Parke County, Indiana
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1904 Parke County Indiana Newspaper Items

These extracted items from various newspapers from Parke and surrounding counties.  Most of these have been contributed by volunteers.  If you have access to an old newspaper and would like to share something, please contact James D. VanDerMark

Rockville Republican, April 13, 1904 


  • “John CLARK and wife were in Rockville, Monday, on business.
  • Mrs. Eliza BARNES died at the home of her son, J. S. Barnes, last Friday morning, at the ripe old age of 82 years, 9 months, and 22 days. She died of diseases incident to old age. Funeral services were held Sunday at the Baptist church, Rev. Liston officiating, Internment in Bethany Cemetery.
  • John BARNES of St. Joseph, Mo., Geo. H. Barnes and wife of Indianapolis, Mrs. Sarah Cannon of Mason, Ill., Mrs. F. E. Fisher and sister of Lucerne, Ind., Mrs. Joseph Feuquay of Jessup and John Oldshoe and wife of Waveland were among those from a distance in attendance at the funeral of Mrs. Eliza Barnes, Sunday.
  • Mrs. Ideoma ARMSTRONG and little son Aaron of Catlin spent last Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McMurtry.
  • Ed BARNES visited his sister, Mrs. Dr. Randall, in Ambia, last week.”

Rockville Tribune, April 20, 1904 


  • “Jessie DELP visited her aunt, Ida KIGER, over Sunday.
  • Cal CROWDER’s baby has been quite sick.
  • T. HALE has moved into the Wolf property near he Fisher school.
  • Ora DELP went to the election and stayed over Sunday with his uncle, the township trustee.
  • Paul LUNDGREN went Thursday night to see his best girl and hitched his horse to a tree. The horse thought the best girl lived in a different direction, and so broke loose and ran down the road to John Ferguson’s. It tore up the harness, but had the good judgment to damage neither itself or the buggy, and finally hitching itself by the lines to a clump of bushes, patiently awaited till morning. When Paul saw his horse come home uninjured next morning, he finally decided to make up with it.
  • Grant DELP and Nathan BENNETT attended the meeting held at Friends’ Union Church by Rev. Joseph Barker, last Thursday night.”

Rockville Tribune, July 20, 1904


  • Mrs. And Mrs. Allan BROCKWAY are at the Exposition this week.

  • Miss Ella BAKER gave a delightful six o’clock dinner to a number of friends, Monday.

  • Fred STITH went to Greencastle, Sunday, where he will remain several days visiting  friends.  

  • Miss Lucy ALLEN left Duluth, Minn., Monday, to visit her sister, Mrs. Margaret McLEAN. 

  • Last Wednesday, July 13, was the 86th birthday of Mr. Joseph SMITH, who lives on the farm of his son, north of Rockville. His daughter-in-law carried him a large bunch of sweet peas for a birthday remembrance. After inhaling their fragrance the old man remarked that is eyes were too old to see the blossoms and asked his daughter to bring the flowers to Mrs. Juliet V. STRAUSS, of the Tribune, with an old man’s compliments on his 86th birthday, and in memory of old times many years ago when Mr. Smith was well acquainted with Mrs. Strouse’s parent’s, who though both were younger than Mr. Smith, have passed into the great beyond. The little gift and the sentiment that accompanied it were highly appreciated by Mrs. Strouse, who is a lover of the aged, holding them ever in respectful affection.

Rockville Republican, July 27, 1904 


  • “Sam ADAMS and wife attended the funeral of William GILKESON, Sunday.
  • Stella HOPPER and children and Alma Hopper and baby Donald spent last Thursday at Levi Nevins.
  • ROSS & NEVINS finished the cement work on their road, Saturday. There were three arches.
  • We were all proud to know we had the prettiest baby boy in Rosedale, June 16 – Donald HOPPER.
  • Sarah PETHERAM returned home sick from here visit in Rosedale and is still quite poorly.”