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Typed by Theresa Webster, Southport, FL
NOTE: You will undoubtedly encounter errors in the information listed below for a variety of reasons. As time permits the data displayed here will be verified/checked against other sources.
Name of Child Name of Father Mother's Maiden Name Date of Birth
Abbott Carl F John B Elisabeth Martin 8/14/1913
Abbott [Female] Harrison Rebecca Alexander 1/27/1908
Abel [Male] A L L C Ripley 2/22/1884
Able Wiliiam J Eliza Stewart 4/20/1882
Able Sara William S Mollie Alice 7/23/1882
Able [Female] William Mary Allee 5/7/1884
Able William. Walter William Mary Allee 4/22/1894
Able Charlotte (??) William Mollie Allee 3/20/1895
Abott Vivian Frank Laura Hunter 2/4/1888
Abraham [Female] Andrew L Louisa M Howard 5/3/0000
Abrams Charles F Paul Edith E Wright 12/28/1920
Abrams Goldie A W Izora Cassady 9/15/1893
Abrams Ivan Paul Edna Edith Wright 8/24/1918
Abrams [Female] Jeff Love Beacan 2/21/1900
Absher Elizabeth A William L Daisy Hodgson 10/9/1918
Acre Levi I T C Martha Mason 11/14/1884
Acrea -m P V Micina Mason 10/16/1884
Acrea -f P V M A Mason 8/15/1904
Acres [Male] Thomas Eva Allen 10/2/1887
Ackers [Female] Joseph Julia Watson 12/31/1890
Adams Arnold Dora - f Clarence E Ivy Bell Buis 2/8/1908
Adams Edna Ruth Chrisman G Florence 4/29/1920
Adams Elmer J ? Mary Bell 3/27/1891
Adams Mannir Clarence Maggie D Hurst 3/251912
Adams Clus Glen Ora Minnie L Funkhonser 10/6/1913
Adams Wills Earl Clarence Maggie D Hurst 9/25/1913
Adams [Female] Samuel Amandy Hurst 4/18/1882
Adams [Female] Gus F Sarahe Mann 2/8/1883
Adams [Female] Timothy Lena 3/30/1854
Adams [Female] Samuel Amanda Hurst 4/23/1884
Adams [Male] John E Mary A Toney 6/22/1887
Adams [Female] Isaac Mary Brooks 10/27/1889
Adams [Female] Samuel Amanda Hurst 8/21/1890
Adams [Female] ---- ---- Hepler 2/5/1874
Adams [Female] Frank Ro Rose Rroub 8/20/1906
Adams [Female] Clarence Ivy Ruis 9/9/1906
Adams [Female] John W Elsie Cummings 10/30/1906
Adams [Male] Clarence Maggie D Hurst 6/2/1915
Ader Conelia M William Mary Puster 7/9/1911
Ader Howard R Osis R Josse Haymer 5/6/1914
Ader Lois Emery V Ella Z Kersyey 5/19/1910
Ader Vera L Verl Ruth Crews 5/21/1916
Ader [Female] Solomon Alice Willson 10/13/1882
Ader [Female] William A Sarah Jane Hinkle 11/9/1882
Ader [Male] Jacob L Catherine Greenlee 10/6/1883
Ader [Female] William A S J Hinkle 12/25/1884
Ader [Female] Jno Jennie Shepherd 10/3/1888
Ader [Female] Harvey Hannah Owens 8/1885
Ader [Male] Henry Charity J Hinkle 3/24/1886
Ader [Male] John Jennie Shepherd 2/25/1887
Ader [Female] Harve -----Owens 6/7/1888
Ader [Female] S O Effie Phelps 4/5/1889
Ader [Male] John Jennie Shepherd 1/29/1890
Ader [Male] Solomon Alice Wilson 7/1/1890
Ader [Female] Chas Clara Riglan/Raglan 3/17/1891
Ader [Female] S O Effie Phelps 3/14/1892
Ader [Female] John -----Shephard 5/3/1892
Ader [Male] John Jennie Shepherd 2/25/1887
Ader [Female] Harve -----Owens 6/7/1888
Ader [Female] S O Effie Phelps 4/5/1889
Ader [Male] John Jennie Shepherd 1/29/1890
Ader [Male] Solomon Alice Wilson 7/1/1890
Ader [Female] Chas Clara Riglan/Raglan 3/17/1891
Ader [Female] S O Effie Phelps 3/14/1892
Ader [Female] S Lewis I C Cr??nlee 5/9/1892 (1891)
Ader [Male] Solomon Alice Wilson 3/31/1892
Ader [Male] William A Sarah J Hinkle 1/24/1893
Ader- ? William A Sarah J Hinkle 10/18/1894
Ader- f S O Phillips 2/19/1895
Ader [Female] Solomon Alice Willson 7/25/1895
Ader [Male] Solomon W Alice Wilson 1/9/1898
Ader [Male] Sol W Alice Wilson 2/1/1900
Ader [Female] Dayide Carrie Ellis 12/3/1902
Ader [Male] S O Alice Watson 2/24/1902
Ader [Female] S O Alice Watson 2/24/1902
Ader [Male] W V Mary Buster 8/25/1905
Ader [Male] David Ellis 5/23/1906
Adkins [Male] Elmer Ida Reed 5/12/1906
Adniere [Male] Edward A Nora Medaris 12/21/1903
Aggers [Male] Duglas Susan Myers 3/17/1891
Agers [Male] Thomas Nice 7/26/1897
Agers [Male] Thos Nice 7/26/1897
Ahney [Female] Jasper Mary Srider 2/28/1806
Aires [Female] S L Allie Edwards 6/13/1897
Airhart James H Jesse E Bertha Hoverwahe 5/5/1913
Airhart John C Jesse E Berthat Hovemale 7/4/1916
Akers Lucile John H Ida May Brittin 4/11/1912
Ader Mary Willis L Emma Long 1/1/1911
Aker Maud D Ola Anna Long 2/15/1908
Ader Reba Joan John Ida Brattin 3/29/1920
Aker [Female] Albion Rachel A Myers 11/18/1885
Aker [Female] William F Martha Hasty 12/29/1886
Aker [Female] William F ----- ----- 7/18/1888
Aker [Female] W F ----- Hasty 6/13/1890
Aker [Male] Elbert P Emma A Rissler 12/5/1891
Aker [Female] William F Martha Hasty 2/11/1892
Aker [Male] William F Martha Hasty 12/10/1893
Aker [Male] George W Anna E Kennedy 12/25/1893
Aker [Male] Emer M Rebecka Hasty 8/22/1894
Aker Forest H E P Emma Rissler 10/14/1894
Aker [Male] William F Martha Hasty 12/7/1895
Aker Flossie Mae Geo W Anna E Kennedy 12/24/1895
Aker [Male] W E Martha Hasty 10/13/1897
Aker [Male] W F Martha Hasty 7/1/1899
Aker [Male] O L Maud Miller 4/4/1900
Aker [Female] E F Emma Risler 8/28/1901
Aker Marvise ? Willis Emma Long 4/18/1906
Aker [Female] Willis Emma Long 12/28/1908
Aker [Male] Willis Emma Long 12/29/190?
Akers Clara B William Martha Hasty 6/19/1885
Akers Claris C Oius Glenn Annaleota Long 3/5/1912
Akers Dorthy L Clay O Hosa V ?uds 1/31/1909
Akers Eli B John Ida Brattin 7/16/1914
Akers Ethel John C Mary E Long 9/30/1882
Akers Eugene F Omer C Rosa Fern Eades 3/29/1914
Akers Grace Willis C Emma E Long 10/1/1916
Akers Harold M Russell T Allie B Backman 11/23/1920
Akers Paul W Ross Maybelle Martin 7/24/1915
Akers Roscoe E John Ida Brattain 12/7/1909
Akers Thomas M Clay O Rosa Fern Eades 6/24/1912
Akers Virgil E John Ida Brattin 9/12/1916
Akers [Female] Samuel S Martha Varm 12/24/1882
Akers [Male] Doc ------York 2/8/1884
Akers [Female] Gitor Annie Jones 3/15/1884
Akers [Female] W M Mary Hood 11/25/1884
Akers [Female] Thomas Bettie Allen 2/298/1890
Akers [Male] Lee Alice Edwards 6/16/1890
Akers [Male] Joseph Julia Watson 1/15/1891
Akers [Male] Joseph Julia Watson 5/6/1893
Akers [Male] Lee Alice Edwards 9/29/1893
Akers [Male] Silas L Alice Edwards 4/10/1900
Akers [Male] John C Inva O Connell 1/3/1906
Akin [Female] James H Sarah E Dunkin 6/3/1896
Akin [Male] Jas H Sarah Dunkin 8/4/1901
Akins Alber F Albert Lona Jenkins 7/17/1912
Akins Edith Jos F Jennie Ray 11/12/1891
Akins Ernest ? Albert Lucinda Jenkins 8/21/1918
Akins Frances Mm Edwards E Nancy A Chrisnberry 2/19/1884
Akins Grace F William ? Rachel B York 9/17/1893
Akins J D W D B B York 7/13/1891
Akins Oliver L. Jr O L Maud Miller 4/4/1900
Akins Mary A John Mary ------ 5/4/1883
Akins [Female] James Sarah E Dunkin 11/9/1883
Akins [Female] James H Sarah Dunkin 2/7/1885
Akins [Female] Joesph F Virginia Ray 12/25/1885
Akins [Female] James Sarah York 9/23/1886
Akins [Male] Edward Christenberry 2/3/1889
Akins [Male] William D Rachel B York 5/20/1889
Akins [Male] James H Sarah ? Dunkin 6/11/1889
Akins [Male] Joseph F Joanie C Ray 4/2/1890
Akins [Male] Edward Christenberry 1/21/1892
Akins [Female] James H Sarah E D 1/4/1895
Akins [Female] Joseph Jennie Ray 6/11/1895
Akins [Male] James H Clare ? Dunkin 1/13/1900
Akins [Female] M S Sarah York 3/20/1901
Akins [Male] Joseph F Virginia King 1/2/1902
Alleis [Female] A L Salarle C Herr 7/2/1895
Albaugh Andrew Walter Lizzie Bridges 9/5/1897
Albaugh Andrew R Walter Julia Roel 9/5/1897
Albaugh Rachel Walter Julia Reel 5/6/1900
Albough Roy Albert M Ida Allen 8/16/1900
Albaugh [Female] Phillip S Walker 6/29/1886
Allbright [Female] William Lucinda Carrington 9/1/1895
Albertson [Female] Jacob B Amand Stoveson 7/20/1884
Albin Edna May Paul Ethel Johnson 11/14/1915
Albin Rachel A Lamuel C Ada Osborn 6/22/1898
Albin [Male] Felix G Johana Farrow 5/3/1882
Albin [Female] Frank J Miriam Hamricks 3/4/1888
Albin [Male] T J Miram Hamrick 3/15/1890
Albin [Female] Lemuel Ada Osborn 1/3/1891
Albin [Male] Frank Miram ? Hamrick 1/14/1893
Albin [Female] Lemuel C Ida Osborn 4/4/1893
Albin [Male] F J Maryean Hamerick 12/10/1894
Albin Lottie O Lem C Ada D Osborn 3/31/1896
Albin [Female] Franklin Mirain Hamrick 4/2/1900
Albright Curtis M Curtis Lucvanna Prince 3/4/1912
Albright Delle William E Jennie A McCoy 1/16/1908
Albright Dorothy Manford Lucy McCoy 8/24/1912
Albright Enno R William Jennie McCoy 3/5/1915
Albright James B Isaac Jemmia White Head 4/18/1883
Albright Joseph Manford Lucy M McCoy 1/14/1900
Albright Mary E William I A Albright 4/20/1904
Albright Pearl William Jennie McCoy 10/10/1910
Albright Raymon Manford Lucy McCoy 2/12/1909
Albright Wilfred Curtis Lucy Ann Prince 7/10/1909
Albright William M William Jennie McCoy 9/25/1919
Albright [Female] Will Lucnda Currington 8/21/1883
Albright [Female] Isaac -----Whithead 3/20/1885
Albright- f Joseph Cunningham 3/23/1888
Albright Joseph Joseph Cunningham 1/30/1888
Albright [Female] Isaac Whitehead 3/31/1888
Albright [Female] Isaac Whitehead 3/31/1888
Albright [Male] Manford D Lucy M McCoy 7/13/1886
Albright [Male] John Mary E Gant 7/15/1898
Albright [Male] John Mary E Gant 7/15/1898
Albright [Male] Manford Lucy McCoy 9/25/1898
Albright [Male] William McCoy 7/18/1899
Albright [Male] John R Mary E Gant 3/31/1901
Albright [Female] Manford Lucy McCoy 11/18/1901
Albright [Female] Manford Lucy McCoy 3/26/1904
Albright [Female] ---- ----- ----- 3/25/1904
Albright [Male] W M ----- ----- 7/18/1906
Albright [Female] Curtis ----- Pierce (Price) 7/31/1906
Albright [Male] Hiram ---- Waldon 10/12/1906
Albright [Male] C Lucy McCoy 10/19/1906
Albright [Female] Clarence Clara M Tumey 12/28/1918
Alexander Arthur C Andrew Flora Hutchison 7/26/1908
Alexander Bernard D Orville C Emma C Scot 10/5/1916
Alexander Beulah Andrew M ?loy C Hutchison 5/6/1910
Alexander Hazel M John Mary E Green 1/29/1893
Alexander Helen B Andrew M Flora Hutcheson 7/7/1913
Alexander Mary C William D Nora Owens 6/30/1911
Alexander Olen T Orvel C Emma C Scott 9/10/1909
Alexander Ruby M James Bertha Abbott 11/21/1916
Alexander Viola M Andrew M Floy Hutcheson 4/11/1912
Alexander Virginia E Walter E Edith Carrington 5/11/1920
Alexander [Female] John Maggie Muller 8/4/1891
Alexander [Male] James Ora Hoopengamer 5/7/1900
Alexander [Female] Jesse E Mary Boardman 11/15/1902
Alexander [Female] William Anna Glavens 10/29/1893
Alexander [Male] William Luda Glavens 4/14/1905
Alexander [Female] Jesse E Mary Boardman 9/16/1905
Alexander [Female] James Lou Reggles 6/29/1906
Alexander [Female] William Nora Owens 3/11/1907
Alexanderm Orville Emma C Scott 11/5/1915
Alfordm Eugene C Mary Riggott 6/29/1888
Alfroy Catharine Joh Laura B Allen 7/27/1895
Alfroy Pearlina G John F Laura Belle Allen 2/16/1892
Alfroy Prudie Ellen John F Laura B Allen 12/23/1893
Algood Harry James Emma Star?e 10/29/1883
Algood Harry John Laura Johnson 1/9/1895
Algood Harry James Emma Stagges 1/27/1900
Alkire Eugene F William M Gertrude Lasley 2/8/1918
Alkire Lucile William M Gertrude Lasley 3/24/1908
Alkire Pauline William M Gertrude U Lasley 4/6/1915
Allef Levi Lizzie Adams 1/6/1889
Allee Albert R Walter R Alpha B Wallace 7/7/1909
Allee Anna Edna John W Anna Trusley 6/7/1911
Allee Eliza Henry Ida Matilda 10/24/1884
Allee Evelyn M John W Anna M Tinsley 1/19/1917
Allee Francis M Noble H Mary A Hill 4/29/1919
Allee Garnet R Edgar Lee Velvie Maud Ellett 12/16/1907
Allee Joseph S Edgar F Bellvia Elliott 9/3/1909
Allee Joseph F Clifford Cora Lawrence 12/25/1915
Allee Levi Levi -----Adams 11/25/1904
Alle Loraine Ola Eva Jane Hicks 3/16/1911
Allee Roxie C Daniel Elizabeth Richardson 5/10/1908
Allee Tressie Levi E Elizabeth Adams 10/10/1907
Allee William E William B Cyntha McCamack 11/27/1890
Allee William A Albert W Bertha Rector 5/10/1916
Allee William Ray John W Anna M Kinsley 7/2/1908
Allee [Male] Henry Hannah Harrison 5/19/1882
Allee [Male] John F Sarah Hedgn 6/7/1882
Allee [Male] Joseph S Hannah Paris 3/3/1883
Allee [Male] Frank Lila Hill 7/7/1884
Allee [Female] Frank Ella ?aines 8/28/1884
Allee [Female] Henry Hannah Harrigan 6/13/1885
Allee [Male] Frank Lila Hill 8/9/1885
Allee [Female] J P Anna Hammond 8/28/1885
Allee [Male] Joseph ? Betty H E Paris 10/20/1886
Allee [Female] Henry Ida Evans 9/12/1887
Allee [Male] John ? Mary A Sho?taugh 1/26/1888
Allee John H John P Annie Hammond 6/4/1888
Allee [Female] Joseph S Hannah H Paris 5/31/1889
Allee [Female] John W Allie Sho?taugh 9/4/1889
Allee [Female] Frank Lila Hill 9/26/1890
Allee [Male] Levi Elizabeth Adams 11/14/1890
Allee [Female] Frank Sarah Hedge 7/16/1891
Allee [Female] Joseph S Elizabeth Paris 8/8/1891
Allee? N L Y Ludia ?rinnt 12/29/1892
Allee [Male] Joseph ? Ida ?illey 7/30/1893
Allee Walter G Uley Sylvia Bryant 7/1/1894
Allee [Female] Scott Ida ??sten 10/13/1894
Allee [Female] Walter Alpha Walbavle 3/19/1895
Allee [Male] Albert Connes Scott 9/29/1898
Allee - m W H Maggie Lovett 8/19/1898
Allee [Male] William Cynthia McComack 5/26/1898
Allee [Male] Herb S Effie Dorsett 4/3/1898
Allee [Male] Walter Alpha Wallace 10/9/1899
Allee [Male] Albert Bertha Rector 11/9/1899
Allee [Male] Uley Sylvia Bryant 12/25/1899
Allee [Male] J N Alice Shoptaugh 3/13/1900
Allee [Female] Chas Coffman 5/1/1900
Allee [Female] William Jr Dora ?enn? 6/21/1900
Allee [Female] Wallis Alpha Wallace 11/13/1901
Allee [Female] Wallis Alpha Wallace 11/13/1901
Allee Piercy D John E Dora (Penny) 12/15/1901
Allee - ? Oat ----Petty 8/27/1903
Allee [Female] Daniel Elizabeth Richardson 8/1/1904
Allee [Female] W S Ida Masten 10/20/1904
Allee [Female] Walter Alpha Wallace 11/2/1904
Allee [Male] William B Cynthia McCammack 2/25/1905
Allee [Female] Albert Bertha Rector 12/1/1905
Allee [Male] Ola Eva J Hicks 12/10/1905
Allen Alberta F Albert ? Bertha A Barker 3/4/1909
Allen Charles G Vernie Clair A Young 4/14/1912
Allen Cloyd Ray Lee-Roy Florence E Oneal 2/10/1908
Allen Everett William Wesley Rosetta Parker 9/22/1909
Allen Edgar ? Frank Mary Ellis 6/23/1914
Allen Edwin Earl Earl Lorene Frank 5/24/1920
Allen Emma Chas Effie McFerrands 8/3/1913
Allen Frank W Chas W Maggie ???ley 8/19/1882
Allen George M Chas Effie 7/8/1909
Allen Harland William Wesley Rosetta Parker 4/29/1915
Allen Harriet ? H C Jr Mary Harding 10/4/1909
Allen Harry W H ---- ---- 5/28/1886
Allen Helen Faye Chas Effie McFerrand 8/24/1915
Allen Ira Ross Alva C Sibyl C Chadwick 1/1/1915
Allen James L Chas A Hattie B ?are?ch 5/6/1913
Allen John Joe Ida Tilley 5/8/1896
Allen John Robert William ? Maud Isaacs 12/25/1910
Allen Jones D Roscoe F Bessie C Hylton 7/12/1908
Allen Joseph P Joseph P Jr Blance Swahlen 12/5/1909
Allen Leo ? Leu Alice Arnold 10/20/1899
Allen Lewis H H C Jr Mary Harding 4/17/1911
Allen Lucy Walter Libie H Estelle 8/31/1886
Allen Mary Ann Charles A Hattie B Allen 2/21/1911
Allen Mary V Earl Lorene Frank 10/3/1918
Allen Marion ??? Oliver D Agnes 5/20/1920
Allen Noah Noah Sibyl C Chadwick 6/27/1917
Allen Orville Charles A Bertha May Pedro 11/4/1919
Allen Pearl Grasvil Mary Leffem 3/20/1891
Allen Ralph C Albert S Bertha A Barker 7/28/1911
Allen Raymond M Joel E Annie Criffen 12/3/1882
Allen Ruby May Charles A Effie Allen 7/4/1911
Allen Ruth Marie Henry Chelcie Allen 9/13/1911
Allen Williams Albert Tyna Allen 3/1/1905
Allen William E William Wesley Rosa Etta Parker 9/6/1912
Allen [Female] Silburn -----Sylney 3/23/1883
Allen [Female] Hiram C Josephine ---- 4/5/1883
Allen [Male] Colombus Annabella Williams 12/22/1883
Allen [Male] Colombus Anabella Williams 12/22/1883
Allen [Female] Dillard C Carrie Priest 5/26/1885
Allen [Male] Jerome Emma Bennett 3/5/1886
Allen [Female] Benj F Andeline Horn 3/26/1886
Allen [Female] H C Jr Josephine Sims 8/18/1886
Allen [Female] Louis Sarah Jenkins 11/2/1886
Allen [Female] D C Carrie Priest 10/3/1887
Allen [Female] Charles A Laura Crawley 11/13/1887
Allen [Female] James T Blanch Riggs 3/25/1888
Allen [Male] ? H Maggie C Lovett 5/25/1868
Allen [Female] William T Evans 6/6/1888
Allen [Female] William ----Cormley 11/9/1888
Allen [Male] Henry Hannah Harrigan 1/19/1889
Allen [Female] D C Carrie Priest 4/24/1889
Allen [Female] Churchill May Gordon 4/18/1891
Allen [Male] Chiltian Maggie Williams 5/24/1892
Allen [Male] Ben F Andeline Horn 7/20/1892
Allen [Female] William H Minnie Evans 5/27/1893
Allen [Male] Frank Eva Senter 7/14/1893
Allen Gladys William I Ellen Allen 7/16/1893
Allen Raymond Marvin Frank Mary Ellis 10/18/1893
Allen [Male] John M Lillie K Hall 11/3/1893
Allen [Female] W H Maggie Loveth 5/15/1894
Allen Chas Rosa Coffman 12/10/1894
Allen May Frank Mary Ellis 4/24/1895
Allen [Female] Churchill Mary Gordon 11/20/1895
Allen [Female] Joseph Roda McMullen 7/12/1896
Allen [Female] Robert Myrtle Reeves 4/12/1897
Allen [Male] Frank
Allen [Male] Frank Mary A Ellis 10/22/1897
Allen [Male] Frank Lila Hill 1/5/1898
Allen [Female] ???? ???? Coffman 7/10/1898
Allen Ernest G Robt E Lee Myrtle Reeves 12/12/1898
Allen [Male] L??ll Etta Reese 5/13/1899
Allen [Male] Noel Tums 8/10/1899
Allen [Female] ? F Elizabeth Morrison 12/5/1899
Allen [Male] William F Ella H Cormley 4/15/1900
Allen (Allee) [Male] Chas -----Coffman 5/1/1900
Allen [Male] Frank Mary Ellis 8/4/1900
Allen [Male] W H Margaret Lovett 9/10/1900
Allen [Female] W H Ida Gorwood 3/9/1901
Allen [Male] Chas Effie McFerren 3/21/1901
Allen [Female] Frank Mary Ellis 8/5/1902
Allen [Male] Lee Florence O'Neal 8/20/1902
Allen [Male] Paul Maud Han 8/22/1902
Allen [Male] William Maud Isaac 10/20/1903
Allen [Female] J P Jr Blanche Swohlen 7/21/1904
Allen [Male] Frank Mary A Ellis 8/5/1904
Allen [Female] Paul -----Harrison 10/1/1905
Allen [Male] M B Ellen Scobee 11/15/1905
Allen [Male] Chas ----- ----- 9/26/1906
Allen [Female] William Mary Evans 7/23/1907
Allen [Male] Henry Thesea Jest 11/8/1907
Alley Dorothy E Albert C Cheneca Scott 8/24/1911
Alley Garnet L Albert Chinca E Scott 1/21/1909
Alley [Male] James ? Marcia Winga?e 6/6/1882
Alley [Male] William N Angeline Eads 11/30/1882
Alley [Male] Levi ----- ----- 8/14/1901
Allgood Burley F Leland Effie Clone 2/2/1920
Allgood Floy Thomas Lena Seaman 5/16/1896
Allgood Harold V Floyd Gail Havell 10/28/1919
Allgood Gerold L Floyd Gail Howell 1/31/1917
Allgood [Female] Edmone ----- ----- 5/26/1886
Allgood [Female] Thorton Minnie King 9/9/1888
Allgood [Male] Thomas Lena Seaman 11/27/1893
Allgood [Male] James Mary Grubb 9/15/1893
Allgood [Male] Martin Laura Johnson 12/6/1893
Allgood [Female] James Emma Stagg 9/6/1893
Allgood [Female] E Clara King 3/23/1897
Allgood [Female] James Emma Stags 12/20/1898
Allgood [Male] Berrly Clara King 7/2/1899
Allgood [Female] Martin Laura Johnson 3/20/1905
Allison [Male] A R Certrude Johnson 12/2/1884
Allison [Male] Robert R Certrude Johnson 1/13/1888
Ally [Male] Leslie Bertha ?adly 2/25/1906
Alspaugh Edna May William Nora Miller 3/10/1917
Alspaugh Golden John Ella Reeves 9/21/1886
Alspaugh Madonna William Nora Miller 4/5/1911
Alspaugh Manard M William Nora Miller 7/28/1909
Alspaugh Ralph E William Nora Miller 6/24/1914
Alspaugh William Boone William Nora Miller 5/9/1920
Alspaugh [Male] John A Nora Miller 11/17/1884
Alspaugh [Female] John Ella Reeves 9/18/1891
Alspaugh [Female] William Lilly B Rice 5/21/1893
Alspaugh [Male] William ? Lulu Rice 7/8/1897
Alspaugh [Male] William ? Lina Call 7/8/1897
Alspaugh [Female] Oscar Gardner 11/30/1898
Alspaugh Catherine M William Lillie D Rice 4/20/1900
Alspaugh [Female] Walles -----Gardner 8/11/1900
Alspaugh [Female] Walter Gertie Gardner 3/14/1904
Alspaugh [Female] ----- ----- ----- 3/14/1904
Alspaugh [Female] Frank Oma ?oswell 11/6/1905
Alspaugh [Female] William Nova Miller 10/31/1907
Alspaugh [Female] William Nora Miller 3/22/1918
Alte?a Freda Walter R Alpha McCollu? 4/28/1911
Alternillor Lennie H John Mary ?asi? Long 4/22/1912
Alters [Female] Harry ?mma Ogle 8/29/1887
Alvia [Male] Jo Seph Jungate 6/2/1893
Alvis [Male] Jo A Lelle Tunget (Tonget) 8/10/1885
A?enn Kitty M A Jacob Rebecca Ekmyers 7/2/1886
Anderson Clifford B Harold G Christa Bicknell 10/16/1915
Anderson Donal ? James Rena ?hitted 3/3/1918
Anderson Dorsey Mcade Dorsey L Nellie Turner 6/13/1894
Anderson Dory H James D Stella J Lawson 7/13/1908
Anderson Ernest H Hardy A Cora I Hill 10/11/1912
Anderson Frank E Harrold C Christine Bicknell 12/1/1918
Anderson Hersche E James ?ena ?hitted 10/22/1915
Anderson John H Martin ?lila J Myers 8/13/1887
Anderson John Hans Jennie Mckay 1/20/1888
Anderson Leroy James D Estella J Lawson 11/21/191?
Anderson Mary C ?arl ? Grace L Howard 5/27/190?
Anderson Myrtle F Frank Jennie ?hollenberger 3/30/1891
Anderson Myrtle M Hardy Cory J Hill 10/7/1909
Anderson Peter Joseph Liza ?iddons 8/7/1883
Anderson Ruth M James L Rona Whit?ed 1/5/1920
Anderson Vivian ? Lawrence Lotta Carter 7/23/1910
Anderson - ? ?lir ?illie ----- 12/15/1883
Anderson [Male] Joseph Mary Baker 5/24/1885
Anderson [Male] Frank L Jennie Shellenberger 1/1/1887
Anderson [Male] Josephus Mary C Baker 4/24/1887
Anderson [Female] Joseph Eliza A Siddens 8/28/1888
Anderson [Female] Hans Jennie McKay 2/23/1889
Anderson [Male] Johseph Mary C Baker 12/10/1889
Anderson [Male] August Nettie Wiles 11/6/1890
Anderson [Male] Martin Eliza J Myers 9/?/1891
Anderson [Male] Josephus Mary C Baker 4/11/1892
Anderson [Female] Hans Jennie Mckee 12/18/1892
Anderson [Female] Thomas ----- ----- 2/2/1893
Anderson [Male] ----- -----Miles 7/9/1894
Anderson [Female] Joseph Mary Baker 2/8/1895
Anderson [Male] John Rosie Green 2/20/1896
Anderson [Female] Martin Eliza J Myers 9/2/1896
Anderson [Female] Hans Jennie A McKee 10/20/1897
Anderson [Male] William Flora ?ollin 8/8/1898
Anderson [Female] John Rosie Green 3/30/1899
Anderson [Male] John Rosy Green 2/13/1901
Anderson [Male] Martin Eliza Myers 5/8/1901
Anderson [Female] Curtis Lou Mace 7/1?/1903
Anderson [Female] Hans McKee 8/28/1906
Anderson [Female] Arthur -----Peck 9/1/1907
Anderson [Male] Martin Eliza Jane Myers 4/1/1908
Anderson [Male] James Stella Lawson 8/5/1912
Andrews P?isy Ephrain Phyllis Tromans 6/23/1884
Andrews P?isy Ephrain Phyllis Tromans 3/9/1887
Angellf Edwen A Sarah J Glidswell 3/19/1882
Anold John C Frank Hattie Trail 1/17/1911
Anthony [Male] Elijah Anna May 5/3/1889
Apple John H Harry Bessie Ogle 2/18/1911
Apple Lowell R Harry Bessie Ogle 5/26/1913
Apple Vera L Harry D Bessie Ethel Cogle 7/29/1918
Appleby Ce??? Howard Jessie O'Connor 7/22/191?
Appleby Harold M Howard C Josie M A Conner 12/10/1919
Appleman Mary L Doyne Evelyn Fitchett 2/26/1910
Applegate [Female] Sanford Rosa Christie 2/27/1900
Applegate [Male] Sanford Cora McGinnie 9/10/1903
Arbray [Male] Thomas Minnie Stewart 8/17/1900
Arbuckle Samuel M Samuel Rachel Wood 1/24/1888
Arbuckle Samuel M Francis Rosa Alvey 2/3/1892
Arkins John T John Mary Ryan 4/13/1887
Arkins [Female] John Mary Ryan 4/13/1891
Arnett [Male] Edward Rose Walker 1/10/1902
Arnold Bernice C ?arl ? Ethel Talbott 5/3/1918
Arnold Carnelia I Ezra ?orth Christy 5/17/1920
Arnold Charles E Adolphus F Hattie Trail 2/8/1918
Arnold Clara A L Manne Herod 7/17/1900
Arnold Dana Ralph Catherine Dent 12/10/1917
Arnold Dorthie May William Nellie Ruth Corham 4/27/1909
Arnold Dorothy Earl Ethel Talbott 12/21/1915
Arnold George M Henry F Hattie Ann Trail 3/27/1916
Arnold Grace James Mary Smith 12/7/1889
Arnold Henry ? Henry C Hattie Anna Trail 7/15/1912
Arnold Jean C Carl Ethel May Jackson 3/19/1920
Arnold Kathryn C Wilber H Minnie L Knauer 3/1/1920
Arnold Pearl C Edward Ollie M Adams 4/12/1910
Arnold Schulor A J L E Wallace 12/6/1890
Arnold Vernon E Earl H Ethel Mae Talbott 10/13/1920
Arnold [Female] Frank A Elizabeth Taley 3/28/1882
Arnold [Female] John A Louise Wallace 7/25/1882
Arnold [Male] James Mary Smyth 1/13/1887
Arnold [Male] C W Mary Watts 2/4/1890
Arnold [Male] Frank A -----?oly 5/30/1890
Arnold [Female] Wesley Miss Watts 1/26/1892
Arnold [Female] James Sarah Smith 4/21/1892
Arnold [Female] ? E Betty Hodges 7/10/1892
Arnold [Female] William B Mamie Scoble 7/17/1892
Arnold [Male] Alonzo Nancy Herod 9/4/1893
Arnold [Male] William B Mannie Scobee 1/31/1894
Arnold [Female] Frank A Elizabeth Foley 3/6/1894
Arnold [Male] Alazo Nancy Herod 12/8/1894
Arnold [Female] Elijah -----Hedge 12/11/1895
Arnold [Male] Alonzo Nannie Herod 4/24/1896
Arnold [Female] William Minnie Scobee 5/11/1896
Arnold [Female] Edward Ollie Adams 12/5/1896
Arnold [Female] William Nannie Scobee 3/29/1898
Arnold [Female] Alonzo Mannie Herod 5/15/1898
Arnold [Male] Edward Ollie Adams 9/10/1898
Arnold [Male] Ruben Minnie Hinkle 2/10/1899
Arnold [Male] W E Nannie Scobee 3/22/1900
Arnold [Male] Jas E Ollie Adams 3/7/1902
Arnold [Male] William B Mamie Scobee 4/18/1902
Arnold [Male] R B Minnie Hinkle 7/13/1902
Arnold [Female] J W Ollie McClam 4/13/1904
Arnold [Male] W B Nannie Scobee 8/10/1904
Arnold [Male] Ruben Minnie Hinkle 10/10/1904
Arnold [Male] A T Maud Harrod 11/3/1904
Arnold M [Male] William B Nannie Scobee 1/10/1907
Arnold [Female] Ed Allee Adams 7/25/1907
Arnold [Female] William Mary M Au?rey 4/16/1920
Ash Clellan Fred Maude Turner 7/17/1920
Ash William Fred Maude Turner 4/13/1917
Ash Louise Fred Maude McGill 9/20/1915
Ash Leroy Fred Maude Turner 8/25/1913
Ash Hazel Claud Alma Stranghter 7/12/1913
Ash Auis Leona Fred Maude McGill 8/28/1911
Ash Virginia B Edward Della Bee 8/14/1911
Ash Jennie Claud Alma Strother/(Olina) 9/7/1910
Ash [Male] Edward Della Bee 1/29/1909
Ash Fredrec Edward Della Bee 1/27/1909
Ash Fred Fred Maude McGill 11/2/1909
Ash Theodore E Fred Maude McGill 3/5/1908
Ash Lucille J Edward Della Bee 5/12/1905
Ash [Female] Andy Hattie Wade 5/3/1904
Ash [Male] Edward Mary Bee 2/10/1904
Ash [Male] Edward Della Bee 6/20/1903
Ash [Male] Andrew Hattie P Wade 10/23/1901
Ash Russell A Andrew Hattie Wade 9/17/1899
Ash [Female] John ? Emma Lida 8/10/1899
Ash [Male] Andrew Hattie Wade 7/4/1897
Ash [Male] Andrew Hattie Wade 7/4/1897
Ash [Male] Andrew Harriet Wade/(Male) 6/15/1895
Ash Elmer Thos Anna Tincher 4/17/1895
Ash [Male] John Jan Lida 1/19/1894
Ash [Female] W H Ida Jennings 7/5/1894
Ash [Male] William H Ida Jennings 7/8/1893
Ash [Female] Andrew Hattie Wade 8/10/1893
Ash [Female] John W ----- ----- 11/20/1891
Ash [Female] John W Jennie ----- 12/20/1889
Ash [Female] John W Linda Quinn 3/29/1888
Ash [Male] J W Jennie 2/13/1886
Ashby Edna Ellen Thomas Effie C Brothers 3/16/1916
Ashby George R Thompson V Eva G Brimes 2/2/1909
Ashby William F Thos V Eva Grace Brimes 9/21/1910
Asher James W Samuel C Silvia Charris 1/16/1883
Asher Lillie ? ----- ----- Lillie ? Asher 6/19/1886
Asher ?ina May Harry C Edna May Rubock 5/21/1918
Asher William F Elisha F Jule?? Knoll 12/10/1882
Asher [Female] William Nancy Wade 3/23/1882
Asher [Female] Frank Julia Knoll 1/18/1885
Asher [Male] Frank Julia Knoll 5/10/1886
Asher [Female] William Mary A Hood 1/14/1888
Asher [Female] William Mary H Hood 10/8/1889
Asher [Male] Mack Ida Knoll 9/30/1890
Asher Maggie Mae William H Mary A Hood 4/26/1892
Asher [Male] William Etta ?izes 8/20/1894
Asher [Female] Samuel Lilly Beam?? 2/13/1896
Asher [Male] ----- Laura Asher 3/15/1896
Asher [Male] Lee Etta Mise 11/15/1898
Asher [Male] Lee Etta Mise 7/15/1901
Asher [Female] Henry A Amanda Duncan 11/14/1902
Asher [Male] Lee Etta Mise 2/8/1903
Ashland [Female] J H Mary V Alexander 8/13/1886
Ashley - ? E T Elizabeth ?oan 8/28/1884
Ashley [Male] E T Sallie Hendren 2/7/1891
Ashley [Male] Uriah T Sarah E Hendrin 2/12/1899
Ashton Elmer J Walter J Lily M McCrew 12/13/1888
Ashton [Male] Walter J -----McCrew 11/6/1887
Ashton [Male] Walter J Lillie McCrew 6/10/1891
Ashton [Female] Walter J -----McCrew 8/18/1896
Ashunth William Bessie Cox 1/30/1906
Ashur [Male] Sam Syhra Bum 4/7/1890
Ashworth Fay A William Bessie Cox 9/10/1909
Ashworth Forest E Leon F A Lottie Elle Cox 7/26/1912
Ashworth John W C J N J Arbuckle 5/29/1887
Ashworth Kenneth D William Bessie Cox 1/28/1908
Askew Robert H Horce Harriett Bridges 6/22/1920
Ashew William B Horace Harriet Bridges 3/12/1919
Ashins James John Mary Ryan 2/20/1889
Athey [Male] Henry Sarah Carr 10/15/1900
Athey [Female] Henry Carr 9/28/1883
Atkinson Chester Crant Effie May Jones 1/16/1912
Atkinson Isora L Crant Effie Jones 3/27/1915
Atkinson Robert Crant Effie Johns 5/5/1910
Aubrey [Female] ?ach Lizzie ?yith 4/29/1885
Aubrey Robert E Sherman Pearl Taylor 1/12/1918
Aubrey Nettie E Willie S Maggie P Taylor 1/2/1910
Ausler Lamuel I L H Lora Mae York 4/17/1908
Ausmore [Female] Card Edith Smith 7/15/1888
Austin Alice May Fisher May Turner 6/5/1918
Austin Grafton Leon Dollie Humphrey 4/10/1920
Austin ?anetta Leon Della H??hry 10/25/1909
Austin Mary K Fisher Maggie Turner 5/31/1919
Austin [Male] Leon Delly Humphary 4/28/1913
Avers Nellie - ? Thomas Minnie Prosser 2/18/1911
Ayers - ? ----- Myrtle ?yers 7/3/1911
Ayester [Female] Silas Rosetta Cagle 10/14/1896
Ayler [Female] ? W Minnie Roache 5/17/1903
Ayler [Female] Cyrus H Minerva Canarin 4/25/1883


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