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Civil War

Co. I, 27th Indiana Volunteer Regiment


McGrew, Joel W., commissioned 30 Aug 1861; resigned 1 Dec 1861.

Nance, Tighlman H., elected from first sergeant; commission, Dec 1861; wounded at Cedar Mountain; resigned 13 Feb 1863.

Holloway, William H., commissioned 14 Feb 1863; resigned 4 Oct 1864.

First Lieutenants

Reed, George Whitfield, commissioned 30 Aug 1861; killed Cedar Mountain, VA, 9 Aug 1862.

Holloway, William H., promoted from first sergeant, 1 Oct 1862, promoted captain.

Chapin, George T., commissioned 14 Feb 1863; wounded at Antietam; mortally wounded at Resaca 15, May 1865, died at Nashville, Tennessee, date not stated.

Second Lieutenants

Williams, Josiah C., commissioned 30 Aug 1861; promoted captain, Company C.

Chapin, George T., promoted from first sergeant; commissioned 1 Jan 1863; promoted first lieutenant.

McCasky, John K., promoted from sergeant major of regiment; commissioned 14 Feb 1863; discharged 20 May 1864; wounds at Gettysburg.


Nance, Tighlman H., first sergeant, promoted captain by election Dec 1861.

Chapin, George T., second sergeant, promoted second lieutenant.

Sellers, Joseph B., third sergean wounded at New Hope Church; leg amputated and mustered out.

Allee, Lee H., fourth sergeant, promoted third sergeant 28 Mar 1862; first sergeant 28 Mar 1863, wounded New Hope Church, mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Gilmore, Joseph, fifth sergeant, killed at Gettysburg, 3 Jul 1863.


Good, Robert, first corporal, killed at Antietam, 17 Sep 1862.

Hadden, Isaac, second corporal, discharged 25 Nov 1862; wounds at Antietam.

Steers, James, third coporal, wounded at Chancellorsville; justered out 1 Sep 1864.

Nosler, James F., fourth corporal, promoted sergeant 28 Mar 1862; took transfer to regulars 6 Nov 1862; wounded at Antietam.

Holloway, William H., fifth corporal, promoted to first sergeant 1 Jan 1862; second lieutenant 11 Nov 1862.

Clapsaddle, John B., sixth corporal, wounded at Antietam, mustered out with regiment.

Hadden, Abraham, seventh corporal, discharged, Philadelphia, PA, 2 Mar 1862, disability.

Turner, Samuel, eighth corporal, took transfer to regulars 28 Oct 1862.


McCormick, Samuel P., fifer, discharged 2 Jun 1863, disability.

Conklin, John A., drummer, went into ranks; took transfer to regulars 28 Oct 1862.


Wright, Tighlman A., mustered out 1 Sep 1864.


Adams, James Q., wounded Antietam, discharged 7 Feb 1864, disability.

Alexander, Cyrus, died at Maryland Heights, 22 Oct 1862, disease.

Alexander, William K., discharged, disability, date unknown.

Asher, Hamilton H., mortally wounded at Resacak died 14 Jun 1864, Nashville, TN

Adams, Isaac, discharged Alexandria VA 8 Feb 1863, disability.

Beck, Michael, promoted corporal, wounded at New Hope Church; mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Beck, Daniel, mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Beard, John P., promoted third corporal and second sereant, mortally wounded at Chancellorsville, VA 3 May 1863.

Butcher, Samuel M., discharged 15 Dec 1861, disability.

Brown, Charles, known as Old Junk, discharged 15 April 1863; disability.

Crawley, Lorenzo D., discharged 1862; date and cause unknown.

Culbertson, William J., deserted 11 Nov 1861.

Cowgil, Israel G., discharged 29 Jan 1863, disability.

Clark, Edward W., took transfer to regulars 28 Oct 1862.

Clark, Anson H., discharged 18 Nov 1863, disability.

Deveraux, Thomas, killed at Cedar Mountain, 9 Aug 1862.

Dreuhr, Lewis W., discharged at Harrisburg, PA 6 Dec 1862, for wounds at Antietam.

Dodson, Thomas J., killed at Chancellorsville, 3 May 1863.

Douglass, William L, wounded, Antietam; died at Philadelpha, PA 27 Feb 1863.

Delahunt, William, mortally wounded Antietam, 17 Sep 1862.

Davis, Elijah C., transferred to Navy, Jan 1862.

Eakin, Henry, wounded at Antietam, mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Frogget, Francis M., discharged 12 Mar 1863; disability.

Ferguson, William B., promoted corporal, mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Frazier, Geo9rge W., mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Gilmore, John L, wounded at Antietam, mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Grimes, James A., died, Strasburg, VA, 22 May 1862, disease.

Hadden, John C., discharged 30 Dec 1862, disability.

Heath, John C., transferred to V. R. C., returned to regiment; mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Hixon, John, wounded Gettysburg, transferred to V. R. C., date not reported.

Howard, John, wounded at Chancellorsville, veteran.

Hunt, Ira, wounded at Antietam, mortally wounded at Gettysburg, died 13 Aug 1863.

Hussey, John, died at Philadelphia, 22 Apr 1862, disease.

Hall, James M., discharged 17 Dec 1862; wounds at Antietam.

Hall, William B., veteran.

Harris, Marion, died Darnestown, MD, 1 Dec 1861; disease.

Hazlewood, Lee, wounded at Chanceloorsville, veteran

Hester, John W., discharged Baltimore 4 Jun 1862, disability.

Kendall, Charles W., took transfer to regulars 28 Oct 1862.

Kersey, Amos, captured at Winchester; mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Lewis, Gabriel C., mustered out 1 Sep 1864.

Lewis, Charles H., killed Cedar Mountain, 9 Aug 1862.

Lawrence, George, wounded Antietam, veteran.


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