GEORGE WILKINS - 1842                                          




            We Lewis Stone, George Carder and T Broughton acknowledge to owe and be indebted to George Wilkins in the sum of three hundred and eighty dollars in damages with interest thereon from the first day of June 1842 at the rate of six percent the amount of a promissory note of which a copy is hereunto attached above  And we hereby these presents Authorize Samuel F. Maxwell or some other Attorney at law to enter an appearance for us and in our names to confess a judgement in the Parke Circuit Court at the next term thereof for the said sum of three hundred and eighty dollars with interest and accruing costs in favor of the said George Wilkins Plaintiff hereby revoking all errors in law and confirming whatsoever our said Attorney may do in the premises And it is hereby stipulated and agree that no process of law need be issued but that the same be waived and that no declaration shall be filed except the note aforesaid mentioned and this letter of Attorney

   In witness whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals this 18th day of June AD 1842

Signed and Sealed in the presence                    Lewis Stone

of Joseph Potts                                                            George Carder

                                                                                                T Broughton



                                                Copy of Note


On or before the first of June next we or either of us promise to pay to the order of George Wilkins three hundred and eight dollars value received March 12th 1842

Attest                                                                           Lewis Stone

Joseph Stephenson                                                       George Carder

                                                                                                Thomas Broughton



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