This is a listing of the cemeteries of Perry County and the towns they are located in or near.

Cemetery name Town in or nearby
Avery Cemetery Fulda
Badger Cemetery Derby
Bangle Cemetery Branchville
Beard Cemetery Bristow
Bolin Cemetery Cannelton
Brashear Cemetery Rome
Bryant Cemetery Rome
Carr Cemetery Rome
Cliff Cemetery Cannelton
Colby Cemetery Branchville
Comstock Cemetery Bristow
Conner Cemetery Derby
Connor Cemetery Rome
Cooks Cemetery Rome
Covey Cemetery Gatchel
Crooks Thom Cemetery Saint Meinrad
Davis Cemetery Gatchel
Derby Cemetery Derby
Dodson Cemetery Gatchel
Enlow Cemetery Bristow
Ewing Cemetery Branchville
Fox Ridge Cemetery Bristow
Frakes Cemetery Gatchel
Frakes Cemetery Branchville
German Ridge Cemetery Rome
German Ridge Cemetery Branchville
Gilliand Cemetery Derby
Greenwood Cemetery Tell City
Groves Cemetery Rome
Guillaume Cemetery Branchville
Hammack Cemetery Gatchel
Harding Cemetery Derby
Hicks Cemetery Gatchel
Hobbs Cemetery Bristow
Horton Cemetery Branchville
Huff Cemetery Fulda
Jeffries Cemetery Beechwood
Jones Cemetery Branchville
Lamb Cemetery Mattingly
Lamb Cemetery Rome
Lanman Cemetery Saint Meinrad
Lanman Cemetery Gatchel
Lasher Cemetery Bristow
LeClere Cemetery Apalona
Log Church Cemetery Cannelton
Lower Cummings Cemetery Derby
Luxenburger Cemetery Branchville
Mackey Cemetery Gatchel
Maier Cemetery Rome
Miller Cemetery Bristow
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Bristow
Niles Cemetery Gatchel
Nixon Cemetery Gatchel
Old Chapel Cemetery Beechwood
Phelps Cemetery Derby
Powell Cemetery Cannelton
Rennie Cemetery Branchville
Rhodes Cemetery Gatchel
Richards Cemetery Gatchel
Rickenbaugh Cemetery Branchville
Saint Johns Cemetery Gatchel
Saint Johns Cemetery Cannelton
Saint Michaels Cemetery Cannelton
Saint Peters Cemetery Rome
Saint Pius Cemetery Tell City
Schraner Cemetery Rome
Senn Cemetery Branchville
Shoemaker Cemetery Rome
Sigler Cemetery Birdseye
Sigler Cemetery Birdseye
Slaughter Cemetery Gatchel
Sprinkle Cemetery Branchville
Stapleton Cemetery Saint Meinrad
Stephenson Cemetery Alton
Talley Cemetery Derby
Taylor Cemetery Saint Meinrad
Tenn Beard Cemetery Saint Meinrad
Terry Cemetery Gatchel
Underhill Cemetery Bristow
Upper Cummings Cemetery Derby
Valley Cemetery Branchville
Walker Cemetery Branchville
Wegenast Cemetery Rome
Woolums Cemetery Branchville

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