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 1906 Parke County Indiana Newspaper Items

These extracted items from various newspapers from Parke and surrounding counties.  Most of these have been contributed by volunteers.  If you have access to an old newspaper and would like to share something, please contact James D. VanDerMark

 Rockville Tribune, February 14, 1906


  •             “Dr. Claude Hamilton called on friends in town, Sunday. 

  •             Greenbury Skeeters and his sister, of Milford, Ill., Mrs. Rebecca Whitted and Ellen Payne, of Edgar, Ill., and William Skeeters, of Bloomingdale, are visiting relatives here.   

  •             A. L. Collings has fitted up a shop and is duly engaged in the shoe and harness repairing business. 

  •             J. E. Brockway bought the D. W. Bain threshing outfit, consisting of an engine, separator and clover huller. 

  •             W. T. Watson and wife visited the latter’s parents in Judson, Friday.”

Rockville Republican, March 7, 1906 

“The Condition at Montezuma is Becoming Unendurable. 

            If the Montezuma Record correctly reports the situation affairs are truly in a deplorable state in that town. Law violations have gone so far that at a special meeting of the town council a reward of $100 was offered for the arrest and conviction of the person or persons guilty of committing the following depredations: Tarring the doors and steps of residences of Rev. SIBLEY and Al SHARP, throwing rocks thru the window of the sleeping room of Rev. MAYNARD, stealing and throwing James BLUE’s buggy into the river and sending anonymous threatening letters to the various preachers of the town. Mention of this last outrage was made in the Republican a few weeks ago. Since then the other outrages have been committed, showing that the ill feeling on the part of sympathizers with the saloons is not abating. 

One of the stones thrown into Rev. MAYNARD’s house weighed over two pounds and it is certainly fortunate that no one was hit. The Record says ‘complaints are coming in daily of outrages in all parts of the town. Threats to kill, dynamite and destroy by fire are a few among the many.’

Mr. BLUE’s buggy was taken Feb. 20, and the next Thursday afternoon it was found in the Wabash in 15-foot water. The axels were badly bent and the vehicle was generally in bad condition. Other articles have been stolen from his premises and on a recent Sunday night his stock was turned out on the railroad right of way. This scheme, however, failed of result for none of the stock was killed or maimed by a train before discovery. Besides the reward offered by the town, Mr. BLUE offers $50 for the arrest and conviction of the persons guilty of the crimes against him.

The trouble has resulted in the resignation of Marshal George ADAMS and the appointment of A. E. McMURTRY.

It certainly is time for the better class of Montezuma citizens to rise and assert themselves. If the Record properly states the conditions there is nothing else they can do. Aside from the question of the saloons obeying the plain mandates of the law the question of the safety of life and property is now at the fore – matters that cannot be ignored if the community is to continue a fit place for residence and business.”

 Rockville Tribune, March 14, 1906



  • “Miss Campbell, a young lady living east of Bridgeton, died Saturday night, after a serve illness.  

  • Elijah Cahill passed his 89th milestone last Monday, and the event was observed by his niece, Miss Ellen Cahill, who prepared an elegant dinner in his honor. ‘Uncle’ Elijah, as he is familiarly known, keeps in fairly good health, and his jovial spirits endear him to a host of friends who wish him many happy returns of the day.   

  • Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Cahill, Albert Cahill, Mrs. Frank Chadwell, John Rigdon, and other relatives attended the funeral of Oscar Mitchell in Jackson Township, Wednesday. Mr. Mitchell was a fine young man and his loss will be keenly felt. Until his first sickness, he lived on William Muir’s farm near Bridgeton, but was removed to his father’s home in Jackson Township, where he died.  

  • E. P. Berry will make another trip to Indianapolis this week, as delegate to the re-assembly of the National Mine Workers” 

Rockville Tribune, March 14, 1906



  • “Abe Collings has moved his harness shop into the Brockway block.  

  • T. K. Moore left, last week, for a prospecting tour in Oklahoma. He will be gone several days.  

  • Mrs. Fred Shalley died at her home in Montezuma, Saturday morning. The funeral and internment took place at Farmers Chapel, south of here, Monday.   

  • Rev. Joseph Skeeters is quite poorly. His nephew, Bert Skeeters and wife, of Milford, Ill., came, Saturday, and remained with him till Monday.  

  • Mrs. Fullenwider died, Wednesday evening, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W. P. Stark, south of town, of pneumonia.  

  • Quite a number from Judson came over and enjoyed the hospitality of W. P. Stout’s place of sugar making, Thursday. They had roast chicken and taffy, to the satisfaction of all.” 

Rockville Tribune, April 25, 1906

  • “Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Boyd, entertained at dinner, last Friday evening, at their home on West High Street. Misses Jane and June Deming, of Columbus, Ind., Miss Helen Sherrard, of Pittsburg, Pa., Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Nave and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Boyd were guests. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd gave a noon dinner, Monday, to a few friends in honor of John H. Tate. 

  • Frank Coffey went to Casey, Ill., Monday, where he will work at the blacksmith trade during the summer.  

  • The relatives and friends of Con Mull were glad to learn, Monday evening, that he was not in San Francisco last Wednesday morning. Although he had started for the city he was one hundred miles distant at the time of the earthquake.”


  • “A number of our people will attend Ringling Bros. show at Terre Haute next Saturday.
  • Homer SKEETERS moved his household goods to Bloomingdale last week. Mr. Skeeters will teach in the Bloomingdale schools next winter.
  • County Superintendent J. M. NEET, of Rockville, and Professor REAGAN of Bloomingdale, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. A. LINEBARGER.
  • Frank PRESSLOR and son, Samuel, transacted business in Judson last Tuesday.
  • Everett LOWERY and wife, of Chicago, are spending some days with their mother and brother here.
  • Mrs. NEVILLE is spending some time with her daughters in the country.”