Randolph  County,  Indiana

Cabin  Creek - Union  Baptist  Cemetery

Cabin Creek (North) Cemetery is located north of Modoc on State Road 1, between County Roads 300 and 400 South. Cabin Creek Cemetery was also called Union Baptist Cemetery.
It was connected with two early black churches.
This cemetery is no longer in use. It was in very poor condition and the remaining tombstones were piled up by two trees.
This cemetery was restored in the Summer of 2006 by Mark Davis and Helen Wildermuth.

Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Comments
BOONE Charity     Aged 80y
BOONE Jacob     Very Old
C. M. J.     Footstone
C. S.     Footstone
CHAVES Hannah   September 15, 1864 Wife of George W. 45y 28d
ISOM David     Aged 70y
JONES Betsy     Very Old
JONES Rev. Samuel     Aged 62y
LADD Infant Son   February 1, 1869 Son of P. & M.J. 2m 11d
LADD Mittie J.   June 17, 1876 Daughter of P. & M.J. 8y 4m 24d
LADD Sarah E.   February 14, 1876 Daughter of P. & M.J. 25y 9m 12d
LADD Stephen P.   February 19, 1869 Son of P. & M.J. 5y 11m 3d
MOORE William M.   October 8, 1879 45y
OUTLAND Catherine August 3, 1846 April 4, 1929 Wife of George W. Outland
OUTLAND George J.   January 29, 1894 Son of G.W. & C. 24y 15d
OUTLAND George W. February 20, 1840 October 23, 1913  
PAIRKINS Mary   December 8, 1856 Wife of Burl
PAIRKINS Susan   April 6, 1856 Daughter of Burl & Mary 7y 2m 10d
PARKER William R. B.     No Dates
SCOTT Amy   1864 Wife of Robert 84y
SCOTT Coleman   November 29, 1884 ss/Margaret 75y
SCOTT Margaret   February 11, 1879 Wife of Coleman 45y
SMITH George     Old
STAFFORD Betsy     Very Old
THOMAS Sarah   October 25, 1850 Wife of Seth 67y
THOMAS Seth   February 27, 1852 64y 3m 25d
UNKNOWN M.   January 1844 Wife of Jer? 68y partial stone
UNKNOWN Unknown     partial stone with Epitaph
W. F.     Footstone
WHITE Wells     Old
WOOD Isaac   August 23, 1887 ss/Sarah 70y 8m 14d
WOOD Jacob   January 21, 1873 56y 20d
WOOD Sarah   August 17, 1888 Wife of Isaac 65y 7m 8d

This is  NOT  a complete list of burials.
Information was taken from existing stones and Tucker's History.

Tucker's History Page 130.

Union Baptist (Colored) (southeast of Pleasant View, Section 13, Town 19, Range 12.)

Amy, wife of Robert Scott, 1864, 84 years.
Robert Scott, buried at Dunkirk in 1848, 78 years.
Betsy Stafford, very old.
Rev. Samuel Jones, 62 years, Baptist,
Isom Davis, 70 years.
George Smith, old.
Betsy Jones, very old.
Wells White, old.
Jacob Boone, very old.
Charity Boone, 80 years.
Note- No stones; graveyard neglected.

Pictures of Cabin Creek Tombstones

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