Hubbard and said she would never see it again.  We went to the store (Ferndale) Mary treated to candy.  We got home at 4 o’clock.  Helped with the work and expected H but did not come. 


Friday May 25


Ironed some for Aunt Cin and myself.  After dinner we went to Dan Strange’s Della & Anna were at home.  Dan came in before we started home.  Tried to charm my warts off.  Grandma and Aunt Cin rode.  Ma Aunt Lila and I walked.  I went on to Uncle Hobs.  The girls wanted me to be sure and come back with them Sat so as to go to Jeffres.  Girls went to Uncle Thomps & stayed all night.  We sang and Frank Thompson played on violin and sang some.  We girls all slept together.


Sat May 26


Uncle Thomp and Grandma Aunt Cin and May Laura Bardie and I started for Uncle Jims.  Before we got there overtook Uncle Ike, Aunt Phebe and Ollie.  Hadn’t been there long until Uncle Sam & Aunt Mary came.  Had a big dinner.  Washed dishes had music and started home.  Uncle Sam wanted to know if I was going to my chums that night.  Said he was not that he wouldn’t have time for the medicine --- which he took night before.  After supper 8 o’clock Laura Bardie & I went to Jeffries.  I never wished so much that I had stayed away from anywhere before.  Three of Akers girls were there.  Ella Blake, Tenny Goss, Alta McClain, Ollie W. L.B. & I.  Amy Blake, Frank Blake, Frank Thomas, Squire Crooks, Emery Fullinder, Lawrence Blake, Ora Jeffries and wife. Hamlin, Bertha.  There were three guitars.  We sang had instrumental music etc.  Came home 11-30.


Sunday May 27


Came to Bridgeton with Uncle Hob & Aunt Sarah.  There were about 50 old soldiers there.  Went to John Crook’s for dinner after the decoration.  After dinner it rained but John held up and we went to Pleasant Valley to decoration.  Came to Uncle Jim’s with Elmer Welch.  Had some frost.  (some scribbling with note “some of Pearl’s writing”)


Mon May 28


Wrote 4 letters.  Helped Dora some with the washing, stole Aunt Indies bread and after dinner Dora Pearl Uncle Jim & I went to see two steers one cow and colt killed by lightning Sun night out in the pasture.  Practiced on organ.


Tue May 29


Practiced some, made beds, swept and ironed.  Aunt India’s mother Mrs. Martin and sister & brother John came before dinner.  After dinner Aunt India’s aunt (Aunt Cinda Day) and Uncle Tom came.  Dora went with me to her Uncle Rob Martin’s to hear Rob Crooks play but as he had gone on to Tom Wolverton’s  Mrs Martin, Alice and niece went with us there.  Rob C. played a great deal but said he couldn’t play much hadn’t practiced etc.


Wed May 30


Practiced all forenoon and copied songs.  After dinner went to Bridgeton by way of Crooks.  After Music, Elmer treated and we then went by way of five different Ames’ and invited them in to spend the evening after supper, Alice Martin, Mr & Mrs Tom Wolverton, Geo Ames, Emma Ames, Edith Ames, Lizzie Ames, Ollie Ames, Anna Ames, several boys, Charlie Thompson were all here until 11-30.  Charlie played violin.  Lizzie A. played the harp and guitar.  Elmer Righter works for Uncle and tries to play on the violin.  Slept with Dora.


Thurs May 31


Got up a little late just in time for breakfast.  After breakfast Uncle Jim, Grandma, Aunt India, Ma & Pearl went in one rig to Bridgeton and Elmer came out after Dora & I.  We first went to Aunt Barkin Crab and later went to John Crooks for dinner.  Went to Aunt Barbara C.  After dinner awhile then to the store.  Dora’s Aunt Elin Davis was there.  Dora & I bo’t each a 10 ct. can of baking powder and drew a spoon as prize.  Practiced on organ  Learned how to play Clayloris Mah,


Friday June 1


Practiced all forenoon.  Went to Bridgeton with Uncle Jim after dinner John Crooks was one of the clerks as it was primary election.  Lucy and I played “parcheesie” until 9 then retired.  John came home about 12-30 came to my room thinking Lucy was there.  He rustled out of there when he learned his mistake.


Sat Jun 2


Read and called on Aunt Barbara & Roda Crab.  Had a splendid visit with them.  John Lucy & I started for Uncle Sam’s about 4 Jennie & Nelson were there for supper.  We then went to hear them practice at Otterbein.  Had a jolly time.  Saw Charlie – wanted me to go home with him.


Sunday Jun 3


Came to SS with Squire.  Practiced singing with the rest afterwards Rode home with Chas.  Dora & Elmer – Mary Crooks and Mr John Hill were there for dinner.


Ms Chaffy and Miss Jones from Greencastle came.  Miss Jones  uses Southern brogue and didn’t sound the “r” in her words.  She saw some potatoes on the way over and said she tho’t they were strawberry bushes.  After Margt & John left I went with Dora & Aunt Cin.  Elmer & I tried to crack some


(got a letter from home & one from Hamlin written long before I came here.)


Hickory nuts and each smached our thumbs.  Got to Otterbein a little late.  House was running over full.  Uncle Hob came down the aisle after me & said Ollie wanted me sit there.  Did my best at singing.  Mrs Birley was glad I helped with singing.  Lawrence B said was glad I helped.  L. & B. didn’t say or ask me at all.  Piled the chairs in the hall for Frank & Chas to stumble over.  Frank came first & stumbled, fixed the chairs for Chas, later he came & also stumbled.  H was with El.


Mon June 4


Chas bro’t me to Uncle Willard’s this morning did our washing and Mrs Williams & Mrs Oder came-  We looked over goose berries until after supper and Filo :& I went to the P.O. came back & stopped at Florences.  Ferdie played on the organ and plays splendid.  Got home at dusk and worked then went to bed.


Tues June 5


Ironed our things & helped Flo.  After dinner all went to Florence’s .  Aunt Ellen & Flo stayed until after supper.  Effie & I went to Curgs and invited Aunt Cin to Mat Maters next day.  About 8 o’clock Cin and Crug came.  Had lots of music.  Went to bed about 11 o’clock.


Wed June 6


Aunt Ellen, Florence, Effie, Ma & I got ready to go to Mant Maters.  Just as we started Mant and Lina came so all went.  Aunt Sarah was there and Cin H came after dinner.  Uncle Jack also was there.  Had a big dinner.  Aunt Sarah wanted to get my cape on for me to go home with her so as I had no special place to go I went.  Saw Ida and Perry & baby a few minutes.  After supper had taffy.  Then Chas and Frank Came Barda Chas & I went to prayer meeting. Frank walked with the other boys.  Charlie acted “monkey” all the way over.  Drew rein at the corner to read an advertisement and “got sold”  B & I tied and pinned the lap robe around him.  Had preaching before testimonial meeting.  Mary Crooks, Barda, Elle B, Tenny Goss & myself all sat in one seat.  Hamlin looked X X at me for some cause.  Went home.


Thurs June 7


Laura bro’t me up to Bellmore – Ma & I stopped at Florences awhile and Effie went with us to Eds.  Sarah her & mother were friendly.  After dinner we went to store and bo’t bedspread and doz napkings $2 – after the mail was distributed we went to Uncle Ikes.  Started to walk but Harry Sheb overtook us so we rode.  When they first saw us coming they tho’t Bert & wife had come on ahead but I told them I wasn’t the bride.


Friday June 8


Had splendid visit with Liz.  Before dinner Tom Branson & little boy came and Kate Ratliff, Clo’s music teacher was there.  Heard Clo take her lesson – later Clo & I took Old Nell and drove to Bellmore after our valises.  Saw Lawrence Blake and Dr Durks little boys.  L got our mail 3 letters.  Bert and wife went to Dr Durks Wed.  Uncle Willard came home last night and the boys had gone fishing.  Came back by Uncle Ike’s and prepared our valise to come to Linda’s.  Ollie came with the boys – Orren & Franz, they had white paper collars tied with white strings.  Went on to Liz’s Forgot our pictures so went back to Uncle Ikes and stayed all night.  Ollie and I talked until about 10 o’clock.


Sat June 9


Came to Linds’s with Uncle Ike and Aunt Phebe.  After dinner Dan and Ravina Sapinfield came  - Big visit with Linda & Ellis.


Sunday June 10


Ma went to Dan Sapinfields and Linda & I drove a borrowed horse to the buggy and Ellis drove Doc to the cart.  All went to Sandcreek to children’s day exercises.  They were half thru when we got there.  Had to stand awhile.  Mr. Welch gave a good talk to the children.  Song by Mr Wimmer’s folks – Mort, Liz, Ollie, Lawrence – Rock of Ages – very good.  Talk by Lawrence – The brotherhood of Man.  He spoke about shutting out this selfishness and coming down among the poor and working etc.  I tho’t I would remember all but haven’t room to write all he said.  Mr Welch shook hands with me as tho he always knew me and insisted on us going there for dinner.  We went to Grandma Smiths – Just had a splendid time.  She was such a good old fashioned woman.  They could not say enough in favor of Mary Blake & Lawrence.  She wanted me to stay 2 or 3 days and she would take me around to visit the young people.  We started home about 3 o’clock.  Stopped in Judson to children’s exercises.  There had a very nice time.  Liz, Geo & Clo, were there Aunt Phebe started but did not go for some cause they were at Mr Welches for dinner.  Linda and I went by for Ma then on home.  Had an early supper.  Retired.


Mon Jun 11 – Ther 98 degrees


After breakfast Ellis showed me about painting and gave me notes on same.  Drew pattern for Ma on apron.  Spent all forenoon helping me & Ma, Linda showed about making paper flowers.  After dinner several girls came to be drilled on their orations.  After supper Linda bro’t us to Mant’s.   Needing rain very much.


Tues June 12 99 degrees


We visited all day.  Mrs Jack came for dinner.  Lenna, Laura & Maud & I went to John Burnsides, and McCutchen’s after butter.  After dinner played with the girls.  After supper Lenna and walked to the top of the hill then thru the timber, found some graves then on home by way of the high hill above their house.


Wed June 13 At Mr Jacks 90 degrees


Mand Ma Lemma & I went to Mr. Jacks,  They did as every one else did, fussed around and got a rousing big dinner.  I went to sleep before dinner – after dinner talked, looked at curious rocks pictures etc.  Went home at about 2 o’clock.  After supper Mant bro’t us to Lina’s sat on porch after we got there.  Children all grown very much except Minnie.  Albert Spencer came – played on his corner.


Thurs Jun 14


Washed some after breakfast.  Played some with the children wrote some – after dinner Minnie Nellie & I went to Mr Homan’s.  Had music.  Daisy & Ona are taking lessons but don’t play very much.  Came home after 3 o’clock.  Had supper at Uncle Ikes,  Bert & wife went to church.


Friday June 15


Ironed.  Mant & Llennce came after dinner.  Had a big rain.  Sang some songs for the girls.  About 4 o’clock Uncle Jack bro’t us to Uncle Ikes.  Ollie had me fix her cake put Davis Reunion Jun 16 on top had lots of fun fixing it.


Sat June 16


The Davis Reunion at Uncle Thomps, Ma Aunt Phebe and Uncle Ike went in the buggy, Mort’s – Lawrence & I in the wagon there were 49 etc at the first table.  Grandma sat as the head of the table then Aunt Cin – Lila – Mrs Harmless Uncle Thomp Hob Jim, Aunt Phebe, Aunt Mary then the daughter’s In law & sons-in law and some the other relation.  Grandma Aunt Cin & Lila felt so bad they cried before & during dinner.  At the reunion before Grandpa was living and Grandma is failing so fast.  I think they tho’t she would not be here long.  They wanted me to eat but I tho’t of Pa at home and couldn’t at the first table.  At the 2nd table Ollie & Laura were on each side of me then Barda & Charlie and I don’t know who else.  We threw scraps and Elmer Welch and I got to scuffling & I threw a glass of water in his face then he threw one in my face  We had quite a tussle.  I helped some in waiting on the table and helped carry dishes to the house.  After while we had singing – It commenced threating rain so a good many went home.  We tried to make Charlie take back some things he said and Lawrence, Squire, Bert, Alvy, Frank, Thomas all came with a rope and surrounded us girls.  In the scuffle, Lawrence lost his watch charm.  We looked a long time for it and Bert found it.  Frank Thomas said he didn’t like Tilly very much.  I asked him why he said I piled chairs in the hall so they would tumble over the barristers.  We got ready for home.  All wanted me to come see them. (Ma & Aunt Phebe had gone on)  We got some pickles out of the lunch basket and Lawrence got mine then I tied his & Ollie’s together and they tried to eat.  Such fun L hung them on the gate post.  Morts got some banannas in Bellmore – came on home – letter from home.  There were about 75 at Uncle Thomps all had a good time and a big dinner 20 cakes.  Boys played croquet.  Lawrence said he would loan me his broad brimmed hat a few days.  Uncle said I had better color that usual.  (of course I was red as a poppy)  The girls were all there getting the baking done.  They had 5 different kinds of cake besides strawberries bananna’s mutton and everything else good.  I helped decorate the table fixed a wreath all around it of roses & white flowers and had a large boquet in the center on a cake stand with white roses all around the vase.  Those who were there: Liz & Geo, Clo, Laura, Harry, Maud, Edith, Mary, Linda, Ellis, Fred, Mort, Wealthy, Bulah, Orren, Franz, Elmore, Thomas, Bill Thomas, Haltie Wright and brother, Ollie, Aunt Phebe, Uncle Ike, Lawrence, Bert & wife, Ma & I.  Had some music instrumental then Berts wife played and we sang church music.  Ma & I went with Liz.  Went to bed about 12.


Sunday June 17


Went to Otterbein church not very many there on account of Dunkard meeting at Bellmore.  Everyone asking about the Reunion.  Jeffries the preachers & others heard what we sang real plain.  Mrs J. B. & H. all asked me there but we came home – after dinner Ma wrote home.  Lawrence came up.  We sang and Lawrence told a story about Berls wife going out in the timber with his Uncle Joe’s little girl and seeing some little mounds where the earth was worked up loose wondered what kind they were and the girl told her if she would get down to the ground and call “doodle doodle up” they would come up – they did so – the bug came up.  All we heard was doodle doodle up Ol L & I went to Bellmore to Church at night.  The preachers text The Typical Battle of Life Immense- paster said maybe he would visit Kansas if so would visit us.  Came back  home.  Wrote a short review of the sermon.  Retired.


Monday June 18


Oliver Bullion died Sat and was burried today – funeral preached at Otterbein by Rev Birley at 10 o’clock.  All went from here on the wagon.  It was very sad.  Clo came there today as Liz starting to normal this morning.  After dinner we tried to go to sleep and made so much noise they heard us out in the field.  Weeded Ols flower beds – picked some raspberries ate them  I filled by mouth with green goose berries and Clo put some red stain on my face and I went to the room where Ma and Aunt Phebe were.  Ol got me the camphor and I was takin on at a great rate when I had to laugh and the gooseberries flew.  I helped set out cabbage plants after supper.  Ol & I practiced on organ went to bed at 10-30.


Tues June 19


Ma and Aunt Phebe and Uncle Ike went to see Aunt Polly Harlen living with her daughter Mary Brown near Catlin.  Aunt Polly is 97 years old, walks around real lively for one of her age.  Smokes a great deal.  Ollie & I did a big washing got through at 8 o’clock – We rested, I made a cake – OL turned the grindstone for Mort – ate dinner got to throwing water.  Went to Mr Nutgrasses came back picked some raspberries acted awfully so Lawrence said.  Sprinkled clothes – made biscuits – about dark the folk came home.  Lawrence came about supper – Ol gave him a piece of my cake.  Went to bed early.


Wed June 20


Ironed this morning.  Got ready for Morts as we went by the bee’s they were swarming.  Ollie was just sick so to save Aunt Phebe I went to the field for Lawrence but Mort came so he came down.  I then went on to Morts.  Orren came to meet me.  Helped Wealthy some with the dinner, she had raspberry cobbler, chicken and other good things in proportion.  Dried the dishes.  Played with the children looked at pictures.  The children wanted me to stay and be their girl – & didn’t want me to go home.  It rained some was raining as we came home from there.


Thurs June 21


Raining some – got ready and came to Laura Webs. After dinner Ol read a receipt to take off tan so as I has stopped at Alfred Spences store that morning and got some magnesia we tried it.  Dissolved the magnesia like paste and washed our faces in it.  We were all ghostly looking – had a great deal of fun.  Stayed all night.  Ol & Aunt Phebe went home about 3.


Friday June 22


Harry hitched up to take us to Jeffries long before we were ready, Started from there at a little after seven and when we got there it was not seven by their time and they didn’t have their work finished.  After while Ol & Aunt Phebe came- then Aunt Sarah, Laura & Bardie & Mrs Brireley- we looked at pictures played on organ helped shell peas and carried on with nonsense before dinner.  After dinner we young folks took our charirs in the yard and Hamlin came out.  Made hats – Bardie & Maud did of Beech leaves – we took them away from them, then we commenced throwing cones – had more music and a general good time.  The rest left about 4 – Bertha bro’t Ma and I to Uncle Sam’s soon after Squire went to( kooe lice ) ?– we sat in the yard and talked until about 9 – retired.


Sat June 23 at Uncle Sam’s


Did some washing & ironing – baked a cake after dinner.  Gathered boquet of wild roses from the top of the hill – bathed – It rained & Alice Noble came.  The boys took the organ to the school house to practice and bro’t it back for they expected the “band” but they did not come – cause – an ice cream supper at Sam Calls – Laura & Bardie went but they never mentioned it Tim John & Lucy came about 8:30.  We sang played until quite late.


Sunday June 24


Squire and I went to Otterbein SS.  Had a heavy rain while there –

Had review & reorganized SS the young ladies had Lawrence B. for their teacher were very anxious for them L & B were & Lawrence & Ollie, Bardie, Laura, Charlie came with us and we drove on to center school house to hear Rev Killay but he was not there so Lawrence B preached from 6th Chap Ephesicus.  I played organ.  Came home Uncle Hob Aunt Sarah, Mr & Mrs Dutch Mater & relative were here.  After dinner Hamlin, Bertha & Lottie Web came.  We sang tried several new songs and then started to Center.  I was to sing alto but just as we commenced it began to rain so lots went home & others to the school house – we sang chuch songs and they got at me to play an instrumental piece – I played Clayton’s Mch but didn’t play it very well.  They Uncle Sam, Squire, Will Noble, Frank Shaw, Alice & others wanted me to sing “The Cat Came Back” so I did & “He’s a drunkard tonight”  They seemed to enjoy it but Ma scolded me & said she was just ashamed of me etc.  Came home – all rather glum that evening.  Retired early.


Monday 25


I washed – Lucy & I gathered some raspberries watched Squire & John shoe their horses then went to Sulphur Springs.  Ma went too – carved our names in a beach tree in Uncle Sams yard.  John McGilverys here all day after dinner witched John make a butcher knife.  Went to Bellmore with Uncle Sam & on to Uncle Ikes.  Ollie had just washed told me of their trip Sun.  said she felt like a fool Dun sitting in the buggy all wet.  Letter from Lilia.


Tues 26


Uncle Sam  Aunt Mary, Ma & I went in the big wagon to Howards.  Got there just before a heavy rain.  After dinner they sawed bee tree down got ½ bu bees & over 50 lbs honey – old tho.  We went to the timber and saw them saw down the tree.  Laura fried young chicken for supper.  I bro’t a piece home to tease Uncle Sam on the way.  He didn’t want any so I ate it & put the bones in his pocket & hat after while we smelled a skunk & he said it was my chicken working off.  Laura gave us some pieces – Their baby Bert is 3 years old, Fred 8 – Frank 10 they are living on Perry Blake’s land.


Wed June 27


Went to Nelson’s today.  Their baby Roma Deas is 6 mo old and awful pretty.  They have things in their house nicer than any of the others.  Had a good time.  After dinner Ab Alex came – Jennie is awful funny – walked over home thru the timber Ab offers her place for sale at 35 per acre but most land is worth more than that.  A letter from Howard order for 10


Thurs June 28


Uncle Sam and I went to Rockville and Ma * Aunt Mary to Aunt Ab Alex – very warm – We went to the bank first – then to P.O. then bo’t hose 60 & 4 hdkfs – (50 cts) – Uncle took me to drug store and bo’t a glass of soda water each.  Waited at Whipples for him.  He forgot his money so as Aunt cautions him not to forget lye & lamchimneys I gave him money & then he forgot them.  Got back to Aunt Ab’s about 12 – our horse was wet with sweat it rolled off him in drips Ther 90 degrees at 7 in the morning one morning this week.- Ate hearty dinner at Aunt Ab’s .  Jennie was there and May Yates Ab’s niece.  About 3 o’clock we went to Hosa Wimmers just as we started Mary Crooks & mother came but went back as we did.  Rachel Norman Switzer was there – Alice Noble came all were there for supper.  Ma & Aunt Mary rode home.  Uncle Sam and I walked.  We stopped at Fullwiders and Emery said couldn’t come that night but would come tm night.


Friday June 29


Went to Aunt Rachel Mershon’s – Uncle Sam took us in the big wagon – Helped her peal potatoes-  Had a fine dinner – After dinner went to the orchard.  She gave us a big cake of maple sugar – went to Dr Crooks – looked around some – where Ma was raised – came on home – ironed some gathered a boquet got ready for folks.  Aunt Sarah’s  “mother hubbard” – an old velvet hat – parted my hair in the middle – Bardie in Laura’s dress a little while had stuck on her head and went to Uncle Perry W but they knew us so our scheme failed.  Went home 8-30


Sunday July 1  At Uncle Hobs


Raining until about 11 then Uncle Crug and Aunt Cin came & later Aunt Cin & Uncle Thomp, Aunt Lila, Uncle Perry, Aunt Phebe, Uncle Ike, Aunt Mary, Uncle Sam, Grandma, Ma, Aunt India, Uncle Jim Dora & Elmer, Ida & Perry, Charlie – John Chaffee, Frank Thomas, Alvy Wimmer, Ollie – Laura Barda & Myself had dinner.  As soon as Mr Chaffe came he wanted to know how the Kans school marm was getting along and I said something about “that school marm expression” he spoke of when he was here 4 weeks ago.  Just before dinner we young people went in the “back room” – The old people ate first then we us & co.  Mr Chaffie ate by me- He passed me the honey and asked if I would have some – honey, - Later he past the sugar but said nothing – just grinned.  Of course I blushed.  They wrote all over my fan and Bob’s I went to the road to talk to Nelson & Jermie and while there Will Jerome came.  He came in and spoke to Ma & talked awhile but did not fix to “visit” so went on with the boys on their wheels.  They all left after promising we would go to Uncle Jim’s Thurs night.  Later Mr. Chaffe & Chas left.  Just before supper Chas. passed; we girls all ran out and down the road after him.  Bardie sat by him I on his lap and Laura on B’s lap.  He didn’t stop until he turned the corner.  L turned around and C then drove South the corner, turned around and drove to Aunt Ab’s gate L then got the lines & drove back home, - C, took all my hair pins and my hair fell down – tickled me tried to push L & I out, and had us grabbing to him all the time, - After supper we went to Uncle Thomps and I got my black dress and rubbers. – Talked awhile then we & Frank & John C went with us – went to the shop fastened the door – then to the gate and J wrapped it with log chains.  We girls went towards the house with the boys then started for home had to climb the gate.


Monday July 2


Washed some this morning.  Visited the “Blake Graveyard”  Where Grandpa Jerome –Aunt Phebe, Uncle Henry, Charlie and the Davis relation Blakes, Millers are all buried.  Grandpa Beauchamp and then Aunt Ellen came after dinner Ma and Bardie went to Mol Overpecks then to Uncle Perry Blakes – then Ma came here.  L & I went to Charlie Blakes stayed for supper & then had some music  Amy gave me some pieces.  L.B. &I went to Uncle Sam’s then to see Squire about the 4th & going to Uncles Thurs instead of Trees.  We sang songs – threw water & had a jolly time.  Squire is coming over tomorrow night. – L & B came with me to Aunt Lili’s got here rather late.  Retired about 9.


Tues July 3


Went to Ida’s – Ma Aunt Cin, Sarah, L.B. & I.  Tried to find bait to fish with but was too scarce – used biscuit crickets and a few grub worms.  Didn’t catch any fish.  After dinner, we washed dishes & B & I got to throwing water until we were both soaking wet.  We came home about 4 and after supper Amy Blake came and we went to Uncle Thomps to Ice cream.  Squire, Bert Alvy, Frank John & Chas were all that were there.


Wed July 4


Laura, Chas., Bardie, John, Squire & I all went to Turkey Run.  Hardly as ;nice as the Shades but very nice & we had a very nice time.  I fell down once – Charlie laughed and then he said I looked oh so sarcastic at him he stopped.  We arrived at Uncle Hobs 9:30 but Bardie not for 30 min.  Later I felt somewhat quiet all day and Squire did too – cause – I’ll not write before dinner we visited. The grounds near & after dinner went across the creek.


Thurs July 5


I went up to Uncle Thomp’s early and Ma did the washing.  Chas took Mr Chaffe home.  After dinner Ma & Aunt Cin went to Mrs Goss’ – I ironed tried to sleep some.  About 5 Chas came back & Mr C.  with him said he came back to see me – I told him I tho’t it was the other one – After supper Squire & I Chas. Laura, Bardie & John all went to Uncle Jim’s.  Chas & Squire had their guitars.  I tried some chords.  I played -  We sang.  He sang, Grandfather only left to me his old brown pants – “Good by Maggie” etc.  They had given us up we didn’t get there until dark.  They had ice cream made & sent for the neighbors to help eat it, but they didn’t come.  We ate ice cream had music & a good time until 11 o’clock.  The evening passed so quickly we hardly realized it was gone-  We girls pulled covers – stole pillows & had a big time.  The boys rattled on our stove pipe & I heard Chas. Say the flees had been having foot races up his back all evening.  In the morning just as we were ready to start they bro’t out a big watermelon wet.


Friday July 6


Got home about 9-  The boys went up stairs & as I was sleepy & lonesome I went up stairs had just got to sleep when Chas called me & wanted to talk to me-  I went down stairs – we talked school awhile.  Then he was called to help out doors – After dinner they hitched up Pats for me & I drove by for Laura to go to the baptising.  Willie Blake came & later Aunt Sarah & Bob – L & I started, stopped at Mort Overpecks awhile then drove on.  Saw a great many that I knew .  There were 18 or 19 baptising  L & I drove back by Mary Ritehisons – told her good bye – got home they were waiting for me & uneasy -  We ate supper then came to Uncle Ikes in the hack.-  Later L & Bob came – Lawrence came up.  We had a good time.  I went up stairs for my night dress & as Ol was to sleep alone I called to Ma if I could sleep with OL.


Sat July 7


We baked in the morning.  I tried to make a cake but it was not extra fell some.  Ol’s fell too.  After dinner we went to Liz’s was then for supper came home & made caramel for cake.  Retired early for the first time this week.


Sunday July 8


Did up morning work.  Got ready for SS Linda & El came before we started.  Lawrence came.  Told Link we girls were going to take him somewhere he couldn’t tell yet – going down he told me the report was Ol was married.  I wondered who the lucky person was but they didn’t tell then but coming home he said it was he himself.  We had lots of fun over it afterwards.  Mary Crooks, John Hill, Laura, Charlie, Bob, John, Hamlin, Ella, Bert, Aunt Cin H, Curg, Perry, Lile, Linda, El, Laura, Harry, Geo, Liz, Mort, Uncle Sam, Aunt Gint, Maud, Edith, Mary, Bulah, Orren, Franz, Lawrence, Ma, myself Clo, Fred, were all here for dinner, besides Aunt Phebe, Ollie, Uncle Ike.  I made dip for a cottage pudding and helped set the tables.  I sat by Lawrence at the table – Hamlin was way at the other end so I didn’t see much of him.  After dinner we sang – John Hill got sick- we were all weighed & Mort got a copy of them for me but the scales were not right – weighed from 6 – 11 lbs more than the true.  We played with a rope awhile-  The boys tried to get it around us – I had a little talk with Linda- We all sat in the buggies – Laura & Lawrence, Mary & John in one, Bardie & John C in one, Hamlin & I in one, Ella B Lottie Webb & Charlie in one.  Told them all goodbye expecting to go Thurs.  Lawrence stayed awhile.  Put a flower in my dress sleeve.  Went home with Clo- stayed there all night.


Monday July 9


Visited normal – got back from Rockville about 3 – found Lina Bill & Uncle Jack here – After they left Ma Ollie & I went to Curg’s – Dr was going on at supper about visiting.  Said he didn’t like to visit.  He had to wear his coat couldn’t eat chicken with his fingers and eat pie with a fork etc.-  Said he was mad at all the Davis’ but us.  They had invited his Pa & Ma and had not invited him.  We all went to Nill Smith’s that night – Uncle Willard’s folks were all there & Squire had a nice time.  Went back and Dr sat in our room awhile.  Then when Aunt Cin had our bed fixed on the floor he said he supposed that meant for him to leave – He sang a tnll song in his room for us.  Ol & I raised cain nearby – didn’t go to sleep until nearly 1 o’clock.  Dr said afterwards nobody could sleep for every little while we would go te he he.  In the afternoon Char. D the cripple had his phonograph there and Ol  & I went in and heard several songs.


Tues July 10


Got up at 5 – after breakfast – we Aunt Cin, Ma & I went to Uncle Willards.  Dr came down to dinner.  After dinner- Flo & Effie came – I took a nap & in the evening Willie bro’t us to Uncle Ikes.  Went to bed early.


Wed July 11


Packed a box with feathers and other things.  Bro Byerley & wife stayed all day & evening.  Very fond of chicken – said chocolate cake was his favorite - & it happened to be caramel.  Ate till we got through then Ol ate & got thro before he did.  The crowd that was here Wed night –20- Bro Byerley & wife, Aunt Cin, Curg, Effie Smith, Will Jerome, Perdie Smith, Squire, Chas., Frank Thomas, Bert Alsy, Dr Peari, Ol, Lizzie, Lawrence, Ma, Aunt Phebe Wimmer, Bertha, Hamlin, Mort, Dr. Sang “Carry me back to Old VA”-“As I lay across my good Ol mother’s knee” “Trill Song” – “Come Ye Disconsolate” the last his favorite.  Told folks goodbye again -  All the coz (boys) wanted me to come down said they’d come after me anytime I could come.  Told Chas, me he would come Thurs night.


Thurs July 12


Went to Morts – Ol Ma & I played with the children under a tree in the garden awhile.  Set the talbe kept off this before dinner.  Stuck Curg with a pin after dinner when he went to sleep.  This got the rocking chair but didn’t keep it very long.  Just as Lawrence started he wanted to know where I would be Sun.. I with out thinking how it would sound said I would be back here Sun evening.  They all laughed so-  He said he meant Sun morning- that they would go where I wanted to go – Said I didn’t care I would go where Pa and Ma went-  Came home early and ironed – After supper Chas came for me.  It was such a nice moonlight we went slow and had a good talk.  – understood each other better afterwards.  Stopped at Uncle Hobs and Laura & Bob went with us down the road.  We bro’t them home then went to Aunt Cin’s.



Uncle Ike 2 ton to A. hay

Friday July 13


Aunt Cin was just sick so I stayed there until about 11 o’clock went to Uncle Hobs for dinner.  The hay hands were there.  After dinner Mrs Byerley came-  Just before supper Bro V came – After sup we girls drove to Bellmore for mail & Bob saw the Dr.  We got home about 9 and in a short time Squire came for me.  Went there had a nice time.


Sat July 14


Aunt Gint took me to Aunt Lile’s before we went I helped iron & Squire gave me a hdkf.-  L&B went to Aunt Liles too.- Aunt had a nice dinner-  L & B & Aunt Gint left – rather early-  Had a splendid talk with Aunt Lile.  Said it would tickle her if I would write to Dr Sherman – Alvy & I went to Uncle Hobs after supper.- Bert came later – Ol & Lawrence started to Uncle Thomp’s & we got them to stop.-  Chas & Frank then came & slept there.  The boys were sitting in their window & heard all we said-  we didn’t know it till we were about ready to go to sleep.  Ol & the girls were spanking us & Chas said “I bet that blistered” – We went to sleep about or a little after 12.  The boys said 2 – When Lawrence drove up he said he couldn’t wait until Sun night and had to come them.


Sun July 15


Got up about 5 helped do the work after breakfast and then L & B left.  We sang – Read SS lesson – got ready for SS Aunt Mary & Perry Blake came so Uncle & Aunt did not go to SS.  After SS was class meeting – Lawrence conducted it nearly everyone had something to say.  I couldn’t help thinking maybe I would never be there again & if so at the change there might be & I shed a few tears.  Chas kept watching me and Ol said he shed a few with the rest.  I made a little talk.  Didn’t make me feel backward at all-  the words just came.  Ol, Bardie, Laura, Mary Crooks all cried too.  The crowd went  to Jeffries – Dora & Elmer, Rose & Hamlin, Lawrence & OL, Laura & Bardie, Oscar Mater & wife, Hamlin, Bircher, Chas & I.  After dinner  Mary & John, Jim Hill & cousin Anna Irny came.  Just as we were ready to start Chas said he wanted to speak to me so I went to the door & he asked to take me home – Lawrence & others heard what he said.  Chas stayed until we were ready to go.  Lawrence’s face was board as when he look at me.  We drove until about sun down.  Found, Aunt Sarah, & Uncle Hob here – told them goodbye Lawrence said I trreated him kind of thin.  That was the 3d one that day-  I let on I didn’t know what he meant.  We played Judkins family at the train then ate supper.  Boys told college stories – then Ollie, Laom, Laura Bardie – Chas. Frank & I all went to Uncle Thomps – All rode part of way- We yelled the boys Chas & Lawrence pinched & slapped me – “change cars and got home about 10-30 Aunt Cin got up & told us where to sleep-  we went to bed disputed who would sleep with me.  I at last got in bed and said who would sleep with me to come on and all piled down with me.  Bob first went to the North room & then I went – The girls then we were trying to go to sleep came in took us out of bed & took their covers off and threw them down stairs.  Later they came in & took our feather bed straw bed & covers off.  We wanted in & the rest appears on my fan.  We took our bed in their room it stayed –I don’t just know how long.  Aunt S & Uncle Hob were here at Aunt P


Mon July 16


We packed our trunk but it did not take long.  Uncle Jim & Aunt India came.  After dinner I took a nap.  Will Jerome bro’t Ma’s dress home stayed a little while.  After super- Laura & Bardie, Charlie, Bert. Alvy, Morts, Liz’s Linda’s Lawrence Curg’s , Uncle H Aunt Cin all there until quite late.  Lawrence sat in the window by the organ and how he did laugh when I sang “The cat came back”  didn’t see how I could have learned Claytons March in so short a time.  Said next time I saw him he would be able to play anything on organ.


Tues July 17


Bid Linda & El, Mort & Lawrence goodbye.  Uncle Willard’s joined us at Bellmore.  Will, Uncle Ike, Aunt Phebe, Cin, Laura, Bardie, Ollie, were there to see us leave.  Left Rockville & friends about 11 AM.  Got to Terre Haute nearly 1, left Terre Haute at about 3- arrived in St Louis nearly 7- made connection all right and arrived home July 18 – dusty & tired.