This page is dedicated to the men and women of Perry County who served in the military during WWII. We are fast losing them. Now is the time to honor them with the thanks they so richly deserve.

If your ancestor's name is not on this page, just e-mail  me (Linda Lang) and let me know the name, branch of service they were in and the date of death, if applicable. I'll get the information added as soon as possible.

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The Men and Women of Perry County Who Served In WWII

Abers, Charles M. Aders, Charles W., Army
Killed in action
Aldridge, William L., Navy
Anderson, Gordon M., Navy Anderson, Dwight, Army
died 26 Mar 2008
Anderson, Gordon M., Navy
Aders, Charles W., Army
Killed in Action
Arnold, James M., Army
Died of Wounds,12 Apr 1945
Arnold, Simpson, Jr., Marines
Died 7 Dec 2009

Ballow, James A., Navy
Died 1 Feb 1984
Ballow, William F., Jr., Army
Died 6 Aug 1992
Baumeister, Charles, Navy
Died 12 Jan 2009
Becker, Floyd A., Navy Becker, Jerry T., Navy Bender, Edward C., Army
Killed In Action
Beshop, Paul A. Besley, Earl E. Betz, Leo, Army
died 30 Mar 2008
Biever, Edward, Army
died 22 Dec 2008
Bishop, Paul A., Army
KIA 19 Apr 1944
Blanford, Forrest M., Army
Died Nov 1970
Bledsoe, Alvin A., Marines
Killed in Action
Bosler, Bernard, Army
Died 6 Jul 2011
Bosley, Earl E., Army
Killed in Action 1 Mar 1945, Italy
Briggeman, Charles, Army
Died 24 Apr 2011
Brinksneader, Hubert, Army Brown, Harold, Army
Died 20 April, 1995
Brown, William, Navy
Died 5 July, 2009
Brown, Lawrence, Army
Killed in Action
Brown, Melvin M., Army
Bruce, Hubert R., Navy
Burton, John F., Army
Died in line of service

Cantner, Clifford, Navy
Died 5 Jan 2012
Carmickle, Army
Died 25 Mar 2008
Carter, Roy L., Army
Cash, Carl E., Army Cassidy, Andrew, Army
Died 19 Jan 1972
Cassidy, Durward, Army
Died 30 Dec 2008
Cassidy, Edwin F., Army Champion, Lloyd H., Army
Died of wounds/b>
Clements, Raymond T., Army
Collingnon, Clarence O., Army Coullie, George E., Navy Cravens, Helen Marie, Marines
Cochil, Woodrow W. Coghill, Woodrow W., Army
Died of wounds, 23 Jun 1944
Coullie, George E., Navy
Craig, Austin, Army
Died 26 Mar 2009
Crook, Kenneth D., Army Air Force Cummings, A. Robert, Navy
Cunningham, Paul, Army
Died 24 Jun 1995
. .

Dauby, Clarence, Jr., Air Force
Died 4 Jun 2009
Dauby, Wilfred, Army
Died 16 Apr 2011
Dhonau, Curtis A., Navy
Dickman, Clarence, Army
Died 14 Oct 2010
Dickman, Herman, Army Dixon, Franklin, Jr., Navy
Died 6 Aug 2008
Duchenios, Casper L., Army . .

Earley, Edward E., Navy Earnest, Edward, Navy Esarey, Walter M. Esarey
Died of wounds, 26 Feb 1945
Etienne, Frank J., Army
Killed in Action
Ettensohn, Cletus J., Army Ettensohn, Leo F., Navy
Evrard, Adolph A., Army . .

Fendel, Sylvester J., Army
Died during war
Fischer, Robert W., Marines Flaherty, Gerald, Army
Died 3 Apr 2011
Foster, Cletus H., Army Frakes, Stanley, Navy
Died 22 Nov 2009
Franzman, Elmer J., Army Air Forces
Franzman, Oscar H., Army Freeland, Arthur E., Army Air Force Fritz, Joseph, Army
Died 1 Feb 2009
Froehlich, William, Army
Died 8 Jan 2010
Fruehwald, Charles E., Army Fuchs, Carl M., Navy
Fuchs, Glenward S., Army
Died 30 Dec 1944
. .

Galey, Warren E., Navy Gayer, Louis, Navy Gelarden, Lee E., Army Air Force
Gelarden, Merl, Army Air Force Gelhausen, Rudolph A., Army
Died 10 Nov 2010
Genet, James, Marines
Died 23 Jul 2008
Gerber, Charles G., Navy Gerlach, Paul J., Army Goffinet, Anthony A., Army
Killed in Action
Goffinet, Preston M., Navy
Died 12 Apr 2008
Goffinet, William U., Army
Died 14 Feb 1943
Gramelspacher, Peter, Army
Grass, Robert E., Marines Gratzer, Charles B., Navy
Died 21 Feb 1945
Graves, Leo W., Army
Graybill, Edward, Army
Died 19 Jun 2009
Gruver, Wanda Bolin, Navy Guillaum, William F., Army Air Force
Guillaume, Ernest, Army
Died 30 April 1996
Gunn, Marvin, Navy
Died 14 May 2008

Haerle, Anthony, Army
Died 17 May 2009
Hahus, Raymond, Navy
Died 25 Apr 2010
Hall, William, Navy
Hall, William A., Navy Hall, William L., Army
Killed in Action
Hammack, Victor H., Army
Hammack, William L., Army Air Force
died 4 Aug 1942
Hargis, Marion K., Army Harris, Charles C., Army
Harpe, Charles, Army
Died 8 Mar 2010
Hartz, Edward W., Navy Hartz, Magnus L., Army
Hattenback, Robert E., Navy
Killed in Action
Hauser, Walter C., Army Hawkins, James R., Navy
Hearst, Earl R., Navy Heck, Billie L., Army
Killed in Action
Heck, Keokuk, Navy
Hilgenhold, Andrew J., Army Air Force Hinton, Charles, Army
Died 18 Mar 2011
Hodde, Arthur L., Navy
Holpp, James R., Navy Houghland, Charles, Air Force
Died 15 Jul 2010
Howe, Dunward R., Navy
Died 1 Feb 2012
Howe, Loren H., Army
Died 12 Mar 1997, Purple Heart recipient
Howell, Bethel B., Army
Killed in Action
Howell, Evan L.
Howell, Ralph O., Army
Killed in Action
Huber, Harry, Army
Died 6 Jan 2008
Huebschman, Norwin, Army
Died 28 Oct 2009
Huebschman, Werner, Army Huff, Paul, Navy Huff, Robert W., Army Air Force
Huffine, Aubery J., Army
Died in line of duty, non battle
. .

Irvan, Walter C., Army . .
Jacob, Cletus F., Navy Jacob, Edwin V., Army Jacob, Oscar, Army
Jacob, Oscar O., Army James, John M., Navy
Died 3 Nov 2009
Jarboe, Louis E., Army
Killed in Action
Jarboe, Paul L., Marines
died 20 Oct 1993
Jarboe, William, Marines
died 9 Sep 2008

Katterhenry, Glenn O., Army Kellems, William, Navy
died 17 Feb 1971
Kellems, Louie, Army
Died 17 Jun 2009
Kendall, Elmer, Navy
Died 15 April, 1988
Kendall, John, Navy
Died 15 Sep 2010
Kennedy, Edwin P., Army
King, Delbert M, Army
Died 1 June 1992
King, Paul M, Army
Died 10 Nov 2005
King, Riley S, Army
Died 20 Feb 1994
Kleeman, Ralph J., Navy Knable, James M., Navy Kramer, Marion M., Army
Died 14 Jan 1945
Kraus, John A., Army
Killed in Action
Kreisle, Frederick P., Army Kress, Victor, Air Force
Died 21 Dec 2009

Labhart, Charles R., Marines Labhart, Harry A., Marines
Died 28 Jun 2011
Labhart, Henry A., Navy
Labhart, James S., Army LaGrange, Carroll, Army
Died 2 Feb 2008
LaGrange, Gerald, Army
Died 14 Mar 2009
Lahee, Marion R., Army Laswell, Noah L., Army
Killed in Action
Lavin, James R., Army
Killed in action
Lemaire, Artie, Army
Died 19 Apr 2011
Lawrence,Irvin, Army
Died 21 Mar 2009
Lillpop, Norman J., Army
Died 3 Mar 2008
Linn, Helen M., Marines Linne, Ralph L., Army Linne, Walter J., Army
Lipp, James R., Army
Killed in Action
Litherland, Charles, Army
Died 29 Jun 2008
Little, Shirley E., Army Air Force
Loney, John H., Army
Killed in Action
Lottes, Clarence E., Army
Killed in Action, 25 Dec 1944
Ludwig, Louie, Army
Died 18 Feb 2008
Lutgring, Leo G., Army Air Force Lutgring, Ray A., Marines .

Malone, Alvin L., Army Malone, James, Air Force
Died 7 Oct 2011
Marvel, Gerald, Army
Died 31 Jan 2012
Mason, Bert, Jr., Marines May, Gordon L., Army
Died 22 Feb 1944, England
May, Ladalton T., Army
Killed in Action
McCallister, Robert, Army McClure, Paul E., Army McMahan, William, Army
Died 23 Nov 2008
Menton, William O. Miles, Wilfred, Army
Died 19 Sep 2010
Miller, John,Navy
died 12 Aug 2008
Mills, Clifford M., Army
Killed in action, 18 Dec 1944
Mitchell, Barney, Marines
Died 5 Aug 2009
Mize, Raymond E., Navy
Montgomery, Louis W., Army Morris, Robert, Army
Died 20 Jun 2010
Mullen, James F., Army
Mulzer, Edgar C., Army Air Force
Died 23 Jan 2010
Muncie, Clifford, Army
Died 4 Jun 2009

Naviaux, Leonard, Navy
Died 30 Oct 2011
Naviaux, Leonard E., Navy
Died Apr 1980
Nelson, Ewell L., Army
Nelson, Orville O., Army Nelson, Robert H., Army Nelson, Russell V., Army
Newton, William O. Newton, Army
Killed in Action
Northenor, Arthur T., Army Nuetzel, William A., Navy
died 26 Oct 2008
Nugent, Malcolm W., Army . .

Page, Billy, Air Force
Died 11 Mar 2008
Parker, Luke W., Navy Parker, Thomas A., Navy
Patrick, Edwin D., Army
Died of Wounds, Phillipines
Paulin, Charles E., Army
Died of Injuries
Paulin, Joseph N., Navy
Pekinpaugh, Paul E., Marines
Died of wounds
Perry, Walter E., Army
Died 31 Jul 1961, Awarded Purple Heart
Pierrard, Oliver, Army
Died 6 Jan 1994
Plock, Herman W., Army
Died 17 Dec 1971
Powers, Robert E., Navy Powers, William H., Navy
Pyle, James E., Army . .

Ray, John R., Army Ray, Jordan X., Merchant Marine Ray, Justin Y., Navy
Ray, Robert E., Navy Reynolds, Addison, Army
Killed in Action
Reynolds, Raymond, Army
Killed in Action
Rhodes, James F., Army
Died of wounds, 7 Jul 1944
Rhodes, Roy L., Army
Died 17 February, 1976
Rice, William, Army
Died 22 Jul 2008
Richey, Robert, Air Force
Died 23 Jan 2009
Rickenbaugh, Coy, Army
Died 24 Dec 2007
Roberson, John G., Army
Killed in Action
Roeser, Robert, Army
Rogier, Clarence J., Army
Died 2 Mar 1998
Rogier, Thomas W., Army
Rogier, Victor J., Army
Died 30 Dec 2010
Rollins, Russell A.,Army
died 9 May 1993
Russell, Cecil, Navy
Died 2 Jan 2010

Sabelhaus, Cecil N., Army Sabelhaus, Eugene J., Army Sabelhaus, Norbert J., Navy
Sabelhaus, Paul K., Navy Sabelhaus, Robert R., Navy Saddler, Edwin E., Army
Died of wounds, 8 Jul 1944
Sandage, Dewey A., Army Sandage, Joseph, Army Sandage, Verna, Army
Died 10 May 2008
Sapp, Lee F., Army
Killed in Action, 1944, France
Scales, William F., Army Schaefer, Raymond, Army
Died 16 Oct 2011
Schaefer, Raymond P., Army
Died 2 Jan 1984
Schaerer, Robert W., Army Schlamersdorf, Oscar E., Army Air Force
Schreiber, Robert, Army
Died 18 Sep 2008
Schroeder, Lester H., Army Schutzius, Victor C., Army
Scott, Beecher, Navy Scott, Oakley, Army Scott, Philbert W., Navy
Scott, Woodfin, Army Seals, Chester E., Navy Simpson, Franklin T., Army
Simpson, Leo K., Army Air Force Simpson, Owen B., Army Smith, Albert E., Army
Smith, Howard J., Army
Killed In Action
Smith, John G., Army Smith, Robert, Navy
Died 1 Mar 2008
Snider, Mortin R., Army
Killed in Action
Sprinkle, Marion A., Army Stansbury, William E., Navy
Stephens, Karl K., Army Stevens, Richard J., Army
died 25 Jun 2008
Stith, Jesse E., Army
Killed in Action
Sturgeon, Alfred, Army
Died 3 May 2011
Sweeney, Charles W., Navy Switzer, Genevieve A., WAC

Tate, Kenneth H., Army Taylor, Floyd O., Navy Taylor, Joseph, Army
Died 19 Sep 2010
Taylor, Lloyd, Army
Died 18 Jun 2010
Tinfle, John F., Army
Killed in Action
Truempy, Harold W., Marines

Ubelhor, Alfred J., Army . .

Van Winkle, Gilbert, Marines Van Winkle, James R., Army Van Winkle, Wilbert C., Army

Wagner, Earl, Army
Died 17 May 2001
Walters, Eddie D., Navy
Died 26 Dec 2010
Walsh, Patrick H., Marines
Died 21 Oct 1942
Weatherholt, George, Army
Died 2 Feb 2010
Werne, Linus, Marine
Died 15 Nov 2010
Werner, Ralph, Navy
Died 5 Aug 2010
Weatherholt, Ralph J., Navy Wheet, Elza L., Navy Whitlock, Jack H., Army
Wilgus, Harold, Army
Died 20 Apr 2008
Williams, Leroy, Navy Williams, William B., Army
KIlled In Action
Winchell, Millard, Army
Died 18 Mar 2008
Minchell, Preston L., Coast Guard Winkler, Arthur, Army
Died 31 May 2010
Witte, Alexander, Navy
Died 1 Feb 2009
Wittmer, Walter P., Marine Wright, Isaac J., Army Air Force

Yabito, Edgar H., Army
Killed In Action
. .

Zwelly, Adolph, Army
Killed In Action
. .


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