Parke County, Indiana
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 1902 Parke County Indiana Newspaper Items

These extracted items from various newspapers from Parke and surrounding counties.  Most of these have been contributed by volunteers.  If you have access to an old newspaper and would like to share something, please contact James D. VanDerMark

Rockville Tribune, February 19, 1902


  •             “Fishing is quite a pastime. We suppose they bite quite well. 

  •             Messrs. Bell and Martin, of Bridgeton, were here, last Saturday, on telephone business. They report business lively down there. A rough estimate places the number of free line phones centering at Bridgeton at 140 or more. 

  •             Mrs. Cyrus Goss and Mrs. Mort Overpeck are both dangerously sick. 

  •             Poisoning dogs is quite common. About eight or ten died Lat week, among them being Dr. Peare’s big dog Roger.”

Rockville Republican, July 16, 1902 


  • “Mrs. Anna STITH was awarded $2,500 judgment against the Terre Haute & Logansport railroad for the death of her son Dick Stith, who was killed in an accident near Judson when a cut of freight cars became detached from a train at Waveland and crashed into Stith’s engine. Suit had been brought for $10,000.
  • Judson item says people go in crowds to see the oil well on Jim HAZLETT’s farm. It proved to be marsh gas.
  • A big wheat yield is reported by Marion HATFIELD of near Marshall. A field of 12 acres averaged 44 bushels per acre.

 Rockville Republican, October 22, 1902


  • Homer McCAMPBELL and wife visited at Montezuma Sunday. 

  • Charley ASBURY and family and Harvey RUSH and wife visited at Wm. and Cindy COLLINGS’ Sunday. 

  • Wm. SKEETERS got two of his fingers badly mashed Saturday. He was in a car and standing in the doorway when the door blew shut on his fingers. 

  • Mrs. Ora HARRISON and children and Harley Heath and wife visited Homer Skeeters and family Sunday. Also Mrs. J. H HARRISON and Mrs. Wm SKEETERS on Monday. 

  • Miss Winona McCAMPBELL and Mrs. Jewel HORN drove over to Harold Henderson’s school near Hollandsburg Friday evening and Mr. HENDERSON accompanied them home.


  • “Wm. SKEETERS got two of his fingers badly mashed Saturday. He was in a car and standing in the doorway when the door blew shut on his fingers.
  • Ina BARKER of Kingman visited Mrs. George Barker Sunday.
  • Cards are out announcing the marriage of Wm. TITUS and Susie MARIS Wednesday evening at 7:30 o’clock.
  • Leonard NORMAN made a flying trip home Saturday to attend to some fall work and on account of the unaccommodating run of the trains could stay but a few hours.
  • Mrs. Ike LOWRY of Rockville, youngest daughter living of Wm. NUTGRASS, was present at his funeral last Saturday and remained over night with her mother, Mrs. Jane Nutgrass, who she had not seen for over two years.
  • Henry SUTTON will move in with his mother at Judson immediately after his sale Thursday.”