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Putnam County Public Schools

Active Schools

Bainbridge Elementary School
Central Elementary School
Cloverdale Elementary School
Deer Meadow Primary School
Fillmore Elementary School
Martha J Ridpath Elementary School
Reelsville Elementary School
Roachdale Elementary School
Tzouanakis Intermediate School

Cloverdale Middle School
Greencastle Middle School
North Putnam Middle School

Cloverdale Senior High School
Greencastle Senior High School

  • Barnard, about 1960 (thanks Carol)

  • School No. 6 Submitted

  • Roachdale High School, 1907
  • Hale School Crossing (December 18, 1923 - Crawfordsville Review p 11) mentions Obenchains (Frank); Plunketts; Warney Young; Ross RIggle; Willis Edie; Irene Shumaker; Lonnie Robbins -- I assume Hale School is at the crossing :) (I know, a smart aleck in every crowd :)

    Unknown Schools

    October 1910

    October 1910

    Unknown School

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