For and consideration of the sum of Four Hundred and thirty Dollars to us in hand paid by Henry L Linton of the County of Parke and state of Indiana the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged; We Samuel Wilkins and Evaline his wife, do by these presents, give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said Henry L Linton, his heirs and assigns forever all our right, title, interest estate of, to and in, that part and portion of the following described lands lying and being in the County and state aforesaid towit:  The East fraction of the South West quarter of section nineteen in Township sixteen North of Range Eight west.  The West fraction of the South? quarter of said Section nineteen Township and Range aforesaid - Twenty acres off the east half of the North east quarter of section twenty five in Township sixteen north of Range nine west: and fifty four acres of the south end of the East half of the South East quarter of Section Twentyfour in said last mentioned Township and Range.  That was assigned, allotted and set apart to Martha Wilkins, as the widow of Michael Wilkins late of County aforesaid, deceased, as her full third part and equal share of said lands, described by a certain decree of the Probate Court of Parke County, rendered at the March Term thereof, for the year 1848 in Certain proceedings in partition, whereas the said Martha, widow as aforesaid, and others were petitioners and one John Wilkins ? defendant - Which said parcel and share of said lands so assigned and allotted the said Martha, as aforesaid, is more particularly described in the plat recorded as part of said proceedings and is indicated therein as Lot No 5 which said plat is recorded in the "complete records" of said County in Volume No at page 159 to which reference may be had, for greater certainty - said interest, title and estate hereby intended to be ? to be subject to the said dower estate of the said Martha Widow as aforesaid.  And the said Samuel Wilkins for himself, his heirs, and assigns, doth; covenant with the said Henry L Linton and his heirs and assigns as follows: That except as to the said Martha Widow aforesaid, I am lawfully seized and possessed in fee simple of the estate in the lands aforesaid, hereby conveyed: that except as aforesaid I have good right to convey the same in fee simple: that the same, excepting the said dower estate of the said Martha, is fee from all encumbrances and that I will, except as aforesaid, forever Warrant and defend the same against all claims whether at ? or Equity (The word acres on the first page ? before sealing and delivery) Witness our hands and seals this 9th day of December AD 1854

                                                                                    Samuel Wilkins

                                                                                    Evaline Wilkins

State of Indiana Parke County

December 9 1854 This day personally appeared before me a justice of the peace in and for said county the above Samuel Wilkins and Evaline his wife and personally acknowledged the foregoing conveyance to be their act and deed - Witness my hand and seal this 9th day of December 1854   G Davis Justice of the Peace



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