This Indenture Witnesseth That we, George Wilkins and Eliza Wilkins his wife, in consideration of Twenty two hundred and fifty dollars to them paid by Michael Bannon do hereby sell and convey to the said Michael Bannon, heirs and assigns forever, the following Real Estate in Parke county, and State of Indiana, towit; the West half of the South West quarter of Section Ten in Township (17) Seventeen North Range (7) Seven West except that portion described as follows; Commencing at the North West corner of said half quarter, thence South (40) Forty rods thence East (25) Twenty-five rods one link, South (8) Eight rods, thence being North East to a point (37) Thirty-seven rods East of the commencement, thence to the place of beginning.  The portion of said half quarter hereby intended to be conveyed containing (72) Seventy-two acres estimated, be the same more of less.  Also (15) Fifteen acres off of the North end of the West half of the North West quarter of Section(16) Town and Range aforesaid, the whole tract hereby conveyed containing by estimation (87) Eighty-seven acres be the same more or less.  The grantors their heirs and assigns hereby covenanting with the grantee, his heirs and assigns, that the title so conveyed is clear and unencumbered and that they will Warrant and Defend the same against all claims whatsoever.

   In Witness Whereof, the said grantors has hereto set their hands and seals this twelfth day of November 1864.

                                                                        George Wilkins

                                                                        Eliza Wilkins

State of Indiana

                                    Before me John Lawson a Justice of said county came George Wilkins and Eliza Wilkins his wife and acknowledged the execution of the above Deed.

Witness my hand and Seal, this 12th day of November 1864

                                                                        John Lawson

I certify that the deed of which the above is a true copy was duly stamped as provided by Act of Congress and Recorded June 17th 1865 at 12 n.

                                                                        F. Dinwiddie Recorder


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