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Transcribed by Sharon Bryant, Norfolk, VA [Now Deceased]
NOTE: You will undoubtedly encounter errors in the information listed below for a variety of reasons. As time permits the data displayed here will be verified/checked against other sources.
Name of Child Name of Father Mother's Maiden Name Date of Birth
Ice, Lewis Melvin Lewis Grace Bly 16 Oct 1907
Iddings, Dennis H. Francis M Ella F. Callahan 22 Jul 1886
Iddings, Josias C Francis M Ella F. Callahan 16 Aug 1883
Iddings, ng [Female] Marion Ella Coloson 12 May 1891
Iddings, John John Flora B. Hammer 04 Jun 1891
Iddings, ng [Female] John W. Florence E. Bodenhamer 28 Jan 1897
Iddings, ng [Female] John Flora Brown 20 Sep 1900
Ikamire, ng (Lillie May) Lewis Etta Mullinix 06 Mar 1894
Ikamire, ng (Roy) Lewis ----- Mullinix 03 Jan 1903
Iles, ng [Male] Allen Lucy Yelks 06 Jan 1894
Inge, ng [Female] Morton ----- Burnsides 03 Jun 1896
Inge, ng [Female] C. M. Minnie Bumsider 24 Dec 1894
Ingerton, ng [Female] Robt B Fannie Williams 05 Jul 1884
Ingledow, ng [Female] Albert Lula Wilson 15 Nov 1903
Inigg, Maxine V. Harry Lena Spaulding 08 Jul 1908
Inman, Basil CC ----- Stewart 19 Oct 1905
Inman, ng [Male] Jack ng 03 Aug 1890
Inppenlatz, ng [Male] Geo. Zelma Job 21 Jan 1899
Inppenlatz, ng - F twin L. N. ng 22 Feb 1902
Inppenlatz, ng - F twin L. N. ng 22 Feb 1902
Insel, ng [Male] Daniel B. S. Charity Camp 18 Aug 1892
Iren, ng [Female] Nathan T. Mary Hargin 02 Dec 1895
Irvin, ng -F Sanford W. ----- Cotton 21 Aug 1885
Irvin, ng [Female] Robert Nora Wood 10 Jul 1889
Irvin, ng [Male] Laz Lucy Judy 19 Nov 1890
Irvin, ng [Male] William Girtie Hibben 06 Nov 1895
Irvin, ng [Female] William Gertrude Hibben 27 Apr 1897
Irwin, (C. Lorene) Oscar Lulu Leatherman 15 Dec 1902
Irwin, (May) Oscar Lulu Leatherman 11 Sep 1904
Irwin, Ethel Marie Clarence Goldie Barnett 13 Jul 1910
Irwin, Robert Herndon Robt S. Adele M. Thomas 04 Oct 1904
Irwin, ng [Female] Tarlston Lucy Judy 30 Sep 1887
Irwin, ng [Male] Laz Lucy Judy 19 Nov 1890
Irwin, ng [Male] Robert Nora Wood 14 Dec 1890
Irwin, Glen W. George W. Mattie Cassett 08 Nov 1891
Irwin, William. Claude Robert Nora Wood 22 Dec 1892
Irwin, ng [Male] S. D. Mary A. Mostetter 23 Mar 1893
Irwin, (Olma Ann) Robert Nora Wood 22 Oct 1894

Child's Name

Father's Name

Mother's Maiden Name

Date of Birth

Irwin, ng [Female] Oscar Lulu Leatherman 22 Jun 1901
Irwin, ng [Female] Isaac Minnie M. Reeves 29 Nov 1901
Irwin, ng [Male] Robert ----- Thomas 08 Feb 1902
Irwin, ng [Male] W. H. Gertie Hibben 21 Jun 1902
Irwin, ng [Male] G. W. Mattie Cassitt 23 Aug 1902
Irwin, ng [Male] Robert Nora Wood 01 Jan 1903
Irwin, ng [Male] Ike ----- Reeves 21 Jun 1905
Irwin, ng [Male] Robert Nora Wood 07 Mar 1906
Irwin, ng [Female] G. W. Mattie Crossitt 29 Aug 1906
Isaac, ng [Female] Charley Bertha Tribeg 06 Feb 1884


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