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Veterans of the War of 1812

Extracted from the Biographies Section

William W. Allen, born December 16, 1790 (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. "Monroe Township. " bio of JAMES ALLEN. )

Solomon Alspaugh, born 5 Aug 1792, died unmarried, killed by Indians at Dudley's defeat, War of 1812
(Source: Notes on David Alspaugh, taken from DAR pension application of Delilah C. Thomas)

George Black (Source: "William Black and his Descendents - A Genealogy of the Descendents of William Black of Augusta County, VA and later of Clark County, KY" by Raymond Finley Hughes and Howard Clift Black (Unpublished. Copyrighted 1973 by RF Hughes) as transcribed on the Putnam County InGenWeb site. )

Robert Miller Black (source: Historical and Biographical Record of Douglas County, Illinois)
George Black, with his family, removed from Virginia and settled in Kentucky, some time before the War of 1812. He became a soldier of this war in a regiment of mounted rifleman and rendered important service under the command of Gen. Harrison. (He lived in Putnam County. )

John Blake (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. "Russell Township. " bio of John E. Blake)  His grandfather, John Blake was a soldier in the War of 1812.

Jno. Hall (of Butler Co. Ohio)(Source: Beckwith, H. W. History of Fountain County, Indiana. Chicago: HH Hill, 1881. p 153 bio of: G. W. Cooper)  "In 1842 Mr. Cooper was married to Miss Mirah Hall, who is a native of Butler County, Ohio. Her father, Jno. Hall, was a soldier in the War of 1812. "

Col. Alexander Shore Farrow (Bourbon Co. Kentucky)(source: Weik's History of Putnam County, Indiana, pp. 645, 646 & 647. bio of: Alexander S. Bryan) "Colonel Farrow, father of Mrs. Bryan, was captured in the British & Indian War of 1812. "

Benjamin Wofford (Source: Unknown Book, (No cover), of Biographies. Bio of: Theodore Crawley (Book is in the possession of Lora Radiches)) "Jefferson Crawley married Mary Wofford, whose father, Benjamin Wofford, was a soldier in the War of 1812. "

John Dice (Source: Weik, Jesse William. Weik's history of Putnam County, Indiana. Indianapolis, Ind. : B. F. Bowen and Co., 1910, p 272 biography of: Rev. Jacob DICE) "He is a son of John Dice, who was a conspicuous figure among the early pioneers of the county, and was actively identified with its agricultural growth for many years. The father of our subject was a native of Rockbridge County, VA. . . . The father was a patriotic citizen and served with credit in the War of 1812. "

William Denman (source: Weik, Jesse William. Weik's history of Putnam County, Indiana. Indianapolis, Ind. : B. F. Bowen and Co., 1910, p 272, biography of: William L. DENMAN)"William Denman the paternal grandfather of the gentleman whose name introduces this sketch, was a native of GA.  He was a sterling pioneer, a Southerner of such a combination of initiative, courage and gentlemanly attributes that he could claim scores of friends wherever he was known and he was very successful in his life work. He and his wife rode on horseback from Ga to In a long and  somewhat hazardous journey in the early days, packing all their worldly possessions on their horse and while one rode the other walked.  They located in Montgomery County.  He had the distinction of serving in the War of 1812.  His death occurred about 1870 at age 85. "

William Evans (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. "Russell Township. " Biography of: Daniel Evans) "Mr. Evans' grandfather, John was a soldier in the Revolutionary War and his uncle, William Evans in War of 1812. "

Simpson Harris (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. Warren Township, Putnam County, Indiana.  Biography of: William T. Harris) "Simpson Harris the father of the subject of this sketch, was born January 1, 1780, his wife in the year 1802. Both are still in this township, where they settled in 1821. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and some of his ancestors served in the Revolutionary army. Both he and his wife are members of the Presbyterian church. "

William Thornton Inge (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. biograhy of:William Thornton Inge)"Mr. Inge died Oct 19, 1870; he was a soldier in the War of 1812; a member of the Christian Church, and of the Masonic fraternity. . . "

William W. Allen (Source: Illustrated Historical Atlas of Putnam County Indiana 1879. page 56 Biography of: James Allen)"William W., born December 16, 1790, who was a soldier in the War of 1812"

Alexander Lawler (Source: Biographical Review of Cass, Schuyler and Brown Counties, Illinois. <BR
Chicago: Biographical Review Pub. Co., 1892, p 480. biography of: J. Thomas LAWLER)"His parents were Alexander and Margaret White Lawler, both natives of VA.  His father served with distinction in the War of 1812. "

(Source: Biographical Record and Portrait Album of Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Evansville, Ind. : Unigraphic, 1888, p 468. Biography of: Andrew C. McCorkle)"The father of our subject was one of the early settlers of Putnam County, settling in Jackson Twp, that county in 1832, where he entered from the Government 120 acres of land and subsequently purchased a tract of 80 acres.  He married Mary Gooding, daughter of John Gooding who was of Scotch descent and was a soldier in the War of 1812. "

David Ragland (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: J. H. Beers, 1879. "Franklin Township. Biography of: John H. Miller)". . . his grandfather, David Ragland on his mother's side was a soldier in the War of 1812. "

Thomas Newgent (Source: Weik, Jesse William.  Weik's history of Putnam County, Indiana. Indianapolis, Ind. : B. F. Bowen and Co., 1910  p. 511. Biography of: Thomas Newgent)"In 1798 Thomas Newgent settled in Mercer Co KY.  He was a surveyor and teacher. In the War of 1812 he enlisted from Franklin Co and was a Scout for Gen. William Henry Harrison.  In the battle of Ft. Meigs, Frenchtown and Raisin River he proved a gallant fighter. It was interesting to hear him give a graphic description of the fights and Indian massacres he witnessed. His wife died in Shelby Co KY 1823. "

George OWEN (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: JH Beers, 1879. "Franklin Township. " Biography of: Thomas A. Owen)"His father was a soldier in the War of 1812, moved to this county in 1829 where he resided till his death Jan 30, 1862, his wife having died 1830. His grandfather, Spicer Owen, was a native of Wales, immigrated to this country in 1773; served under Gen. George Washington 7 years, with the rank of Drum Major, was in all his campaigns and present at the surrender of Lord Cornwallis. " [Note the portion of the page transcribed was missing the name of the father of Thomas A. Owen].

Jacob Pickle (Source: Biography of Jacob Pickle by Amy Terry,"Jacob Pickle was born in 1793 in Virginia.  From Washington County VA, he enlisted in the War of 1812. He served  from Sept. 14 1813 to March 1814 where he was a Private under Captain James Shelton's Company of Virginia Militia, 5th Regiment. He participated in several skirmishes near Norfolk before being honerably discharged. He migrated to Indiana, and settled in Putnam County in the early 1830's. "

Col. Henry Renick (Source: Family history of Tom Renick, 27651 S. R. 64 E.,Myakka, Fl. 34251, 1998. )"Col. Henry Renick, led a mounted Regiment from Hiseville, Kentucky in the War of 1812 and was at the "Battle of the Thames", in Canada, where the great Indian Tecumseh was killed. "

Thomas Newgent - Indiana Pvt Co. N, 92nd VA Militia - War of 1812,
Jun 10, 1770 - February 4, 1863 -- 92y 8m 4d; Nugent Cemetery, Putnam Co. Indiana

War of 1812 Veterans
Putnam Republican Banner
Source:War of 1812: Putnam Co., Indiana Survivors' meeting in 1858
14 April 1858 pg. 2 & 3.

"At a meeting of the surviving soldiers of the War of 1812 living in Putnam Co. was held on the 27th of March, 1858 at Greencastle. Col Alexander S. Farrow was called to the chair and Judge Joseph Farley appointed sec. Those present were:

Joseph Denny
William Cooper
Elisha W. Fulton
Eli Brackney
Peter W. Applegate
Jesse Jones
John W. Jones
William Torr
Daniel Welker
George Black
Daniel Harrah
David Eller
Joseph Collier
Joseph F. Farley
Samuel Taylor
John Standiford
Alexander S. Farrow
Hugh Reat
Isaac Mahan
William Atherton.

The object of the meeting being to ascertain the names of all surviving soldiers of the War of 1812 residing in Putnam Co., IN. In addition to those above the following names are believed to include the entire number.

Isaac Peck
Elijah Wilkinson
Elza Hill
Thomas Boswell
George Priest
John C. Wingate
John Allen
Eli Tarbutton
Charles Hunter
James Swinford
Lazarus Tilley
John C. Seller
Thomas Gilmore
Lenox M. Knight
Noah Harris
Thomas Lemon
John Cotton
Richard Bowen
James Shields
John F. Seller
Simpson Harris
Joseph Albin
John Reel
Henry Waln
Alexander Wilson
Jacob Mcvey
John F. Gilkey
William Stokes
William McElroy
Archibold Cooper
Robert Palmer
Henry Mills
George Justice
Alexander Greenlee
Jacob Pickett
Michael Moser
Thomas Tiffin
Robert Miller
James Torr
Scady Chandler
Daniel Chadd
Joseph Dunkin
William King
Joseph Lasley
James Gordon
Lewis Shell
John Boswell
Samuel Emerson
William Aldridge. "

1812 Veterans Buried in Putnam County
Note: Information taken from Putnam County History by Putnam County Sesquicentennial Committee, 1966, page 44.

Name Cemetery where buried

Archibald Cooper Sr. Bethel Cemetery (Warren Township)

Rev. Israel Gregg Lewis Bethel Cemetery (Warren Township)

Thomas Gilmore Boone Hutcheson Cemetery

John Falls Sr. Brick Chapel Cemetery

Jesse Anderson Brown Cemetery (Franklin Township)

Simpson Harris Croys Creek Cemetery

Alexander Shore Farrow Farrow Cemetery (Monroe Township)

Joseph C. Butler Fillmore Cemetery

John Butler Flatwoods Cemetery

George Black Forest Hill Cemetery

Samuel Emerson Forest Hill Cemetery

Isaac Mahan Forest Hill Cemetery

John Finley Sellers Forest Hill Cemetery

John Staniford Forest Hill Cemetery

Daniel Welker Forest Hill Cemetery

George W. Chambers Mt. Pisgah (Russell Township)

Mark Homan Mt. Pisgah (Russell Township)

John H. Roberts New Maysville Cemetery

Isaac Ash Old Greencastle Cemetery

William Atherton Old Greencastle Cemetery

Joseph F. Farley Old Greencastle Cemetery

John McNary Old Greencastle Cemetery

Hugh Reat Old Greencastle Cemetery

Jonathon Ross Nelson (added by Virginia Brann) Old Greencastle Cemetery

Jacob Pickel Pickel Cemetery (Franklin Township)

Jacob Bruner Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Thomas Lemon Putnamville Cemetery

John C. Sellers Putnamville Cemetery

Scady Chandler Vermillion Cemetery (Clinton Township)

Ezekiel Powers Walnut Chapel Cemetery

Elijah C. Wilkinson Wesley Chapel Cemetery

John Quinn Case Old Case Farm (Jackson Township)

George Peter Huffman George Rissler Farm (Washington Township)

Samuel Robinson (Source: Atlas of Putnam County, Indiana. Chicago: JH Beers, 1879. "Franklin Township. " biography of: Samuel Robinson)"Mr. Samuel Robinson's first wife was Sarah Heath, daughter of Edwin H. and Elizabeth Heath, natives of NC, whom he married 1834; she died 1837. The present Mrs. Robinson is a member of the Methodist Church, her husband leaning toward Universalism; the parents of both were soldiers in the War of 1812. "

Daniel Rhoten, Sr., b Feb 3, 1781 d Jan 8, 1853, Pvt, 2nd Regt Ohio Militia, War of 1812 Beech Grove Cemetery, Putnam Co. Indiana.

Isaiah Slavens (and three sons)(Source: Whitney, Carrie Westlake. Kansas City, Missouri: its history and its people, 1808-1908, Chicago: S. J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1908, p. 127. Biography of: James W. L. SLAVENS)"His great grandfather, John Slavens, was a Scotch-Irish Protestant who settled in VA in early life and there reared a large family, his youngest son being Isaiah Slavens, who served for five years in the Revolutionary War, valiantly defending the interests of the colonists. After the war he married a Miss Stewart of Maryland and removed to KY, where he engaged in farming for some time.  3 of his sons enlisted for services in the War of 1812 and Isaiah Slaves afterward joined them, immediately volunteering and serving out the term of his enlistment. His last days were spent in Putnam County, Indiana where he died at the venerable age of 86. "

Jacob Stobaugh (Source: Weik's history of Putnam County, Indiana, Indianapolis, Ind. : B. F. Bowen and Co., 1910, p 219. Biography of: Abraham STOBAUGH) "Jacob Stobaugh, son of Abraham was a veteran of the War of 1812. "

Rear Admiral Samuel Taylor (Source: Weik's history of Putnam County, Indiana. Weik, Jesse William. Indianapolis, Ind. : B. F. Bowen and Co., 1910, p. 435 Biography of: Dr. George Washington Taylor)makes mention of: "Rear Admiral Samuel Taylor of the War of 1812"

Alexander Wilson (Source: History of Putnam County. Biography of: Abel Wilson)"Abel Wilson retired farmer, resides on section 15, Floyd Township, where he owns 140 acres of land. He was born in Shelby County, Kentucky, March 29, 1814, son of Alexander and Sarah (Lucas) Wilson, natives of Kentucky and of Irish-German ancestry. His father was a soldier in the War of 1812 under General Harrison. " (2nd. Source: J H Battle; J Edwin Conant. Counties of Cumberland, Jasper and Richland, Illinois: historical and biographical. Chicago: F. A. Battey and Co., 1884, p 573. Biography of :Alexander Wilson) "Abel Wilson, father of our subject was born in Ky and was a son of Alexander and Sarah Lucas Wilson -- the former a soldier of the War of 1812. Abel Wilson married in Washington Co In. Julia Holsapple, daughter of George and Phebe Hubbard Holsapple and to their union were born six children: George W; William; John; Lucy; Sarah J and Alexander. "


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