OLD Businesses/Organizations

Pike County,




Original records found at the Indiana State Archives    arc@icpr.in.gov




1678-21 ˝ Flat Creek Drainage District #1 (Sept. 1916)
Pike No city
2570-6 Winslow Glass Company

No city or county
39-128 Pike County Telephone Company (Feb. 1902)
Pike No city
4077-4 Cato Gas and Oil Corporation

No city or county
4217-127 Winslow Coal Corporation

No city or county
653-31 Patoka Valley Coal Company (July 1881)
Pike No city
653-47 Patoka Valley Coal Company (Aug. 1881)
Pike No city
R1741, Box 2, Folder 0 Petersburg District Canning Crops Association

No city or county
R3491, Box 1, Folder 150 Pike County Broadcasting Corporation
Pike No city
R3510, Box ?, Folder 32 Pike County Development Corporation
Pike No city
1301-16 Aberdeen Coal Company (July 1900) Aberdeen Pike
36-15 Southern Pike County Coal Company (Aug. 1901) Arthur Pike
854-64 Farmers’ Mercantile Exchange (Feb. 1892) Arthur Pike
857-129 Posey Cooperative Mining Company (Aug. 1892) Blackburn Station Pike
994-29 Indiana Coal Company, The (June 1899) Cabel Pike
1678-20 Turkey Knob Mining Company (Feb. 1917) Hartwell Pike
2009-37 Winslow Coal Company Huntingburg Dubois ** Probably did business in Pike Co.
2556-30 Pike-Gibson Coal Company Indianapolis Marion
1198-71 Otwell Elgin Creamery Company Otwell Pike
1281-52 Otwell Wagon and Novelty Works Otwell Pike
740-10 Otwell Mill Company (Feb. 1886) Otwell Pike
1002-58 Petersburg Milling and Grain (May 1900) Petersburg Pike
1002-59 Phoenix Building and Loan Association (May 1900) Petersburg Pike
1100-3 Boonshot Hardware Company (Jan. 1906) Petersburg Pike
1114-23 First Church of Christ Scientist of Petersburg, Indiana (May 1906) Petersburg Pike
1150-53 Petersburg Hardware Company of Petersburg Petersburg Pike
1154-34 Hoosier Building and Loan Association (April 1907) Petersburg Pike
1178-7 Killion Coal and Mining Company (Sept. 1907) Petersburg Pike
1209-19 Mutual Building and Loan Association of Petersburg, Indiana (Jan. 1909) Petersburg Pike
1244-58 Fidelity Building and Loan Association of Petersburg, Indiana (Nov. 1910) Petersburg Pike
1258-23 Pike County Racing Association Petersburg Pike
1261-12 Woman’s Public Improvement Association of Petersburg, Indiana (Sept. 1911) Petersburg Pike
1278-4 Petersburg Cooperage Company (June 1912) Petersburg Pike
1278-52 Pike County Electric Light and Power Company Petersburg Pike
1285-62 Pike County Building and Loan Association of Petersburg, Indiana (Oct. 1912) Petersburg Pike
1287-19 Southern Indiana Holiness Salvation Mission of Indiana (Nov. 1912) Petersburg Pike
1310-4 Petersburg Galvanized Iron Works Petersburg Pike
1342-81 Indiana Coal Bank (May 1854) Petersburg Pike
1637-1 Peoples Loan and Trust Company (Oct. 1917) Petersburg Pike
1662-8 Petersburg Perpetual Building and Loan Association (Dec. 1915) Petersburg Pike
1689-33 Windy Hill Coal Company (Feb. 1917) Petersburg Pike
1694-24 Eureka Building and Loan Association (April 1917) Petersburg Pike
1729-37 Petersburg Realty Company (March 1901) Petersburg Pike
1797-32 Telephone Construction and Distributing Company (Nov. 1927) Petersburg Pike
1797-33 Petersburg Sanitary Canning Company (June 1912) Petersburg Pike
1878-39 Petersburg Home Building Company Petersburg Pike
1896-30 Petersburg Oil Company Petersburg Pike
1919-17 White River Gravel Company, The (May 1921) Petersburg Pike
1923-26 Petersburg Amusement Company (May 1921) Petersburg Pike
2870-393 Howe-Coulter Coal Company, The (March 1922) Petersburg Pike Illinois Corp.
2876-30 Petersburg Water Filteration Corporation (A) Petersburg Pike
2895-35 G. M. H. Motor Company, Inc. (June 1930) Petersburg Pike
3018-25 Pike County Collieries Company (June 1924) Petersburg Pike Illinois Corp.
3025-100 Petersburg Mining Corporation (A) Petersburg Pike
3046-93 Whitman Bryant Company, The (March 1929) Petersburg Pike
3053-70 Biggs Brothers, Inc. (Jan. 1946) Petersburg Pike
3060-70 H & A Company, The (July 1926) Petersburg Pike
3069-79 Petersburg Home Grocery Company, Inc. (March 1931) Petersburg Pike
404-36 Petersburg and Worthington Railway Company (Jan. 1878) Petersburg Pike
58-100 Sunshine Building and Loan Association (May 1904) Petersburg Pike
679-18 Petersburg Building and Loan Association (Feb. 1883) Petersburg Pike
746-49 Petersburg Coal and Coke Company (Aug. 1886) Petersburg Pike
816-97 People’s Building and Loan Association (May 1889) Petersburg Pike
833-10 Bergens Asthma Cure Company (July 1890) Petersburg Pike
837-161 Petersburg Natural Gas and Mining Company (Jan. 1891) Petersburg Pike
848-101 Pike County Hedge Company (Oct. 1891) Petersburg Pike
848-49 Pike County Orphans’ Home (Sept. 1891) Petersburg Pike
848-74 Petersburg Butter and Cheese Factory (Sept. 1891) Petersburg Pike



Petersburg Building and Loan Association (April 1892) Petersburg Pike
867-25 Petersburg Electric Light, Power and Water Works Company (Aug. 1893) Petersburg Pike Became Loogootee Electric Lt., Power, & Water Works Co.
899-134 Pike County State Bank of Petersburg (July 1894) Petersburg Pike
915-55 Home Building and Loan Association of Petersburg, Indiana (Dec. 1894) Petersburg Pike
932-118 Guarantee Building Loan and Savings Association (May 1896) Petersburg Pike
942-73 ˝ Petersburg Mining and Manufacturing Association (Sept. 1886) Petersburg Pike
948-110 Petersburg Telephone Company (April 1897) Petersburg Pike
948-142 Pike County Gas, Oil, and Mineral Company (May 1897) Petersburg Pike
967-57 Gas City Building and Loan Association of Petersburg, Indiana, The (Sept. 1897) Petersburg



981-94 Petersburg Water Company (March 1901) Petersburg Pike
997-73 Yukon Gold Mining Company (Jan. 1899) Petersburg Pike
1628-24 Pike County Coal Corporation (June 1917)



981-65 ˝ White River Coal Company (March 1901) Rogers Station Pike
1142-74 Spurgeon Home Telephone Company Spurgeon Pike
1245-42 Stendal Creamery Company (Nov. 1910) Stendal Pike

2890A-96 /


Stendal Coal Corporation (August 1945) Stendal Pike
58-19 Stendal Home Telephone Company (May 1904) Stendal Pike
840-43 Union Mining Company (Feb. 1891) Union Pike
1141-34 Velpen Creamery Company Velpen Pike
1313-37 Velpen Supply Company Limited, The (Aug. 1905) Velpen Pike
48-128 Velpen Home Telephone Company Velpen Pike
1007-55 Winslow Coal and Coke Company (Feb. 1901) Winslow Pike
1019-110 Bank of Winslow (July 1903) Winslow Pike
1215-16 Risch Oil and Gas (May 1909) Winslow Pike Mining (metal, stone, coal, gas, oil, etc.) & refining
1258-67 Pike County Farmers’ Fair Association Winslow Pike
1274-23 Winslow Baseball Association (April 1912) Winslow Pike
1313-10 Winslow Concrete Manufacturing Company Winslow Pike
1349-15 Winslow Milling Company (Aug. 1927) Winslow Pike
2149-9 Arthur Electric Light and Power Company, The Winslow Pike
2323-77 Winslow Water Company Winslow Pike
2686-39 Winslow Plumbing and Heating Company (July 1928) Winslow Pike
3072-17 Winslow Building and Loan Association (April 1913) Winslow Pike
4013-65 Pike Stone and Gravel Corp. (A) Winslow Pike
40-47 Winslow Gas and Oil Company Winslow Pike
40-48 Winslow Supply Company (Feb. 1902) Winslow Pike
780-72 Winslow Building and Loan Association (Feb. 1888) Winslow Pike
840-176 Patoka Building, Loan Fund and Savings Association (April 1891) Winslow Pike
950-14 Winslow Natural Gas and Oil Company (May 1897) Winslow Pike



Winslow Building and Loan Association (April 1901) Winslow Pike
993-13 Winslow Improvement Company (March 1899) Winslow Pike
none Big Muddy Mining Company Winslow Pike