Randolph  County,  Indiana
Green  Township

Hopewell  Cemetery


This old cemetery is located at the north side of County Road 550 North between County Roads 700 and 800 West.  It was started in the early 1850's.
Sexton: Gene Hammers 765-468-6378

Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateComments
ACKERMANHelen19031937ss/ Russell E.
ACKERMANRussell E.July 5, 18971938Woodmen Of The World Memorial
ACREEJoseph C.May 12, 1928January 4, 2001ss/ Mary E.
ACREEMary E.1927 md. 1/16/1946
ACREEOpalMay 1, 1900April 1986w/ Wallace
ACREERodney W.December 23, 1949June 14, 2004 
ACREEVelma R.October 22, 1932June 14, 1993w/ Wallace Jr.
ACREEWallaceMay 28, 1897January 5, 1971ss/ Opal
ACREEWallace Jr.June 27, 1929July 1979Pvt. US Army Korea
ADAMSSinah Bell18721898w/ Stephen
ADAMSStephen A.18641900ss/ Sinah Bell
ADDINGTONCharles H.April 11, 1918May 1954ss/ Thana A. WWII
ADDINGTONIrena V.18791880 
ADDINGTONIsaac B.18261914ss/ Nancy J.
ADDINGTONNancy J.18381915w/ Isaac B.
ADDINGTONThana A.October 3, 1919June 3, 2005w/ Charles
ALBRIGHTDallasJuly 1, 1897December 1974 
ALBRIGHTMartha Ferne1918 w/ Dallas
ANDERSONMarjorie A.1934 ss/ William D.
ANDERSONWilliam D.1931 ss/ Marjorie A.
ARNOLDGeraldine J.November 18, 1923February 15, 2001(Orcutt)
ASHVILLEGeorge N.September 11, 1852January 26, 187623y 4m 15d
Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateComments
BAIRDDelbert E.October 12, 1900June 1974ss/ Marjorie A.
BAIRDMarjorie A.May 7, 1903September 1984w/ Delbert
BAKERDeffa W.July 30, 1891January 1970w/ Joseph A.
BAKERJoseph A.December 27, 1889May 1965 
BAKERRuthSeptember 16, 1924August 18, 1988(James)
BAKERSarah E. May 1877(Boyner) w/ John W.
BAKERSusan May 1877d/ John & Sarah buried with mother
BALESAdah B.December 22, 1880February 1969w/ Albert J.
BALESAlbert J.18691959ss/ Adah B.
BALESAlice M.18941960 
BALESAngeline18741912w/ George W.
BALESCharlotta June 18, 1882d/ G.W. & J.A. 3m 28d
BALESDollie E.August 18, 1904November 4, 1904 
BALESGeorge E.September 11, 1896September 1968ss/ Ruth L.
BALESGeorge W.18371914Civil War Veteran
BALESGeorge W.May 25, 1921September 27, 1973Ind S2 US Navy WWII
BALESGeorge W.18651942ss/ Angeline
BALESGertie G.18951945ss/ James A.
BALESInfant Daughter April 16, 1886d/ W.M. & P.
BALESInfant Son August 4, 1890s/ William H. & Luna A.
BALESJacob May 3, 187570 years
BALESJacob E.July 19, 1855December 5, 1934 
BALESJacob WeldonMay 10, 18981957ss/ Nilah Gertrude
BALESJames A.June 11, 1890June 1964ss/ Gertie G.
BALESJulia A.18471923 
BALESJulia C.September 7, 1887May 8, 1888d/ W.M. & P.
BALESKenneth D.October 4, 1962September 19, 2005 
BALESLaura B.18631944w/ William D.
BALESLuna A.January 15, 1872May 3, 1910w/ William H.
BALESNancy L.July 21, 1936 ss/ Philbert G.
BALESNilah GertrudeJuly 23, 1898March 9, 1989w/ Jacob Weldon
BALESOlive F.November 18, 1904October 14, 1997w/ Wilbert A.
BALESPhebeNovember 29, 1842November 30, 1923w/ William M.
BALESPhebe OladaNovember 29, 1882December 30, 1882d/ W.M. & P.
BALESPhilbert G.August 26, 1934 ss/ Nancy L.
BALESRachel R. July 28, 1875w/ Jacob 62y 4m 5d
BALESRossey D. August 2, 1886d/ G.W. & J.A. 5m 12d
BALESRuth L.19021904Wife of George E.
BALESSheila A.January 28, 1951December 14, 2001Wife of Thomas G.
BALESThomas G.November 10, 1957 md. 10/11/1974
BALESWilbert A.July 27, 1900October 1984ss/ Olive F.
BALESWilliam D.18641932ss/ Laura B.
BALESWilliam H.February 23, 1869December 5, 1946ss/ Luna A.
BALESWilliam M.June 5, 1836October 8, 1904ss/ Phebe
BALLENGERAdelia M.18641927w/ Elmer H.
BALLENGERElmer H.18611930ss/ Adelia M.
BALLENGERErnest EmpireDecember 22, 18841959s/ Elmer
BARNESSarahDecember 7, 1819July 19, 1896(Hogston) w/ William 82y 7m 12d
BARNESSarah July 28, 1869w/ James 46y 10m 29d
BARRRoger G.19111956ss/ Wilber & Virginia Garringer
BARRVirginia L.January 24, 1918December 1976(Garringer) ss/ Roger
BENTSHarriet October 25, 1856d/A.&J. 12y 4m 18d
BICKNERElvin February 14, 1882s/ H. & L.P. 3m 17d
BICKNERHenry March 17, 188332y 2m 6d
BLUNKIva M.19011959ss/ Lora E.(Mom)
BLUNKKenneth1930 ss/ Maxine
BLUNKLora E.October 20, 1902March 15, 1991ss/ Iva M. (Dad)
BLUNKMarilyn RoseMay 4, 1937 ss/ Marvin Glen
BLUNKMarvin GlenAugust 18, 1934June 5, 2003AN US Navy Korea
BLUNKMaxineSeptember 1, 1931September 7, 1998ss/ Kenneth
BOCKOVENElizabeth May 6, 1873w/ Lewis 27y 2m 25d
BOLINGERCalvin L.August 6, 1906July 1969ss/ Martha C.
BOLINGERMartha C.19091934w/ Calvin L.
BOOHERAlice18751963w/ William
BOOHERAlice N.18711948w/ George W.
BOOHERDonaldAugust 27, 18981919 
BOOHEREmaline R.18481916w/ John H.
BOOHEREmanuel18571947ss/ Sarah A.
BOOHEREmly R.October 1, 1831June 8, 1898w/ George
BOOHEREthel18991966w/ Orla Clinton
BOOHEREvelyn M.February 9, 1921April 15, 2002w/ Wilbur D.
BOOHERGeorgeJune 29, 1822July 28, 1903ss/ Emly R.
BOOHERGeorge W.18681932ss/ Alice N.
BOOHERJohn H.18541929ss/ Emaline R.
BOOHERJulia Ann June 1853d/ C.H. & L.M.
BOOHEROrla ClintonMarch 9, 18951946ss/ Ethel
BOOHERSarah A.18661931w/ Emanuel
BOOHERWilbur DarrelApril 28, 1916July 1978US Navy WWII
BOOHERWilliam18721949ss/ Alice
BOOHERWilliam HenryAugust 6, 18951961WWI
BOONELovernia18861960w/ Thomas C.
BOONEThomas CabbleFebruary 4, 18801967(Cabel) ss/ Lovernia
BORRORArlieFebruary 5, 18901949ss/ Etta
BORROREtta18871931w/ Arlie
BOSTClinis R.1938 ss/ Olah & Keith
BOSTKeith W.August 6, 1899May 1973ss/ Olah & Clinis
BOSTOlah M.October 7, 1903June 29, 1990ss/ Clinis & Keith
BOUSMANDoris E.January 31, 1929June 28, 2004ss/ F. Wayne
BOUSMANF. Wayne1928 md. 3/3/1948
BRINKLEYAlbert L.18601882 
BRINKLEYElizabethNovember 30, 1828August 28, 1889w/ Thomas
BRINKLEYMargaret18471891w/ Zebulon
BRINKLEYThomasNovember 18, 1823December 19, 1897ss/ Elizabeth
BRINKLEYZebulon18381899ss/ Margaret
BROWNMary L.18641919w/ Thomas J.
BROWNThomas J.18481926ss/ Mary L.
BUNSOLDJohn S. June 10, 187363y 1m 12d
BUNSOLDMary A. F. February 14, 1883w/ John 57y 1m 17d
BURKANDTMary A.Septeber 26, 1903December 1970 
BURNWORTHMary J.18891966w/ Mitchell O.
BURNWORTHMitchell OliverMay 21, 18821961ss/ Mary J.
Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateComments
CALHOONRice18501929ss/ Eldio
CALHOUNArlie HobertMay 3, 18941957ss/ Dora Mae
CALHOUNDora MaeMay 19, 1895February 12, 1992w/ Arlie H.
CALHOUNEmma185419082 stones
CALHOUNLola E.189019082 stones 1889-1908
CAMPBELLAmos M. Jr.August 13, 1924October 1979Tec 4 US Army WWII (Pop)
CAMPBELLJuneMay 18, 1925September 30, 1994w/ Amos M. (Nan)
CANTRALLCecil E.January 29, 1930March 28, 1934 
CANTRALLDelila J.18351920(Mother)
CANTRALLEarlFebruary 29, 1888March 1974ss/ Leora
CANTRALLFrancis M.18571948ss/ Mary E.
CANTRALLJoseph H.18621928 
CANTRALLLeora18911969w/ Earl
CANTRALLMary E.18591915w/ Francis M.
CANTRALLMary H.August 23, 1907February 20, 1999 
CANTRALLMerritt F.19211928(Son)
CANTRALLNellie MarieOctober 7, 1901August 16, 1904 
CANTRALLRosella18611933w/ Joseph H.
CARPENTERJordan MarieDecember 8, 1996December 9, 1996 
CARTERAnna E.18821933w/ Garfield
CARTERGarfieldJune 18, 18801952John A. Garfield Carter
CASEYJanice J.November 6, 1922September 27, 1998w/ John W.
CASEYJohn W.April 2, 1922 md. 8/16/1941
CAYLORElizabeth AnnFebruary 17, 1819July 11, 1893(Boots) Betsy w/ Samuel 74y 4m 20d
CHALFANTAnna18701932w/ Charles W.
CHALFANTBetty E.1932 w/ Joseph A. md. 10/30/1954
CHALFANTCharles A.19001956ss/ Jessie M.
CHALFANTCharles W.18681947ss/ Anna
CHALFANTClarice A.1919 (Billie)
CHALFANTGeorge M.June 22, 18901961md. 1/21/1912
CHALFANTJack E.March 22, 1948 md. 8/25/1965
CHALFANTJesse B.18651940ss/ Lovona J.
CHALFANTJessie M.19062004w/ Charles A.
CHALFANTJoseph A.November 27, 1930July 10, 1998US Army Korea
CHALFANTLeah H.October 12, 1914February 28, 2002ss/ Ronald E.
CHALFANTLovona J.18651926w/ Jesse B.
CHALFANTMax S.August 19, 1921December 22, 2000Sgt US Army WWII
CHALFANTMelissa1930 (Farris) ss/ Ralph
CHALFANTOllie P.October 26, 1905February 1978w/ Willard
CHALFANTRalph O.February 22, 1916February 10, 2007s/ George & Ruby ss/ Melissa
CHALFANTRobert LeeJune 6, 1913May 5, 2005ss/ Vera
CHALFANTRonald E.September 29, 1914September 28, 2003ss/ Leah H.
CHALFANTRuby M.May 4, 1891April 1983(Smithson) 'w/ George M.
CHALFANTVeraFebruary 10, 1021 (Harris)
CHALFANTVicki L.April 9, 1948 w/ Jack E.
CHALFANTWilberSeptember 24, 1904September 13, 1905 
CHALFANTWillardSeptember 24, 1904November 11, 1990md. 3/27/1926
CHALFANTWilma W.March 20, 1918April 2, 1997w/ Max md. 10/18/1941
CHAMPAbner M.July 17, 1881 ss/ Allie May
CHAMPAllie MayMay 15, 1881July 12, 1910w/ Abner M.
CHAMPMina A. May 12, ????d/ A.M. & A.M. no stone 2006
CHEESMANBradley AlbertSeptember 16, 1970February 4, 1972(Son)
CLARKEverett O.Jul 28, 1893May 1980ss/ Inez O.
CLARKInez O.February 24, 1896October 12, 1992ss/ Everett O.
CLARKJohn C.18561924 
CLARKSarah E.18621928 
CLEVENGERAnna Mary19231923(Baby)
CLEVENGERCharles RayDecember 23, 18841948ss/ Opal E.
CLEVENGERJaniece E.June 6, 1928June 26, 1998ss/ Robert T.
CLEVENGERKatherine O.August 21, 1898October 30, 1906 
CLEVENGERMargaret A.18581924w/ William Lewis
CLEVENGEROlive M.November 14, 1909July 17, 1992 
CLEVENGEROpal E.18881949w/ C. Ray
CLEVENGERRhondaJune 27, 1955February 21, 1985(Daughter)
CLEVENGERRobert T.March 30, 1924 ss/ Janiece E.
CLEVENGERStephanie AnnFebruary 29, 1972February 15, 1973(Daughter)
CLEVENGERVernie March 26, 191117y 12d
CLEVENGERVictor E.May 26, 1915June 26, 1991S. Sgt US Army WWII
CLEVENGERWilliam Lewis18551930ss/ Margaret A.
CLOUSEDonnie D.19331998ss/ M. Florence & Ernest
CLOUSEErnest LeeApril 17, 18941938ss/ M. Florence & Donnie
CLOUSEM. FlorenceSeptember 20, 1897June 1987w/ Ernest L.
COLGLAZIERAlma M.August 5, 1917December 11, 1989ss/ Farrell C. md. 2/20/1955
COLGLAZIERFarrell C.July 13, 1914June 19, 1989(Mac) CPL US Army WWII
COLLINSChloris18901969w/ Weldon
COLLINSDallis ClairNovember 24, 1911September 15, 2004ss/ Pearl md 1/13/1944
COLLINSDavid HarrisonFebruary 16, 1884August 1969ss/ Ola
COLLINSElvin L.19251954ss/ Joanne
COLLINSHenry ArlieNovember 6, 1890August 1980(Rev. H.A.)
COLLINSHobart M.1920 ss/ Phyllis J.
COLLINSIva E.December 7, 1892January 1978w/ Rev. H. A.
COLLINSJoanne1929 w/ Elvin L.
COLLINSJonathan DavidJune 22, 1964November 6, 1981s/ Rex & Janet
COLLINSJulia A.December 11, 1883July 15, 1969w/ Samuel L.
COLLINSMary M.December 20, 1917November 24, 1995(Taylor) ss/ Stuart
COLLINSMilford G.May 6, 1907May 1982ss/ R. Elizabeth
COLLINSOla M.18801973ss/ David H.
COLLINSPearl C.September 21, 1921December 13, 2004(Taylor) ss/ Dallis
COLLINSPhyllis J.1927 ss/ Hobert M.
COLLINSR. Elizabeth19111969w/ Milford G.
COLLINSSamuel LeeMay 13, 18821956ss/ Julia A. May 10?
COLLINSSarah18551936ss/ William H.
COLLINSStuart C.October 16, 1913November 19, 1993ss/ Mary md 4/22/1936
COLLINSVonda JuneDecember 27, 1927October 1970(Mother)
COLLINSWeldonApril 2, 1886February 1973ss/ Chloris
COLLINSWilliam Franklin19041905 
COLLINSWilliam H.18491930ss/ Sarah
CONFERGeorge EgbertSeptember 4, 18901955(Bert) ss/ Portia
CONFERGeorge W. February 4, 189040y 20d
CONFERHoward K.19121929 
CONFERInfant  child of Laura & George
CONFERJohn R. August 17, 1883s/ Laura & George 3y 6m 8d
CONFERLafayette L. April 6, 1893s/ G.W. & L.E. 21y 5m 6d
CONFERLaura E. July 17, 1882w/ George W. 29y 5m 14d
CONFERPortiaOctober 15, 1893October 1982ss/ George E.
CONNEzra18691934h/ Rosanna
CONNEzraNovember 6, 1823February 10, 1892(Rev.) 68y 3m 5d
CONNHenderson W.18601911ss/ Mary & Jesse
CONNJesse K.18921941ss/ Mary & H.W.
CONNMartha J.April 7, 1840January 11, 1892(McCracken) w/ Ezra & Samuel Gantz
CONNMary L.18631952ss/ H.W. & Jesse
CONNNaomi August 31, 1883ss/ Martha & Ezra
CONNNova E.July 27, 1887November 9, 1893d/ Henderson & Mary 6y 3m 12d
CONNRosanna18741936w/ Ezra
CONNOREmma J. February 16, 1869d/ J. & E. A. 8y 4m 13d
CONNORMarionMarch 25, 1873April 5, 1878 
CONNORSarah S.October 31, 1843June 25, 1860 
COOKEsther F.18981947 
COOKGuy H.May 6, 1901August 1966ss/ O. Ednaq
COOKIvan L. 1940ss/ Joretta A.
COOKJoretta A. 1931ss/ Ivan L.
COOKO. Edna1906 w/ Guy H.
COOMBESOpal N.September 11, 1926January 14, 2007(Ford) 80y
COOPERMarilene A.September 9, 1920December 24, 1999w/ Maurice O.
COOPERMaurice O.August 1, 1911April 1987ss/ Marilene md 9/17/1938
CORTNERAndrewSeptember 12, 1817November 19, 1899ss/ Mary
CORTNERArlie E.June 22, 1887May 1974ss/ Marguerite
CORTNERBessie18821882d/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNERBetty S.1919 ss/ Howard V.
CORTNERBoyd18881888s/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNERCarroll WilliamMay 29, 1905December 1971(Jack) md 3/9/1929
CORTNERChloe18901890d/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNEREdwin19281928ss/ Veo & Paul
CORTNEREva T. February 17, 1881d/ J.R. & M.E. 7y 10m 3d
CORTNERGerald N.19191929 
CORTNERGoldie18841963w/ Jesse W.
CORTNERHenry E. November 13, 1885s/ J.R. & M.E. 1y 7m 11d
CORTNERHerbert A.C.May 1, 18851954(Armathue Cozzett)
CORTNERHoward V.1920 ss/ Betty S.
CORTNERHuldah A.18431925(Bradrick)
CORTNERInfant18931893s/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNERInfant December 12, 1859Twin children of A. & M.
CORTNERInfant December 12, 1859Twin children of A. & M.
CORTNERIsaac September 2, 187834y 9m 5d
CORTNERIva D.18791950 
CORTNERJesse WilmoreMay 15, 18771956ss/ Goldie
CORTNERJohn R.18501932h/ Mary E.
CORTNERLorettie November 9, 1876d/ J.R. & M.E. 1y 10m 16d
CORTNERMargueriteJuly 19, 1891February 1975w/ Arlie E.
CORTNERMaryMay 17, 1796December 21, 1886w/ William
CORTNERMaryJune 16, 1821July 21, 1901w/ Andrew
CORTNERMary E.18531904w/ John R.
CORTNERNellie18881962w/ Herbert
CORTNERNoah F. May 20, 1865s/ W. & H.A. 3y 4m 25d
CORTNERNoel A.18811881s/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNERPaul RevereMarch 14, 18991951ss/ Veo & Edwin
CORTNERRaymond L.1883September 9, 1883s/ Levi & C.I.
CORTNERRuth M.18971897d/ L.E. & C.I.
CORTNERVeo19021949ss/ Edwin & Paul
CORTNERWilliamJanuary 15, 1790February 24, 1879ss/ Mary
CORTNERWilliam June 1, 186523y 5m 26d
CORTNERWilma R.August 31, 1907September 1991w/ Carroll W.
COUGILLLucy J. March 30, 1864d/ L. & E. 1y 2m 26d
COURTNERFlora B.18751928w/ Mordecai
COURTNERMordecai18531910ss/ Flora
COXCarl L.September 13, 1884March 1966ss/ Myrtle
COXJudith AnneMarch 8, 1948November 26, 2002(Campbell) w/ Michael
COXMichael DeanJanuary 14, 1945 md 5/13/1966
COXMyrtle A.August 29, 1885March 1968w/ Carl L.
CRAIGEdith18811919ss/ Stroud & Jessie
CRAIGInfant18921892s/ J.M. & Rosa
CRAIGJessie19031919ss/ Stroud & Edith
CRAIGJohn M.18671956ss/ Rosa
CRAIGM. Alice18781967w/ Melvin C.
CRAIGMarie19081997w/ Dale
CRAIGMelvin C.18691954ss/ M. Alice
CRAIGRobert Lee19431944 
CRAIGRoby L. October 12, 1901s/S.H. & E. 1m 28d
CRAIGRosa18691928w/ John M.
CRAIGStroud18741919ss/ Edith & Jessie
CRAIGWilliam DaleMarch 31, 1896April 1976WWI
CROUCHAnna B.February 17, 1916January 1, 1996ss/ Kenneth
CROUCHKenneth D.September 29, 1914 ss/ Anna md 4/22/1944
CULVERDaniel Sr. April 16, 185482y
CULVERIsaac A. October 15, 1855s/ D. & M.
CUNNINGHAMAnna MarieJuly 12, 1926July 6, 1994ss/ Faye md 12/7/1946
CUNNINGHAMFaye E.March 8, 1915December 23, 1984S1 US Navy WWII
CUNNINGHAMHarrisonFebruary 23, 1889June 1970ss/ Mary
CUNNINGHAMMary E.July 19, 1887November 1975w/ Harrison
DANTZCharlotte E.March 12, 1908August 1979 
DARBYCharles W.July 16, 1916July 1973ss/ Vera W.
DARBYVera W.August 6, 1907October 9, 1989w/ Charles W.
DAVIDSAlma M.October 8, 1885October 1977 
DAVIDSElizabeth J.October 21, 1826May 22, 1899 
DAVIDSEunice190419XXw/ Wilmer M.
DAVIDSMargaret A.18541936 
DAVIDSWilmer MoonMarch 1, 18921947ss/ Eunice
DAVISBernice M.September 23, 1911September 21, 1985ss/ Charles R.
DAVISCharles R.March 25, 1911April 11, 1999ss/ Bernice M.
DAVISOla R.190219XXss/ W. Clarence
DAVISW. Clarence18951949ss/ Eunice
DAVISSONCloie GraceJune 18, 1905March 23, 1907d/ Elza & Alice
DEBOYIna B.October 25, 1883August 1971w/ John
DEBOYJohnFebruary 8, 18831953ss/ Ina B.
DECKMANAgnes S.18821939ss/ Robert
DECKMANCharlyne EthelFebruary 13, 1920June 23, 1993(Chalfant) w/ Grenville
DECKMANGrenville EarlAugust 14, 1914April 9, 1987ss/ Charlyne md 12/12/1939
DECKMANKaren Sue19391939 
DECKMANRobert E.19431943 
DECKMANRobert E.September 6, 1923January 7, 1970 
DECKMANRobert LeanderFebruary 10, 18851951ss/ Agnes
DEHOFFKathrynFebruary 23, 1958August 31, 2006(Bousman) Kathy
DENTONEmma18711949ss/ Oscar
DENTONOscar ElsworthApril 9, 18731941ss/ Emma
DEPOYBecky S.1955 ss/ Donald L.
DEPOYDonald L.October 9, 1943October 11, 1997ss/ Becky md 10/14/1976
DIXONCora18781958w/ Ernest
DIXONErnest18761918ss/ Cora
DOWNINGDonna JeanDecember 11, 1935 ss/ Jack
DOWNINGJack Jr.September 27, 1933September 25, 1999ss/ Donna Jean
DOWNINGPerry AlanNovember 24, 1959September 14, 1975Beloved Son
DRISCOLLJoseph L.19311963 
DUDELSTONMyron L.September 19, 1924March 19, 1966ss/ Virginia & Richard
DUDELSTONRichard AlanJune 9, 1962June 12, 1962s/ Myron & Virginia
DUDELSTONVirginia R.19381995w/ Myron L.
DULLCleatus A.October 13, 1904April 6, 1988ss/ Mary
DULLCleo18971897s/ J.M. & E.L.
DULLDelila November 20, 1860w/ John 43y 3m 20d
DULLDonald D.June 28, 1916July 13, 1987 
DULLEarl ErvinMay 8, 1883November 1964ss/ Lillie
DULLEdna H.1909 ss/ Tracy
DULLElies December 31, 1862s/ J. & D. 20y 2m 21d
DULLEva L.18721952w/ John
DULLInfant18991899d/ J.M. & E.L.
DULLJames W.18811964 
DULLJohn July 20, 188369y 7m 8d
DULLJohn M.December 7, 18741962ss/ Eva L.
DULLLeo18971897s/ J.M. & E.L.
DULLLevi L.18641939ss/ Rhoda B.
DULLLillie R.18861961w/ Earl E.
DULLMahala18421922w/ Martain
DULLMarion W.19111953 
DULLMartain18401917ss/ Mahala
DULLMary E.January 10, 1907November 1973w/ Cleatus A.
DULLNelson R.19141948 
DULLNora J.1887November 17, 1931w/ Samuel
DULLOsker E. November 28, 1884s/ Martain & Mahala 3y 8m
DULLRhoda B.18671940w/ Levi L.
DULLSamuel MiltonJune 26, 18771931ss/ Nora J.
DULLTracy C.June 29, 1895October 1974ss/ Edna H.
EDWARDSClinton BurrFebruary 16, 18831958h/ Pearl M.
EDWARDSPearl M.October 20, 1879July 1981w/ C. Burr
EHNISThresa  No dates
ELLIOTTBennieApril 1, 1896August 30, 1897s/ D.W. & S.
ELLIOTTDavid W.18631925h/ Sarah md 10/4/1884
ELLIOTTDollyMarch 10, 1896March 1974w/ Elmer
ELLIOTTEmma M.18711959w/ Lafe E.
ELLIOTTGoldie E.August 7, 1904September 27, 1905d/ R. & M.
ELLIOTTJesseSeptember 17, 18781943ss/ Lourie
ELLIOTTJonas ArthurFebruary 25, 18811952h/ Mary J.
ELLIOTTLafe E.18691950ss/ Emma
ELLIOTTLealandJune 7, 1894January 19, 1904s/ J.A. & M.J.
ELLIOTTLeroyAugust 31, 18851954ss/ Pearl
ELLIOTTLewis E.September 23, 1908October 1982ss/ Lucille S.
ELLIOTTLourie L.18791928w/ Jesse
ELLIOTTLucille S.May 5, 1911August 15, 2000ss/ Lewis
ELLIOTTMary J.18801960w/ Jonas A.
ELLIOTTMiles18681898h/ Minerva
ELLIOTTMinerva18671936w/ Miles
ELLIOTTOllie C.July 26, 1904February 18, 1922 
ELLIOTTOmer ElmerAugust 13, 1893September 1, 1965Ind Cpl. Co. A 602 Eng WWI
ELLIOTTPearl18841968w/ Leroy
ELLIOTTRalph E.September 4, 1907June 9, 1908 
ELLIOTTSarah E.18591924(Woodard) w/ David W.
ENCKAlice M.March 21, 1894April 1983 
ERWINJames S.19151966Dad
ESTESCarmen J.May 14, 1923June 22, 1996(Karnes) PHM 3 US Navy WWII
ESTESLee O.1922 ss/ Carmen J.
EVANSDaniel L.September 30, 1956January 23, 2005Barney
EVANSHester November 29, 1891d/ George & Mary 4y 2m 1d
EVANSMary R. January 3. 1890w/ George W. 24y 7m 21d
FANSHERElizabeth August 17, 1853w/ Samuel 65y
FANSHERInfant1856April 4, 1856s/ T.L. & M.A.
FANSHERMartin D. February 7, 187812y 18d
FIELDSLurenda A.April 27, 1911January 14, 1999ss/ Ralph K.
FIELDSRalph K.March 16, 1909February 9, 2002ss/ Lurenda A.
FILLERCrystalSeptember 25, 1898March 14, 1919(Life)
FISHERAndrew J. October 19, 189677y 22d
FISHERCarilla E. February 26, 1869d/ A.J. & R. 4y 4m
FISHERCora A. March 2, 1869d/ A.J. & R. 14d
FISHERFlora M. May 6, 1869d/ A.J. & R. 2m 1d
FISHERLevi E. November 18, 1863s/ A.J. & R. 1y 2m 17d
FISHERPayton E. January 30, 1862s/ A.J. & R. 4y 3m
FISHERRosanna July 9, 1880w/ Andrew J. 49y 9m 19d
FISHERWilliam H.July 4, 1906January 18, 1985Tec 4 US Army WWII
FLIGLEAnna18551919w/ Charles
FLIGLECharles L.18561912ss/ Anna
FLIGLEClara B.November 7, 1887June 1974w/ John E.
FLIGLEJohn18611943ss/ Nettie
FLIGLEJohn EmanuelFebruary 2, 18851952ss/ Clara
FLIGLEMildred C.August 6, 1902January 1987w/ Willie E.
FLIGLENettie18711952ss/ John
FLIGLEWillie EdgarMay 5, 18871950ss/ Mildred
FLOODAlice M. October 16, 1866w/ John
FLOODBenjamin18711947ss/ Mary Alice
FLOODCatharine18391913w/ Thomas O.
FLOODCordelia NoreenFebruary 15, 1900September 18, 1900d/ Rose & Willard
FLOODEdwardMarch 30, 1792March 13, 186673y 11m 13d
FLOODFlorin V.18431922ss/ Julia A.
FLOODGrizell A.May 1, 1810March 6, 1873w/ Edward 62y 10m 6d
FLOODJohn P. August 10, 1866s/ John & Alice 1m 5d
FLOODJonathan (Rev.) October 22, 186785y 10m 7d 2 stones
FLOODJoshua W.September 10, 18351912Co. H 100th Ind Vol Inf
FLOODJulia A.18481896ss/ Florin V.
FLOODMary September 6, 187587y 3m 1d
FLOODMary Alice18791941w/ Benjamin
FLOODMary Ann November 30, 1853w/ William M. 28y
FLOODMary J. June 7, 188554y 5m 4d
FLOODNora CelestaOctober 18, 1873April 29, 189426y 6m 10d
FLOODR. Willard18691945ss/ Rose B.
FLOODRose B.18691920w/ R. Willard
FLOODThomas O.18401924ss/ Catharine
FORDAlice18621921w/ Lewis
FORDArlieApril 27, 18861959ss/ Marie
FORDCarson GailMay 28, 1894February 1967ss/ E. Brooke
FORDCecil E.19041953ss/ Claudia M.
FORDClaudia M.191219XXw/ Cecil E.
FORDClementine18761942w/ James W.
FORDClesie Herman November 15, 1892s/ Lewis & Alice 2y 3m 15d
FORDClyde EarlNovember 29, 18781960ss/ Zaida
FORDDaisie A. January 30, 1883d/ Wilson & Mary E. 5m 15d
FORDE. Brooke18951973ss/ Carson Gail
FORDEdna Mae19141929d/ Julia & Lem L.
FORDElizabeth May 1, 1861w/ John 53y 16d
FORDElma C.June 7, 1874May 8, 1910 
FORDElma J.18861941w/ William H.
FORDErnestAugust 19, 1889December 1966ss/ Wava
FORDFrancis M.March 6, 1859October 10, 1933ss/ Margaret
FORDGeorge F.February 26, 1846June 27, 1934ss/ Lucinda
FORDGoldie18931943ss/ Oscar S.
FORDGoldie E.19091917 
FORDIra E.March 20, 18731951 
FORDJacob L.April 20, 1888December 5, 1975 
FORDJames H.December 14, 1844June 30, 1910ss/ Sarah J.
FORDJames W.18721955ss/ Clementine
FORDJames W.18721955 
FORDJesse H. January 1, 1854s/ W. & ? 12y 11d
FORDJohn March 24, 1890ss/ Elizabeth 88y 11d
FORDJohn C.May 23, 1880August 16, 1896ss/ Lucinda
FORDJulia A.18821966w/ Lem L.
FORDLem L.July 10, 1880May 1968ss/ Julia A.
FORDLeonard FrancisJanuary 10, 18821954 
FORDLewis18601938ss/ Alice
FORDLucindaFebruary 25, 1851August 9, 1890w/ George F.
FORDLuther E.October 1900November 1901Brother
FORDMargaretApril 29, 1829April 28, 1920ss/ Francis M.
FORDMargaret L.19161917 
FORDMarie18911982w/ Arlie
FORDMary M. September 6, 1882w/ Samuel 29y 9m 16d
FORDMordecai S. January 15, 187949y 10d
FORDOscar S.April 23, 1880June 1966stone says 1877
FORDSamuel L.19191924 
FORDSarah J.November 22, 1850July 19, 1936ss/ James H.
FORDWavaNovember 7, 1890October 1977w/ Ernest md 55y
FORDWilliam HarlenNovember 12, 18851942ss/ Elma J.
FOSTERStephen C. August 4, 1950 
FOSTNIGHTAdamMarch 10, 1836October 15, 1891born in Henry County
FOSTNIGHTMaryJune 26, 1836December 6, 1918w/ Adam
FOXEdna Mae1909 ss/ Oscar
FOXOscarJune 1, 1892September 5, 1970Ind Pvt. US Army WWI
FRENCHAlice M. February 6, 1879w/ Samuel E. 31y 1m 26d
FRENCHAlta J.18681961w/ William A.
FRENCHAnn Eliza February 27, 1877w/ M. 44y 11m 9d
FRENCHArthur B. September 21, 1869s/ C.M. & ? 16y 1m 17d
FRENCHBert A.January 29, 1918August 25, 1993ss/ Karen
FRENCHBertha L.August 30, 1900April 1965w/ Paul E.
FRENCHBessie C.18731969(Sunday)
FRENCHBessie M.18911964ss/ Samuel E.
FRENCHBilly19321932s/ Paul & Bertha
FRENCHBridget July 1, 1858w/ George M. 24y 2m 13d
FRENCHBuddy Lee19451956 
FRENCHClara F. May 16, 1882w/ Oliver P. 23y 5m 15d
FRENCHClarinda H.November 10, 1830November 7, 1898ss/ John O.
FRENCHClifford C.November 13, 1896November 1972ss/ Edna L.
FRENCHCrystal E. H.July 9, 1910November 20, 1983 
FRENCHEdna L.August 14, 1907August 29, 2004ss/ Clifford
FRENCHEldon E.February 3, 1917November 26, 1990ss/ Helen
FRENCHEloise D.July 24, 1924December 19, 2006(Grubbs) 82y
FRENCHEsther April 29, 1858w/ Samuel 62y 1m 9d
FRENCHFlossie C.March 14, 1899July 2, 1907d/ G.W. & N.E.
FRENCHFrances E.February 25, 1918June 1981ss/ Merritt
FRENCHFrank C.18651956 
FRENCHG.A. August 23, 188029y 1m 20d
FRENCHGeorge W.18641950ss/ Nancy E.
FRENCHGerald G.July 25, 1903January 1972ss/ Letha
FRENCHGrace F.March 26, 1913February 19, 2001ss/ Wallace E.
FRENCHH.W. Beecher18671925s/ John & Clarinda
FRENCHHelen L.19181965w/ Eldon
FRENCHHowell B.November 12, 1824February 26, 1887ss/ Sarah T.
FRENCHJohn O.November 3, 1827November 5, 1893ss/ Clarinda
FRENCHJonathan E. August 18, 1850s/ E.R. & ? 8m 21d
FRENCHKaren JoyceSeptember 12, 1945October 24, 1950ss/ Bert A.
FRENCHKristi Leanne February 6, 1980Daughter
FRENCHLethaOctober 29, 1904February 1980(Denney) w/ Gerald G.
FRENCHLewis N.18931894 
FRENCHMelvin J.M.October 24, 1889October 15, 1891s/ G.W. & N.E.
FRENCHMerritt C.January 1, 1915December 15, 1996ss/ Frances E.
FRENCHNancy E.18661963w/ George W.
FRENCHNellie September 11, 1878d/ G.A. & Mattie 4m 11d
FRENCHPaul E.October 18, 1897February 1980ss/ Bertha
FRENCHRachel M. January 14, 1864d/ J.O. & C.H. 1y 1m 5d
FRENCHRalph R.18961940ss/ Ruth
FRENCHRebecca J. March 23, 1880w/ John O. 21y 9m 10d
FRENCHRobert Bruce  s/ ? &? 3y 2m 6d
FRENCHRuth18941983w/ Ralph R.
FRENCHSamuel July 15, 185767y 2m 16d
FRENCHSamuel E.18841956ss/ Bessie M.
FRENCHSamuel S. November 15, 187154y 3m 1d
FRENCHSarah T.October 14, 1826April 26, 1905ss/ Howell B.
FRENCHVirgil L.19221944Staff Sgt.
FRENCHWallace E.March 31, 1912November 14, 2000ss/ Grace
FRENCHWarren June 10, 1873s/ S.E. & A.M.
FRENCHWeldonFebruary 1, 1880October 17, 1892s/ George & Mattie 12y 8m 15d
FRENCHWilliam A.18711960ss/ Alta J.
FRENCHWillis M.18921925 
FRIARAlice C.18631933w/ John Harvey
FRIAREllenNovember 7, 1836September 22, 1909(Cox) w/ James E.
FRIARJames E.November 12, 1836May 4, 1911ss/ Ellen
FRIARJohn Harvey18641916ss/ Alice
FRIDDLEJennette S.August 20, 1835January 17, 1885(Campbell) 'w/ William A. 49y 4m 29d
FRIDDLERose18671945w/ Grant
FRUITTEsther E.August 2, 1920September 19, 1993ss/ Wm. D.
FRUITTWilliam D.September 9, 1913 ss/ Esther E.
FUDGEC. Gene1929 md 6/19/1949
FUDGECarolyn J.April 1, 1931October 2, 2001ss/ C. Gene
GANTZAllen A.18781960ss/ Pearl C.
GANTZArzula August 2, 1879d/ L. & S.E. 1y 2m 17d
GANTZBenjamin F.February 6, 1855October 15, 1924ss/ Sarah Jane
GANTZCarl N.August 28, 1907September 1979 
GANTZCatharineOctober 30, 1849December 27, 1912w/ Francis M.
GANTZElizabeth1815February 12, 1888(French) w/ Joseph 72y 11m 26d
GANTZEverett E.June 3, 1886December 1966ss/ Inez R.
GANTZFrancis M.February 11, 1850August 2, 1923ss/ Catharine
GANTZGeraldine F.December 14, 1911February 24, 1997w/ Carl N.
GANTZIda V.18761958w/ John W.
GANTZInez R.18851960w/ Everett E.
GANTZInfant August 23, 1876d/ L. & S.E.
GANTZInfant July 22, 1880d/ L. & S.E.
GANTZJohn W.18721932ss/ Ida V.
GANTZJohn W. November 10, 189117y 8m 5d
GANTZJoseph May 18, 187059y 1m 29d
GANTZJoseph N.18531928 
GANTZLeonard A.June 23, 1905November 4, 2000 
GANTZLeonard A.June 23, 1905November 4, 2004ss/ Meta R.
GANTZLorenzoMay 23, 1838December 2, 1923ss/ Sarah E.
GANTZMary J.185819XXw/ Joseph N.
GANTZMeta R.March 18, 1905January 1982ss/ Leonard
GANTZPearl C.18811944w/ Allen A.
GANTZSarah E.March 24, 1843February 5, 1905w/ Lorenzo
GANTZSarah JaneDecember 12, 1858July 17, 1931w/ Benjamin F.
GARRETTIreneFebruary 22, 1903September 1993(Weller)
GARRINGERAmelia June 9, 1908w/ David
GARRINGERBertha E.July 29, 1888December 1, 1966w/ Russel J.
GARRINGERByron W.October 15, 1920September 7, 1987CPL US Army WWII
GARRINGERCatherine18461912w/ John L.
GARRINGERConchitaAugust 16, 1918April 10, 1994(Grooms) ss/ Manor
GARRINGERD. OscarOctober 11, 1884January 1973ss/ Iva L.
GARRINGERDaisy D.18791966w/ Jacob U.
GARRINGERDavid December 10, 189557y 4m 6d
GARRINGERElmer L. November 6, 1880s/ Samuel & Susannah 5y 3m 21d
GARRINGEREsie D.1913 w/ Henry L.
GARRINGERFrances E.January 17, 1912June 1983ss/ Lewis S.
GARRINGERHenry18881961ss/ Mima
GARRINGERHenry L.October 9, 1909December 1974ss/ Elsie D.
GARRINGERI. Jacob18821963 
GARRINGERIsaac B.18441924ss/ Sarah C.
GARRINGERIva L.18861973w/ Oscar
GARRINGERJacob U.18721962ss/ Daisy D.
GARRINGERJames Lee19641983 
GARRINGERJanie18701915w/ John L.
GARRINGERJohn B.18881966ss/ Lottie E.
GARRINGERJohn L.18721952ss/ Janie
GARRINGERJohn L.18481918ss/ Catherine
GARRINGERJoseph LinusSeptember 16, 1888April 1970ss/ Lillie
GARRINGERKatie March 1, 1888d/ D. & A.
GARRINGERLester Dwight1924  
GARRINGERLewis S.May 14, 1910December 1986ss/ Frances E.
GARRINGERLillie H.18881937ss/ Joseph
GARRINGERLottie E.1913 w/ John B.
GARRINGERLouie E.18891964w/ William M.
GARRINGERManor LeoApril 14, 1911December 10, 1997ss/ Conchita
GARRINGERMary E.18581934w/ Uriah
GARRINGERMaude E.18781959w/ William H.
GARRINGERMax LeonOctober 12, 1922March 1, 2002ss/ Robert
GARRINGERMerrit Leon19141921 
GARRINGERMima18871969w/ Henry
GARRINGERMyrtle A.18791925 
GARRINGERNellie L.February 13, 1912July 1, 2003ss/ R. Verlin
GARRINGERPhoebe M.18971967w/ Russel B.
GARRINGERR. VerlinAugust 30, 1909August 1981ss/ Nellie L.
GARRINGERRobert RexOctober 12, 1922May 2, 1994ss/ Max
GARRINGERRussel B.February 15, 1898January 1976ss/ Phoebe
GARRINGERRussel J.18871938ss/ Bertha E.
GARRINGERSamuelAugust 31, 1840May 13, 1912ss/ Susanna
GARRINGERSarah C.18481933ss/ Isaac B.
GARRINGERSusannaApril 21, 1844February 24, 1926w/ Samuel
GARRINGERThelma19091911d/ Lillie & Joseph
GARRINGERUriah18531920ss/ Mary E.
GARRINGERWilliam H.18701958ss/ Maude E.
GARRINGERWilliam L.18651942 
GARRINGERWilliam M.18861948ss/ Louie
GARYSamuel G.18541936ss/ Sarah E.
GARYSarah E.18541910w/ Samuel G.
GODWINJacob M.18461922 
GODWINJohn February 19, 189581y 11m 15d
GODWINJohn L.18511928 
GODWINLydia I.18481914 
GODWINMary Ann December 13, 1898w/ John 85y 11m 4d
GODWINMyrtle M.18821916 
GODWINOscar18601927ss/ Rebecca
GODWINPaulina August 29, 1883w/ Oscar 23y 28d
GODWINRebecca18601953ss/ Oscar
GODWINSarah C.18581914w/ John L.
GOLLIHERAllen P.May 30, 1912November 1962ss/ Mildred
GOLLIHERDavid AllenOctober 26, 1987October 26, 1987ss/ Devon Andrew
GOLLIHERDevon AndrewOctober 26, 1987November 7, 1987ss/ David Allen
GOLLIHEREvelyn E.1918 ss/ George md 7/25/1936
GOLLIHERGeorge B.December 18, 1913April 1982ss/ Evelyn
GOLLIHERJon D.1942 ss/ Julie L.
GOLLIHERJulie L.December 28, 1941July 15, 1989ss/ Jon D.
GOLLIHERMildred L.January 23, 1907June 1986w/ Allen P.
GOODENAlice March 10, 1869d/ John & Rosanna 5m 3d
GOODENInfant May 17, 18??s/ John & Rosanna 1d
GOODENIsaac N.185519XXss/ Rosannah
GOODENJames W.18641919ss/ Luella
GOODENJohnJune 7, 1829June 20, 1905ss/ Rosanna
GOODENLuella18671951w/ James W.
GOODENPaul18761876s/ I.N. & R.
GOODENRosannaJune 22, 1838April 16, 1909w/ John
GOODENRosannah18561922w/ Isaac N.
GOODENWilliam August 29, ????s/ John & Rosanna
GOODWINMarvin M.January 28, 1909November 19, 1991PFC US Army WWII
GOODWINMildred W.September 20, 1912March 12, 1989Pvt. US Army WWII
GOUGHRuth E.October 6, 1918September 2, 2006(Rinker)
GRAYEdwardOctober 17, 1816March 25, 1890ss/ Nancy
GRAYG.W.February 19, 1817January 23, 1899 
GRAYJames W. May 16, 1852s/ John & Elizabeth 1m ?d
GRAYL.C.September 12, 1814June 24, 1899 
GRAYNancyJune 26, 1814October 8, 1888w/ Edward
GRAYOrla August 15, 1889s/ N.W. & J. 3m 19d
GRAYSarah E. October 8, 1867d/ J.T. & E.
GRAYUriah August 15, 1862s/ John & Elizabeth 1y 6m 15d
GREENAda E.18671920w/ Hampton
GREENAlvah18811925ss/ Marie Harold Lola
GREENAmanda M.18571921w/ Charles
GREENCarl A.January 28, 1888July 2, 1908s/ Hampton & Ada
GREENCatharine September 3, 1879w/ David A. 50y 6m
GREENCharles18541907ss/ Amanda
GREENChester A. November 3, 1886s/ Hampton & Ada 1y 4d
GREENDavid A. December 11, 187144y 10m
GREENElmina August 29, 1894d/ T. & M.J. 3y 4m 20d
GREENFrances E. February 18, 1871s/ J.C. & E. 11m 18d
GREENFrancis W.18611940ss/ Sarelda
GREENHampton18631943ss/ Ada
GREENHarold E.19051915ss/ Marie Alvah Lola
GREENJohn A.18251903ss/ Malinda
GREENJulen December 29, 187472y 26d
GREENLola M.18831963ss/ Marie Alvah Harold
GREENMalinda November 11, 187464y 11m 29d
GREENMalinda18271914w/ John A.
GREENMarie M.19031929ss/ Alvah Harold Lola
GREENMary E. June 8, 1878w/ Joel 42y 7m 9d
GREENMinerva J.November 22, 1833April 3, 1895w/ Thomas
GREENSarelda F.18641940w/ Francis W.
GREENSherman D.November 9, 1868May 8, 189021y 6m 1d
GREENSherman D.November 9, 1868May 8, 189021y 6m 1d
GREENThomasNovember 7, 1829June 8, 1904ss/ Minerva
GREGORMary J.18441915w/ Joseph
GROOMSRoland R.18921927ss/ Paul & Georgetta Patty
GROVEHerbert P.18811945ss/ Julia E.
GROVEJulia E.February 26, 1884May 1982w/ Herbert P.
HAISLEYJulia A.April 30, 1938 (Patty)
HAMMERSA. Preston18521929 
HAMMERSBessie G.18911963w/ G. Ray
HAMMERSChester A. January 24, 1889s/ A.P. & L.J. 1y 2m 13d
HAMMERSG. Ray18891972ss/ Bessie G.
HAMMERSHollis C.July 15, 1910November 1977ss/ Myrtle E.
HAMMERSJevon Max October 20, 1996s/ Jeffrey & Judith
HAMMERSLydia J.18591936w/ A. Preston
HAMMERSMary E.18881918 
HAMMERSMyrtle E.May 2, 1915August 27, 1990w/ Hollis C.
HAMMERSVerda18791905w/ W.A.
HAMPTONMargaret19031935d/ Leon & Annie
HANCOCKBeatrice KayJanuary 27, 1940May 1976Mother
HANCOCKBetty J.1922 ss/ Claude md 10/14/1940
HANCOCKClaude W.August 3, 1912August 3, 1988ss/ Betty J.
HARDWICKCharles E.18881962ss/ Lora L.
HARDWICKHarold RexJune 10, 1934May 13, 1990TSGT US Air Force Korea Vietnam
HARDWICKKiku1919 ss/ Harold Rex
HARDWICKLora L.18971965w/ Charles E.
HARDWICKPaulAugust 23, 1924August 6, 1998US Army WWII
HARDWICKReita M.April 1, 1928 ss/ Paul
HARLESSAlma M.November 5, 1907March 1987ss/ Earl & Jack
HARLESSEarl R.June 26, 1905November 25, 1989ss/ Alma & Jack
HARLESSJack F.19291949ss/ Earl & Alma
HARRISHenry E.18621920 
HARRISJohn W.1853193374y 11m 4d
HARRISMalissa18521903w/ John W. 51y 7m 6d
HARRISONElizabeth July 17, 1889w/ Jesse 80y 8m 29d
HARRISONInfant February 7, 1870s/ W.H. & M.A.
HARRISONIra C.18711942h/ Loretta Cox Harrison
HARRISONJesse September 20, 187061y 7m 7d
HARRISONMartha A.1851930w/ William H.
HARRISONWilliam H.18461922ss/ Martha A.
HARTMANEdith N.July 2, 1903January 14, 1993ss/ Ethel Miller Sisters
HASTINGSCharles D.18791955ss/ Elfa I.
HASTINGSElfa I.18831963w/ Charles D.
HERRONSarah ElizabethOctober 11, 1833July 3, 1888(Cone) w/ William 54y
HESSLillie MaeMarch 6, 1930April 16, 1993ss/ Richard G.
HESSPhyllis A.May 9, 1906August 1973w/ Walter E.
HESSRichard G.October 4, 1929November 29, 2002ss/ Lillie Mae
HESSWalter E.January 12, 1904July 1963ss/ Phyllis A.
HIGHTEdythe A.19101981ss/ Franklin R.
HIGHTFranklin R.18931951ss/ Edythe A.
HIMESCharles E.October 28, 1911August 22, 1982ss/ Ruth A.
HIMESClarence M.August 1, 1914May 13, 2001ss/ Hassel
HIMESHarold C.July 10, 1916March 4, 2003ss/ Madge
HIMESHassel M.March 15, 1919March 1987ss/ Clarence md 10/6/1934
HIMESMadge V.October 8, 1913April 24, 2002w/ Harold C.
HIMESNancy M.March 6, 1894December 1977w/ William Ray
HIMESRichard A.19651975 
HIMESRuth A.August 23, 1916November 26, 2003w/ Charles E.
HIMESToy Lynn19571968 
HIMESWilliam Ray18901957ss/ Nancy M.
HOLDERBYOliver18741946ss/ Osa Jane
HOLDERBYOsa Jane18781937w/ Oliver
HOLLOWAYIsaac February 23, 187785y 9m 4d
HOLLOWAYIsabel A. October 19, 1892w/ Isaac & Wm Miller 70y 3m 21d
HOLLOWELLAmanda E.19281928 
HOSIERRobert A.July 12, 1926July 25, 1992Father
HUDDLESTONEdward E.May 20, 1928 ss/ Thelma md 3/2/1946
HUDDLESTONEthel M.19051998w/ Ray m.
HUDDLESTONRay M.19021962ss/ Ethel
HUDDLESTONThelma C.November 11, 1927 ss/ Edward
HUFFMANBetty1922 w/ Richard L.
HUFFMANCalvin A.18611929 
HUFFMANCletis M.18991965ss/ Madalene
HUFFMANJeremiahJune 3, 1828July 25, 1906ss/ Tabitha
HUFFMANJohn W.18731939ss/ Lillian
HUFFMANLillian18741963w/ John W.
HUFFMANMadaleneAugust 21, 1901October 1987w/ Cletis M.
HUFFMANRichard L.19181965 
HUFFMANTabithaNovember 30, 1829December 14, 1905w/ Jeremiah
HUGHESMavis J.19211980ss/ Shirley
HUGHESShirley F.December 8, 1916December 25, 1993ss/ Mavis J.
HULDERMANAda18881948Sister ss/ Morris H.
HULDERMANMorris H.August 8, 1890April 11, 1970Brother Ind Pvt. Co A 18 WWI
HUNTAletha C.1917October 7, 1917d/ Guy & Leethel
HUNTAmy M.19041969ss/ Cecil A.
HUNTBarbara J.April 1, 1933January 28, 1988 
HUNTCecil A.September 14, 1901January 21, 1994ss/ Amy
HUNTGuy O.February 3, 1897May 1972ss/ Leethel
HUNTLeethel E.18991967w/ Guy O.
HUNTNancy M.July 12, 1936May 24, 1978ss/ Richard A.
HUNTRex A.November 30, 1928November 23, 1980PFC US Army Korea
HUNTRichard A.December 2, 1931August 25, 2003ss/ Nancy M.
HUNTSteven M.19601962 
HURSTGeorge July 30, 1878s/ Mahlon & Sarah 1y 8m 20d
HURSTSarah E. October 5, 1885w/ Mahlon 39y 8m 6d
HUTCHENSSarah A.March 30, 1846June 12, 1887w/ Aquilla
INGLEEllen18461935w/ Henry
INGLEHenry18441917ss/ Ellen
JACOBSClaude R.July 30, 1878May 1970ss/ Lottie
JACOBSLottie18821962w/ Claude R.
JAMESAlbert E.18781965ss/ Nancy M.
JAMESBlancheMay 15, 1903July 1985w/ Orval
JAMESCharles F.18741945 
JAMESChristopher August 14, 188161y 11m 8d
JAMESDaisy18781945(Bales) w/ Roy
JAMESDaisy M.18761942ss/ Sherman C.
JAMESEthel V.18841967w/ Jesse W.
JAMESG. Oscar18591935ss/ Julia A.
JAMESGary W.June 4, 1961May 12, 1997 
JAMESHenry D.18721957 
JAMESJesse W.May 1, 1883January 1968ss/ Ethel
JAMESJulia A.18611929w/ G. Oscar
JAMESK. Hugh19001963 
JAMESKezia18461929ss/ William D.
JAMESLoy L.19091976 
JAMESNancy M.18771936w/ Albert E.
JAMESOrval19021962ss/ Blanche
JAMESRoy D.18771940ss/ Daisy md 7/16/1898
JAMESSarah E.18301920 
JAMESSarah E.18751896 
JAMESSherman C.January 12, 1871July 15, 1966ss/ Daisy M.
JAMESWilliam D.18281921ss/ Kezia
JAMESWilliam DallasJune 30, 1917September 25, 1995 
JAMESZella E. August 23, 1898d/ G.O. & J.A. 11y 1m 27d
JARRETTEugene R.19121938ss/ Marcielle N.
JARRETTMarcielle N.19181938w/ Eugene R.
JARRETTMarsell M.19371938 
JOHNSONRuthAugust 23, 1916November 26, 2003(Clevenger) w/ Roy & Charles Himes
JONESElizabeth AnnJuly 31, 1830November 4, 1891(Cline) w/ Joseph G.
JONESFrederick M.1845June 17, 188438y 5m 22d
JONESInfant December 12, 1889s/ ?&?
JONESJ.B. July 23, 188666y 11m 6d
JONESJoseph A. October 19, 188519y 5m 19d
JONESJoseph G.August 5, 1834July 7, 1910ss/ Elizabeth Ann
JONESLewis Emery18601899ss/ Anna Nuckols
JONESLula M.18951955ss/ Paul D.
JONESMargaret M.18431901ss/ Frederick M.
JONESMary G. December 5, 1888w/ J.B. 59y 9m 21d
JONESOliver P. December 10, 1894s/ Joseph 30y 7m 10d
JONESPaul D.18981924ss/ Lula M.
JONESSusanna1806April 10, 1884w/ John 23y 8m 22d
KADERLYLester F.September 12, 1909May 1974ss/ Mabel
KADERLYMabel M.April 2, 1901October 1984ss/ Lester F.
KARNSLydah O.19021978 
KARNSRonald M.19331967 
KARNSTimothy G.19611976(Tim)
KINGCharleneOctober 20, 1914February 1987Sister
KINGChester H.February 21, 18921957ss/ Ina I.
KINGDonald D. Sr.December 13, 1925February 12, 2007s/ Chester & Ina
KINGIna I.October 20, 1895March 1984(Collins) w/ Chester H.
KINGRobert H.19161938 
KOCHJacob18581951ss/ Magdalena
KOCHMagdalena18611938w/ Jacob
KUHNArminieNovember 12, 1875May 19, 1904w/ August C.
KUHNAugust C.October 27, 1873February 5, 1937Papa
LANDERSDewey G.March 23, 1898October 1982ss/ Lela
LANDERSLela M.July 22, 1899April 1987w/ Dewey G.
LANGMinnie GlennJanuary 28, 1904  
LANNINGFred18761952ss/ Grace
LANNINGGrace18791948w/ Fred
LANNINGGraceMarch 2, 1885April 3, 1937w/ W.R.?
LEEGaynelle1924 (Smith) ss/ Robert L.
LEEJerry R.1858 ss/ Robert L.
LEERobert L.June 24, 1922March 28, 1996S Sgt US Army WWII
LEWELLENClarence F.July 15, 1891November 1970ss/ Dorothy
LEWELLENDorothy L.18951970w/ Clarence F.
LEWISDella E.November 4,1895July 11, 1991w/ Leonard J.
LEWISHazel OOctober 26, 1934 ss/ James E. md 8/15/1953
LEWISJames E.April 15, 1933February 8, 1992ss/ Hazel O.
LEWISLeonard J.June 25, 1895December 1969ss/ Della
LIFEDale F.February 19, 1925July 11, 2001US Navy WWII
LIFEJohn18601929h/ Mary F.
LIFEJohn R.19261944Electrician Mate 3rd Class USNR
LIFELottie J.July 1, 1899July 1981w/ Paul
LIFEMary F.18651937w/ John
LIFEMary J.October 29, 1878September 25,1908 
LIFEPaulMarch 11, 1904February 1977md 1/5/1924
LIFESarah M.18751958w/ William B.
LIFET. Wilma19271959Mother
LIFEWilliam B.18681954ss/ Sarah M.
LINDSAYCarl B.18951943ss/ Mildred E.
LINDSAYKenneth A.January 26, 1922August 2, 1997ss/ Martha
LINDSAYMarthaJuly 5, 1925 md 8/15/1941
LINDSAYMildred E.March 2, 1898February 21, 1990w/ Carl B.
LINDSEYCharles O.18851966 
LINDSEYNettie J.May 3, 1893October 1971w/ Newton F.
LINDSEYNewton F.November 18, 1891October 1971ss/ Nettie J.
LINDSEYThomas L.February 22, 1915November 11, 1960Ind Tec 4 HQCO 421 QMCO WWII
LITZSharon R.October 1, 1942July 11, 1988(Jent)
LOCKEJoseph G.18721948ss/ L. Pearl
LOCKEL. Pearl18821977w/ Joseph G.
LUDWICKGary Lee19441948 
LUDWICKHarvey H.February 1, 1923March 24, 1989ss/ Lois J.
LUDWICKJennie A.July 3, 1897July 1977w/ Kisor
LUDWICKJulia Jean19451945Baby
LUDWICKKedrick L.February 4, 1916February 9, 1916 
LUDWICKKisorSeptember 28, 1891December 1978ss/ Jennie A.
LUDWICKLois J.June 1, 1925September 16, 2003ss/ Harvey H.
LYKINSGeorge H.18951970ss/ Goldie
LYKINSGoldie C.February 15, 1902October 11, 1999w/ George H.
MAINEmory A.December 10, 1900December 1963ss/ Lela L.
MAINLela L.September 17, 1901May 22, 2003w/ Emory A.
MALOTTEliza18201891ss/ Gideon
MALOTTGideon18151879ss/ Eliza
MANSHIPShirley E.January 11, 1936December 3, 1982Mother
MARTNHesterSeptember 6, 1836December 12, 1878 
MARTNJacobDecember 6, 1826April 2, 1886 
MARTNNancy A.18651961(Rev.)
MAYElizabeth A.18671957w/ Jacob P.
MAYGerald A.December 17, 1927March 27, 1995md 7/7/1948
MAYJacob P.18651932ss/ Elizabeth
MAYJames Elsworth May 14, 189129y 8m 10d
MAYJames Elsworth May 14, 189429y 3m 10d
MAYJohn Edward18631942ss/ Mary Ann
MAYMary Ann18651942w/ John Edward
MAYOscarDecember 26, 18841967ss/ Susie
MAYPriscillaAugust 20, 1930May 1996w/ Gerald A.
MAYRobert Lee19231925 
MAYSusieJuly 27, 1889April 1979w/ Oscar
MAYSClara F.November 29, 1907April 30, 1875ss/ Glen R.
MAYSGlen R.January 13, 1905February 6, 1990ss/ Clara F.
MCCAMISHAlec Herbert1938ss/ Elva
MCCAMISHAyleen C.19311931Baby
MCCAMISHElva M.18901976w/ Alec Herbert
MCCAMISHEmily V.18641918w/ William M.
MCCAMISHHannahJuly 20, 1840July 28, 192585y 9d
MCCAMISHJohnAugust 14, 1838March 29, 189556y 7m 15d
MCCAMISHLicuella February 11, 1873d/ E. & S. 1y 11m
MCCAMISHMargaret18161904w/ William
MCCAMISHWilliam18121893ss/ Margaret
MCCAMISHWilliam M.18601931ss/ Emily
MCCORDAlberta M.March 29, 1942 ss/ Orville
MCCORDJ.D. MatthewOctober 21, 1982September 25, 1998 
MCCORDOrville C.January 27, 1939 md 3/16/1958
MCCOYIrene E.October 28, 1914October 1, 2004(Miller) w/ John C.
MCCOYJohn C.August 11, 1908September 1984ss/ Irene E.
MCCRACKENHannah E.1880 
MCCRACKENRobert June 14, 187261y 5m 23d
MCCRACKENRobert W. August 15, 188338y 11d
MCCRACKENSarah December 9, 187462y 4m 8d
MCCRACKENThomas A.May 24, 188232y 9m 26d
MCGUNEGILLJemima Ellen1913 
MCGUNEGILLNora J. May 26, 1877d/ Wm. G. & J.E. 1y 8m 23d
MCINTIRERobert J.1931 ss/ Vivian L.
MCINTIREVivian L.1935 ss/ Robert J.
MCKEEClara V.18581943w/ Port J.
MCKEEPort J.18561939ss/ Clara
MCKINNEYBarbara A.18381910w/ Francis M. 71y 10m 25d
MCKINNEYFrancis M.1836190366y 11m 22d
MCKINNEYGeorge W.May 20, 1816July 14, 1892ss/ Rhoda
MCKINNEYRhodaSeptember 13, 1816December 31, 1893ss/ George W.
MCMILLIONLola E.18871912(French) w/ Otey M.
MCPROUDArthur M. February 20, 1879s/ John & Nancy 8m 20d
MCPROUDConstantine BlissMarch 11, 191575y 9m 19d
MCPROUDHannah G. January 11, 1881w/ James C. 74y 4m 11d
MCPROUDJames C. March 13, 1887ss/ Hannah 83y 10m 13d
MCPROUDJames G. August 17, 191674y 19d
MCPROUDJohn M. October 2, 187849y 2m 20d
MCPROUDMyzella A.May 23, 1841April 14, 1892w/ Constantine B. 50y 10m 21d
MCPROUDValera A. May 8, 1884d/ C.B. & Myzella 14y 11m 7d
MEDLERCleo C.September 10, 1917July 1995Mother & Grandmother
MENDENHALLDavid C.18711925 
MENDENHALLOllie C.18721943w/ David C.
MERANDAAlmeda A.18951984w/ Carl A.
MERANDACarl A.18901948ss/ Almeda A.
MERANDADora L. October 11, 18822y 3m 20d
MERANDAHazel M.September 12, 1918January 24, 1998ss/ Orpheus L.
MERANDAIda A.18711915w/ Marion D.
MERANDAMarion D.18591935 
MERANDAOrpheus L.1916 ss/ Hazel M.
MICHAELBessie18901954w/ Wilbur
MICHAELWilburMarch 4, 1898February 1971ss/ Bessie
MILLERAddie R.18981986w/ Jim C.
MILLERAdrian AbeMarch 12, 1905December 1983ss/ Edith Ann
MILLERAlbert18851951ss/ Nellie
MILLERAmanda J.April 17, 1853November 21, 1910w/ Jacob R.
MILLERAnnie E.18391894w/ Phillip W. 54y 5m 29d
MILLERBetty J.19321935 
MILLERBobby J.19301935 
MILLERC.L.June 28, 1915November 1978Chet
MILLEREdith AnnSeptember 14, 1908July 1985ss/ Adrian
MILLEREthel L.July 2, 1903June 30, 1993ss/ Edith Hartman Sisters
MILLERGeorge R.October 12, 1921October 2, 2000US Army WWII
MILLERHarryJanuary 9, 1904December 1987ss/ Helen
MILLERHelen19061997w/ Harry
MILLERHenry A.18751923ss/ Nettie
MILLERHerbert R.191019XXBrother ss/ William
MILLERInfant March 8, 1895s/ H.A. & N.A.
MILLERJacob R.January 25, 1851June 4, 1942ss/ Amanda
MILLERJim C.18961965ss/ Addie
MILLERKeith E.May 23, 1924November 9, 2002Sgt US Army Air Force WWII
MILLERKeith E.May 23, 1924November 9, 2002ss/ Readae
MILLERLester W.18831963ss/ Nellie
MILLERLewis18761957ss/ Rebecca
MILLERM. FernMarch 15, 1918January 31, 2004(Rust) ss/ Chet
MILLERNellie18831947w/ Lester W.
MILLERNellie E.18851958w/ Albert
MILLERNettie A.18771955w/ Henry A.
MILLERNora18741934ss/ Walter
MILLERNorma J.February 25, 1920March 16, 1997ss/ Thomas B.
MILLERPhillip W.1840 ss/ Annie E.
MILLERRachel J.18621928(Reed)
MILLERRay A.19011932s/ Nora & Walter
MILLERReadae1929 ss/ Keith E.
MILLERRebecca18771957w/ Lewis
MILLERShirley M.September 4, 1931September 6, 1931 
MILLERSophia December 4, 1886w/ William 54y 1m 14d
MILLERThomas B.May 22, 1917December 3, 1992US Army WWII
MILLERWalter18721944ss/ Nora
MILLERWilliam Lee18991963Bother ss/ Herbert
MILLINERDaisy Ann19041963w/ Joseph H.
MILLINERGeorge19271945s/ Daisy & Joseph
MILLINERJoseph H.March 10, 1904December 1984ss/ Daisy md 7/16/1898
MILLSPAUGHJulia M.18681957w/ William T.
MILLSPAUGHWilliam T.1953ss/ Julia M.
MITCHELLFrederick Lee ss/ Mary K.
MITCHELLMark AndrewSeptember 20, 1995stone says 1985
MITCHELLMary Kathryn ss/ Frederick
MOODYBerthaJune 12, 1898February 13, 1984(Bales)
MOONAlbert M.February 14, 1835September 19, 1918ss/ Ann E.
MOONAnn E.September 23, 1837December 12, 1905w/ Albert M.
MOONBrandon Lee March 24, 1989Son & Grandson
MOONCarol J.April 10, 1944 ss/ Jackie Lee
MOONCarson I.April 30, 1899September 2, 1966Ind Pvt. 136 RAD Intil Co.
MOONDoris A.19031971w/ Herman R.
MOONDorotha A.18751945w/ Thomas O.
MOONEmma S.December 23, 1879September 12, 1901(Huffman) w/ George
MOONGail C.May 9, 1907March 1, 1973Ind Pvt. US Army WWI
MOONGeorge J.April 8, 1876March 25, 1909 
MOONHerman R.18981968ss/ Doris A.
MOONJackie LeeJuly 3, 1933April 2, 1992PFC US Army
MOONMillard F.June 10, 1857March 29, 1944ss/ Sophora
MOONRobert K.July 15, 1936September 12, 2003SN US Navy
MOONSophora E.March 15, 1862June 13, 1926ss/ Millard F.
MOONThomas O.18711944ss/ Dortha
MOONVirgle LeroyDecember 9, 1905September 13, 1907s/ G.A. & Estella
MOORMANInfant November 16, 1891s/ Jessie R. & Rosa
MORELANDCarolynJune 27, 1945January 16, 1946 
MOSIERAlice E.18851959w/ William R.
MOSIERArthur Leroy18841944ss/ Goldie G.
MOSIERB. Shepard18661935ss/ Flora Alice
MOSIERBlanche A.18851970 
MOSIERCarl F.18961926 
MOSIERClide E.18931953ss/ Opal
MOSIERDavidDecember 12, 1833January 10, 1916ss/ Elizabeth
MOSIERElizabeth January 12, 1896w/ David 73y 2m 9d
MOSIERFlora Alice18731938w/ B. Shepard
MOSIERGoldie G.18861967w/ Arthur Leroy & John Long
MOSIERInfant July 15, 1859s/ David & Martha
MOSIERLaurinda E.18621916w/ William H.
MOSIERLavina April 8, 1916(Smithson) w/ Will 53y
MOSIERMartha J.18411864w/ David
MOSIEROpal M.February 15, 1894June 1980w/ Clide E.
MOSIERRobert EarlDecember 14, 1926January 21, 1965US Navy
MOSIERWilliam H.18621935ss/ Laurinda E.
MOSIERWilliam R.November 13, 1881November 1979ss/ Alice
MOYERCharles L.March 23, 1931March 10, 1992ss/ Sharron
MOYERSharron L.January 12, 1936 ss/ Charles md 3/22/1954
MULLDonald E.19131914 
MULLRalph G.19131923 
MULLENEva W.18881966w/ Fred D.
MULLENFred D.July 4, 1889April 29, 1971Ind PFC Co. H 76 Inf WWI
MULLENJessie M.18811952w/ Omar S.
MULLENOmar S.18831951ss/ Jessie M.
MULLIKINAllen H.October 5, 1941 ss/ Connie & Edna
MULLIKINConnie SueMay 31, 1950 (Dow)
MULLIKINEdna L.June 26, 1931 (Moon)
MURPHYElmer E. April 14, 1872Adpt s/ Emma & Francis 1y 9m 25d
MURPHYInfant June 25, 1870d/ Emma & Francis
MURPHYKatherine E.June 30, 1920November 4, 1978ss/ Lawrence
MURPHYLawrence R.July 24, 1919January 8, 1998ss/ Katherine
MYERSJ. FerrolMay 7, 1914July 16, 1989ss/ Olive M.
MYERSOlive M.February 6, 1916August 5, 2006ss/ J. Ferrol
NECESSARYAndrew C.July 30, 1987July 31, 1987 
NECESSARY Bill1933  ss/ Gregory
NECESSARY Carolyn1932  ss/ Gregory
NECESSARYGregory DaleOctober 3, 1962 August 29, 1999ss/ Carolyn & Bill
NEELEY Christena1856 1942w/ John D.
NEELEYJohn D.18491930 ss/ Christena
NENSTIEL Carl1882 1941ss/ Nora
NENSTIEL Nora1883 March 28, 1929w/ Carl
NEWTONBetty L.December 12, 1928June 6, 1997w/ George
NEWTONGeorge H.1929  ss/ Betty L.
NEWTONMerle L.May 27, 1899April 4, 1992w/ Russell R.
NEWTONRosella M.   d/ Russell & Merle no dates
NEWTONRussell R.October 14, 1895 December 20, 1978CPL US Army WWI
NIBARGER C.P.1852 190149y 3m 11d
NIBARGERChristopher E.18711953 ss/ Janie
NIBARGER Janie1870 1924(Ford) w/ Christopher E.
NIBARGERJimmy Dale1932 1933ss/ John Robert Young
NIBARGER Joe1905 1992 
NICHOLS LoisJune 13, 1909 March 4, 2002(Patty)
NICHOLSLoren C.November 25, 1903 September 11, 1992ss/ Lois
NICHOLS Stella1889 1966(French)
NUCKOLS Ann1869 1960(Jones) ss/ Lewis E. Jones
OBRIENCharles R.March 28, 1916April 10, 1998 
OCHSENRIDEREulanis A.1936  w/ John L.
OCHSENRIDERJohn L.1935  ss/ Eulanis
ORRCharles O.January 10, 1916 November 15, 1998ss/ Wilma
ORREcho January 23, 1897February 1980w/ Kenneth
ORR KennethSeptember 26, 1897 November 1978ss/ Echo
ORRWilma 1918  ss/ Charles O.
OWENSJulia December 3, 1882April 1972Aunt
PACEBertha A.18781961 w/ William B.
PACEJesse October 23, 1847December 7, 1906ss/ Mary
PACELura August 8, 1875September 29, 1876 
PACEMary CatherineApril 11, 1848 December 7, 1906(Cortner) w/ Jesse
PACEOlous J.July 8, 1899November 19, 191718y 4m
PACEViolet LeonaApril 13, 1907 February 5, 1908 
PACEWilliam B.18771949 ss/ Bertha
PARISIrma G.18901971 w/ Jay R.
PARISJacob R.19211923 s/ Jay & Irma
PARISJay R. 18851959  
PARSONSClyde E.March 13, 1921May 31, 2005 
PATRICK ElmerOctober 2, 1898 December 3, 1992ss/ Stella Irene
PATRICKStella IreneNovember 4, 1905 April 1983w/ Elmer
PATTERSONJohn A.November 2, 1940   
PATTYArtie FletcherJanuary 15, 1917 November 6, 1969ss/ Grace
PATTYDelbert L.December 30, 1935 January 23, 2004 
PATTY Dilutha1878 1936w/ Oll
PATTY GeorgettaDecember 6, 1894 March 1979ss/ Roland Grooms
PATTYGrace D.May 23, 1916May 23, 1971(Jones) ss/ Artie
PATTYJoseph K.May 22, 1912January 20, 1986ss/ Mildred E.
PATTYMildred E.October 27, 1915April 19, 1981ss/ Joseph K.
PATTYOll 18741961 ss/ Dilutha
PATTYPaul H.June 11, 1902December 1976ss/ Georgetta
PATTYRobert DamonNovember 15, 1950 November 15, 1950s/ Fletcher
PENDERGRASS Elizabeth1831 1895 
POLINGEldon P.October 26, 1926 January 10, 1990ss/ Virginia
POLINGVirginia R.July 23, 1933  ss/ Eldon
POWERS Arthur1866 1940ss/ Dora E.
POWERSDora E.18661952 w/ Arthur
PURSLEYJesse H.18621943 ss/ Julia E.
PURSLEYJulia E.18661935 w/ Jesse
READBonnie H.18891966w/ Cletis A.
READCletis A.19051965md 8/1/1936
REEDGeorge Eugene19421942 
REEDGeorge RussellJuly 23, 1909July 15, 1988ss/ Mary Alice
REEDMary Alice1914 ss/ George Russell
REEDRachel J.18621929(Miller)
REESHenry R.18661936ss/ Lillie
REESLillie A.18731939w/ Henry R.
RENFROCarol AnneDecember 10, 1942 (French) ss/ Ralph
RENFROMatthew E.March 26, 1977November 24, 2000 
RENFRORalph E.November 13, 1943 ss/ Carol Anne md 6/11/1967
REYNARDAlonzoFebruary 5, 18781953ss/ Ora A.
REYNARDOra A.18781936w/ Alonzo
REYNARDRoland LeeMarch 5, 1900July 30, 1976D.D.S. Pvt US Army WWI
REYNOLDSE. Marie1945 ss/ John A.
REYNOLDSJamesJuly 11, 1948August 26, 2006(Doug) 58y
REYNOLDSJohn A.January 7, 1937Jly 27, 1993ss/ E. Marie
REYNOLDSTimothy L.December 9, 1964May 17, 200338y
RINKERH. RobertaJune 16, 1916April 29, 200597y
RINKERJ. HerchielAugust 5, 1891February 2, 1989md 1915
RINKERMary C.September 17, 1892January 3, 1986w/ J. Herchiel
RITTENHOUSEAllen J.December 20, 18771961 
RITTENHOUSECarlyleSeptember 2, 1922April 30, 2002ss/ Zelma
RITTENHOUSERemeyNovember 22, 1897February 16, 1977 
RITTENHOUSEZelma R.July 2, 1924February 4, 1983ss/ Caryle
ROLANDAlbert E.July 5, 1911December 27, 1996Son
ROLANDVerne E.18911938Mother
RUCKERHarry L.1918 ss/ Sylvia
RUCKERSylvia L.November 30, 1910June 20, 1998ss/ Harry
RUTHMartha S.October 30, 1903June 1983
SATTERFIELDRosemaryOctober 29, 1924March 4, 1998(Nichols)
SCHWARTZKOPFB. JoanJanuary 26, 1929November 27, 2001md 7/19/1974
SCHWARTZKOPFBilly G.April 15, 1933 ss/ B. Joan
SEGRAVESFrancis C. July 23, 1887s/ T.J. & S.E. 6y 6m 3d
SEIDNERErnest W.August 22, 1888March 1966stone says 1889
SEIDNERMadonna19031970w/ Ernest W.
SELBYFredJuly 30, 1933December 1992ss/ Jo Ann
SELBYJo Ann1941 ss/ Fred
SELVEYDonna M.1927 ss/ John W.
SELVEYJohn W.June 30, 1919October 1983ss/ Donna M.
SEWELLDiana H.April 12, 1947July 16, 2004(Ludwick)
SEWELLErnest L.October 10, 1946 ss/ Diana H.
SHAFFERBurel N.September 7, 1892April 1963 
SHAFFERCharles18611941ss/ Melvina
SHAFFERDonald M.July 14, 1912January 1984md 11/19/1932
SHAFFERElizabeth A.April 30, 1916January 1981ss/ Donald M.
SHAFFERElmer F.18951926 
SHAFFEREmersonOctober 1, 1886November 1, 1968ss/ Lona
SHAFFEREmma18731939ss/ Harmon
SHAFFEREmma R.18591958ss/ Willliam
SHAFFERErnest C.September 22, 1890December 1970ss/ Stella & Noah Williams
SHAFFERFlorenceOctober 3, 1900January 27, 1993ss/ Willliam
SHAFFERFreddieSeptember 30, 1901July 1, 1988ss/ Roberta & Thelma
SHAFFERHarmon18581936ss/ Emma
SHAFFERIna Mae18961972 
SHAFFERInfant19231923s/ Gail & Glen
SHAFFERInfant19231923s/ Omar & Mildred
SHAFFERJames EdwardNovember 3, 1916February 29, 1960Ind Tec 4 Co H 152 Inf WWII
SHAFFERJohn January 13, 190248y 11m 25d
SHAFFERLonaSeptember 20, 1889September 17, 1978w/ Emerson
SHAFFERMelvina A.18661953w/ Charles
SHAFFERPaul GeneOctober 11, 1937March 17, 1943 
SHAFFERPaul R.October 4, 1907May 6, 1985 
SHAFFERRoberta1926 ss/ Thelma & Freddie
SHAFFERThelmaNovember 24, 1901August 28, 1993ss/ Freddie & Roberta
SHAFFERWilliam18541931ss/ Emma & Florence
SHULLArthur L.18821950ss/ Jessie R.
SHULLJessie R.18901975w/ Arthur I
SILVERSEdith August 13, 1873w/ T.M. 65y 6m 13d
SILVERSLucinda J. September 25, 1878w/ Eli 21y 8m 13d
SILVERSOney November 26, 1879s/ H. & P. 3y 18d
SILVERSRosettaFebruary 3, 1880February 3, 1880d/ Eli & Lenora
SILVERSTeter M. December 17, 187567y 3m 2d
SILVERSZephinah September 4, 189346y 11m 12d
SLAGLEMary November 17, 1865w/ Levi 36y 7m 9d
SLICKAnnie G. January 19, 1891w/ Marion F. 23y 10m 9d
SLONIKERJudith L.1935 ss/ Richard L.
SLONIKERLawrence E.June 3, 1899January 1974ss/ Velma
SLONIKERLois Jean19331933 
SLONIKERRichard L.November 11, 1935November 24, 1991ss/ Judith
SLONIKERVelma M.September 14, 1903October 1977w/ Lawrence
SLUSHERAnderson November 24, 190966y 2m 9d Civil War Veteran
SLUSHERArlieSeptember 15, 1876February 1, 1953ss/ Ella
SLUSHERElbertOctober 22, 1920April 1, 1996ss/ Margaret
SLUSHEREliza Ann April 25, 1910ss/ Anderson 66y 5m 29d
SLUSHEREllaMarch 17, 1879December 5, 1918w/ Arlie
SLUSHEREthel18981962w/ Leonard
SLUSHERGeorge June 9, 188474y 11m 24d
SLUSHERGeorge W.18571934ss/ Sarah M.
SLUSHERHomer E.August 17, 1886March 27, 1965Ind Sgt. Co. A 552 Engr. Bn WWI
SLUSHERJohn V.August 16, 1916February 24, 1919 
SLUSHERLeonard18881960ss/ Ethel
SLUSHERMamieMarch 23, 1889June 1976 
SLUSHERMargaret RuthMarch 30, 1920March 13, 2002ss/ Elbert
SLUSHERReedie JoeNovember 15, 1964December 1988 
SLUSHERRephaldFebruary 27, 1942July 13, 2003 
SLUSHERSarah  ss/ George No dates
SLUSHERSarah M.18501925w/ George
SLUSHERSondra L.October 2, 1954 (Hyde) ss. Rephald
SMITHBlanche B.18901947 
SMITHCassius C.January 28, 1910March 22, 1993(Ty) ss/ Pauline
SMITHClarence G.18851956ss/ Lola
SMITHDicie18921966w/ George
SMITHElmer18641928ss/ Emma
SMITHEmma18681933w/ Elmer
SMITHEnosMarch 25, 1835July 22, 1901 
SMITHGeorge E.May 3, 1900December 1964ss/ Dicie
SMITHLola C.18861972w/ Clarence G.
SMITHMarion Lee19351937 
SMITHPaulineDecember 25, 1911July 21, 2004(Ullom)
SMITHPauline A.December 25, 1911July 21, 2004(Polly) ss/ Cassius
SMITHZertha E.July 16, 1909December 15, 2006(Wise) w/ George & Harold Sumwalt
SMITHSONAlbertMarch 24, 1890October 1973ss/ Opal M.
SMITHSONAnna NoleneMarch 17, 1909May 6, 1990Mother
SMITHSONAurie E.18781959w/ Finley S.
SMITHSONBetty J.November 8, 1924April 16, 2002ss/ Donald K.
SMITHSONC. Juanita1921 ss/ Fred R.
SMITHSONCarl E.1927 ss/ Jamma L.
SMITHSONCaroline M.May 1, 1834April 4, 1910(Beck) w/ John C. 75y 11m 3d
SMITHSONCaroline M.18341910ss/ John E.
SMITHSONCarrolJanuary 15, 1911January 25, 2002ss/ Robert
SMITHSONCharles W.18711926h/ Lucy I.
SMITHSONClara18721957w/ Morris
SMITHSONDavid G.January 23, 1927December 7, 1994ss/ Dorothy
SMITHSONDonald K.July 20, 1921 ss/ Betty J.
SMITHSONDorothy A.1931 ss/ David G.
SMITHSONEdith V.June 24, 1916November 19, 1989ss/ Rex
SMITHSONEdna18921927w/ Merl
SMITHSONEdward T.August 16, 1887November 6, 1916 
SMITHSONElizabeth February 10, 1872w/ J.H. 62y 11m 2d
SMITHSONEmily SueJanuary 12, 1979July 13, 1979 
SMITHSONEverettDecember 21, 1889April 19, 1966Ind Pvt. 2 Intmed ORD Depot
SMITHSONFinley S.18751946ss/ Aurie
SMITHSONFreada M.19001968w/ George D.
SMITHSONFred R.December 8, 1895September 1, 1992ss/ C. Juanita
SMITHSONGeorge D.18981927ss/ Freada
SMITHSONGoldie E.January 4, 1895September 1972w/ Everett
SMITHSONHobart G.February 23, 1897August 4, 1971Pvt. US Army WWI
SMITHSONInfant18981898ss/ Roy R.
SMITHSONJamma L.1932 (May) md 8/27/1950
SMITHSONJohn E.18301910ss/ Caroline
SMITHSONKelley S.18651924ss/ Minnie
SMITHSONKenneth A.September 25, 1904May 1983ss/ V. Athella
SMITHSONLizzie18621917w/ William H.
SMITHSONLucy I.18711959w/ Charles W.
SMITHSONMarjorie M.May 19, 1901September 27, 1990w/ Hobart G.
SMITHSONMary18921962w/ Merl
SMITHSONMerlJanuary 29, 1891March 1972Ind Co E 309 Engr. WWI
SMITHSONMinnie E.18671943w/ Kelley
SMITHSONMorris18731940ss/ Clara
SMITHSONMoses S.May 20, 1835August 31, 1900b. Highland Co. Ohio 65y 3m 11d
SMITHSONOpal M.18901967w/ Albert
SMITHSONRex L.April 20, 1909January 1971ss/ Edith V.
SMITHSONRichard C.December 12, 1906December 1971ss/ Thelma
SMITHSONRobertNovember 16, 1908December 1985ss/ Carrol
SMITHSONRoy R. 18884m 1d
SMITHSONSusan C.March 2, 1832March 2, 1895b. Highland Co. Ohio
SMITHSONThelma M.19101949w/ Richard C.
SMITHSONThelma M. February 1, 1949w/ Richard 38y
SMITHSONV. AthellaSeptember 15, 1909September 13, 1995ss/ Kenneth
SMITHSONWilliam H.18601943ss/ Lizzie
SOMERVILLEAlvin B.18641931 
SOMERVILLEHattie18651928w/ Alvin B.
SOMERVILLEJane18231903w/ Robert L. 79y 2m 11d
SOMERVILLERobert L.18181903ss/ Jane 84y 8m 9d
SOMERVILLERobert Linn July 26, 188425y 8m 22d
SPENCEFlora E.August 22, 1891January 1978ss/ James B.
SPENCEIreta V.19071920 
SPENCEJames B.October 6, 1884January 1966ss/ Flora E.
SPILLERSElizabeth August 3, 1892w/ G.W. 61y 2m 16d
STANLEYFrederick JoeOctober 24, 1949September 29, 1986AIC US Air Force Vietnam
STEPHENAlexander18551933ss/ Etheleen
STEPHENBarbary A. September 12, 1890w/ Elijah 56y 5m 26d
STEPHENElijah July 7, 188755y 11m 7d
STEPHENEtheleen18591943w/ Alexander
STEPHENHenrietta18531908ss/ James
STEPHENJames18431915ss/ Henrietta
STEPHENLeroy F.18761909ss/ Ora E.
STEPHENMay18841969w/ Robert
STEPHENNekoda M.18711952 
STEPHENOra E.1876 w/ Leroy
STEPHENRobertJuly 31, 1882March 1964ss/ May
STEPHENSAlbert L.18801961ss/ Elma md 9/5/1900
STEPHENSAlva18801957ss/ Bessie
STEPHENSAlva OdessaJanuary 23, 18841961 
STEPHENSBessie18821961w/ Alva
STEPHENSEffie L.A.18871971w/ Alva O.
STEPHENSElmiraJanuary 28, 1869January 5, 1915(Seamans) w/ W.E.
STEPHENSEmma R.18851939ss/ Worley
STEPHENSErie N.18741941 
STEPHENSEsther W.February 1, 1910April 13, 1997ss/ Emma & Worley
STEPHENSLottie E.19011916 
STEPHENSM. Elma18781969w/ Albert L.
STEPHENSMartha B.18501921w/ Walter
STEPHENSW. NorvalMarch 29, 1908August 15, 1996 
STEPHENSWalter18451938ss/ Martha
STEPHENSWorley W.September 23, 1884October 1971ss/ Emma
STEWARTClark18651945ss/ Lucy
STEWARTLucy A.18691938w/ Clark
STIGERSGenevieve M.May 21, 1919 ss/ Raymond
STIGERSRaymond C.June 23, 1912June 27, 1989ss/ Genevieve
STILLWELLLloyd E.18921967ss/ Mildred E.
STILLWELLMildred E.18971948w/ Lloyd B.
STITSWORTHMary Ann18731938 
STUCKRichard E.19171962 
STUCKEYMartie R. October 2, 18302y 1m 17d
STUMPDollie M.September 17, 1898January 4, 1904d/ John & Annie
STUMPJohn M.18661913 
STUMPRayAugust 8, 1895June 16, 1996s/ John & Annie
SUMNERByron WorthOctober 21, 1926May 3, 2003ss/ Sally Ann
SUMNERG.W.April 13, 1857December 12, 1922ss/ Mollie
SUMNERJay R.August 1, 1922November 6, 1993ss/ Margaret
SUMNERMargaret E.September 27, 1914April 23, 2002ss/ Jay R.
SUMNERMazie L.18901935w/ Roscoe
SUMNERMollie E.October 16, 1861March 23, 1912w/ G.W.
SUMNERRoscoe18901939ss/ Mazie
SUMNERSally AnnAugust 28, 1936 ss/ Byron Worth
SUMWALTArthurDecember 4, 1881June 1969ss/ Ola & Ulla
SUMWALTB.F.18571923ss/ Sarah
SUMWALTBarbara J.19361989 
SUMWALTCharlesMarch 18, 1895February 1971ss/ Delia M.
SUMWALTDelia M.18971967w/ Charles
SUMWALTHarold19051956ss/ Zertha
SUMWALTHarry F.February 7, 1900December 1984ss/ Myretta
SUMWALTHelen B.August 12, 1898February 1985w/ Luther M.
SUMWALTHoward W.February 12, 1925December 6, 1998(Bill) md 10/31/1944
SUMWALTIda A.18611922 
SUMWALTInfant March 15, 1878d/ B.F. & S.A. 2d
SUMWALTJames A.December 18, 1921November 7, 2004M Sgt. US Army Korea
SUMWALTLangdon J. August 20, 1853s/ Wm. & Rachel 3y 10m
SUMWALTLuther M.January 1, 1893June 1975ss/ Helen B.
SUMWALTMargie Lee1926 w/ Howard
SUMWALTMyrettaDecember 7, 1902July 1984ss/ Harry F.
SUMWALTOla E.18831915ss/ Arthur & Ulla
SUMWALTRachel May 12, 1877w/ William H. 54y 7m 20d
SUMWALTSamuel O.1862  
SUMWALTSarah18571943w/ B.F.
SUMWALTUlla P.18921933ss/ Ola & Arthur
SUMWALTWilliam H.October 4, 1817August 28, 189275y 10m
SUMWALTWillie May 3, 1879s/ B.F. & S.A. 2m 5d
SUMWALTZertha E.1909 w/ Harold
SUNDAYHenry A.December 14, 1868January 15, 18702y 1m 1d
SUNDAYOpell G. March 18, 1888d/ J.H. & L.A. 1y 11m 5d
SUNDAYThedosia U.November 13, 1870February 7, 18712m 25d
SWITZERDaniel May 186059y
SWITZERDavid F. September 3, 187449y 1m 16d
SWITZERSusannah April 17, 1858w/ Daniel 52y 1m 10d
Last NameFirst NameBirth DateDeath DateComments
TAYLORAbraham L.18601933ss/ Mary E.
TAYLORAlan George November 1986Metal Marker
TAYLORBurley Howard18911948ss/ Zula May
TAYLORJohn L.18891923 
TAYLORLola1889190212y 8m 16d
TAYLORMartha J.18671950w/ William Allie
TAYLORMary E.18601933w/ Abraham
TAYLORRuth H.18451932 
TAYLORWilliam Allie18651951ss/ Martha J.
TAYLORZula May18941988w/ Burley
TERRELLAliceJune 24, 1897September 1974w/ George C.
TERRELLBonnie H.January 17, 1897February 3, 1898d/ George & Etta
TERRELLCharley May 6, 1881s/ H. & ? 2m 1d
TERRELLEtta18731965w/ George W.
TERRELLF. Lee19041947ss/ Mae
TERRELLGeorge C.April 20, 1896November 1959ss/ Alice
TERRELLGeorge W.18731947ss/ Etta
TERRELLJohnie H.November 15, 1869May 28, 1900s/ George & Etta
TERRELLKeith WayneFebruary 23, 1938August 29, 2001SP 4 US Army
TERRELLMae191019XXw/ F. Lee
THORNBURGDella18691945w/ William A.
THORNBURGEliza J.  w/ Isaac No dates
THORNBURGElizabeth A.18481931w/ Isaac
THORNBURGElizabeth C. January 29, 1911w/ G.C. 72y 7m 19d
THORNBURGElmer E.18641955ss/ Elmira
THORNBURGElmira F.18651916w/ Elmer E.
THORNBURGEmeline March 2, 1880w/ E.D. 32y 10m 11d
THORNBURGEugene D.18541927 
THORNBURGFrank R.18581926ss/ Mary E.
THORNBURGG.C. March 17, 189862y 1m 2d
THORNBURGHenry M. July 27, 1896s/ John & Laura 18y 8m 9d
THORNBURGIsaac July 20, 1895ss/ Eliza 69y 6m 6d
THORNBURGIsaac18381915Civil War Veteran
THORNBURGKathleen1921 ss/ Paul R.
THORNBURGLaura18561929w/ John
THORNBURGLeathie Olive18961898d/ John & Laura
THORNBURGLola January 29, 1883w/ C.R. 22y 3m 21d
THORNBURGMary April 18, 188781y 7m 6d
THORNBURGMary E.18641941w/ Frank R.
THORNBURGMonroe18731938ss/ Ninnie
THORNBURGNinnie187219XXw/ Monroe
THORNBURGPaul R.March 3, 1919December 8, 1991ss/ Kathleen
THORNBURGWilliam A.18601937ss/ Della
THURMANEssieMarch 11, 1915April 22, 1973(Myers)
THURMANJames B.September 15, 1912September 1977ss/ Levia
THURMANJimmy MerlSeptember 24, 1944June 20, 1988ss/ Joyce
THURMANJoyce C.May 20, 1943 ss/ Jimmy Merl
THURMANLevia A.19111958w/ James B.
TOMEYClyde E.July 22, 1932August 1992(Rev.)
TOMEYDorothy L.May 20, 1931November 20, 2002ss/ Rev. Clyde E.
TRAMARJacob August 15, 186763y
TRENTCecil G.September 11, 1902September 1969ss/ Naomi
TRENTMartha MaeDecember 23, 1922November 23, 1991 
TRENTNaomi R.19021969w/ Cecil G.
TROYERMartinApril 6, 1847April 20, 190962y 14d
TROYERRosanna18201904w/ Solomon
TROYERSolomon August 24, 188462y 5m
ULLOMAdella F.18671944w/ Francis M.
ULLOMAlvin LewellenMarch 13, 18891959ss/ Gertrude
ULLOMBenjamin F.September 8, 1828August 28, 189869y 11m 20d
ULLOMCharles D.June 6, 1921December 28, 1993ss/ Mary L.
ULLOMFrancis M.18661937ss/ Adella
ULLOMGertrude E.18831958w/ Alvin L.
ULLOMJames W.1857194588y 2m 14d
ULLOMMary L.  ss/ Charles D.
ULLOMMelvin M.March 4, 1866October 1979ss/ Flossie
ULLOMNellieJanuary 28, 1890August 14, 1974(Davids)
ULLOMPearl G.18901950(Eicher)
ULLOMSusanNovember 12, 1830August 22, 190473y 9m 10d
ULLOMTheresa A.18571941w/ James W. 84y 7m 25d
ULMERJoseph G.18721948h/ Louella Pearl
ULMERLouella PearlAugust 1, 1882July 1977w/ Joseph G.
ULMERM. Irene19091959(Locke) d/ Pearl & Joseph
UNGERFerne18881953w/ Frank C.
UNGERFrank C.November 18, 1889January 1973ss/ Ferne
VENCILLAliceOctober 1, 1858December 6, 1943
WAGNERCharlene19101991w/ Ernest
WAGNERErnestNovember 19, 1909July 17, 1988ss/ Charlene
WAGNERSusan Kay1970April 25, 1970Daughter
WALKEREbenezer May 24, 185277y 12d
WATSONAnna C. March 20, 1884w/ R.A. 36y 2m 14d
WATSONCharles O.18711965ss/ Loretta
WATSONCloa D. February 25, 1888d/ R.A. & A.C. 14y 2m
WATSONLewis M. May 30, 1884s/ R.A. & A.C. 2m 10d
WATSONLoretta18741963w/ Charles O.
WEATHERLYCarolyn K.September 16, 1936June 14, 1992 
WEAVERSabra L.December 3, 1900July 1981 
WEBBBruce K.1889October 21, 1889s/ Benton & Lucy 2m 1d
WEBBInfant1883May 15, 1883d/ Benton & Lucy
WEBBLucy L. August 29, 1889w/ Benton 30y 1m 17d
WENDELLBetty J.June 25, 1924 ss/ Virgil
WENDELLRoberta A.April 21,1951June 24, 2000ss/ Steven
WENDELLSteven M.September 24, 1949 ss/ Roberta A.
WENDELLVirgil E.January 26, 1923October 11, 2001Sgt. US Army WWII
WETZELDelilah C.18401917w/ Rev. John A.
WETZELJohn A.18371916(Rev.)
WETZELMary March 12, 1876w/ Philip 60y
WETZELPhilipFebruary 15, 1882February 16, 1882s/ Charles & Martha
WETZELPhillip H. May 16, 1861s/ J.A. & D. 3y 16d
WIDENERHoward L.November 25, 1929March 9, 1987US Army Korea
WIGGINSLola A.19021932 
WILLIAMSDelma L.December 14, 18891938ss/ Rena
WILLIAMSDonna EileenSeptember 10, 1942 (Bales)
WILLIAMSEthel O.18901963w/ John H.
WILLIAMSHenry R.18621938ss/ Mary C.
WILLIAMSHenry R.18621938ss/ Mary C.
WILLIAMSJohn H.18881959ss/ Ethel O.
WILLIAMSMary C.18601924w/ Henry R.
WILLIAMSMary C.18601924w/ Henry R.
WILLIAMSNoah EmanuelDecember 31, 18851957ss/ Stella & Ernest Shaffer
WILLIAMSRena D.April 17, 1891May 1963w/ Delma L.
WILLIAMSStella May18881952ss/ Ernest C. & Noah Williams
WILSONJosh AlanJuly 2, 1982September 5, 1997 
WINANSDonald J.February 24, 1946November 1, 1996 
WIRTRose August 30, 1869d/ W.W. & S.C. 1y 1m 8d
WISEEmma18611955w/ William H.
WISELizzie18901975w/ Ralph
WISEN. Riley18581933ss/ Viola
WISEPaul B.October 16, 1899August 1979ss/ Reva
WISERalphSeptember 28, 1887July 1972ss/ Lizzie
WISEReva L.June 24, 1911February 1976w/ Paul B.
WISEViola O.18591942w/ N. Riley
WISEWilliam H.18561929ss/ Emma
WITTClarence E.May 9, 1929February 18, 2001ss/ Shirley E.
WITTFredOctober 19, 1885February 22, 1971ss/ Kate T.
WITTKate T.January 14, 1893September 28, 1972w/ Fred
WITTScott EdwardOctober 7, 1951July 10, 2000 
WITTShirley E.October 1, 1931November 4, 2006(Davis) ss/ Clarence E.
WITTStephen D.18521952 
WOODLettie M.18531937w/ William R.
WOODRobert E.June 8, 1913October 19, 2000ss/ Weltha
WOODWeltha W.December 6, 1909April 3, 2003(Spence) stone says 1910
WOODWilliam R.18461927ss/ Lettie M.
WOODARDAlbert LeroyMay 28, 18941935 
WOODARDGeorge AlbertMarch 7, 1893April 1963ss/ Hildred md 10/30/1920
WOODARDGlennie F.18981990ss/ Lonnie E.
WOODARDHenry L.March 23, 1846May 14, 1892ss/ Lydia I.
WOODARDHildred C.April 27, 1901December 12, 1991w/ George A.
WOODARDJacob18681951ss/ Zana
WOODARDJaneMarch 25, 1839January 20, 1908w/ Jule
WOODARDJohn May 7, 1888ss/ Sarah 81y 6m 23d
WOODARDJohn WesleyJanuary 26, 18911947 
WOODARDJuleJune 19, 1838September 24, 1918ss/ Jane
WOODARDLola November 23, 1900d/ Jacob & Zana 3y 22d
WOODARDLonnie EverettMay 19, 18961955ss/ Glennie F.
WOODARDLydia I.November 16, 1848 w/ Henry L.
WOODARDMartha18721944w/ Ottell
WOODARDMary E.18761931w/ William L.
WOODARDMary L.August 7, 1931April 6, 1998 
WOODARDN. FayeMarch 6, 1894January 1987 
WOODARDOttell18631933ss/ Martha
WOODARDSarah A. October 23, 1893w/ John 91y 4m 27d
WOODARDWayne E.May 23, 1932November 21, 1991 
WOODARDWilliam L.18691941ss/ Mary E.
WOODARDZana18711957w/ Jacob
WRIGHTClova MayJuly 13, 1893December 1, 1992w/ William T.
WRIGHTWilliam T.October 29, 1907November 14, 2001ss/ Clova May
WRIGHTSMANAdolphus December 7, 1881s/ R.B. & M.J. 23y 4m 1d
WRIGHTSMANEsther A. September 21, 1878d/ R.B. & M.J. 19y 3m 24d
WRIGHTSMANLovina C. April 16, 1882w/ M.L. 20y 11m 2d
YATESVirginiaMarch 9, 1916January 5, 1995(Ginny) ss/ Willard L.
YATESWillard L.August 14, 1915 (Larry) ss/ Virginia
YOUNGBernard LeeOctober 23,1928September 28, 2004CPL US Army Korea
YOUNGJohn Robert1949June 1949ss/ Jimmy Dale Nibarger
ZEARBAUGHDonald E.1927 ss/ Nora Jane
ZEARBAUGHNora Jane1926 ss/ Donald E.
ZIEGLERAlma C.18731961w/ Isaac L.
ZIEGLERIsaac L.18671930ss/ Alma C.
ZIEGLERRiley O.18681920 
ZIMMERMANAmy D.18701955w/ Phillip
ZIMMERMANB. EthelAugust 1, 1885May 23, 1913w/ E. Earl
ZIMMERMANDean H.January 17, 1925September 30,1998ss/ Mary Jo
ZIMMERMANDee AnnJanuary 25, 1948December 6, 2002 
ZIMMERMANE. EarlFebruary 6, 1883January 27, 1916ss/ B. Ethel
ZIMMERMANEmanuel18571926h/ Phoebe J.
ZIMMERMANEmma Jane18621928w/ Jacob
ZIMMERMANEsther E.March 18, 1919July 24, 1991w/ Willard md 3/1/1947
ZIMMERMANFlora P.18691950w/ William
ZIMMERMANFlorence IleenOctober 12, 1933February 7, 1934 
ZIMMERMANForrest J.September 14, 1898October 1981ss/ M. Ruth
ZIMMERMANGeorge18651915h/ Rosella A.
ZIMMERMANHermanOctober 26, 1893June 1976ss/ Katherine
ZIMMERMANHoward B.19041914 
ZIMMERMANJacob18551924ss/ Emma Jane
ZIMMERMANJohn ArthurNovember 25, 18961953 
ZIMMERMANKatherineNovember 22, 1895October 1980w/ Herman
ZIMMERMANLeon B.November 19, 1930July 1986 
ZIMMERMANM. Ruth19011998ss/ Forrest J.
ZIMMERMANMary Jo  ss/ Dean H.
ZIMMERMANMary M.August 22, 1902July 1985 
ZIMMERMANPhillip18701947ss/ Amy D.
ZIMMERMANPhoebe J.18591920w/ Emanuel
ZIMMERMANRosella A.18691915w/ George
ZIMMERMANWillard F.March 18, 1911October 10, 1990ss/ Esther E.
ZIMMERMANWilliam18671940ss/ Flora P.

Tucker's History Page 125.
Hopewell Cemetery, Green, Section 31, Town 21, Range 13.

Ebenezer Walker, May 24, 1852, 77 years.
Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Fansher, August 17, 1853, 65 years.
Daniel Culver, Sr., April 16, 1854, 82 years.
Samuel French, July 15, 1857, 67 years.
Esther, wife of Samuel French, April 29, 1858, 67 years.
Jacob Tramer, August 15, 1867, 63 years.
Rev. Jonathan Flood, October 22, 1867, 86 years.
Joseph Gantz, May 18, 1870, 59 years.
Jesse Harrison September 20, 1870, 62 years.
Elizabeth, wife of J.H. Smithson, February 10, 1872, 63 years.
Robert McCracken, June 14, 1872, 61 years.
Sarah, wife of above, December 9, 1874, 62 years.
John S. Bunsold, June 10, 1873, 63 years.
Edith, wife of T.M. Silvers, August 13, 1873, 66 years.
Malinda Green, November 11, 1874, 65 years.
Julien Green, December 29, 1874, 72 years.
Peter M. Silvers, December 17, 1875, 67 years.
Jacob Bales, May 3, 1875, 70 years.
Rachel R., wife of above, July 28, 1875, 62 years.
Mary, wife of Philip Wetzel, March 12, 1876, 60 years.
Isaac Holloway, February 23, 1877, 86 years.
William Cortner, February 24, 1879, 89 years.
Catharine, wife of David A. Green, September 3, 1879, 51 years.

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