Randolph  County,  Indiana

Praise  Chapel
New  Pittsburg

Located on the Jay and Randolph County Line north of Saratoga, east of County Road 400 East.
This cemetery was in use by 1838. William Cline, a Veteran of the Revolutionary War is buried here; he died at the age of 107 in 1853.

Tucker's History, Page 127.
New Pittsburg (Jackson Township, Section 6, Town 21, Range 15).

Archibald McFarland, June 10, 1850, 77 years.
Mary, wife of Archibald McFarland, May 10, 1857, 81 years.
William Simmons, March 24, 1849, 51 years.
Mary, wife of William Simmons, December 5, 1860, 53 years.
Esther Marsh, wife of Jesse Marsh, December 10, 1856, 56 years.
Phebe, wife of Arthur Trew, December 12, 1857, 79 years.
Nancy Fields, wife of Lanceford Fields, February 22, 1861, 52 years.
Lanceford Fields, May 11, 1866, 66 years.
John Stick, October 27, 1867, 79 years.
Elizabeth, wife of John Albright, February 6, 1871, 61 years.
Susannah McFarland, wife of Joseph McFarland, April 26, 1872, 58 years.
Joseph McFarland, November 6, 1879, 62 years.
Julian Stick, wife of Casper Stick, May 1, 1876, 66 years.
Silas Richards, July 7, 1878, 58 years.
Thomas Croyle, early settler, buried in the old cemetery; re-interred in the new; no stone; very old.
Nunnamaker, soldier in the war of 1812; drew pension; died in the summer of 1880, 84 years.
There is an old cemetery near Pittsburg, but it is out of repair and not in use, and we do not know whether any tombstones are there or not, since, in fact, we did not discover its precise location.

  Photographs  by  Tim Singleton  

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