Randolph  County,  Indiana
Greenfork  Township

Norwich  Cemetery

Also called Crist or Wiggs, this was located near a church school.  It is in the middle of a field, just east of Spartanburg. West of county road 750 East, between 700 and 800 South.  In 1865 the farm was owned by John Randel, a black man, and at least eight members of his family are here, as well as many of the early pioneers.
It has been fenced by the Township Trustee.

Tucker's History Page 127.
Norwich (Old Quaker, near C. Crist's southeast of Spartansburg, section 15, Town 16, Range 1).
This cemetery was established in 1825, and is still in use for purposes of burial.
A large number have been interred here, but only a few old persons have tombstones, as follows:

Aaron Adams, 70 years.
Esther Miers, 1870, not given.
Samuel Ruby, not old.
James Moore, October, 1875, 99 years.
Hannah, wife of James Moore, April 20, 1869, 85 years.
John Randle (colored), September 27, 1881, 85 years.
Windsor Wiggs, 1856, 63 years.
Sarah, wife of Windsor Wiggs, August 4, 1881, 84 years.

Like some other cemeteries in this region, it lies in the midst of a farm, nearly half a mile from any public highway, and with no avenue of entrance.

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