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Welcome, to the newly revised Putnam County Genweb Site.

Over a year ago, I suggested to Karen, (WebMaster) of this site that a computer/software upgrade was necessary.  So a journey began into improved technology.  And for my thoughts, I was chained down to learn the in and outs of new software.  Since it was my idea, I began work to layout the workings of this newly redesigned site.  I selected Incomedia's Website X5 to run under Windows 10, bringing us into the modern age.  This new software is capable of helping a novice almost look good.  I have only started over many times, to obtain a better working site.  The operation will be similiar to a file cabinet, moving in and out of the various sections or projects (a set of mini-sites linked together).  To implement this, I have what we call the "Get Around Links".  If you discover we need more links to facilitate, please let us know.

I have tried hard to give the Genealogists of Putnam County something to be proud of.  If you discover a problem, let Karen know.  I practiced on the Fountain County INGenWeb Site and already have a list of changes or improvements  for it.  Everyday I am learning something new about this procedure. Please be patient, Thanks, Jim!

NOTE: I and many others have spent 20 plus years (from its inception) on this project -- PLEASE GIVE CREDIT if you use our work! I've found hundreds of obituaries FROM THIS SITE on findagrave and many personal genealogy sites - I know the obituaries etc. came from here but I don't see any credit. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!!! Here is the citation you should use & thanks so much in advance :)

Citation: The Indiana (INGenWeb Project), Copyright ©1996-2018 (and beyond), Putnam County GenWeb site http://indianagenweb.com/inputnam/ - thanks soooo much - Karen Bazzani Zach

My name is Karen Bazzani Zach and I am your Coordinator for Putnam County.    My hubby is constantly helping me as well - thanks, Jim Z :) . Your Indiana State Coordinator is Lena Harper .  Her assistant state coordinators are : Jim Cox and Karen Bazzani Zach

What's NEW In 2018

YES, A NEW HOME PAGE!!!  Rebuilding is 75% completed, as if one ever finishes a project.  In some areas we are missing data from the previous generation of the site.  We are always looking for new sources of information finders!  I am trying hard to complete before Golf season 2018. We are putting the new page up, but the old site will still be accessable at:  http://www.ingenweb.org/inputnam/oldsite.html  
As the the new areas become active, the old pages will be deleted!

Click here to see what's been added so far this year, in 2018

** ADDED THIS MONTH -- FEBRUARY 2018 ** (Since start of Year)

OBITUARIES:  91   Added: Allee, Ella Raines; Abrams, Merle B.; Allen, Eliza Jane; Bickford, Mattie A. Ballard; Boswell, Mattie E. Hamrick; Bicknell, Jacob; Ballard, Patirnce; Breiderick, Augusta; Blaydes, Gertrude O. Lackey; Britton, Mary Ansberry; Bundy, Peter; Bundy, Thomas; Butler, Mary E.;Cook, Albert; Chaney, James H.; Cash, Thomas C.; Churchwell, Mrs.; Cox, Catherine Frazier; Clive, Joseph; Callahan, Thomas; Daggy, Sarah Lee; Davis, Allen; Dickman, James B.; Edwards, Samuel; Foster, Dr. Robert;Fosher, Louisa M. (Gosby- sic Goslin); Firestone, Isaac; Fry, Anna E. Staley; Gardner, Fred; Guilliams, Myra Stites; Grimes, Lillie May Harbison; Gifford, Herbert; Gordon, James; Hendricks, Mary Epperson; Harriman, Cora B. Elsie Sears; Hargrave, Rev. William P.; Hibben, Mary Ward; Hurst, Merle; Jones, Frank Eldon; Jefferies, Margaret Jane Thompson; Kiser, William; Lingenfelter, Anna Hoadley; McGaughey, Jane Crodian; Morrison, Dan's infant daughter; Myers, Joseph; Moore, Angeline; McGaughey, Pleasant; Proctor, George W.; Robinson, James N. (Spanish-American War); Roth, Dr. J. P.; Reeves, William; Ragan, Emma F. (updated); Stevenson, William; Shildmeyer, George; Tribby, Harry; Williams, Hamilton; Whitworth, Sallie M. Kercheval (updated); Brand, Infant; Craft, Infant daughter; Crane, John Jr.; Forgery, Burt;Gordon, James (Updated); Hammond, Infant Daughter; Kent, Mary; Lane, Sofia Stadler (Mrs. Sanford);Miller, Ella Ragan; Moore, Muzetta; Paris, Ross B.; Roberts, Mary C.; Shacklefors, Ola; Vickers, Elijah; Forgery, Samuel P.; Dorsett, Infant Child; Dillon, Lisle M.;Bradshaw, Betty Orvis; Coffman, Polly Ann;Harrison, David; Hasty, Johathan; Kleinbub, Joseph; Merkle, Elizabeth McCoy Day Crawley; Rive, John-1916; Rudisill, David; Swope, Burdett; Thompson, James L.; Troxell, Rubie; Turner, Roscoe; Whitworth, Sallie M. Kercheval (updated); Wright, James M.; Young, Mary Coffman; Girton, Leah Chadwick; Gernon, Julia Clahan;

Biographies 2  Added: Beauchamp, Emory;Wright, Linden;

News   10  Added: Spencer, Mrs. Mary J.; Shepherd, J.P.; Reed Wedding 1908; Walls, W. B.; Moore, Lillian; John Family - House Fire; Riggles, Joe; Twentieth Century Club; Poff, Jackson; Methodist Orphange-Receives 3 children;

Marriages   25    Added: (Currently working on this Project-Status is Changing) Reed, Julia and Sears, Ralph; Sage, John L. and Nelan, Anna; Shackelford, Alpha M. and Rodgers, Clara B.; Hammond, Cr; Hollingsworth, Miss Anna G.; Tolin, Bell; Springer, Miss Ida; Wood, Nelson E.; Ragan, Miss Nevia; Bailey, DC; Bowers, Miss Anna; Patrick, Dan; Hays, Nellie;Shinn, Charles; Rogers, Flora; Ragland, John; Ragland, Mrs. Eliza; Farrow, James and Crow, Frances; Hazelett, Lawrence and Mason, Roxie; Mendenhall, Emmett Joseph and Remley-Prichard, Irma; Varvel, Uriel and Johnson, Margaret; Sims, Joseph and Wood, Catherine M.;

Divorce  5   Subtracted: Roberts'; Evens'; Jones-1916; Turner-1916; Ash-1916;

Military   2   Added:
    - Civial War: Hamrick, Soloman Simpson "Simps";
    -Spanish-American War: Robinson, James N.;

Businesses  1  Added: Hannon, JH - Mroom Maker;

Misscellaneous Information   1  Added: Passenger Lists of People BORN in Putnam County;

Links 1  Added: Indiana Genealogy Trails

Towns   9  Added: Bobtown (updated); Corn Stalk Valley; Happy Hollow; Herron; Long Branch; Maple Hill; North Ball Hill; Rock Branch; South Manhattan;

Feel free to use the site search engine, the nice people at FreeFind have graciously indexed our website for free for several years now, and it indexes about 85% of all words- (some it skips because they may be common, or the engine runs out of time to index us.)

All material Copyrighted 2018 by INGenWeb, This site last updated: January 1, 2018
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