Parke County, Indiana
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James A. Richardson Family

 Lindsay Schmeltz was gracious enough to share the letter and information below with the website.

If you can help her in her quest to learn more about this family, please contact her directly.


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My husband and I live in Tangier, IN.  Most of our neighbors refer to our home, as the "old Andy Allen house".  He lived here at some point before the previous owners. 


We were recently remodeling (gutting) the living room.  We found in the wall, an envelope with a letter, and a stack of what looks to be either receipts or business type cards.  Only part of one could be read.  Which says J.A. Richardson & Co. Tangier, IN 1899.  Dealers in Farm Implements.  On back has some numbers written on it.
The letter was most incredible.  It is very frail, but almost all can be read.  Even the envelope.  The envelope is from Lusks Springs, postmarked Sept. 23.  10 AM 1901.  The writing on the envelope is a bit hard to read, but I can make out Miss ............Richard ( I assume Richardson, but the envelope end has been torn off.  Then Tangier written underneath.  Records indicate our house being built somewhere around 1914.  If so, I am sure this letter was not sent directly here.  But the letter was written Sept. 22, 1901 to Hollis from Bessye.  I cannot read the writing on the last name, but looks to be Fundger, but that is a wild guess.  Bessye was a school teacher for one of the Sugar Creek Township schools.  One of three women, as it states in the letter.  Herself, Cora Thomas, and Milea Carter.
I wasn't sure if you would be interested in a copy of the letter or business card, but I would be more than happy to scan and send it to you.  I would prefer to keep the originals.  Also if you know of someone that could give me some info on the Richardsons.  That would be great.  They are of no relation to me, but I would be interested to know if they were the builders of this house, or if they lived here.



This is what I do know, pertaining to the Richardson family from an obituary.
?? Newspaper -- Mrs. Mary Atkinson Richardson the daughter of Samuel and Ruth Atkinson was born in Fountain County, Ind July 8, 1846; departed this life Dec 21, 1917 age 71 years 5 months and 13 days. When she was only 6 her parents both died and she was then taken to the home of a near relative where she remained until grown. She had no brother but an older sister preceded her to the heavenly home 5 years ago. She was married to James A. Richardson on Sept 19, 1880 and to this union were born a son and daughter, Roy Gilbert Richardson and Holis Anna Watson, both of whom survive her. Her husband died March 29, 1904, leaving her to fight the battles of life alone for almost 14 years. The deceased lived in Parke Co. from the death of her parents until four years ago when she moved to Newport to live with her only daughter who kindly cared for her thru these years. She was converted at an early age and lived a consisted Christian life in her daily walk. She had a birthright membership in the Friends church and dearly loved all its doctrines. The night was never too dark, nor the weather too cold for her to go and help the sick and needy as long as her health permitted her to do so. The deceased had been in failing health for over a year but was able to be up in her chair until 10 days before her death when pneumonia seized its fatal grip upon her frail form and she realized from the first of her sickness that her time on earth was short. She asked her daughter not to grieve for her, saying, "I hate to leave you," but turning her eyes heavenward said, "I would rather go." Funeral services were conducted at the home in Newport on Sunday following at 11 o'clock by Miss Ida Curtis pastor of the Friends Church at Tangier. Interment was made at Rush Creek cemetery by the side of her husband.
Also, I found some other info from what names were mentioned in the obit.  Roy took over the family business after James passed, selling horse drawn implements.  And from a marriage page, I believe Hollis married Henry Watson Oct. 22, 1913.  Mary's parents were Samuel Atkinson and Ruth Lindley.
I lose the trail with Hollis after her marriage.
This all stemmed from a hunt to find out who built the house.  And when it was actually built, without having to go through all of the records, or paying someone to do so for me.  So it's not a huge deal if you can find anything or not, however, if it helps someone else, great.